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  1. My '56 Dodge Coronet Royal Lancer has a BAD torque converter.   Apparently it was  built/welded off center when new or improperly rebuilt.  Its junk.


    Looking to buy a used original that I can have my shop rebuild or if you have one by a reputable builder, that would be great too.


    '55-56  Dodge and Plymouth  V8 cars with PowerFlite share this torque converter.


    THANKS !


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  2. 2 hours ago, Walt G said:

    thank you for sharing the photos of your magnificent car, absolutely wonderful to know that one even exists!

    Thanks, Walt.  The '34-35 Custom 8s weren't big sellers in the Depression.   There are some 7 window sedans around with this long, 124" wheelbase but not many.   The 5-window Brougham bodies (no quarter window) like mine, must have had trouble finding buyers.   I'm not aware that any of the '34s C8 Broughams are extant.   I believe just 4 or 5 of the '35 version have survived in "assorted" condition.   When found in California, it had to come home to Texas.  This is the Model HHU, and there was no "Custom" series after this year.




    As found in storage.  

    Factory photo



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  3. Y'all do all know this is a TERRAPLANE 6 and not a Hudson 6, right?   Its a very nice car and if the seller will post the VIN, and the wheelbase, we'll know more.  The grille insert, hood single wing ornament,  hood side venting are all Terraplane.   It does have the desirable chromed deep draw Hudson headlights.

  4. Thanks, Its very desirable to have all the glass back in the car!   Glass riser and vent window assembly in the drivers door.  And those Hudson "disappearing vents" work flawlessly with new rubber now.   And putting some colour back on the car (close to original on this car by samples found) sure helps too.   A pair of quite nice original horns was a fine find on eBay.   Chroming pieces in great need and some proper argent paint back on the grille insert and the hood venting helped too.   Do have a repro crank hole cover (not shown) now.   Hardest thing to come by was stainless trim missing on the grille shell edge when I purchased the car.   Oh and one of the deluxe wing trim stampings on the inside window trims had to be sourced from Australia.

    And that's why we call this a hobby, right?

    1935 Hudson 016.JPG


  5. No, I can't positively verify Lyon as OEM supplier to Chrysler.   Two of mine are actually "cleaner" than the one showing the stamp yet nothing at all is there.   It is known that Lyon began manufacturing accessories in the '20s and by the early '50s almost ALL of the US car wheel covers were made by them, plus a great variety of aftermarket wheel covers sold by everyone from Western Auto to Warshawsky (Whitney, Chicago).   Lyon even made the ribbed trim rings so popular for 1940 Ford DeLuxe cars.

    3 hours ago, 36 D2 Coupe said:

    Snip:      I think I'll go with the starburst and forget about looking for the discs. And that colour combination is particularly attractive!

    As far as I know the '35 and '36 Dodge artillery "Starburst" pattern is identical.  If someone knows otherwise, please say so.   

    For your additional reference,  Here is a good shot of the totally original paint on my '35 Dodge DU wheels.


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  6. Wondering if you have taken a good look on the back of your rings to see if they are marked with a rubber stamp as being made by Lyon Mfg.   Their good condition would suggest a couple of stamps likely survived.  One of mine barely did and my rings have experienced more deterioration than those in your pic.

    Also, do you have a scan of your build card?   I have the one for my '35.  Which is part how I know they weren't on the car new. 




    HPSCAN_20200714141942978 (005).jpeg


  7. A while back someone wanted a set of these really bad.   




    They are ever so slightly different than the ones I have on my '35 Dodge.  Believe mine were bought in '36 at the dealer store.   Take a look.   Very rare accessory.


    I have provided seller with what I know.    Not mine.   Just trying to help another hobbyist.


    Good luck  Image 1 - 1935 - 1938 Dodge ? optional wheel trim rings Lyon ? inner wheel trim rings

  8. A non-Packard I bought some years back had these Packard faux wire wheel accessory hubcaps on it.  I will not use them on my restoration as they "don't belong" and would like to see a Packard owner get them.   I know a little about this type accessory and on my application there were no "mounting buckets" used.   The "tabs" in pic ...334 were the mounting direct to the wheels.  There are only three of the center caps.  They were drilled for an accy addition but can be filled and once painted over again in red will be fine.   Five faux wire caps included.   Minor damage areas are shown.   

    I do know these are desirable for any make car and that there is some value but I don't know Packard market at all.  They are what they are as you see them in the photos.  Please make a fair offer and take them off my shelf.  Thank you.

    Will be shipped UPS from central Texas or PM me if you think you might pick them up northwest of San Antonio.

    Thank you.








  9. With incredible styling by Count Alexis de Sakhnoffsky, these are truly awesome cars in their fine details.   Recognized by the CCCA too, are they not.  

    I've considered several but the one I really missed was the one and only Coupe that was for sale in New Zealand and ended up in the UK last I heard.  Kick myself on that one!





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