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    Just drive it.........keep some extra paint on hand. It’s a car..........the plastic looks ridiculous. Yes......I put my money where my mouth is, my 99.25 point Pierce Arrow V-12 has 22k miles on it.................as my motto in my signature area says.......drive it like you stole it. Trust me........just drive and enjoy the car. That’s almost fifty years in the hobby speaking. 👍
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    Today I worked on finishing up what needed to be done on the chassis to prepare it for the body. I redid the front brake line to the passenger side and then installed all the webbing material to the chassis where the body will sit. Then it was time to mount the body back on the chassis. I had to get my brother in law and my dad to assist in this as I didn't think I could do it all myself. All went well and the body now sits on the chassis and I hope to not have to take it back off again! Does it look any different from the last picture? Progress is being made!!!!
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    Boys, great news. Changed the oil (which looked thin and watery so must have mixed with gas) and she no longer smokes! Took her for a short spin around the hood and she ran great, pulled the plugs and they, too, look really good - no more fuel fouling! For reason's I cannot explain, the busted rods seem to be related to the flooding issue. In any event, I am going to go on a longer run tomorrow to confirm all is well. Probably still get a rear damper, though. Can't wait to finally drive the thing. Thank you all for all the help, encouragement and support during this whole process. Dave, Greg, Matt, Keith, Neil, Bloo, and others, thanks much, Boys and I hope I can return the favor. And I know I'll be leaning on you again before you know it. This forum is awesome. Peter
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    Well, you can't drive to Alcatraz... You don't need (or want) a car in San Francisco. See the sights (watch out for the piles on the sidewalk) and pick up your car on the way out of town.
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    Well, haven't had time to get the pictures off of my camera, but I have about 700 miles on the new engine in the Electra. It's starting to run much cooler now, since it passed around the 500 mile mark. We did a vintage car tour on Sat., and that put about 120 miles on it, then another bunch on Sun., as we had to go to my daughter's to do some yard work for them. Then the rest of the family showed up, so we had a weeding party! Keith
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    I feel like that's a steal. The interior was done paint/body and engine compartment needed attention but that's kinda the easy part.
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    Doug, I would adjust it into #1 and hope for slight pressure against the main vertical surface of the weatherstrip. Tom Mooney
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    I bought this car on Craigslist for $600, $800 delivered. The picture is the arrival at home. Quarter cut out, no engine or trans, just a shell. After fees and shipping costs I netted $3200. Parts went all over the world to happy people. I still have about $500 worth of parts to sell AND I dumped the body off at a junkyard. (where it was bought the next day by a hobbyist). Outside of one dinner out with my Wife, all the money went to my car hobby. That Caddy would net a similar amount but a little more outlay. That's the "is it worth" part. Anyone restoring a rough one might say it was too much at the start, but somewhere around the 80% complete mark it could take on a whole new value to them. If the car was $3200 I could be tempted to throw some "easy money" at it. All depends on where the money comes from. Bernie
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    Can I add work truck to this topic? I’m a carpenter by trade and do historic restorations in the Pasadena area. 67 GMC 3/4 ton truck I’ve owned for 18 years. Drive it daily. Had a 351 V6 then I swapped in a SBC. Then an LS motor to keep the gas mileage down and relatively low maintenance. It has PS AC leather buddy seats. Fuel tank out back. Disc brakes up front. Modified to keep it reliable, dependable and fun to drive. I absolutely love this truck. It even appeared in a McDonalds commercial years ago!
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    How can anybody give an assessment of value of a car with such a limited description and dimly lit pictures.
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    I am selling Bruce wheeler's 33 Coupe for Maggie. Some may know this car better than I. I washed the last 10 years dirt off of it drained the fuel tank and added fresh gas and charged the battery it started right up and runs smooth. It is a very rare car and I haven't found any rust any place. The interior is in great condition. There is some paint cracking in spots over some small areas that had bondo. It has a 41 president straight 8 in it that has had some work done in the past ( I have all receipts from the early 80s) Bruce's wish was that this car would not be hot rodded that is why I am posting it here first before I post to Hemmings or ebay. the asking price is 24.500 you can contact me at 520-979-0065 or email studeblu@gmail.com Thanks Jerry Jerry
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    contacted meet register iam getting a refund
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    That is some shiny nickel. Looks like chrome.
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    One thing in life I wish I could do that I can't is machine work. Very nice....
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    The weatherstrip retainer has a small range of adjustment, the screws should be slotted. If all your glass lines up nicely, ie reflections in the glass are consistent across the front and rear side panes, I would attempt adjustment at the retainer before I would start pulling the door skin. Tom Mooney
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    Thanks guys. Pete told me about the possibility of making one, Surf City, but I think it might be cheaper to find one. Thanks George and I sent your number to Pete. Thank you both very much for the quick replies.
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    I was just reading your previous post and thought what the hell is he talking about, lol All good suggestion. Thanks everyone.
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    Barry. U will just love the Baker it's a blast to drive. Had mine cross country on the route 66 a few years back. R1 auto. and. A C. Mike
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    Mick. In the USA the term for a gudgeon pin is a wrist pin. Regards your c/r. I would be reluctant to exceed 5 : 1 for fear of knocking. Ray.
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    San Francisco was my favorite city on the west coast for years, during a visit last year, I can confirm it’s a messy trash heap and a public sewer. Don’t bother...........wait till it cleans up. Even the moon bats are getting tired of it. Nothing like seeing thousands of homeless shooting up in public. Is a very sad situation for the City by the Bay. PS - There is an APP for your phone showing the human waste on the sidewalks and parking lots in real time so you don't step in it, Bombay and Calcutta were cleaner.......and more pleasant.
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    Ok should be close to getting your seat. He needs to pull it off and pack it up. I will probably have it sent directly to Jim. Hope the thing doesn't get broken in shipping! Looks really solid so should not be an issue. As for the decal on your bumper, use a flat razor blade (not in a holder) and slowly work it downward while gently holding it with your other hand. Have a piece of waxed paper waiting ton stick it on. You can then choose a quality adhesive to apply a thin coat of to reapply it if you like. I've removed some old stickers this way quite successfully! Btw let me know how those kick panrls fit! Hope they work out, perhaps with a small trim. Then you can put the red ones comfortably back in the Roadmaster. Thanks again for the seats! They will go to good use...
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    Fine machine work...I'm jealous. What CNC did you use to cut it?
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    Assembled with tapered pins for perfect alignment , oh and those triangular groves are highly experimental haha😬
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    your opinion of this subject doesn't change mine at all, it's sad to think that nowadays the greatest american special interest car show is no longer here in the ole USA anymore, but is held overseas. i firmly believe the our great automotive history and works of automotive art belongs here, not over there.
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    Everly brothers sang about it: Wake up Little Suzy
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    1st date ever, my parents 60 Studebaker Lark wagon. 1st date with my 1st wife, my 63 1/2 Falcon Futura. 1st date with my "now" wife, my 61 Falcon Ranchero street driven gasser looking truck. (straight axle and slicks). Married my "now" wife by driving my 56 Studebaker Sky Hawk with a HUGE hole in the floor in July of 75 around North Alabama trying to find some place that would marry us. It worked, still have her, ha !
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    Bought one off ebay. Thanks Ben
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    Here is what mine looks like with the bumper mounted. The tire hangs behind the bumper. Photo of makers emblem, made in San Francisco.
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    I don't know where you live, James, but you might try the La Jolla Concours d'Elegance. I went in 2014, and they had a live band playing 40s/50s/60s jazz. My friend David Baird was showing his Auburn and I got to attend with a participant lanyard and everything. A very first class affair which I would highly recommend. I'll see if I can find an image from back then. ... Like they say for Carling Black Label: "People Like It!" Carling ads:
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    It may take 5 to 8 weeks. About the look: Brian did a lot of work, not only cosmetic. I can tell about it when I will drive it !
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    Was great to finally see the car on the Anzac Day cruise Rob. Fabulous!
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    Saturday's run to a town with the almost interesting name of Currabubula
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    Certainly there are good and quiet car shows, but why do car-show organizers even need music? Stamp shows, coin shows, antique shows, book fairs all do fine without them! Can you imagine loud rock music at a quilting show?
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    I thought the '49 model 79 was a steal. $62,000 doesn't approach the cost of restoring one of these, and this car had every nut and bolt and every piece of wood done. The only flaw I saw was an incorrect "Dyna-Flow" ornament on the rear below the tailgate (it had a '50-'52 style one). Only six of these Roadmaster wagons in the entire BCA, and only a few hundred were ever made. There will be an extensive article on these Buicks in a future Bugle magazine, but right now I can't think about it--too swamped getting ready for the national meet. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, TX
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    I've bought Hankook tires from Wally World for my last three drivers. The best thing I can think of, besides price, is that there's a Wally World in every corner of almost every city. Makes those warranties irreplaceable. Currently on Large Marge but with the white sidewalls turned in. It appears that WalMart is having a memorial day sale and the tires shown above are priced at less than $60 each. Mounting and balancing is probably different state to state but still. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Hankook-Optimo-H724-All-Season-Tire-215-75R15-100S/17792286 This ad is for shipping but the tires are in store or can be withing a couple of days. One other thing that I like about buying tires are WalMart is that the weights they use are housed in plastic so you don't get that lead against chrome corrosion thing going on.
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    Removing the water pump is much more involved than removing the S/G. Remove the S/G coupling & slide it back to the tightened packing nut to remove the S/G. (Only 4 bolts; 2 vertical on engine side & two horizontal under the S/G). Then, slide the coupling off the end of the shaft to allow the packing nut to be removed for packing access.
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    Drove a whole 5 miles to a local car show today at the Scranton School for the Blind and Deaf. Was a beautiful day. Quite a few cars. Only 3 Buicks. Mine was awarded a Top 20 pick certificate and $50.00 which I donated back to the school. Matt
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    Took the fraternal twins out yesterday for their first rides of the year. The first nice day since the Fall.
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    Very much so , max for tires is 12 years . Start going bad after 6 year years. 20 year old tyres very dangerous. It's the rubber that goes bad just setting.
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    One spectator joked and asked me if I passed anyone on the where there? I said sure, why I passed a $500,000 job like he was standing still.
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    Made it. Round trip of 217 miles. I can tell the W89D plugs ran better. Consistent idle and pulled the grades stronger. All around better combustion. Pulled in the driveway this evening with it idling just as smooth as when I left. We had steady rain from 5:30 to 7:30 this morning at home then it let up to drizzle then just spitting. Hit the road at 8:45 spitting and all. Why did I wash it and wax it last night? Arrived @ Gilmore filthy thanks to wet roads and road construction. But the sun was out by then and Larry Schramm saved me a spot. Nice to see lots of old friends. If you have a chance, put this annual event on your to-do list and get yourself a set of W89Ds.
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    My girl, not on my Buick but in my Buick. (I might have to get her a pillow...😂)
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    Complete and full ownership of this vehicle has been passed to me. I have full legal title to the vehicle. I am telling the story of the car in an effort to describe the car's provenance. . . .
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    To call the owner an IDIOT, is just wrong. We as owners have the right to do what we like, YOU can say you don’t like the mod, but to call him an IDIOT, poor choice of words, and simply WRONG We have beat this topic to death in the past, allow those that wish to do their own thing do their thing. I’m all for your decision to be a purist, that’s your right, so is deciding to modify our right. Matt loves his Limited, I’m happy for him, I’m thrilled with my modified Limited. I have never picked on a purist, just don’t call me an IDIOT. Those that know me, know, they would never call me an IDIOT. I suggest you edit your comment. Dale in Indy appy
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    Mercifully, minimal human damage - bloody nose(driver) and bruised knee (passenger). Thanks for asking.
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    The spare is different because my matching one was stolen of the car.