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  1. vpeng just seen your reply on the dyno tuner thanks even if I never get it figured out Ienjoy having it with the rest of my shop stuff ITmake me remember the thing s I learned from my uncle once again thanks
  2. I aquired this machine from my uncle who used it as late as the 60's. Does anyone know anything about it Part of the machine description is: The instant Engine Analyzer. Patented in 1959.it has ascope on top a gas analzer air fuel ratio meter tacometer cam dwell this mounted on a roller cabinet makes neat garage art would like figer it out would use it on my 57 chevy with the built 327 or the 27 twith aother 327 64gmc pu with a 305 v6 and 77 mg roadster iwould like to use it onthis old stuff can take pic of it thank
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