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  1. You both might try Vic Phillips. autoglass@acmenet.net Vic has 60,000 pieces of vintage auto glass. Classic Auto Glass Poplar Bluff, MO He has supplied me windshields for several vintage vehicles.
  2. I agree the one on the left is 1932 Essex -- the first half of the year when it was still an Essex -- not the second half of the year when it was an Essex-Terraplane and was a bit more rounded with a bit of a shovel nose at the bottom.
  3. Does it have standard drum brakes or the Ausco Lambert disc brakes?
  4. The literature only referred to a adapter kit to make the universal Fan-O-Matic fit the Studebakers and did not have a Stude part number but refers to offering Studebaker dealers franchises for stocking these fan clutches. If someone has one or a couple I'd like to hear about them in this thread. Thanks.
  5. There should be some numbers stamped into a tag. Tell us those and we can help you. Chrysler started using this twin cylinder compressor in 1957 and used it for many years thereafter.
  6. I can tell you that Ford was using the t-86 in the mid '50s in everything from T-Birds to light duty pickups. I really doubt that it was what Chrysler was using in the early '30s.
  7. There are multiple sources of collector car glass. Many old windshields that were "obsolete" have been reproduced. I just put a new reproduction w590 in my '60 Chrysler. Those went obso prior to 1970.! Got it from Vic Phillips Classic Auto Glass in Poplar Bluff, MO. Vic has something like 60,000 pieces of original NOS glass in his warehouse! And, he is a good guy! Home I didn't pay anywhere NEAR the money you are talking in your post.
  8. Have a piece of literature coming in the mail purchased on eBay that advertised it as a Studebaker part. If there is a Stude part number on the lit when it arrives here, I will post the number. Yes, I agree, it is probably universal in applications but then some manufacturers offered it through service parts and Studebaker may have been one that actually printed up a parts bulletin about it. Thanks.
  9. I'm won't claim he was the best designer of all time but he must be mentioned here because for a few years at a highlight in American design, Virgil Exner was certainly at the top of the class, then he had heart problems and died too soon.
  10. Looking for an early type of fan clutch offered by Studebaker in an accessory bulletin that was called a "Fan-O-Matic". Apparently came as a model 100 or 200. This would have been avail. throughout the 1950s according to the brochure. Probably offered by other car brands too. Thanks.
  11. KP USA bilar You have a choice! Click on the US flag on the home page above and email these folks. Don't hesitate to make this overseas phone call some wkend or evening either as they speak fully adequate English. They are FAR more reliable than George Laurie and make equal quality lenses and many more products for your Chrysler. I have had bad experience with GL waiting over TWO YEARS for my lenses and that is not uncommon no matter what he tells you. GL always has a new excuse of weather or computer or the dog ate his orders. Try Sweden; you won't be disappointed. Come join us a www.forwardlook.net and read the Laurie thread that has been going on there for a long, long time. Bring your '56 along. Welcome!
  12. I have tried them onto my '40 Ford wheels and they do not fit there. Thanks.
  13. I have a set of four of these wheel covers I need help identifying. Suspect they are late '30s or early '40s but don't know. They measure 13.875 OD, the inner mounting circle is 7.625 ID and the full heighth of the dome is 3.625". Each has the number "2" stamped on the back side ring and nothing else. Thanks for your thoughts.
  14. A friend is looking for a front sway bar for a '37-38 Dodge passenger car. He believes he can fit this to his '36 Dodge model D2 and he already has the bracketry. He just seeks the bar. Anyone have a source for this? Leads appreciated. If you have one for sale and are willing to ship it to Brisbane, Australia, please reply. Thanks.
  15. Please Help: I am looking for a pair of 1942 DeSoto rear bumper braces holding the bumper to the frame. They must come from a 1942 DeSoto - no other year will work. They can come from any body style and any model within that year. Thank you.
  16. I'm bringing home a '42 Desoto this weekend and would like to find a Chrysler and DeSoto 6 cyl. long block 25" dual intake manifold to add to the car. Any source or experience with same would be appreciated.
  17. I wonder if the original poster is still around. I too own a '42 DeSoto S-10 Custom convertible that has the Fifth Avenue Ensemble of accessories.
  18. Restoration Specialties and Supply, Windber, PA, is one source for you. This stuff is getting scarce. Would like to see your Windsor! Also please join other '55-61 Chrysler product enthusiasts at www.forwardlook.net . Its free and has active forums.
  19. Yeah. Was it me or was it "gremlins"? Wayne (also)
  20. Uploading the third once again as requested.
  21. Where did this dude's face come from?????
  22. That is two. There were three. Thanks!
  23. Tried to post 3 Hupp pics. One made it. Have NO idea where the purple Buick came from but not from my computer!!!!
  24. First attempt at posting pics.
  25. The car is a '38 Hupp 8. It is perhaps a 2.5 hour drive from home. The car was minimally restored some 30 years ago as it now shows only 41K miles but it has deteriorated over time. It runs and drives but brakes need done and water pump leaks - easily fixed. I'm in south central Texas. Brand new to this forum and do not understand how to post pics yet. I don't have URLs to reference where my pics are located. Would like to embed pics with this message but haven't figured out how as yet. Thanks for your response.
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