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  1. I have a 1957 Mercury Monterey with a Turnpike Cruiser engine (368 cu. in.). I currently have a commercial group 29 battery that no longer keeps a charge; I need to replace it but getting another of that size is out of my budget.

    What group of battery would you suggest would be good for it? What is the minimum sized battery I could use?

    Thank you in advance! You all have helped me greatly with my past questions.

  2. Well I live in Washington. I am not willing to spend anymore than a $120. I have a pipe bender and I know how to do use it. I have 2 arc welders, oxy-acetalyne, a plasma cutter, and angle grinders, among other things. I am very capable of doing my own exhaust. I was just wondering if anyone had done their own exhaust and had run into any particular problems that might be helpful to know about. The exhaust on my car is not complicated at all; In fact there is only one bend on each side. I'm not looking to have someone else do it. I am not going to spend any more than $120.


  3. I have a 1936 Dodge Coupe. The gas tank is not repairable. I have three options:


    I am very good with metal. I could easily make some templates off the old gas tank. However what I would need is the float and the stud for the fuel gauge wire to go onto. Where would I get those parts or how would I restore the old ones?


    I could buy a gas tank. Where would I buy one for a good price?


    I could get a used gas tank. What other cars have a gas tank that could interchange with my car?



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