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  1. This site is great Barney!! This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks man! JCRULZ
  2. Barney, have you ever seen a master list of wheel specs from Domestic and Foreign car producers that lists different wheel sizes for each make and model along with bolt pattern, backspacing, etc? Is there some sort of database out there on the internet where you can plug in a make and model and get the wheel specs? That would be a great idea for a site if no one has done it yet. JCRULZ
  3. Yeah, thanks Barney, sorry about that typo with the spacing. The Crown Vic/ Grand Marq has a 114.3 (4.5) spacing not 114.5. I went to a local junkyard today and found 4 15in alloy wheels in great shape on a 96 Lincoln Towncar. I am trying to find out if the backspacing and inset is identical to the Crown Vic/Grand Marquis. I think it might be a score. 50 bucks each wheel. Not bad! JCRULZ
  4. Hey guys, This question is actually about one of my other rides, but I really respect the input that you guys provide, so I thought I would post here. I have a 97 Mercury Grand Marquis GS as my daily driver and currently have 4 studded Firestone Winterforce tires mounted on my stock 15in hubcap covered steel wheels. I need to buy a set of spring/summer tires so I can get these winter tires off soon, so I was thinking of purchasing another set of wheels so the installation will be easy between seasons. The wheel size could be 15-17 inches depending on the best deal that I could get and the wheels don't have to be brand new/perfect looking. Anyone here have any suggestions on websites/online businesses that I should investigate where I could get a good deal on wheels that would fit my ride? I already checked tirerack.com and the wheels there were a bit more than I want to spend. For me the cheaper the better, as long as they look decent and aren't warped or bent. I thought my best bet would be to score some used black steel police wheels with the chrome trim, but I don't really know where to look to score those. Any suggestions would be awesome, I really need to get these studded tires off soon. Thanks, JCRULZ PS My Grand Marquis is silver in color with navy blue pinstriping. The wheel bolt pattern is 5 bolts with 114.5 spacing.
  5. Oh OK, I didn't hear from the actual driver what year it was. Some other guy racing that knows him told me that the "87" Capri that he drives is bone stock. I don't know too much about Fords being a GM guy, in fact that was the first Fox Body Capri I had ever seen in person. I think that the Mercury version is a lot sharper looking than the traditional Mustang especially with the sweet school bus yellow paint job with black racing stripes that he was rocking out. JCRULZ PS Hey Padgett, that's a beautiful Judge Goat you got there. Love the white paint, never seen that before!
  6. Yeah, I got smoked by an 87 Capri (Mercury's Mustang). There were only 10 cars in the drag, and seven were Mustangs. The other two were a beat up 95-99 Mitsu Eclipse and a mid-late 90s civic. I went all out this time on the gas pedal and got really nervous on turn three when my puny worn 215/60 R16s started losing grip hardcore. I had all kinds of people in the pit that wanted to see it though. I even had the tow truck operators come over because they weren't sure what it was. I had three guys with donut making monsters coming over to check it out. Keep in mind two of the guys had beautiful muscle cars (a 72 Monte with a built 454 and a late 80s Mustang with all kinds of goodies under the hood). Only one guy out of all the people that came over knew the car right off. One other guy told his buddy it was a "Renault Reatta". ??? Obviously no luck on the track, but it was a good time anyway. My buddy couldn't get his video camera to function so unfortunately, no footage of the brutal beating. Sorry fellas. JCRULZ
  7. Don't get me wrong guys, in no way do I ever expect to win many races with this car. I know it isn't a race car. I used to have an IROC-Z that I was building up for minor racing and daily driving, until it was destroyed by a VW Passat. I am saving up for another project car, but until then I want to gain some track experience this summer, so I have been going with my Reatta until I can get something more track worthy. However, just to fill you in on how poor the competition is in these Maine spectator drags, last year a nearly stock 98 Olds Cutlass came in SECOND PLACE out of 30 cars. Most of the competitiors in these races consist of beat up 80's mustangs and lots of 4 cylinders too (Cavaliers, Focuses). I feel our car can toast a 4 banger easily, and I have seen many crappy Fox Body mustangs at this track lose to six cylinder cars because they can't hang on the corners and spin out at turn three. One of the positive qualities of the 91 Reatta is its GT suspension (decent handling), and I feel I could win a few races against more evenly matched opponents with this car. I didn't mean to pull up next to a IROC-Z for my first race, I knew I was history when I saw who I was paired up with. When it comes to embarassing the Reatta, what I meant is that race wouldn't have been as terrible looking to the spectators if I hadn't been paired up with a 350 wielding IROC-Z right off the top. I tried to line up against the Ford Focus but got cut off in the line up by a Cavalier. Everyone who owns a Reatta knows that a lot of people have no clue what it is. I have had mechanics tell me they have never seen one until mine up here in Maine. One thing that is cool is that I think I generated a bit of positive interest in the Reatta at the race. I got quite a few looks by other competitors in the pit and a few questions too. My wife said all the spectators around her were trying to figure out what a Buick Reatta was. They kept saying "What is that?" and "Never heard of it" One guy thought it was a newer offshoot of the "Pontiac Fiero" or something to that nature. After the race, I saw a couple of small groups checking the car out in the pit area. I thought it was neat to introduce an awesome car with a deep history to many people, even if it was a poor showing racewise. I'm very proud of that car. JCRULZ
  8. Say, you were thinking of racing your 91 Reatta in a spectator drag on a circle track, possibly....tonight. If you were to be possibly participating in this event, at what RPMs would you launch your Reatta at using the traditional automatic brake squeeze method? This may have been tried a few months ago with VERY VERY poor results against a late eighties IROC-Z. A very lopsided matchup and of course the driver was a bit nervous and sucked royally the first time around. Any advice? Thanks JCRULZ You can check out the loss if you click the link below, I hope not to embarass the Reatta name that bad again. Pictures by jcrules78 - Photobucket
  9. Hey guys, I hit the biggest pothole in Portland, Maine two days ago and today I just noticed my front left center cap is missing! I'm looking for a replacement, it doesn't have to be perfect, my caps have over 130,000 miles on them. Anyone have a cap they would like to sell? jcrulz
  10. I have a friggin spam blocker as well as a new Norton product that scans and eliminates spam, but these particular versions of spam somehow get by. Every competent computer user has a spam blocker nowadays Matt, this isn't 1996, so why don't you save your wise comments. JCRULZ
  11. My 88 IROC did something similar to this at lower RPMs. It was when I was driving in first gear after I would hit the gas and release it. The car would surge from above 1 RPM to below. It always had a check engine light that would come on at the same time this was happening and it was a MAF sensor issue. I don't know if this would apply to this particular situation where it is surging upward at a certain RPM/speed, but your description immediately reminded me of that problem I had back then with the Camaro. Maybe something to check if you cancel out the possible issues with the tranny/torque converter and the EGR mentioned above first. JCRULZ
  12. CL, are you talking about your personal email account or something linked to this forum? If it is the personal one you are talking about, I all of a sudden in the past week or more have been getting one to three spam emails a day from random names trying to offer me reduced drug prices and it is totally pissing me off. JCRULZ
  13. In my opinion, changing the fluid in the tranny should automatically involve replacing the filter. Why would you put nice clean fluid in a car to have it running through an ancient, decrepit, and dirty filter? That would be like oil change facilities not including a new oil filter in the process. That doesn't make any sense at all to me. Besides changing the filter though, my car did flash a couple of non-current codes during the whole tranny cooler line debacle. It flashed a code e-36 (transmission shift control problem) and e-31 (Park-Neutral switch problem). Once the lines were fixed and the fluid refilled, the codes went away and have not returned, so I just assumed that meant they were activating due to the lack of fluid at the time. Also, my car had never displayed these codes in the past until this event took place. I still wonder though if there is a posibility that one of these two old codes could be a hint at what is causing the current problem? JCRULZ
  14. Barney, in my opinion, you are one of the most knowledgable guys when it comes to the Reatta. I personally think that if GM was looking for a historian to represent this car, you should be a top choice. This guy has no clue on how to deal with people and should just hang up his proverbial gloves when it comes to car sales. I would never deal with a guy who writes moronic gibberish like that and even remotely considers it English. I get that straight out of the movie Deliverance/Banjo Playin vibe from this fella. Anyway, I think you did your best to educate the guy, and hopefully, the person who does end up buying this Reatta will someday show up here looking for info. This is a bit of a deviation here, but within topic lines. Wasn't it ASC that made the factory sunroofs? The guy who bought my 91 Reatta in Pennsylvania ordered only the Stock CD Player as an option. The car has an 8-way seat and it seems that days after buying the car, he drove to some aftermarket Sunroof place and had a Webasto sunroof installed. Other than the fact that the car is not "all original" I really can't complain. After 130000 miles and it seems a great deal of abuse from previous owners, the sunroof still works good, looks great and doesn't leak at all. Have you guys heard of any other Reatta drivers that post here who have aftermarket Webasto sunroofs? JCRULZ
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