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    I'm old enough to remember when this was a thread about Tesla. 😏
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    If you really care about the environment, you need to realize it isn't just a matter of energy usage, it's also a matter of economics. We need to come up with the most cost effective way to reduce use of fossil fuels, not the one that makes us feel good. pretty evident that some on here understand how to be financially astute and others with no regard for finance................after all money must grow on trees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS not like America hasnt been the leader and at the forefront of taking care of the environment. We had DOT and emissions in 1967 when nary another nation understood what was going on..............
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    Left early Sat morning for my oldest son's in Marlin, SW of Waco. Couple pics of the quite, pleasant view. Ben
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    Gunsmoke , I am far from disagreeing with your above comment. Except perhaps that Tesla is part of the solution and therefore worthy of taxpayer subsidy's. I am probably as much of an environmentalist as almost anyone on this forum. However I am not wealthy. All my pennies count in this downwardly mobile retired life I now live. And I would have to agree with the opinions expressed by a number of people on this thread that the question of the electric car and its overall environmental impact is still a very unclear situation. Also besides China I think you will find country's like India and Indonesia have a very large pollution problem. Along with a incredibly large population. I really can't see the wisdom in Western Country's causing themselves substantial economic harm; largely shouldered by middle class and lower citizen's, as long as such huge populations in Asian country's are polluting on such a grand scale. The 21 st. century will probably see China become truly dominant in the world economy, why hand them a large advantage by trying to solve the worlds problems on the backs of average Western citizen's? Greg in Canada
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    If the carbon tax revenues were actually being used to help diminish our environmental impact it would be a different story. Currently there is no evidence to support such a claim.
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    You can buy it from any source but the dealer will have to program it for you. Just make sure you have a guarantee that the item is good. The system in your car will have to be in good working order as well for the remote to work once it is programmed.
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    For 99% of the buyers not standing out was more important. Hence the reason Ford sold a few towncars.
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    Everything looks really good and well thought out. It's hard to do automotive magazines consistently well—I have had just enough experience with local newsletters to understand the challenges. The Riview comes out consistently classy and handsome—just like the cars. I figured I should say something.
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    I still do it, but with literature. Less rust and scrap. I used to buy those lots but really got tired of all the junk for the little gold. I swear almost every lot was salted. Once you dug in, there was rarely any treasure beneath the surface. The only reason I came out ahead on most was I bought just about every parts book printed from the 30's through the 80's in 5 year or less increments and all the parts/ price histories so. I could identify the few good pieces the last guy couldn't. Lots of wasted time spent researching what looked like a very promising part only to find out it fit a full size olds in the late 60's or some other dud car(in parts terms) that no one needs parts for. I think this is the reason you see alot of 80's parts scrapped out. I have had some really nice 80's tail light lenses in the GM boxes (these are the big fancy ones with the emblems in them I think for Buicks) They have been on ebay for 10 years for between $10 and 20. without a single sale. Kind of tells you the market isn't there as even nice cars often need a replacement. My guess is alot of the good parts are gone. They are easy to sell off. The rest will be work. I think even if you dragged all the parts to Hershey and threw them even on Dollar piles, you would go home with quite a pile of them still. There could be value in the car, but two cars sitting in a garage (and not the tidiest mouse proof facility) since 1993 are not going to be huge gems. Yes you could make money but you are going to work for it. A 63 Tbird that's been sitting that long is a $3500 car tops unless it's really nice. It will be fun for an hour or so. Maybe even the first day (doubtful) , but then it becomes work.
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    The world would truly be a boring place if everyone who "laid and egg" while trying to be humorous never tried again!
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    Your chassis manual has a really good diagnostic page(s) for getting your cruise working again.
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    that would have been me I never made it to the Elberton dealer though.
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    He may not recall anything but as a launch vehicle and being one of the 1st ones, he may remember how it all went down. What interests me may not interest others. I was once very close to purchasing a Continental Mark II project. This was 7-8 years ago. Mark II's were made by Lincoln - don't call them Lincoln's - in 1956 and 1957. They were well documented cars. The club's / websites historian created a database similar to Barney's. With only about 3000 cars total, it was a lot easier to manage. But I mention this because you would see a car for sale, and it was almost as interesting to research the original owner. I looked closely and tried to buy one that was owned by a fellow with my last name - Moran. He was a scion of industry who died in an infamous plane crash off Long Island. Many Mark II's were owned by famous people like Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor, but most were bought by industry CEO's and such. I mention that because it should add interest to an owned Mark II, it creates an artifact and not just a fun car to drive and show. Unless someone else comes along with an even earlier car, not including the convertible prototype which has an interesting history, the car I own might give a glimpse into how the very early cars found owners, and how the dealerships responded. What Mr. Tungate might be able to add to the story is were there any connections to GM brass to get delivery of this car. Did he recall Mr. Pradetto going to any great lengths to ensure it's purchase - such as payment over invoice? Did he recall if Mr. Pradetto came into the dealership excited after seeing an early commercial and just had to have one? Any antecdotal information he could share in a letter would be added to the historical information on this car. To me it is interesting. I own another rare Reatta and I can say I don't care at all about it's origins or how it came to be. I like it just as much but not as interesting to me.
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    Good ol' Ralph. The dealers just loved him too because as a Buick Zone Rep. he actually took care of their needs especially when a Dealer couldn't get their allotment of Buick Specials. Back in the 1970's and 80's when I was out picking the Buick dealers in Nebraska and parts of Iowa, South Dakota and Missouri, I would tell the parts counter guy that Ralph Crisp sent me and they almost always opened the attic up for me and sold me any obsolete parts I wanted. I've still got some of Ralphs Buick white uniform shirts with the Buick patches from 1953
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    This car is obviously not mine but I had to share with the group. Maybe it belongs to one of our members? Seen at this past weekend's Goodguys show in Raleigh, NC
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    I believe it's a boat race.
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    If by exciting you mean suicidal, I agree... Having lived in Maine for the previous 18 years, I am a fan of the Carolinas!
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    The factory called it a corrugated drive, think corrugated fibre board box ( incorrectly usually called a cardboard box). House wheels have 10 corrugations where the hub fits into the back of the wheel center shell.
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    I found a 63 brochure that featured a picture of a wire wheel cover and a white sidewall tire. I enlarged the picture as muchas possible and the height of the tri-shield is just a bit larger than the sidewall. I measured the tri-shield on one of the 63 covers I had in a box and it measures 1-1/16". Therefore, the OE sidewall is probably really close to 1". I don't recall who it was or where it was when I was told 1-1/4". So I'm changing my earlier response. Ed Here's the picture that I found.
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    Nice looking car Jimmy. You will be having some fun with it.
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    Removing the landau roof would require body work as well as paint. You may also need to remove the rear window as well to do it right. I would leave it alone if I were you. With regard to exhaust leaks, get your car up on a lift and it shouldn't be too hard to find. There may be more than one if the system is original to the car. There are a number of electronic controls in the car that you have. Your no heat issue could be electronic or mechanically related. The heater core could also be a source of the problem. I doubt you will find a new remote for the car but there is an outside chance your Buick dealer may be able to locate one for you. The 1993 was the last year for this generation Riviera. Buick did not make a 1994 Riviera. The final generation was made from 1995-1999 but the last year production ceased early in the model year.
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    Two great Bugle articles and examples of why the magazine is the success that it is
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    I guess they are completely different, but my advice would be a 53/54 or a 53 Skylark. Simple mechanics.
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    Great looking project, wonderful job by your Dad. Rob Burchill in Maryland has a lot of this era Chrysler parts and experience, great guy to deal with as well. He is on the AACA Forum site as "vintchry", if you go to AACA Forum, click on the General Discussion, scroll down to a thread called "What's it" posted by Country Traveler, you will find on the thread comments Rob (vintchry) makes about his rare Chrysler project. click on his avatar and send him a PM(private message). BTW, I think Chryslers had shocks all around, likely Delco/Remy lever type with canvas strap or steel rods.
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    Look close at the detail photos. While it would be a fun driver as is, it's a used car that many would say needs full restoration. It almost looks like a survivor. All the chrome is worn and scratched, but not badly pitted. paint is the same. Front seat looks like the foam is deteriorating under the covers which are far from fresh but still usable. It was probably sold spot on price wise. If one wants to just tour around in a 55 Packard this would be a good one.
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    Oil pump is inside the oil pan, you can check it and clean it’s pickup when the oil pan is off.
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    As a general rule, pictures lie. If a car looks like an eight out of 10 in the pictures, chances are it is a 5 or 6.
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    Man, I just noticed my thread had slipped back to page five. I’ve been neglecting Daphne mainly due to continuing problems with my knee, but I need to get back to work on her as soon as possible. I didn’t want folks who had been patiently following my progress to think I had given up. I am determined to drive her around the block this summer, no matter what.
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    On Facebook today. The man who painted my car reflected in the hood of the one he is painting.
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    Terminix is your go to guy when you own one of these beauties. Imagine getting a termite inspection as part of the CarFax report!
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    The trickiest part of the whole operation is getting the bends and planes correct...its all about orientation...in some of my shots you can see where I mark with dots the tops of pipe...this is to give the correct orientation in order to make the correct bend and plane. Planes can be off slightly and you're still able to correct, but bends...not so lucky, once bent there is no un-bending...I'd say in total time, for just the fuel line it took me about 1 1/2 hours....the rear lines that run across the rear axle, that took about 3 hours....
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    Here are the tank shots....went by the paint shop and was in the booth...should be out by Wednesday, I will try to go by again later in the week for the latch shots...
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    The Buick Izuzu Opel. My family had 3. Although rust buckets all were excellent cars.
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    Run like the devil is chasing you or go and see what goodies are there. I would run.
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    No Mine. In Ft. Myers,Fla. $30K nice! https://www.ebay.com/itm/1912-Cartercar-Model-R-Roadster/233210892602?hash=item364c73d13a:g:4PEAAOSw4BBcxOpH
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    She went in without to much trouble. I just hooked the essential up so I could start it to make sure it would go, and it wouldn’t of turned twice before it started. I only ran it for a few seconds but it seemed to run really nice. I’ll get everything else hooked up tomorrow so I can give it a tune and get some temperature into it.
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    Thanks JD, haven't received my copy yet but have had a few emails from folks who've read the article with some good tech info as I had asked for. It was fun to work with Cindy again doing the article. It started out at just one or two pages and she kept asking for more so I obliged. I will be starting a thread seeking more help from folks here on readying Southern Belle for the haul. I installed new axles, wheels and tires and did a lot of utility and cosmetic type work to the Argosy and took her on her maiden voyage already so now I can concentrate on the wagon. BTW I just said you sent me the hitch, didn't want to tell everybody you charged me an arm and a leg for it. LOL Just kiddin , it was a very fair deal and I'd probably still be looking for one had you not had the forethought to save it from your wagon.
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    Welcome JR! Ask and you will have an answer shortly. With your background, we will look forward to some of your answers to questions.
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    As can be seen in one of the photos above, the gas filler is located on the rear deck. It has a 3" diameter cover that is hinged and a flip lever to lock it down. One of my car buddies is trying to arrange to get one machined, so I drew the pieces in CAD and 3D printed them out. I'm glad I did that because I found a few issues. It's easy to update the drawings and reprint the pieces. We'll probably do this in brass on some CNC equipment, but it may also be possible to investment cast them in silicon bronze. They'll be polished and chromed. An R clip (hairpin) is used as a positive lock in addition to the over-center cam lever. It will have a Viton gasket for sealing. Here is the prototype assembly in white PLA plastic.
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    I see both sides of the argument. I agree that the seller doesn't have a very positive attitude for someone who wants to sell their vehicle for a sizeable amount. On the other hand, that's a great way to filter out at least some of the losers. I really hate to say this about two communities that I generally feel a strong kinship with, but whenever I used to put an ad in the local newspaper to sell either a motorcycle or a gun, I could count on every weirdo in the county calling me up. More than once I had to refuse to sell a gun or a motorcycle to someone who claimed they wanted to buy it. of
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    Hello, is this what you are looking for ? She is in Northern Michigan, USA. Let me know, I have her for sale. Robert Bussa 231-264-6968 bussa.electric@yahoo.com
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    Southern Chester Co./ Northern Delaware. This area is still not very built up, yet there are tons of things to see and do, such as Longwood Gardens, a Steam Train, Herr's Potato Chip Factory, Dupont Mansions, for example.
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    Try: French Lake AP 3531 County Road 3 NW, Annandale, MN 320-286-2560 Used Auto Parts