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    Picked up this back yard /barn find and I’ve spent several hours trying to track down what chassis it is wit no luck, from the looks of it this may be just the place for me to find some mentors that can help me along the way with sourcing parts for this cool build. I know the body is made out of heart pine , transmission is a 39’ looks like it’s mated to the original motor that is not spinning at the moment. The chassis is a mystery my guess 1929-32 The older gentleman has had it since 1992 and he told me it was a 37 Auburn frame (is not) and a Cadillac motor (nope) which is fine I bought it because I can see the finish line and the show stoping potential it can have for a custom built car! Ideally I’d like to keep the flathead if not I have a beautiful 1963 215 v8 with a munchie 3speed I can Drop in unless there is an adapter from the 215 to the early ford 3 speed.
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    Photos of my 1935 Dodge DV Sedan Restoration time: 14th of March 2014 - 31st August 2018
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    1925 Buick Model 25A Enclosed Touring
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    I've owned this Imperial since 2004. It spent the mid 70's in Hawaii.....Perfect boat for the big Island!
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