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    Hello again;' it is quite some time, possibly years since I last posted anything on "Our cars & Restorations" Not because of anything other than I felt that my very British Lagonda Rapier would be more at home in the area devoted mainly to English Cars. All my other projects have been of European origin. It is good to see that so many of the "Old Names" are still persevering with very often the same cars. However my main if not sole reason for this "Post" is to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and lots of Happy Motoring in the New Year. oldcar, aka Bernie j.
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    I got the engine for our 1915 truck running today.
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    Went shopping for the wife's Christmas presents and just so happened Home Depot was next door, so in need of a new good big tape measure I came out with $100 worth of Christmas stocking stuffers for my self. The wife wasn't amused when I walked through the door and she said did you get me something nice, (she knew I was going Christmas shopping for her) when I showed her the Milwaukee Bit sets and new tape measure.
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    After a half day of work in the shop I had my lovely assistant help me hang the other front fender. Came out just like the other one. Nice gaps and no scratches. I'm pleased with everything so far. Now the next phase will be the big roof.
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    I'd never turn it back into a sedan. Wow, that's seriously cool. I'd put my company's name and logo on the side, make it look weathered like the rest of the truck, make it run right, and take it to shows. It could probably handle pulling a modest trailer with a lightweight car on it. What a cool rig that would be if you had an auto-related business. If I hadn't bought this Lincoln, I'd actually seriously consider this. I bet the guy who owns that thing has 10x more fun with it than the guy with a restored 645 limousine. Would it be welcome on CCCA Caravans? How awesome would it be to show up in that? Use it as the trouble truck!
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    It's been a great year for us and The Aqua Zephyr. It was centerfold featured this year in both the Riviera Owners Association magazine 'The Riview' and in the BCA magazine 'The Bugle'. The car took home a "Best Original" class trophy at the NC Cotton Festival Car Show and a "Best Buick" trophy at the Spring Carolina Collector Auto Fest Car Show. The Aqua Zephyr was also awarded an "Outstanding in Class" award at this years Rockingham Super Chevy Show. At the Tarheel Tigers Pontiac, Buick, Oldsmobile, Cadillac car show we were recognized for having the best 50 year old Buick, Oldsmobile or Cadillac and we won a third place trophy in the Buick category. For all of these tokens of recognition we are very thankful but they don't compare to all of the people we've met who ask questions about the Riviera or shared their "car" memories with us. To them we say "Thank you and God Bless!" Merry Christmas to all of you and your families. Have a safe and prosperous 2019! "Wouldn't you rather drive a Buick?"
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    If you put the tabs on the clamps/spreaders into to the holes on your belt after you eat to much food over the next few days. You can stretch your belt and still hold up your pants.
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    So is that a 1090 with the shorter wheelbase? I lusted after this one years ago when Richard Bloomquist was selling it. He wanted some decent coin and that was 15 years ago.
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    I agree it's better to have the cars well-maintained and brought out to shows and tours than in a museum. As I see it, the order of preferred antique automotive usage goes like this, from worst (at the top) to best (at the bottom): 1) Poorly maintained and in a collection no one sees. 2) Poorly maintained and in a museum some can see. 3) Well maintained and in a museum or collection some can see. 4) Well maintained and regularly driven. 5) In my garage
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    ^^^^^^^^^^^ That one makes me want to buy a Riviera. Is the elf included as part of the Christmas special. Merry Christmas to all. The little one is in bed and at 4 very hard to get to settle down and get to sleep. It will be a fun day watching her open gifts. She gets excited over anything and is so appreciative of even the smallest of gifts.
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    I would assume another software update changed the forum settings to eliminate them again. I will see if we get the issue addressed again.
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    Wow, that is one square Model J, and I like it. Such a changeup from the crazy stuff we usually see at the shows. Probably half or more cars with lines like that have been rebodied. I like the simple charm of a Plain Jane Sedan........even if it’s a Duesenberg! After another look, it’s the most visually challenged club sedan I have ever seen.......I like it even more!
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    Ho Ho Ho to ALL Boys and Girls from the Great Southern Land down under. ☺️
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    Merry Christmas from the Sumrell family.
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    3970010 Small Block V8 1969 302, 4 bolt, Camaro Z28 from: https://www.chevyhardcore.com/news/reference-chevy-engine-block-casting-numbers/
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    Sorry I must retract what I said. I remembered seeing a picture that does not exist in the shop manual. The literature states that it only goes to the driver side motor mount, as with all pictures.
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    Pomeroy4144 Great to see you our driving for Christmas Eve. We light dusting of snow on the lower near mountain top say 10 miles away . The skiers should be happy, Mt Hood, Oregon, 90 minutes drive, is open with the Timberland Lodge at 7800 feet base camp . Timberland and interesting visit, it was build during the height of the depression by the civilian conservation corp, and dicated by President Franklin D Roosevelt. Here a virtual tour. this would be a great place to spend Christmas. My old College Room Mate, Allan. later a Porsche fan Love to ski on CHristmas Day. https://www.timberlinelodge.com/weddings#virtual-tour
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    My parents drove a 1926 Cadillac coupe quite extensively after us kids grew up. The only problem they really had was passing ...gas stations.
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    Glad you are posting the stories and progress of your two cars. For the benefit of other newer Reatta owners, sometimes the color of the car gets misrepresented....... One of the most often confused color is grey.......from the beginning in 1988 grey was available....in '88 and '89 it was called Pewter grey and the paint code was 87. In '90 and '91 it was slightly lighter and called Gunmetal Gray Metallic and the paint code was 85. Also from the beginning Steriling Silver Metallic (-paint code 13) was available for all 4 years. This is were the confusion happens.......some owners that have only seen a few Reatta, and have a grey/silver car may call them grey or silver when in fact they may actually have the other color. The big difference is in the number made....every year there were many more Silver cars than Gray ones. So it would be more common to find a Silver Reatta. Here is the ratio of Silver/Gray Reattas for each year 1988= 418/116, 1989 = 549/359, 1990 = 641/448, 1991 = 89/52 The simple way to verify your color, and to get the correct color of touch up paint is to look at the Service Parts label in the trunk, except for very early 1988 cars which had this label on the underside of the deck lid, all the other Reattas had the Service Parts label in the trunk, next to the spare tire ( you must raise the insulation on the right side of the spare to find it) I have attached a picture of a typical Service Parts label..........this label gives you the DNA of your car. It will tell you if it had 16 way seats, CD player, even the color of the pinstripe. A complete listing is on Ronnie's "Reattaowners" site. Most labels will have 4-5 lines and near the end you will find the color codes ..... the exterior color will end with a "U" then the color. So Gray would be 87U on a '88-89 or 85U on a 90-91......all year silver cars will be 13U The sample picture attached I used because it is nice and clear......it happens to be a 1991 white (40U) convertible.......at the very bottom are some other numbers of importance, in this case U8554 is the paint code if you are buying paint at a paint store, I think that is the PPG paint code, the 40U is GM's paint code. I suggest you take a picture of the label and keep it with your Reatta records.......it makes good reference material if you need to verify something on your car.
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    Merry Christmas from the Sumrell family to this awesome Riviera family! We hope this Christmas finds all of you together with your loved ones. Kind regards, Mike and Nora
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    Took a temporary step to combat what feels like a cross-fire issue. I talked with the seller recently who indicated his aunt probably did minimal preventative maintenance and as such I should consider the plugs and wires as originals. And since the car runs fairly well, with a bit of an engine rocking at idle only, I figure the wires at least should be replaced. But I don't want to do that with old plugs and I do not want to break off a plug at this time of the year. So I installed the plastic wire loam on the three back plugs today. And it's already smoother. Here is the product that I've bought in Walmart, in the auto radio section. It's only a few bucks but these 3 wires and some extra little bits, took a package and a half to complete. All you need for this assignment is a scissors and some work gloves. This is what I am facing. The three wires to the left take a route that could lead to many places they could be cross-firing and or just leaking spark. The wire loam is split it's length so its a simple process to open the split to enclose the wire and just push it through to it's destination. And here is the finished package. I added a zip tie to the separator because the top half of that is missing and I did not want these to come loose while they are so close to the fan of the alternator. Note in the picture above that I also put a short piece on the edge of the bracket which is underneath where the wires sit. Just added insulation from a heat source. I went only so far as the 2nd factory separator as that one is still in one piece and it's too cold outside to mess with opening that up. Besides, the separator appears to be a nice unit with an integral rubber insulator, and after this insulator the wires split up without crossing each other. The whole process took less than a half hour and resolved the rough idle. And these loams are reusable when (if) I replace the original wires. BTW, I did this on my 56 years ago. All the way under the spark plug covers. I did remove the two insulators in the factory brackets so I could slot the covered wires back into their original position. But I'm not worried about getting that, or any of my car, judged. I just want them to go down the road with no issues.