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    I am trying to improve my car one small area at a time. The trunk now has the correct spare tire clamp and large wing nut to secure the spare. The jack kit was purchased a while back. Some of the original green paint remains. I also removed and cleaned the lamp and lens on the handle. Cleaning the wires and ground did not make the lamp light. Later when I tightened and repaired the wire attachment at the positive pole of the ammeter gauge the light came alive.
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    1930 Desoto cf
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    Kissel Kars and one rogue Chevy
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    My 1969 Riviera had interesting performance modifications when I bought it in the 1970s. Factory GS handling, Stage 1 engine, and Kenne Bell Racing gear. Now it also has a Grand National 4-speed and 3.42 posi.
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    HDR (High Dynamic Range) Images of Cars and Trucks from recent Car Shows
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    1965 Mustang TotalRestoration