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    Hello again;' it is quite some time, possibly years since I last posted anything on "Our cars & Restorations" Not because of anything other than I felt that my very British Lagonda Rapier would be more at home in the area devoted mainly to English Cars. All my other projects have been of European origin. It is good to see that so many of the "Old Names" are still persevering with very often the same cars. However my main if not sole reason for this "Post" is to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and lots of Happy Motoring in the New Year. oldcar, aka Bernie j.
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    And here's the proof! Click on the image, then click on the "Play" arrow if the video doesn't automatically start.
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    I got the engine for our 1915 truck running today.
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    Merry Christmas to All ... An oldie, but a goodie …
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    Went shopping for the wife's Christmas presents and just so happened Home Depot was next door, so in need of a new good big tape measure I came out with $100 worth of Christmas stocking stuffers for my self. The wife wasn't amused when I walked through the door and she said did you get me something nice, (she knew I was going Christmas shopping for her) when I showed her the Milwaukee Bit sets and new tape measure.
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    After a half day of work in the shop I had my lovely assistant help me hang the other front fender. Came out just like the other one. Nice gaps and no scratches. I'm pleased with everything so far. Now the next phase will be the big roof.
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    I'd never turn it back into a sedan. Wow, that's seriously cool. I'd put my company's name and logo on the side, make it look weathered like the rest of the truck, make it run right, and take it to shows. It could probably handle pulling a modest trailer with a lightweight car on it. What a cool rig that would be if you had an auto-related business. If I hadn't bought this Lincoln, I'd actually seriously consider this. I bet the guy who owns that thing has 10x more fun with it than the guy with a restored 645 limousine. Would it be welcome on CCCA Caravans? How awesome would it be to show up in that? Use it as the trouble truck!
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    It's been a great year for us and The Aqua Zephyr. It was centerfold featured this year in both the Riviera Owners Association magazine 'The Riview' and in the BCA magazine 'The Bugle'. The car took home a "Best Original" class trophy at the NC Cotton Festival Car Show and a "Best Buick" trophy at the Spring Carolina Collector Auto Fest Car Show. The Aqua Zephyr was also awarded an "Outstanding in Class" award at this years Rockingham Super Chevy Show. At the Tarheel Tigers Pontiac, Buick, Oldsmobile, Cadillac car show we were recognized for having the best 50 year old Buick, Oldsmobile or Cadillac and we won a third place trophy in the Buick category. For all of these tokens of recognition we are very thankful but they don't compare to all of the people we've met who ask questions about the Riviera or shared their "car" memories with us. To them we say "Thank you and God Bless!" Merry Christmas to all of you and your families. Have a safe and prosperous 2019! "Wouldn't you rather drive a Buick?"
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    If you have $100,000 to spend, buy a finished car.
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    Talc. My opinion is it helps the tube and flap get to where they need to seat at assembly and to reduce friction as the tube and tire flex as they rotate. I do my best to keep it off the tire bead and rim. Mounting tires. First time I did it was with two large Craftsman screwdrivers. Worst car experience ever. Like wrestling hogs. Typing on my new retirement laptop I just opened! Thank you Wifie!
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    Math on two tail lights, sold at auction two years ago, just lights, no brackets.....28 thousand dollars. If the engine is worn out, or the head is junk, you can spend some very serious money to make it go down the road......"that’s a gambling man’s project.” In actual dollar figures, I would say about the same as two divorces, one with and one without a pre nuptial agreement! 😎 On a high net worth individual.
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    I know this image is around the interwebs, but this one was from the Spalding (maternal grandfather) archives. From Hock's Buick in Cincinnati. My grandfather had several Buicks- a 62 LeSabre and a 68 LeSabre were the ones I remember. He also had the greatest nickname i@ MIT - Dymo (short for Dynamo :)) He was also known as Skip... I do not think anybody called him by his given name Francis Wheeler Spalding. He would always draw locomotives for me when we came for Christmas. I got married too late to have kids, but I though "Rusty Wheeler Nagel" would be hilarious ... Nagel is German for nail Merry Christmas Buick People!
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    Merry 🎄 Christmas to all my BUICK Bloggers, thank you for your friendship
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    Here we are at the crossroads again. I contacted Scarebird and they shipped me replacement bearing spacers. This is after I noticed grinding noises coming from the front end ball bearings. My originals are pretty much done for, they had sat out and pitted since before I got to the car, back when my grandfather was using the car as a lawn storage and after my uncle put it on jack stands and pulled the hubs and dismantled the engine. I bought replacement National bearings from Rockauto and have been using those instead for a while - they're the ones with the plastic cages. Well, none of them have broken but after pulling the hub today, I've noticed the inner bearings are loose (the inner race can be removed) but the outer bearings are tight (can't remove inner race without force). At one point, the inner bearing outer race had lost its press fit and was free spinning in one hub. How do they get away with selling this junk? Anyways, this brings us back to the Scarebird spacers. Originally I wanted to use BR5 bearings but their spacers utilize BR51 bearings because the bearing surface is not long enough for the BR5 to sit without flexing on the spindle. I can confirm this is the case. I could chuck the spindle in a lathe, turn down the race surface and press a longer surface onto the spindle, but that's a lot of work. Ball bearings are also known to not play well with radial tires due to their flatter ground contact. So here's the dilemma. I've heard the stock master cylinder can be used with disk brakes and I still have my original scarebird kit. I ran the calculations with a colleague who has been doing the cockpit control systems, specifically the brakes, and it had been determined it should work fine. When I had originally gone this route, I never used the stock master. I also feel this to be the preferred way to go due to availability, especially slotted and drilled rotors. However, i also have late buick front hubs that accept the BR3/BR51 bearings. This would retain the drum system with tapered bearings. The Roadmaster drums are a safe route and I know they work. However, the hardware is expensive and is getting increasingly harder to find over the counter. Although i have self adjusting drums, the spring kits have been difficult to track and I don't know anyone local that specializes in custom friction material. Three distributors of semi parts either use NAPA fleet shoes or use OEM supplied shoes. Big trucks are also going disc now, too. So I figure I'll give the Scarebird kit another shot the next couple of days. Worst case they do not work and I move back to drums but with tapered bearings. By the way, if anyone is interested, they do sell the spacers outside their kits. You just need 61 to 72 I believe front hubs. These are always attached to the aluminum drums so they can be expensive unless you find a broken pair in a junkyard. Semi related, but I have been having brake pressure issues, too. Recently I've had to press the pedal twice in some circumstances to build pressure. I hope this is just air trapped in the lines, though i'm not sure how that could have happened. Wheel cylinders seem fine, but since I got the Roadmaster drums, I've been using the hardware that came with the kit, aka used front hoses. Im hoping I can isolate this issue by doing this disc swap as well. So many things to do this winter break. Rear axle gaskets are next on the chopping block with my cereal box special gaskets. Oh! Merry Christmas and happy birthday to me, I also scored a 59 to 60 spin on housing. Say goodbye to the cartridge filter. I hope everyone has a happy holiday and Merry Christmas!
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    If you put the tabs on the clamps/spreaders into to the holes on your belt after you eat to much food over the next few days. You can stretch your belt and still hold up your pants.
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    Not much to report as I've been taking it easy and hanging with the family. Last two days have been wonderful weather wise and I've gotten in some more test drives. I'm going to do a deep dive into what I have, what I'm missing, what needs to be repaired, etc etc. I'm also going to move all the parts that are either duplicates, unusable or for a different car out of the shop area. Once I start on bodywork and taking the car back apart, I want to be able to easily track everything that comes off. I threw the windshield on just for completeness but I think it adds a lot to the look of the car. I think this is my favorite picture so far. Hope everyone is having a Wonderful Christmas!!
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    Here are a couple of shots for Auburnseeker. Seek and you shall find.
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    Nice rug/shop mat. No wonder these cars cost so much.
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    WHY HACK UP A MAGNIFICENT AUTOMOBILE WITH A TOTALLY ORDINARY CRATE ENGINE WHEN THE ORIGINAL IS LEGENDARY ?? I've driven a 1929 Cadillac V8 roadster and can assure you that it is a delightful experience
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    I'll take mine. Even stagnant you wouldn't mind sitting in it and atleast dreaming without getting tetnus.
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    Often statements people make about the unreliability of some cars are nothing more than stories being repeated over and over, embellished each time, and often told by those who dislike the brand, or are jealous of others having the brand. One that comes to mind that I have tons of first hand experience with is the venerable GM 6.2 Diesel engine. Many will talk of it being a converted gas engine, it won’t get past 20,000 miles, blowing up, etc. Most of these stories are like Aesop fables as many repeating the stories never owned a 6.2. Were they powerhouses, no, never intended to be that, did they blow up in 20k miles, no, many of mine have gone easily over 200k and a few over 300 with not much work. Less face it, car stories are like todays news, nothing too much based in fact, only inexperienced opinions meant to sway others even less informed.
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    You can probably buy a replacement motor cheaper than you can fix that one. There are usually some on ebay. Other than that, take it to a local electric motor shop and they will know what to do with it.
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    We are having similar issues on the model T forum I spend way too much time on. Some of our regulars have been complaining about their photographs on our site even being used by other people in ebay listings! (has happened several times!) Our wonderful chief moderator just a day ago removed a couple links in one thread at the request of the other website. It is a huge problem throughout the internet, and few people understand the copyright rules or intellectual property right laws. Any such suspicions should be immediately reported to the moderators. So, I will take this opportunity to say "THANK YOU!" to the moderators for this site! You all do an incredible job for which you do not get thanked often enough.
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    I would like to wish everybody who reads this message a good christmas day .Our arch bisschop was asking in the radio to think about all the people who live in poverty and then i think about the fact that most of us play around with thousands of $$ while so many don't even have a $ to buy a bread.
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    So is that a 1090 with the shorter wheelbase? I lusted after this one years ago when Richard Bloomquist was selling it. He wanted some decent coin and that was 15 years ago.
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    I agree it's better to have the cars well-maintained and brought out to shows and tours than in a museum. As I see it, the order of preferred antique automotive usage goes like this, from worst (at the top) to best (at the bottom): 1) Poorly maintained and in a collection no one sees. 2) Poorly maintained and in a museum some can see. 3) Well maintained and in a museum or collection some can see. 4) Well maintained and regularly driven. 5) In my garage
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    ^^^^^^^^^^^ That one makes me want to buy a Riviera. Is the elf included as part of the Christmas special. Merry Christmas to all. The little one is in bed and at 4 very hard to get to settle down and get to sleep. It will be a fun day watching her open gifts. She gets excited over anything and is so appreciative of even the smallest of gifts.
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    I would assume another software update changed the forum settings to eliminate them again. I will see if we get the issue addressed again.
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    Wow, that is one square Model J, and I like it. Such a changeup from the crazy stuff we usually see at the shows. Probably half or more cars with lines like that have been rebodied. I like the simple charm of a Plain Jane Sedan........even if it’s a Duesenberg! After another look, it’s the most visually challenged club sedan I have ever seen.......I like it even more!
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    Ho Ho Ho to ALL Boys and Girls from the Great Southern Land down under. ☺️
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    Merry Christmas from the Sumrell family.
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    I did get the look. She is already stressed by the Holidays to begin with. I get the look often though when I tell her I'm spending all that time working on the 60 by 72 foot garage so she has a place to store her 1991 VW rabbit convertible. Which actually fits nicely in the basement garage as it is. I got that same look again a few weeks ago when I told her the garage door for her garage was going to cost 4300 with upgrades. Again for the garage to store her $2800 car. I'm surprised she doesn't have a contract out on me yet.
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    Is that picture showing the opposite end of the part shown 6 posts back? That part, in generic terms, is a Steering Bellcrank. I don't know if Chrysler had a different name for it.
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    When I was only 5 or 6 my parents took me to the zoo. I'm guessing it was the Bronx zoo. I can still remember, in fact it's about the only thing I remember about that visit, a beautiful gorilla. He was in a cage. He was in a cage with a tire. He could nothing all day except stare back at the curious people who stared at him. Just like the beautiful cars in museums that can do nothing except stare back at the curious................Bob
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    Out for a Christmas Eve spin in the 1937 Ford.
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    What Ben said... also it`s under the spark plug cover.. To test, I`ve always used a pan of boiling water..
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    Mark, if your key/lock is the same as my 23 you will find that the pot metal has swollen and locked everything tight. I have been told that it is impossible to remove the lock without destroying everything. Mine is frozen and have decided to just leave it alone. I would never lock it anyway. Who would know how to start it? Can you remove your key?
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    Hi John, If you have not found your fenders, would you like me to send an email blast out to the club? Dan