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    Discussions of BCA Club Business/Politics Folks, we have come to a 3 pronged fork in the ol’ Buick Highway in relation to the discussion of BCA Club Business and Politics. One would have had to have been hiding under a rock if they are not aware of the disruption and disturbance that a recent thread brought to our generally peaceful and friendly forum. I have always tried to allow discussions to ebb and flow unchallenged and unimpeded but feel that I may have been negligent in intervening in a few in the past. I would first like to say that contrary to some of yall’s perceptions that I have been biased and one-sided in my efforts to moderate some threads, I ask that you please believe me when I say I have tried my best not to be and to please put aside those perceptions and allow me the opportunity to try and move us out of the ugly quagmire that we are in. Back to the forks in the Buick Highway. The fork on the left is the fork we seem to be headed toward. It is full of potholes and dead man curves filled with more fomenting, stir the pot posts, back and forth bickering, hurt feelings, lost friendships and lost members. The center fork is one of a positive environment, civility, continued old friendships, helping one another with their cars and the making of new friends and very importantly, new members. It is a multi-lane road that all drivers, pre-war, post-war, modifieds, performance, Riviera’s, Reatta’s, and Opels can drive down at their own speed. It looks to be nicely paved with beautiful scenery, rolling hills and gentle curves. The fork on the right is one that I don’t think anyone would want to be forced down. It is filled with total censorship of any Club Business/Politics discussion and would involve potential loss of communication and informative discussions that are vital to our Clubs health and growth, and ends with us falling into a giant sink hole. SO folks, I have chosen to take the center fork and I hope you will all join me as we head down it. But take notice, I see quite a few regulatory signs down that peaceful roadway we will have to abide by if we are going to enjoy the ride. Those signs include No Nonfactual or Knowingly False or Inaccurate Comments, No Speculative or Conjectural Discussions aimed at stirring the pot, No Tempestuous Arguments, No Political Grandstanding (save it for the Bugle BOD candidate issue), No Personal Attacks, No Defamatory or Slanderous Assertions, No Provoking/Abusive Language, No Threatening, Harassing or Hateful comments. And be aware, enforcement will be stricter and those unwilling to comply with those posted signs or those who post discussions that a moderator considers as to having disturbed the order, dignity and harmony of this forum may find those posts removed and themselves left behind and standing on the side of the road. Nothing really new here, just some clarification of what you agreed to when you signed up here that I hope will make more clear the guidelines I will be using to keep the Buick Highway a more friendlier and peaceful place. Drive safely my friends.
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    I should probably change the title of this thread to raise your hand when you drive an old Buick. But since we treat it that way already, here's a few shots at familiar surroundings, but with the new shoes, on the way to the last Hemmings Cruise in for the 2018 season... Where has this summer gone? An
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    Thank you, Mr. Earl. I think you could probably find a good tune to calm the waters. I lack that knowledge. John
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    The result of two years effort. Wish us luck, going on the field Sunday. J-218. As delivered from Murphy, as Franklin Hershey designed one off. Made the Thursday tour with no problems. First time out in fifty years.
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    Here you go....https://www.oldmoparts.com/
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    I was happy when I welded in a rust free trunk...gotta up my game
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    I am looking for nice set of undamaged 1967-1969 430 valve covers that I can refurbish . Any help,would be appreciated. Thanks KReed ROA 14549
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    I appreciate all the talk about seatbelts, but I wonder what people think about air bags. I'm thinking of installing air bags in my 1917 Buick E-49. Ideas?
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    That being the case, after scanning this entire thread, of those who were specific, I believe we have a winner ! Congratulations ! - CC
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    Two of the three bidders arn’t known as “car guys” according to the rumor mill. Sort of what I predicted very early on in the thread. From what I have seen in the past five years, I think the new owner got a decent value. I have seen a bunch of other non American pre war cars sell for LOTS more, as for me, I’ll take the SSJ ten times over one of the European cars.
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    I'm not so sure 160 is to cold as that's what the factory service manual calls for
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    Thanks Hugh! My setup is a bit different -- the hooks are on the rings rather than on the buckets. There are four lugs on the buckets that meet up with the hooks on the rings. Pushing in 1.8" and rotating counterclockwise got one of them off! The other is stuck for the moment, but I'll work it free. Thanks for the tip!
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    If anyone in the future is reading this, Mazda 1000 bulbs are great for visibility, but I noticed my generator has a hard time keeping up with the discharge they create
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    Not Don Sommer, but Dan Sommer (Don's son): American Arrow. As mentioned, they reproduce mascots, but Dan restored one for me. Since he is a hobbyist, I suspect he'd probably fix you up like he did for me. 248-435-6115 or 248-435-4670 dsommer@tc3net.com americanarrowcorp.com
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    If you look at some of the cheap glass fuses they sell at AutoZone, they're awful in construction and very cheap feeling. I was blowing glass fuses left and right until I found a NOS pack of Atlas fuses my grandfather had in the basement. The ones I couldn't find I bought from NAPA and they were considerably better condition than the ones from AutoZone. The fuses from the local department store also seemed to be of a heavy duty. If I recal, it had more to do with the cement to hold the fuse together failing and burning the fuse out than the actual line, like they're not made for sudden increase in voltage or huge voltage spikes associated with a points based electrical system (ignition points, voltage regulator points, clock points... all going to have a huge voltage fall off when the current tries to arc as the points separate).
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    160 is way too cold. I actually run a 195 thermostat in my '50 A reading of 160 is about right with a 180 thermostat on a 322 if the temp sensor is at the back of the cylinder head (usual spot drivers rear). The reading would be about 180 if using the front. (verified with infrared temperature gun).
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    Brenden : Congratulations and we are grateful that your family is well. The radiator looks great.. A word of caution. My filler neck was very nice and I did not have it re-plated before I had the unit re-cored. I did have my shell re-plated. When I was finally able to get thing back together the neck and the hole in the shell was a tight fit. So now there is a nasty scratch on the neck.
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    After 100 G restoration to bring it to the condition of that 50G one the room is going to be tighter than foot room in a clown car at the circus.
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    Unless you are from a location (Australia for example) where you just can not obtain 6V batteries That's certainly not true, 6V batteries including Optima's are readily available here in Australia. I totally agree however, 6V works fine with the correct battery leads. I have three 1920's cars all have 6V batteries and all spin over fine, maybe not as fast as my modern car but more than enough for starting.
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    Not in Sweden, but I did sell a car to a buyer in Finland. He told me to take it to a shipping company here in Houston, and they would pay me in cash. I did and they did -- it was a great transaction.
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    the vehicle is essentially valueless as it sits there, the cost to bring it home is likely at least $200. I would approach the owner with a simple business plan. Tell him that you plan on spending a lot of time and energy trying to get it to a running state so you can enjoy a piece of truck history. The vehicle has little to no valuable as far as parts go, and he would be assisting in allowing the truck to be brought back to usability. So in my view a token price would be fair, like $100. If he is a doctor, he doesn't likely care about a couple of hundred dollars, and is more likely to pass it on to someone sincere about doing it as a project. Even if you get it free, you are not likely to make a profit on any time and money you spend on it.
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    Thanks, John and thanks for you service to OUR club! My reaction to the minutes: !!!! There is a lot that I want to say, but the moderators would censor. I'll try the general membership and board meetings, but am not hopeful: “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” ― George Carlin