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  1. does anyone know where to but the felt and upper snap ring for a delco 1111055 distributor? year is 1965 Buick
  2. does any one know where to buy the sanp ring and felts for the upper part of a delco 1111055 distributor?
  3. I have a 1956 with a 322 1 lifter unloads after being parked for a week. I am going to relace it. the engine has 500 on a overhaul with new lifters. Does your noise sound like it's from the top ,bottom or in the front or rear of the engine?
  4. had same problem with my 1956 Buick Special. Installed a Napa fuel pump midway between tank and engine with toggle switch when car begins to act up flip switch and is fixed. this pump is self priming and works great. You can also add a tee fitting at discharge side of fuel pump and install return fuel line to fill tube on the tank. this will keep cool fuel to engine at all times. I read this years ago and it will work. You can also add an insulater under carb 1"' spacer will reduce carb temp babout 100 degrees.
  5. does anyone know the number of splines on a 1956 Buick Special rear axle shaft?
  6. go to u list what you want shipped with address from and to truckers will bid on shipping . I have done this works great and cheap!!!
  7. go to Team they has vacuum diagrams for most buicks it will take you some time to find it but will be worth it.
  8. on e-bay they have been selling what is called a take-up kit goes between arm and post spring loaded takes up the slack. I have one but plan to use it. Purchased new repair kit from kanter it is junk!!!!! Purchased new old stock on e-bay genuine GM carsinc has new old stock at times
  9. has bracket for most disc brake conversions and is by fare the cheapest.
  10. go to vintage speed .com he has what you want. 772-778-0809
  11. go to web rodder .com there are pictures and info to change over to open drive shaft there. Listed ubder Buick Eight fireball part 1 and 2 gives all the info you need
  12. Camcraft in Maryland has cams for 322 nailheads also Tom telv At Team Buick has roller adjustable rockers. I have a cam craft cam and am happy, running 650 eldbrock carb plan on the roller rockers at a later date. Tom is a GURU on nailheads.
  13. air ride tech makes a 4 bar which is a lot less work, there is a article on internet Buick v-8 shows picture of someone else doing a 1950Buick this will allso work for your. I a going to do the same thing I just purchased a 1964 Riviera rear axle same backing plate to backing plate measurement and bolt pattern . I am taking carier out of housing to determine which ratio I have, once that is done I can determine which trany to buy 400 or 700R4. Bendsteins in Minnesota make a adapot kit for $700.00 they also do trans to what ever you want. Hope this helps
  14. Per One of the brake booster retailers start engine after running to build up vacuum, shut of engine pump pedal several times to bleed of vacuum, hold pedal down start engine if pedal drops booster is ok.
  15. ran into same problem with my 1956 found the problem is the new gas (Vapor locking) put NAPA elctric pump a long frame with switch under dash when car is ready to stall i turn it on works great. There is a articale in Old Car News August issue that has a different fix Put tee in fuel line after the pump plug center outlet drill .040 hole run return fuel back to fuel fill tube. Put fitting in fill tube. Chrysler and others have has the same problem. It's a guess!!!