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  1. Doing this by memory - regarding the bottom of the windshield trim, I believe you can access the fastener screws closest to the door/fender by opening the door and loosening the fastener screw (but don't completely removing the screw). It's under the fender but you should be able to access it with an angle screwdriver and/or a wrench (hex bolt / screw combination). I think to access the middle retainer screws, you need to remove the vents and cowl. And to do that you need to remover the wiper arms. Not as bad as it sounds but it does take time. And be careful to not scratch the cowl against the hood.
  2. On the lower section - push the very back of the seat (one bucket side at a time) and lift up from the front bottom where the seat and the carpet intersect. Repeat on the other side. Reverse to install. For the upper section you have to remove the speaker grille by first removing the section below the speaker grill. Carefully - at the bottom edge with a flat scraper tool - lift up then pull out. You will see an attaching screw for the grille. Then behind the grille you will find the bolts to connect the upper rear seat section to the car. Hope that's clear. PS, not sure if you need to remove the upper back section for seat belts.
  3. A friend is looking for a lens and/or the entire opera light/lamp housing for the passenger side opera light on a 91 Cadilliac Biarritz Eldorado. Anyone have a lead? Thanks
  4. The fuse unscrews and leaves a center post (with threads) surrounded by a outer round metal shell that is common (ground). I can't show a picture as I've reinstalled the center console. But I did find some left over parts and can help step you through the process. FIRST THING - DISCONNECT THE BATTERY First remover the fuse, it should unscrew and the fuse is not repairable. Referring to the picture (and keep in mind this is a junk part that would need the terminals cleaned) you will see a brass post (the fuse has already been unscrewed). This post is the positive post. Take the part to the hardware store and find a nut and lock washer that will fit the post. The round "eye" connector will fit over the post but needs to be bent 90 degrees so that the sides will not contact the rim / ground (think L shaped). Use the smallest eye connector that will fit the post to avoid contact to the sides. I recommend you solder the eye connector to the lead wire lead on the in-line fuse (an example shown in the picture - 30 amp if you want to actually use the cigar lighter) vs just crimping as you will get a better and more dependable connection. Also recommend you get some shrink tubing to provide additional insulation around the bear metal of the L part of the eye connector - again to make sure the live wire does not contact the sides or you will blow your in-line fuse. Next you connect the eye to the post with the nut and lock washer. Finally CUT the wire close to the fuse connector so you have plenty of wire with which to work. Solder the other end of the in-line fuse to the power line you just cut (this is live so first disconnect the battery). As long as your are doing all this make sure you have a new lighter element (auto parts store). Power up/reconnect the battery and test the lighter. Make sure it "pops out" as I once had a lighter stick and get VERY hot. It's really pretty easy if you have wire cutters, soldering iron and are comfortable with the repair.
  5. I'm repeating myself but there is another way to fix the lighter fuse. Wire in an in-line 30 amp fuse from the auto parts store. Just make sure to insulate the positive connector at the positive terminal at the base of the lighter so that it won't touch the lighter ground. Easy, inexpensive and it works. Something to think about.
  6. Actually I think it has the Buick Tri Shield. And CARS does have a reproduction of that emblem. Old Buick Parts - CARS. Inc.
  7. What type of tint does the windshield have?
  8. Enjoy your new Riviera! Another product to consider is Octane Supreme 130. This is a product with tetra ethyl lead and will boost the octane as well as add lead - or so they claim. This is one place were it can be ordered via the web that I know of: Octane Supreme130 12 Qts | BatteryStuff.com If you have access to an community airport you can also purchase aviation gas which is 104 Octane (need to bring a can as most will not allow you to fill the car directly). 5 gals then fill the tank with a good high octane unleaded and no knock when set to the correct timing. The downside is $5 a gallon. But it works!
  9. Another option is to remove the original fuse and patch in a 30 AMP line fuse by attaching a lead to the end terminal of the lighter and splicing in a line fuse up the line a bit. Did it to both of my lighters with success. Just make sure the lead does not hit the ground side of the lighter.
  10. Another option for everyone to consider EZ Cool Automotive Insulation heat barrier and noise reduction for cars, trucks, classic cars, street rods and much more This is a foam sandwich sheet with mylar like exterior. It has no sticky to it needs adhesive spray to hold in place until the carpet goes over. Simple, inexpensive and effective. You can double or triple if you like for added protection from heat or noise. I was happy with the result.
  11. I have a manual Buick mirror that's in very good shape but the mirror glass needs to be replaced (broken). I would not be able to send you a picture until next weekend however due to travel. He would also need to find a gasket (Clark's) and I'm not sure if I have the mounting bracket. The gasket is easy but a mount might be another issue. It does not look the same as the remote mirror on the passenger side of my 63. Again, you would need a picture to see if this fits the need. If he might be interested, let me know and I'll send a pic. It cost me 80 and I would sell for the same plus shipping.
  12. Here is a picture of the clips for the horseshoe trim with the package/part number. It appears as if the inside of the clip is filled with a black material to help hold the trim in place. I was lucky enough to have this in the spare parts box when purchased from the owner. If you find something similar, please share.
  13. It's hard to get a clear picture with the wrapping. So I broke down and opened the package. Hope the pictures help. It appears there is some soft black material inside of the clip. Hope this is helpful.
  14. Clark's Corvair and Riviera parts Clark's Corvair Parts - Clark's Corvair - What's New and CARS/Old Buick Parts Old Buick Parts - CARS. Inc. Have both been great to deal with and have good paper catalogs and web sites. A new comer is OPG Chevelle Parts, Chevelle Restoration Parts & Accessories, El Camino Restoration Parts & Accessories, Restoration Parts, Monte Carlo Parts, GTO Parts, Cutlass Parts, Skylark Parts, Cadillac Parts BUT also check with your local auto parts store. They may need to get out of the computer and pull the paper/book catalogs but you might be surprised what they do carry if they only look a bit deeper.
  15. Have you tried Wheatbelt in OK. He has a good inventory of used parts for Buick's. info@wheatbeltbuick.com