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  1. Wow! How nice of you all, but I am the one to thank YOU!! It has been my joy to spend the last 14 years with this group and this magazine.


    I'm not a shy person and certainly not one with a brevity of words, so I would like to give a few personal observations and thoughts since I will be retiring very soon and will most likely forget how to easily find this forum again. I’ve designed magazines for seven different hobby clubs over the last 20 years and every single one of them now have declining memberships. You don’t have to be a genius to surmise what the various reasons might be (free services online, young people don’t join clubs as much as 20 years ago, cost of dues, not as much interest in antique cars, health/death of older club members, cost of hobby, not enough benefit out of clubs, etc. etc.). Good chance, no matter what is done in any of these clubs, it’s not going to change the numbers dramatically. That doesn’t mean the club shouldn’t try to lure new members, but wringing our hands over this issue, year after year after year — and pointing fingers or expecting someone, or something, to change the dynamics is just a waste of energy. Instead, enjoy what you have and help to contribute something positive when you can. For the most part, this is a really great group of people.


    (An aside — the Bugle posts a list of new members every other issue, not every issue. Out of curiosity I did a quick count of the new members we listed last year, March 2019 to February 2020. The total number of new members was 569, more or less. I’m not sure this has any significance, but thought it was worth passing on.) 


    The Bugle is only one of the benefits of a BCA membership. From what we’ve been told from past surveys, the majority of members like it a lot and look forward to the printed copy each month. Others are happy with the online E-version at a cheaper rate. I’d expect to have more and more of those going forward. And I assume there are some members who don’t care a bit about getting the magazine and throw it in the trash upon delivery. Can the Bugle be improved? Of course. Hire the top editor in the country, a team of graphic designers, and a printer who publishes only top of the line publications and you’ll have an improved magazine. But even then there will be members who will complain … because … well, for some people that’s just what they do. None of you, of course 🤪


    Anyone familiar with magazine production knows that the art director does not make editorial decisions. Art directors are basically page designers. We try to design each magazine page using the paid advertisements, text and images that are sent to us each month, hoping to present articles and other information in an interesting, attractive and easy to understand manner. I have my own views of what I like to see in the Bugle, of course, but I am only one of 6,000+ members. I personally like a wide variety of topics. I can usually find something of interest in most any topic if written and presented well. I don’t understand tech reports, but I really like to see them in the magazine because I think most members enjoy reading them. I wish we had more. Meet applications, lists of tech advisors, chapters and division, voting ballots and other business information is all part of our obligation to membership, but I really hate using expensive color pages for those b/w necessities. Some people don't want to see any of it because it doesn't change a lot. Others complain if we leave something out even one month. Letters to the editor can be interesting and I like getting feedback about an article that was previously printed, but long-winded complaints about the club are just incendiary and boring to most readers. As for BCA club business, I think a financial report should be sent to all members every single year without fail. I prefer a separate mailing – not printed within the body of the magazine. But if it saves a lot of money, using the mailwrap for that is fine too. I basically would like to receive something like an end-of-year corporate report to members (share holders). I’d like to see more BOD reports printed within the magazine – maybe half a page feature every month or every other month — just to have an idea of what issues they are working on, but I don’t care about all the details or votes that the BOD makes. And this is one thing I know for sure: For every one person who wants multi-page detailed financial reports printed in the Bugle, along with all of the BOD minutes and votes taken each month, there are ten members who don’t give a damn and are furious to have expensive color magazine pages wasted on that kind of “boring” information. The vast majority of members are in this club for fun, like-minded friendships and car information — not Board votes or infighting about the inner workings of the club. Pete (and I) do our best to strike a balance, but it’s not always easy and those decisions will never make every single member happy. And THAT truly is a fact!


    About Pete: I wish I could adequately articulate how hard he works to try to present a variety of articles throughout the year. Early Buicks, late model Buicks, barn-find originals, expertly restored award winners, old Buick dealerships, Buicks located in other countries (Cuba, Germany, Italy, Australia), tour reports, chapter meets, auctions, tech articles, etc. etc. Where do you think these articles come from? Thin air? Pete writes a lot of the articles himself, but we also beg people to contribute to the magazine – to send a personal story about their car or a road trip or a meet they attended or a tech article about some repair they made. And if we receive something and it is even half-way decently written, we print it. So if you don’t like what you see in the Bugle – or would like to see more of a particular topic, there IS something you can do about it. How many articles did you contribute to the Bugle last year? Look at page 3 of every issue to see what’s coming up in a future issue, and if you know something about that model or topic, contact Pete and offer your expertise or send literature that he can use…or offer to write an article. Some of you here are multi-article contributors and I’d like to personally thank you for what you have done in the Bugle. It is truly appreciated.


    For those who know me, you already know how much I’ve loved designing this magazine and how much I’ve enjoyed working with so many of you on this forum. I’ve had extraordinary creative freedom in this job and almost zero micromanaging from Pete or the BCA board. I’ve been a very happy camper and stayed with this magazine longer than any other. But I am finally retiring - in FIVE days! The March issue was my last and it is finished – already with the publishing company. I had planned to retire two years ago, but decided to stay through the 2019 National Meet in Oklahoma, mostly because Pete was in charge of it and I wanted to help him with advertising. I have a ton of projects that I want to start (or finish) and I’m really looking forward to those. Just hope I can be disciplined enough to set deadlines without a printer breathing down my neck. The new art director, Shannon Olson, is already hard at work on the April issue. I'll hang around for a bit in case she needs anything, but she's quite experienced and I know she'll do a great job. I just hope she has half the fun I’ve had designing the Bugle.


    I will miss a lot of you, plan to stay a BCA member and read the Bugle each month — and be surprised to not know what is in it ahead of time, but that will be half the fun!  I might peek in every once in a while just to see who is behaving and who isn’t – but bye for now!



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  2. On 1/21/2020 at 12:50 PM, 1953mack said:

    lack of a proof reader

    Geez.. stay away from the forums for a few months and come back and it's like missing a year of the soap opera As the World Turns. Tune in one year later and it's the same old story. You haven't missed a thing. I won't comment on most of what is written, nor do I care about most of it, but I do have to defend our Bugle proof-readers who have VOLUNTEERED so many hours of their time over the years. I don't know of even one Bugle issue that has gone out without proof-reading input. Nothing is ever perfect, but thank you to those members who have something positive to contribute and continue to do so.

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  3. I know little about cars – pre-war or post-war — so I hope it is not disrespectful or presumptuous for me to weigh in on this discussion. And maybe it is “off-topic” and for that I apologize. Aside from the fact, that I understand why someone wants to sell a car at a decent price, my broader question is what do people expect or hope to get out of a hobby that they enjoy? Any hobby — cars, boats, golf, knitting, artwork, writing, etc. etc. At my age, I think about this a lot because I’ll be retiring in February — and because I already have more time to devote to hobbies than I did when I was younger. 


    I love creative art projects – all kinds — mostly on the computer these days. Half of them get started and then abandoned, and I don't get paid for most of them. I do them for fun – for myself. It would be totally depressing if I totaled up the thousands of dollars I’ve spent over the years on hardware, software, classes, canvasses, specialty paints, fancy art brushes, etc. Some of that stuff is sitting on the shelf in my art closet – unopened! I’ve sold a few paintings, and I get paid to design magazines, but none of it has ever come close to the amount of money I’ve spent on “supplies”. Has it been worth it? Hell, YES! 


    My husband bought a houseboat when our twin boys were in 4thgrade. Sold it years later when the kids no longer wanted to spend weekends at the lake away from their friends. It was my husband’s “hobby” for all those years, and we sold that dang boat for a fraction of what we had spent on it, even though we had added all sorts of extras and spent way too much money keeping it running well. When we now ask our grown sons what their favorite childhood memory is, it’s always the same – spending time on the houseboat. So it was an investment that reaped rewards, though not financial ones. Was it worth it? YES!


    When I try to explain to people what the BCA is, I always start by saying that it’s a group of people with the same interest – CARS (in this case, mostly Buicks). Whether it’s collecting cars or working on cars – or driving them – or showing them, or just conversing with other people who also love cars, it’s basically a hobby, not an investment. I know it would be good to get back what you’ve put into your cars, but really – isn’t it so fun to have something you love doing - to feel passionate and energized by your car(s)? If you can afford it, just let someone else worry about these cars when you are gone. As trite as it sounds, doesn’t the quote “the journey matters more than the destination” apply to our hobbies? 

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    The 2019 BCA National Meet show field has been moved to the Reed Conference Center parking lot, which is a lot more convenient. The Rose State College parking lot is now for trailer parking only. Please also note additional updates to the schedule on the new revised 2019 Meet Schedule and Map which is posted here and will also be printed on the back page of the June issue.(The Buick Bugle office will be closed from June 9-June 16 due to preparations for and coverage of the BCA national meet. Please do your Bugle business before or after that week.)

    Revised Meet Schedule.jpg

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  5. On 3/19/2019 at 9:55 AM, B Jake Moran said:

    I have received numerous inquiries from members that want to vote in the upcoming election for the new BOD who are only e-Bugle subscribers.  They want to know will they receive a paper ballot even though they only receive the Bugle in an "e" manner.  I did not know so I asked Pete Phillips. Pete did not know and advised me to ask Cornerstone, which I did. Cornerstone did not know. 


    Does anyone with past experience in voting for the BOD with an e-only membership or a present BOD member know - how do e-subscribers vote?  Do you get a separate ballot or how is it handled.   Thanks!

    This is probably old news by now, but just want eBugle subscribers to know that their ballots will be mailed out by MLP tomorrow or the next day, so be patient - they are on the way! The ballot will look very similar to the cover of the April mail wrap with the mailing label containing your personal member number and name.

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  6. 4 hours ago, Brad Conley said:

    I have not received my April Bugle either.

    The April issue, which will have shrink wrap, should hit mailboxes the first week in April, if not sooner. If you want to see the magazine sooner than that, you can read the digital version, which is already uploaded to the BCA website. Modern Litho is printing special ballots for eBugle subscribers and those will be mailed fairly soon. Be sure your ballots are mailed in time to be counted on June 1, 2019.

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  7. If you are planning to go on one of the driving tours at the 2019 national meet in Oklahoma, please note that there is a change in the schedule for the two driving tours. The Wed-Fri tours have been flip-flopped in order to take advantage of museum hours and also to make sure the Friday group is back in time for the Judges Training class. The Historic Guthrie Tour will now be on Wednesday, June 12 from 9:00-1:00. The Route 66 driving tour will be on Friday, June 14 from 8:30-2:30. The new registration form will reflect these changes and will be in the October Bugle.

    2019 driving tours ad.jpg

    2019 BCA Registration - Midwest City, OK - 10.jpg

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  8. Pete or I will respond information when we hear back from Midwest City Tourism people, but a search on Google shows reviews of the RV campgrounds close to Midwest City. RedDawn is right - Tinker AFB for vets is very close and gets great reviews. Keep in mind that Del City and Midwest City are basically suburbs of Oklahoma City, so all three cities are close to each other.


    Here is the online review of RV campsites:



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  9. 1 minute ago, TG57Roadmaster said:

    Not a parade or July 4th, but the Roadmistress, my '57 Model 73 Riviera Sedan is Red, White and Blue the whole year through.



    Haha... you WOULD try to sneak that in, wouldn't you??? :) I'll keep in my "Patriotic Buicks" folder for next year. Thanks, CWL

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  10. I'll make it work. But most phones take high resolution photos these days. It's a question of how you send it or upload it, so if you don't  mind, go ahead and email me the photo as an attachment and hit "actual size". It just might be bigger than you think. It's worth a try! Thanks, Cindy (cwldesigns@gmail.come)

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