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    No disrespect Victoria, but if I could ride on the coat tails of my family's fame { infamy ? } instead of having to rely on my self made way in life I might have a 100 pointer or two myself. At least the young lady in question seems to have decent taste in cars. What little I know about her clan makes me think taste is a bit scarce. Greg
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    Hey all, I had a nice visit with my dad today. He always enjoys seeing Patsy Cline, as he is a huge animal lover, especially dogs. He asked me who I was and I told him. Then he said, “If you have any problems, just call me. I’m not saying I can solve them all, but I will try”. 💕 (I had been trying not to cry and wiping away tears, while trying to hide it from him. I get very emotional with each visit, no matter how hard I try not to. I’m actually pretty emotional all the time these days.) I completely forgot to show him the pics of the Jeepster, but I will next time. I have to be careful about sharing pics from the past, or reminding him of the past. It sometimes confuses him and brings out behavior issues, which complicates his care. This disease has taken a lot from him, and he’s not really there anymore, but it hasn’t taken his heart. I know some of you have followed my story for years and thought you might like to see a pic of him.
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    Saw this on the freeway to town this afternoon. I have always loved those little cars.
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    My '56 Century is still a work in progress. Here are some different stages of the restoration. If you look closely you can see my garage changed. I ended up moving right at the time when i had the body off and no suspension attached to the frame. So i got nice and intimate in moving each and every part from my old house to my new house a few boxes at a time! But after a brief hiatus doing a house renovation and having some kids, I'm back at it, making progress again, and full of optimism.
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    He is and a hell of a friend! Thank you to all three of you for helping a lady out! So glad she started right up for you.
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    It is worth whatever someone will pay for it, list on ebay, high bid is the correct value.
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    Here's a couple of shots from yesterday. Since I took them another load of gravel was put in, and smoothed out more. Today being the holiday, no work was done, but the conrete is due to be poured on Monday. Keith
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    Giselle McKensie and Gordon MacRae sing the praises of the new 1946 Buick! You may need to create a simple log-in account for access. https://archive.org/details/78_my-buick-my-love-and-i_gisele-mackenzie-and-gordon-macrae-billy-may-frank-skinner_gbia0021814b
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    Jack and Doug stopped by to pick up Victorialynn's 1957 Ford retractable hardtop today. That Jack is one hard working dude!
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    Thanks John. I doubt that seal is readily available. That is the same type seal as used in the A-5 a/c compressor and by design those seals (vs the available lip seals) will slobber a little oil. Anyhow the hub was not scored and if it was the fix nowadays would be to install a repair sleeve over the scored area. My guess is that there is a crack in either the torque converter or the front pump that spreads when hot. Somewhere I saw a bulletin that described bolting the converter together on a bench with no "innards" and pressurizing with air while dunking in a tub of water. Even then it might require hot water to find a crack. If that transmission comes out again it will go a shelf to donate parts...never to be installed! I've had all the fun I can stand.
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    My 1935 Plymouth Parts List (Issued April 1, 1936, "Supersedes Issue of May 15, 1935") lists #631894 as "Gearshift rail and fork assembly (direct and second)" for a 1935 PJ Plymouth.
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    Assuming you have the original two-barrel manifold, you will get BETTER driveability, power, and fuel economy from an original two-barrel than you will with the e-clone running through an adapter. But your call. Jon.
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    I'd love to see the work you're doing, Don. I don't think you'll get many complaints from purists, since you're keeping your car "in the spirit" of original, which, in my opinion, represents most of the cars in the AACA today--not perfectly original, but functional and not significantly modified (engine/transmission/suspension/brakes/etc.). If you're not going for a trophy but want the car functional, then you are providing a solution that would be relevant to a lot of members, myself included. We're aiming to put A/C on Melanie's '56 wagon and I'm very interested to see how the factory might have done it, as well as any upgrades, so that I can create a system that looks right and works properly. Also, I find posting my work here on the forum helps keep me motivated. The discussions surrounding my work often leads to new solutions and/or answers for someone else. If for no other reason, this is why you should continue to post: share the knowledge to keep the hobby moving forward. Keep it up and keep us posted!
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    My Dodge truck parts book shows #631894 as "GEARSHIFT SHAFT OR RAIL (2ND AND 3RD)" for a "KC,KCL (after 8048701-9203901-8911001)". Therefore, 34-early 35 KC or KCL (long 119" wheelbase) commercial chassis, express, humpback panel. Did not check my auto parts books.
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    No abnormal heat...it already has a fan driven external cooler in addition to the stock heat exchanger. Remembering what my transmission mentor said (hoping it was not too late ) that when working for Buick on dynaflows that they always changed the rear main bearings on high mileage cars because excessive crankshaft thrust would eat up a new transmission seals. Checking the crankshaft end play or thrust on mine with and without the torque converter attached I got 0.0035 inches (service manual says 0.004-0.008), so that is not the problem. With the torque converter loose i noticed that there is about a 0.090 inch front to back movement. So I made some 0.060 shims to put between the flexplate and torque converter, changing the location of the sealing surface of the seal. Test drive scheduled...stay tuned.
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    If you have rebuilt the vacuum tank and have new copper crush gaskets on the V tank and the rear fuel tank banjo fittings you should be drawing fuel, otherwise there is an air (vacuum leak). Another problem would be the gas cap being plugged and no atmospheric pressure to help out the vacuum system. Another possibility may be the die cast top has some cracking and causing a leak. Your vacuum connection is on the intake manifold. You would probably have 2 leads. One to the Vacuum tank the other to the vacuum wiper motor. Disconnect one to the wiper motor and attach a vacuum gage. Should be 14 in. steady at sea level.
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    Southern Chester Co./ Northern Delaware. This area is still not very built up, yet there are tons of things to see and do, such as Longwood Gardens, a Steam Train, Herr's Potato Chip Factory, Dupont Mansions, for example.
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    I see it as all in the way of practice/ At some point I have to make the high-dome bolts that hold the wheels together so I'm anxious to work out the details. By the time I get to that, I should have a "bolt making" process sorted out. I could have used hardware store bolts and standoffs from McMaster Carr but I think this looks much more as if it was always that way.
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    There are only two notches the shift lever (D and L), but it's a 3-speed transmission. Put it in D and you'll feel it shift through all three gears.
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    Yes, that is sure a nice car!
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    I hear you, my father was poor when he started out and he did well and had some nice cars along they way. I was raised to fend for myself, no silver spoon.
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    It’s so nice to see dad’s car together after all these years. Great job Jack!
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    Nothing out for me yet. One daughter getting married on May 4th, the other daughter on June 1st. Just writing checks!
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    I saved this '32 ET from becoming a SBC powered hot rod. He had the original engine ready to pull!
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    Nobody could screw up taking a picture of this.
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    It sure looks like a Kent-Moore Buick hood ornament alignment tool to me.
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    Tom, Yes, it is hard to believe that a government agency would give wrong or misleading information. I am thinking that certain 1st class does not get tracking like letters or large envelopes. Maybe it is an e-bay thing. I have shipped 1st class from the post office from time to time and don't recall if there was a tracking number or not. I would be curious to know what you find out. Bill
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    Finally got the Motor back together and it ran about 2 minutes and the Oil Pump Shaft Seized up. The washer under the pump shaft got on top of the pin that holds it in place. This happened when I replaced the low distributor with the high distributor housing. Thanks to a member of the Franklin Club I got a replacement shaft and it fixed the problem. I was fortunate that the only damage was the oil pump gear. The cam gear destroyed the oil pump gear and not the gear on the cam that drives it..
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    Photo taken on Saturday, April 13. (That's Williams Bay, WI, on Lake Geneva. It's about 54 miles away from my home, as the crow flies. Fortunately, the drive is longer and very pleasant.)
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    I used to know a Lamborghini importer who would pick up a car in Italy, drive it a few miles in Europe for 31 days, and it became a "used car". Then the formerly non-compliant vehicle was brought over and sold. I don't know if there was a no crash test problem, or glass & emissions. The Importer was from Castle Rock, Colorado, and this was 1971. I wonder if this would work today? Sounds like a fun job.........I have a passport if similar services are needed!
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    That’s a beauty! (The car and the landscape too).
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    They make a great restoration project, but wth all that wood damage, your car would be a huge challenge and expense to restore. I'm guessing someone will want it as it is pretty rare and highly sought after. 10K would likely be fair. A friend of mine paid circa $13K USD a while back for a 1940 with nearly all good wood but a more rusty body. While your wood looks poor, some of it might be salvagable, certainly good for patterns.
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    We had a brother when this was taken, but he was just a babe in swaddling clothes!!!
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    Gee, we vant help if brother croweded in!!