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    It was on June 18th of 2018 that I joined the AACA and made one of my first posts on the forum titled “looking for owners of Cole Motor Cars. At the time I had a 1913 Cole Series 9 Touring Car. Since then, it has been a whirlwind 16 months for my 19 year old son and me! Over that period of time we 1. Acquired two more Cole motor cars 2. Made lots of friends, connections, and relaunched the Cole registry at www.colemotorcarregistry.com 3. Organized a Cole owners meetup this spring with ten Coles in attendance 4, Helped the Gilmore Car Museum put together a special Cole exhibit of seven cars and lots of artifacts 5. Had the Coles at three Concours events and two CCCA events as well as several other events,tours, and shows 6. Tracked down two previously unknown Coles to Bring the total to 77 known surviving Coles today This week, classiccars.com did a great story on us and the Coles and you can read it at this link. https://journal.classiccars.com/2019/10/03/familys-fascination-revives-story-of-the-cole-cars/ What an amazing amount of fun this has been! The best thing has been sharing this journey with my son and we are attending our first Hershey event this week. We hope to see and meet some of you!
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    Attended the Wings and Wheels Car Show held at the Delaware Coastal Airport. Great day. Quite a few Buicks of every era. And made a new friend. Charles E. McGee. Tuskegee Airman! Piloted the P40, P39, P47 and P51. Great time talking with him.
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    Thanks for your posts and good wishes. I am a lot better now than I have been for a long time. I did not realise how bad I had got. The problem is that the 'loss of lungs working' creeps up on you very slowly, getting a tiny bit worse each day, you just think it is old age creeping up on you. I am pleased to say I have managed to stay off the 'roll ups'. It will be a week of NO SMOKING in 2-hours time - not that I'm counting! Spent a lot of yesterday in the workshop and again this morning. No progress on the Humberette yet, apart from what the coach trimmer has done. I hadn't chased him up because I did not need the body back yet. I hoped to have the fenders (wings) completed and a lot of the other bits finished before the coach trimming was finished - then the engine repairs got in the way! Here are the photos, taken by Paul Moore, of the progress on the interior leather seats:- The work on the lathe went well, replacing the 'bodges' that were holding the gears in place. Made the tool that replicated the thread on the lathe gears. Checked the thread was correct with the only original knurled retaining nut. The new nuts and spacers fitted. There should have been more photos, but I forgot to take the camera up to the workshop! This week the metal should arrive for making the drawbar for the 5C collets.
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    I haven’t even seen it! Picking it up tomorrow!
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    Not sure of this is the correct forum but close enough! For those that are interested, the Dec 2019 edition of Collectible Automobile has an article on 1977-79 full size Buicks. What classifies this edition as memorabilia is that my 78 Estate Wagon is featured in the article. Back in April, @JohnD1956 was contacted by the editor of the magazine looking for an estate wagon to photograph. As JD no longer had his wagon, he directed them over to me. After some very short discussion (I’ve always liked this magazine) a photographer was in touch and a photo shoot was arranged. I had to scramble and get the EW cleaned and polished during the early Spring weather but we got a nice warm day in early May for the photos. The magazine arrived this week and I am pretty happy with the full page spread. Thanks again JD for the referral!
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    Out camping and giving rides at the campground for family & friends this weekend. Also drove about a 70 mile round trip from our shop to the campground and back.
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    Looks newer than 1907. Looks more like about a 1914.
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    Use a hacksaw to cut screwdriver slots on the end where the heads were.
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    Indeed. The rest of the article talked about a change after about 1996, so that hoses since then are supposed to be far less permeable to moisture than the old ones. No matter what, I change my fluid at 2 + year intervals.
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    Very well written article. A friend of mine attended that Cole meet last summer at the Gilmore Museum. While he was in Michigan, I was in Reno for the big truck show and attended the National Automobile Museum (formerly Harrah's), and saw the two door version of the 'Toursedan'. Craig
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    Hmmmm that must have been that phone call I didn’t answer, oh well...😁 seriously, I’m sure they got the better one to represent these sleeping beauties! Congratulations!!! At least I can show everybody the pictures and say “I almost bought that car!” Well done Doug! 👍👍👍
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    Awww yeah, every time I hear or see ole 611 she gives me goose bumps, such a distinct sound from the engine and that whistle!! To be short, when i was a kid, living near the rail yard in Norfolk, VA, we used to get to ride that train from behind the school. Yes, they stopped, it loaded us up and moved on. We were close to a 16 track yard and an eight-track rail crossing . We rode it up to the mainline then they would bus us back. I did it every year, have pictures of me in the train with the cab, etc... plus I used to live four blocks from that mainline eight-track crossing, and in the summer they used to do excursion from Roanoke to Norfolk and beyond. And we would be outside playing and you could hear it coming from miles away. We would run down the street to the tracks to see her scream by and blaring the whistle... goose bumps !! That was back in the early '80s. I was ecstatic when they brought her out of hibernation. It is such a beautiful piece of mechanical machinery!! The power and stories of that train!! Whenever we were out in Roanoke, VA, at the N&W rail museum, I would stop in as it was parked in the backyard and you could go look at it, and man o man!! At one point she was up front under the awning, and you could get in the cab look around, etc... then she got shifted to the back of the yard, and you could only walk around her. A few pics of my trip there in 2002. Yhose are my two kids, they are all grown up now!! But they loved the trains as well. Thanks for sharing, and that is a sight. I love to see and a sound I will never forget!!
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    I talked to Dave Tachney today and how's the wood was his first question. I don't know for sure. Both doors opened without sag and the head liner was in it and looked dry (though possibly a rodent condo). He also reminded me I have too much junk already and I am old. I say reality is for quitters.
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    Hello Everyone, Dozens of members have used me to transport their vehicles & most of the rest know me & my reputation as one of the best in the business from other forums, Facebook groups, etc. If you are unfamiliar with my QUALITY Transport Service please read below. I am a single car transporter out of Northern Ohio. I offer both Open & Enclosed Personalized Single Car Service. I have over 3.5 million accident-free transport miles & this is my 36th year of business. Please see this link for hundreds of all positive feedback/references posted by the actual customers who have used my service in the past. I do NOT post my own feedback, that would not be ethical! https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/nationwide-single-car-transport-hauling-open-or-enclosed.614419/My resume includes :SEMABarrett-JacksonHot August Nights InvitationalNumerous MuseumsMany Autorama/World of Wheels Shows International Corporate ExposSeveral Celebrities & Professional AthletesThe trailers are :Featherlite aluminum single car open trailer with a large air dam on the front to prevent stone chips & of course a solid floor.Ameri-Lite aluminum single car enclosed trailer. This is an actual vehicle trailer with a dove tail rear & a drive in rear door for loading of the lowest of vehicles. This is not a cargo trailer with mickey mouse ramps setting on the back edge with boards under them for support, praying they don't fall off with a car on them. This trailer is fully finished inside with RaceDeck flooring, insulation, poly walls, compressed air & electricity. Also I will never pile a bunch of greasy parts around your vehicle & there is no equipment hanging from the walls to fall on your vehicle (I.E. ladders, etc)Both trailers have electric winches on them, so the vehicle need not run. It MUST however roll on inflated tires & the brakes cannot be locked up. This is very important as I do not want to tear up my equipment. I transport many six figure vehicles, so I want to keep my stuff in top notch shape. If you are willing to pay more for enclosed transport, it should be Quality Enclosed Transport...There is a difference!!NEVER is there a charge for unloaded miles, logistics is part of a transporters job! I build my trucks to get excellent fuel mileage, so deadheading a bit is not a problem.The price I quote is the price you pay! I will never try to extort more money from you after I quote you a price or during the transport.I am strictly CASH on delivery. I also do NOT take deposits, I believe a mans word is his bond. All that is required to lock a spot on my schedule is a phone call, email or P.M.As part of my personalized service, I do NOT stay in hotels. I sleep in my truck at a travel plaza or rest area, so nobody bothers the customers vehicle or my equipmentI NEVER hide behind aliases, I am proud of my reputation, my name & equipment, so they will always be shown prominently. My company name is my "handle" on EVERY forum! I also do EVERY transport I post for, as I don't just post to keep myself relevant. I would much rather be out in the shop working on any one of my cars than playing on the computer. I am booked well in advance all year round, but can sometimes squeeze one in between & I am ALWAYS available to quote prices, recommend other QUALITY Transporters or warn against those who are not. I can also offer advise about the industry or offer qualified opinions on trucks & trailers as I have actually been building & modifying them for decades. I will NEVER make you feel like you are a bother when you call!Please feel free to give me a call/email or P.M. for a price quote.Thank You & God BlessBill Squires (owner)Bill's Auto Works(216)832-8697 cell NO TEXTSbillsautoworks1@aol.com
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    My plans to leave Norcross early Friday morning were sabotaged by what was predicted to be the last two days of the insanely hot weather large swaths of the US have experienced this summer. It's been bad in a lot of places, but Atlanta has been particularly hard hit. The previous annual record of days 90 degrees or hotter in Atlanta was 37 days. In 2019, through Friday, Atlanta has seen 91 days of 90 or hotter, with no significant rain for more than two months. Friday ended six straight days where new all-time daily high temp records were set, with Thursday's 98 being the hottest October temp in Atlanta's history. After working at the Southeastern Railway Museum's gatehouse Thursday, I had intended to come home, finish cleaning the oven I'd sprayed before heading to the museum, and then to pack. The heat during the day was so debilitating that I didn't do anything after I got home but eat some dinner, watch the Braves fall short in the first game of the NLDS, and crash. So I had to do everything Friday morning, which got me out the door headed north about 12:15 PM. I was hoping the heat would ease off as I headed north, but it took its sweet time doing so. Here's a pic taken about 15 miles into North Carolina. For the first five or six hours, I only saw 99 or 100 on the dash read-out and long experience tells me it tracks two or maybe three degrees above ambient... Ran into this contraption at a rest area in Virginia, I think. I just had to collar one of the drivers to ask what that rusty thing was and the answer is a base to a very large crane. There was one tractor pulling and one pushing, with the base suspended between eighteen-wheel bogeys on either end. I was told the weight of the 'package' was 874,000 pounds and it was going take eight or nine days to transport it from North Carolina to North Dakota. The distance between Norcross and Strasburg, PA, is right at 750 miles and I originally planned to get to within an hour or two of my endpoint and grab a cheap hotel; I related that to West's dad Don when I spoke to him in late afternoon. "That's what an old guy like you should do," he quipped. (Don is 90-1/2!). My eyes surprisingly held up and along with regular caffeination, and wanting to brag to Don later, I just kept going, arriving in Strasburg about 2:50 AM. Too late to waste the money on a room, so I grabbed a few hours sleep in a Walmart parking lot and headed to check out the location of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania and the Strasburg Rail Road (conveniently across the road from each other.) As I approached the location just before dawn, I noticed a big cloud of what looked like coal smoke above the horizon and sure enough it was. Norfolk & Western 611, a streamlined 4-8-4 built in 1941, and Strasburg Rail Road's Norfolk & Western 475, a 4-8-0 built in 1906, were planned for a sold-out photo session ($200!) today and tomorrow and I stumbled onto it at just the right time and place for free. As I headed to the nearest Micky D's wi-fi to start posting this thread, the rising sun revealed another treat: a couple of hot air balloons also rising. Couldn't get both in one shot, but here's the best pic I snagged. But the most pleasing news of my arduous inbound journey was having Don Peterson inform me that he was coming to Hershey on Tuesday. He's been having painful back trouble for the last year or so and as recently as a week ago he wasn't sure he was going to make it. Hershey wouldn't be the same for me without him. It's been a tiring first day but with lots of fun and interest sprinkled in. Today and tomorrow are 'training' days at the two Strasburg museums, with some local sightseeing interspersed.
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    This is the most recent windscreen I made for my TC. It is made from Lexan and engraved with the TC emblem. In this picture it is lit from below by a small led flash light taped to the bottom. The next thing to be done will be to attach LEDs that are powered from the car. Even cooler would be to use Adafruit LEDs that could be programmed to be red when you hit the brakes. The brackets for mine are covered in burgundy leather to match the interior. The ragtop can be put up without removing the windscreen. I made a second one if anyone is interested. The brackets could be covered in your choice of black or ginger leather. If you want Burgundy you would have to supply the leather. I used the leather that shrunk off the the large dash triangle for mine but I do not have any extra Burgundy leather. Cost $200
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    Anyone recognize the source for this deco car clock? It's made by Jaeger, and it's a 6 volt movement.
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    While you folks won the coveted Procrastinators of America Grand Prize we still will have a full field on Saturday for the fall nationals! In fact, more cars than last year! Thank you but those 300 plus that registered in the last week please recognize that some of us are not heart healthy!! Try registering early next year, it is not that painful! In all seriousness, there is a lot of pre-planning that goes on and the earlier we and the region have the info the better. Thanks and let's have another spectacular weather week!
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    Bernie, I just gotta say, that is quite a family you have ! I can laugh until cramps set in when I come around the corner and bump into some of them here. I'm sure 90+ percent of us ol' folk remember some of the characters who would come through the door down at the "Old One-two". As in the Barney Miller show, you just never knew who or when. The sudden appearance of Scanlon, for example, when he would cast an accusitive eye about when he cocked his head into the squad room looking for trouble. Picking on Wojo', gunning for Barn', as I say, you never knew when, but lived with the certainty that the day would come. You, you yourself, kinda remind me of the guy with a hip flask, hanging out in the sideshow tent at the state fair, while mama and the kids roamed elsewhere. - Carl
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    I will be there in RNG 8&9 with Joe Tonietto and Marck Barker. If any one needs sheet metal for a 1917 or 1918 model D-35 or E-35 four cylinder Buick car, I will be bringing a bunch for a great price.
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    1914 Cadillac Model 30 Touring. Last of the big 4-cylinders.
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    only 562 miles on my electra this year
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    Great story Kevin. Wish we were closer to see the display at the Gilmore. Just as impressive is the dedication your son has. Sounds like the Cole legacy will be in good hands.
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    It's a solid body and a two door. I don't think the $2600 was too much as an entry fee. The cars I have enjoyed the most were cars some mavin told me I paid too much for. Imagine all the time that went into his decision to buy that car. Even an impulse buy flashes a significant amount of day dreaming, planning, and projecting. Buying and selling both have some degree of planning. If I lived 35 miles from Phil and knew he was coming to look at a car I had for sale, or offered it to anyone, I would have done something about this: That crap has been lying on the seat for more than a year I bet. Is that a fluorescent light ballast? From car sale presentations I have seen, if it had a rear seat the air cleaner would be sitting on it. That horn ring and dash chrome would have been polished the best I could within two days of the day I bought it. I would never offer what looks like an abandoned car for sale. This one looks fresh from the police auction. A friend of mine in a similar situation (all his life) died a couple of years ago. He would accuse me of being a crook and swindler when I bought a car like that, cleaned it up, and sold it for a few bucks profit, usually I was buying coffee when he did that. Take a ride back and give a quick Selling 101 class. Uhhmmm, I think "replaced the floor" is a very generous comment. Catch me when it's not church day for more observations.
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    Walt, I've got a piece of paper with the space numbers of folks I plan to look up and your numbers are already on it. If you promise to have some of that old whiskey with you, I'll head for your space first! LOL...
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    In my opinion ANYTHING that hasn't run in 10 yrs. is little more than scrap value. As others have said depends on options, etc. You will DEFINITELY be looking at the POTENTIAL of an engine rebuild, brakes overhauled, gas tank removed, cleaned out or replaced, along with a carb. rebuild, fuel pump, etc. etc. etc.
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    When all else fails, read the directions.
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    I wouldn't trust old flex hoses. I would expect the rubber to deteriorate over the years even in a sealed package.
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    I've always been a BW fan but my '32 came with WW and, to be honest, they really dress up the car....... 😍
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    Back to the original question, if you want it, it's worth $3250. What 's the difference between $0 and $3250 in the long run? The purchase price is a small part of the ultimate cost of any restoration. The Franklin is a very popular and dependable car and the air-cooling sets it apart from the other cars at the local cruise-in. You're guaranteed to draw more interest than most anything else there. To me the biggest question is the condition of the structural wood. It looks remarkably complete, straight and rust free. Restoration of the mechanics, body and upholstery would be expensive but very do-able. The structural wood, however is a challenge to any but an expert wood worker. When it comes right down to it almost no car that needs a compete restoration is worth it financially. The value is in the satisfaction and enjoyment. What is that worth to you? Don
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    Running and safe is fine, but,..... If the bottom end babbitt needs redoing (most 90+ year old babbitt does), there's a few thousand dollars for rods and mains,.... and there are no off the shielf parts to do that. The engine base has to be sent out to a shop qualified to do babbitt work and align bore the new mains. 28 Franklins have the most complex and expensive wiring systems of any Franklin. And I can guarantee that if it still has the original wiring the insulation is all hardened, cracking, and falling off. It's not a question of if it will have electrical problems, but when. And the lights being apart makes me think the "when" is already here. So all new wiring harnesses and misc wiring supplies (so you don't have an electrical fire) will be close to $1000.00. A new correct type and size carb, that won't damage the engine like many of the replacements in past, is $650.00 + shipping. One of the members found a good NE distributor cap for his Franklin at Hershey last year - $400.00. And as Walt said, about $2000.00 for tires tubes and flaps +shipping. Rebuilding the brake system can run into the hundreds. And you don't even know if the engine will run, much less what condition it's in and what it will need not just to get out the driveway but to stand a good chance of getting you back home. Making a car that old just running and safe can get very expensive. And most of the expensive questions about this car have not been answered yet. Paul
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    Well, I cheated a bit today. I moved my 1921 Peugeot which sat about 10 inches from the Overland. Seems I was asked to display it at the Simeone Museum in Philadelphia later this month, and this has opened up a bit more space around the Overland. Today, I brought over my HVLP sprayer and applied two coats of Eastwood primer/surfacer atop my epoxy boat primer. I like the way this primer/surfacer sands. I used it on the fenders, and I can user 220/320/400 grit papers and then apply the finish coat. The HVLP system (using a bleeder-type gun) has very little over-spray and is quite low-tech (ie; no compressor, regulator, water filter, etc.). Phi
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    I'm not looking to make a 100 point car. I'd not replate anything. Probably not repaint either. It would live indoors except the few drives in nice weather. I prefer to keep cars the way I find them and just get them running and safe.....
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    DoT 5 is silicon. No silicon in any other fluid. Just use DoT 4 or 5.1. As the DoT standard evolves, the boiling point increases and the rate at which it absorbs moisture decreases. Based on what I read at https://blog.firestonecompleteautocare.com/brakes/everything-you-need-to-know-about-brake-fluid/ I would keep the NOS hoses as nice, perhaps original, samples and use the new hoses: "Myth #1: Moisture is the primary problem with old brake fluid. Today the breakdown of the additive package is the primary problem. Before the application of modern flexible brake hose manufacturing techniques moisture was an issue. It would permeate through the hoses and into the fluid when the fluid cooled down. Modern hose manufacturing has eliminated this issue."
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    I rejected Seamist Green as a possibility because it wasn't on the ROA site (I'm so trusting). I'll agree that it is visually closer. How common were special order paint cars? It looks like the ROA lists only the "standard" colors that were available on the Riviera, the others on the 1972 Buick color chart are left off. I know one member that has a Fire Red '72, not a "standard" color, but an "available" color. His body tag doesn't list it as an SCO car, it just has the 75 code for Fire Red.
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    Great picture ! Reminds me of my first ride in Wally McCarthy's 1910 Locomobile on what at first looked to be a level LI north shore estate lawn. Not sure if the Loco ever grabbed air, but I sure did ! Paul
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    Old 16 on its way to winning the Vanderbilt Cup race 1908
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    Either car would have been a good choice. In fact a later picture of what they describe as a 79 Limited EW is actually not as it only has 3 ventiports so @MrEarls wagon would have fit in nicely.
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    Steve and the whole Hershey crew... Thank you for all you do to make this the "Greatest Show on Earth!!" I know we all complain when something isn't as we would want it or something goes wrong, but this is a massive undertaking and all of the workers do a fantastic job bringing it all together.!!! Again, Thanks for all you do!
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    Properly prepped frame being sprayed with POR 15
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    Enjoying the car. Still hoping to learn early history for it.
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    Steve, I give you guys (both male and female) a lot of credit. I'm sure you start planing for the next year on the Monday after HERSHEY. When does the A.A.C.A get access to the grounds and start setting up the A.A.C.A. tents and the space markers on the ends of the aisles and probably dozens of things we don't see? I remember the old days when every aisle had a lettered sign on each end of the aisles, I have several hanging on my garage wall. Thanks!
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    I have been busy and haven't posted in a while. Two weeks ago was the NE Buick races and show at Cecil County Dragway. Drove the '75 Electra to Atlantic City to hang with Buick friends and then to the show. Over 450 miles all together. Had a great time, toured to the Herr's potato chip factory and won a trophy in the show. The ride back was a blast. Was in a bit of a rush Saturday afternoon on the way home due to another car engagement. The car drove like a top, 75-80 MPH the whole way. 🙂 Mileage is now 24,772. Started at 18,500 two years ago.
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    Welcome to the forum! Try Olson's Gaskets for gaskets....https://www.olsonsgaskets.com/ Scroll on down the sections until you get to the Chrysler sections of this forum.
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    The stick/seat combo looks like a great idea, and a thoughtful gift for any guy or gal on the back side of 50! However, this is a CLUB. If any member or visitor comes to my space and needs to sit in the shade for a bit, that’s great. We can certainly shoot the bull for a while. We take along an extra chair or two for that reason. If you’re in the green field, just look for GAI 18-19; near Hershey light pole 18. I bet plenty of other vendors feel the same way. The hardest part is asking. Once you do, you find out you have a lot in common with everyone here.
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    Al, I think the wheel was put together backward. Those problems would be taken care of when the inserts and holes were drilled. They know about it. I just never returned the wheels to make it happen. Mike