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    The PWD is not a traditional Division. Never has been and was organized not to be. Treasurer? We don’t collect dues. We have no funds nor do we require any. Free. Secretary? We don’t publish a news letter, we communicate as a whole via the PWD site and have fully communicated that when members did not support a newsletter with material with the final email news letter. We have Regional Directors and have had some excellent Divisional Dinners at National Meets when there was someone able and willing. Same is true of some excellent After Tours. We go ala carte and have never had someone stiff anyone. The only people complaining about the PWD are certain BCA BOD’rs who are not even Division members. And on a personal comment, the BOD has its own mess to clean up and is not a model I think any Division should currently follow right now. Complaint Department? That’s the kicker. Where are the suggestions from actual PWD Members that they wish change? I've formally filed my grievance with the BCA BOD that they did not follow the BCA Bylaws with the last vote on the PWD. And as someone said above. Let’s have an open and fair discussion on the topic with PWD Member input. Like professional adults running a first class national club.
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    While the train is off the track, I’ll go out on a limb and say I at least like that idea
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    Seems like the sky's falling with some regularity of late. There's always some new thing bringing life as we know it to an end. For 99 % of us old cars are a hobby. If a part you buy maybe once in a blue moon costs $5 more (or less) who cares? Got better things to grouse about. .................Bob
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    You are going to get a lot of "I think" "I don't think" here. Most of the parts that would affect us are made in China and they are already highly marked up: $4 mirror is now $5 for a Buick parts supplier who is already charging $60.
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    I linked up with the machine shop today. No pictures, but the rocker shaft was so worn in, there was about a .010 taper on one side and it was worn down by the rocker springs. I'm not sure what Buick made the rocker shafts out of, but it was definitely softer than the aluminum rods and spring steel... so, those are packed and being sent to California as a core for new, bushed rocker arms. Talk about a huge let down... I have two sets of late nailhead and 3 sets of early nailhead rockers and all the shafts are worn in real good. Replacement shafts should hopefully arrive by the weekend.. hopefully. Heads came back good after the magnaflux. No cracks! Valve guides are totally wasted, though - way out of spec. The machine shop said they'll stand behind their valve guide supplier. Those will be here Friday. The valve springs are ok but will require shims. There's no worry of spring binding as of now. I was informed everything is on track for a late Friday pickup, with the last bit being the valve guide install, deck and soft plugs, then paint. I don't even know how any of this could even be possible without donations from family members trying to keep the family car alive. I'm going to have to make up a sponsorship list, Haha. But seriously, once I get situated with a career job, I think I owe my mother a new set of kitchen appliances.
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    I don't know all the players, but I can stand for Principle, whichever side it's on. The BCA undoubtedly has by-laws, and the by-laws likely incorporate a specific edition of Robert's Rules of Order. If the board did something that conflicts with the by-laws or the proper and fair procedures in Robert's Rules of Order, no one need ask them to reverse an action. Such an action is automatically null and void. There are specific rules for "trying" an officer before removing him, if such a sad occurrence really is necessary. An excellent and practical book is Robert's Rules of Order Simplified and Applied, by Robert McConnell. In dealing with your fellow human beings, both principle and kindness are necessary. Those two aren't mutually exclusive. It may seem hard to stand for right while at the same time treating the other person kindly, but it's possible--and needed. It's also a great practice in building character and healing the club.
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    Thanks John, someday I gotta get back to the Buicks. Recently I took a break on the building to do a paying project - a solid walnut coffee table! Done and delivered I am now back to trim work.
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    The absolutely smallest part of any restoration is the cost of "NORS" parts which may or may not be imported. If farming out the restoration the labor will be far far and away the biggest cost. Even if doing the restoration yourself, when looking at 3 to 4 thousand for paint and supplies, 10 to 15 thousand for chrome, 5 grand or so for a cloth interior, coughing up an extra couple hundred for running gear parts doesn't sound like it should break the bank. Not to mention, how often are you doing this? Bottom line, for the average hobbiest any tariffs are little more than a pimple on the ass of progress................Bob
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    The total price should not go up the amount of the increase in tariff. For instance, I just replaced a seal in my transmission. Of course it came from overseas. Price , to me, from a vendor, was just over $12.00. I researched the name and number ON THE SEAL and came up with a Web site for the overseas company with prices. Just over $1.00 when bought in lots of 100. The tariff increase to the vendor should be on the $1.00, NOT the $12.00. So $0.25 per unit. Even if the tariff was 100%, the vendor is still making good money. Am I right? Ben
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    I don't disagree with your point. It might be totally appropriate for the BCA Board to want to make some changes in a Division that does not really function like a traditional Division. My problem is that nothing much changed about that Division. It has always been a little bit different. If the BCA Board legitimately wanted to make a change, they should have sent a notice to the guy that they all knew was operating as the Director and give him a chance to prepare to defend the issue rather than allowing someone from outside of the Division to pull the Surprise Attack that happened and then immediately take the vote that they did.
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    One thing to remember with stuff like food and oil. There is only so much in the supply chain and not much of it goes unused, so if China stops buying our exports of those materials, then they are going to buy someone else's imports, thus making that 3rd party country shop for a different supplier. Guess who comes up as the supplier with product in hand to feed or fuel your country. (yup the USA). so it will be bought and probably for not much less if any less than China would have paid for it. On the car side I would actually worry more about countries implementing things like Australia did with the Asbestos thing pretty much haulting the cars being imported into other countries, except maybe the true higher Echelon cars where hte owner will pay to have those items removed before export, like brakes and Clutch etc. It might be a global economy (pretty much has been since world war II) but we are one of the biggest consumer of the more expensive stuff where the profit really lies. No one wants us to take all our money and leave the table. With NOS parts, there are actually a big supply of NOS service parts in the system sitting on shelves because it isn]t worth the guys time to prep a 20.00 wheel cylinder for sale much less ID it if no one is looking because they buy from a big supplier that is importing from China. Maybe if the price comes up on them and people start shopping for parts other than from a big supplier, they will get dusted off and brought out into circulation. With ebay (as much indigestion I get selling on there) and the rest of the web there is alot of stuff available you just need to be ready to really search for it. Only time will tell, but it's time to start down a path to keep from hemridging money and technology from this country. I was at a zoo with the family and was surprised to read on a plaque that the USA takes care of, through efforts and financially , 60 percent of the effort to conserve animal species around the world. But wait our country doesn't even account for 10 percent of the land mass on the planet. Seems we are doing this with everything. We can't keep taking care of the whole world and being treated like the black sheep in return. If anyone doesn't think there were tarriffs on our goods to start with you would be surprised how crazy one sided it has been. From European and South American countries to just about everywhere else in the world I ship. I suspect Mexico may have some pretty good tarrifs as well, since in 10 years of selling NOS parts for just about any type of car you can imagine, including many service type parts, I shipped to Mexico maybe once a year and I think it was the same guy. You can't tell me there wasn't a need for our vintage parts down there. There is some other force keeping them from buying from North of the Border if not tarriffs.
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    The "I'm on a ship" line is a big red flag. Who starts a deal or lists a car on an auction site, then disappears and becomes inaccessible right when he's needed most? He might know your car, he might not. He might be a sport bidder or someone who runs the overpayment scam on people whose auctions he wins on eBay. No way to know. But the fact that he was in communication until it became clear that you were going to be there personally, then mysteriously vanished onto a ship where he was out of communication (I'm pretty sure cruise ships have wi-fi now, and if not a cruise ship, what, a fishing trawler?), that all makes it seem like BS. Walk away, forget it, this wasn't a real deal, it was a fishing expedition. If you keep it up, he's going to use your eagerness and anxiety against you and you'll get burned.
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    I would look closely at the ebay feedback. Is it based on buying a few small items recently? Is it based on actually selling anything ever? The "on a ship" comment makes me immediately suspect fraud.
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    Just walk away from it. The ball is in his court. For a few years I watched a pair of dealers jerk people around like this. Some people are just incapable of saying, "No thanks" or "I'm sorry but I changed my mind" so instead they'll drag people around trying to wear them out when they really have no intention of following through in the first place. Regardless of whatever underlying psychological reason this phenomenon occurs, you are not at fault. You rolled out the red carpet and that's why it seems such a mystery to you.
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    Please, post a picture of her expression, if you dare to return them afterwards...
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    Most of the BOD, i've been here since day one!
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    I doubt if Fred Duesenberg and E.L.Cord had any other ideas for these cars except to drive them and if they become a source of worry and angst like so many have then sell them.In 1973 there was a National Car Show here in Huntington WV and my wife and me and two small boys,Rob and Eric, our sons.Eric was just starting to walk but was in a stroller.A black Rolls-Royce pulled in and we went over to look at it. Eric reached over like he was going touch the fender and the driver screamed at him and said "If that kid touches this car I'll break his arm". I told him in no polite terms he would be the center of attention in the ER or the feature attraction at a three ring funeral if he harmed that baby or tried to. THAT was an extreme instance but a word of advice. DON'T threaten an infant,it's dangerous.
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    The 1937-1938 Club prospered independently for around 20 years before the issue that caused its demise. During that time both organizations survived. However I believe we are stronger with Unity Thru Diversity. Carl
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    Judging sure seems to cause a lot a problems.
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    SECTION 5— Amendments of Charter. The Board of Directors may at any time or times in its sole discretion amend, modify, or supplement the Constitution, Bylaws, and /or rule and Regulations collectively known as Division Charters, provided notice to that effect shall have been included in the notice of the meeting of the Board at which such action is to be taken, and provided further that any such amendments, modifications or supplements initiated by the Board of Directors apply in like manner to all Division Charters. Alan O: Is there a second? Rick S: I’ll second that. (Assigned motion # 2017-2018-45) Alan O: We have a motion by Brian, seconded Rick, that we accept the petition by Jack to reorganize the Pre War Division As a Regional Director of the PWD at the time Motion #2017-2018-45 was made and voted on, I am unaware of any such notice given to PWD Members per Section 5 of the BCA Bylaws concerning Divisions that a Reorganization of the PWD was to be discussed or voted on. I ask anyone who can produce that notification to please post it here. As such, Motion # 2017-2018-5 and the subsequent vote are Out of Order and Null and Void due to the BOD's failure to follow BCA Bylaw #5 and provide Notice.
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    This gas door lever is all you would want it to be. It is a perfect fit, slides on nicely and sit like an original lever. Nice job Turbo Kane.
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    I am on board with Willie. I think.. Probably will not affect most of us. MAYBE encourage some of the "suppliers" to produce here at home? We shall see. Ben
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    Some will just take it in stride. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIKTRU6yor4
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    Lapping the valves with compound at your house would have been adequate for awhile. New guides are needed for the machine shop to accurately grind the seats. The rebuilt rocker assemblies on mine were examined at 80K miles and appeared as new, but unlike the originals they put out a huge shower of oil making valve guides seals necessary. With that combination and modern lubricants expect many hundreds of thousands of miles before any wear.
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    First ride this morning. No instrumentation save for watching the knock counts, after checking to be sure knock sensor is working. So far no big issues evident. It looks like the boost is under better control this time, intake manifold pressure rises to 5 psi at about 3500rpm under part throttle, and is stable with a little more throttle. No knock counts at all while driving but trying to be gentle while I feel it out. Darn thing feels good.
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    Picked up the radiator yesterday with leak repaired and everything pressure tested for any other leaks. Everything checked out fine. Total cost - 25 bucks. Putting everything back together tomorrow. My extra fabric arrives from LB tomorrow and I’ll get that over to the upholstery shop so he can finish my seats. Planning on getting the motor started this weekend, then making new floorboards.
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    It's real easy. Each Division elects its own representative, from their respective divisional membership. Doesn't have to be any "leader of the division", just a simple vote of the members-of-record of the division. This would also mean each division would need a current list of members, with their current BCA memberships verified by the BCA Office Another benefit would be the suspected huge decrease in perceptions that the BOD is being controlled by people "of a particular vehicular orientation", as such. Everybody has equal representation from the Divisions. Only duplications might be with the three membership-elected officers, which could be variable. Every Division has a seat at the table. Everybody has ONE vote. Might need to get back to "face-to-face" BOD meetings for the best results? Willis Bell 20811
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    Just having fun CC, I need things to keep me laughing out here, It has not been a fun five years, you will get to see it on the news. I can X'plain if you like? Give me a call, I will private message you my number, and tell you all about it. Poking fun at the overall value of the car. Breaking it down to a valve stem. The car is a work of art, and my guess is, it will set a record. Anyone would love to own it. It has moved beyond being a car. We have to be able to point out and laugh about things in our hobby/industry/trade. It is not a perfect place. It has many problems. Some problems can be fixed, some can not. Cars like this Duesenberg are the best of the best in the automotive world. I would fell lucky just to take a few pictures of it..................-X'W'. Keep smiling CC, there are still people trying to make this hobby/industry a better place, my shoulders are only so wide.
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    Ron, There is a lip seal #471567. 3/4 x 1 1/2 x 1/4 wide. It will fit inside the cap with the fiberous material. I plan to push one into my cap and then use a cork gasket in the front of the cap, and that should make this a modern fix. Hugh
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    Transfer complete and successful.........the prototype convertible is safely at the museum.
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    That sounds interesting. I am planning to attend the Oklahoma City event, likely traveling in the '69 Electra, but it would be neat to bring my '41 McLaughlin Buick Roadmaster to the 2021 show, but where is that going to be? That would be a model not often seen anywhere. Keith
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    It is interesting that there were no PWD members complaining about the PWD or its Director and nobody asked us either, but a single person puts forth a motion and a BOD seconds it. But, there are non PWD members complaining about the PWD's desire to park all together, and Mark Shaw led that effort, and a number of those complaining are on the BOD. That's all fact. Then a person who has not been involved with the PWD, (go ahead search for posts by this person, the PWD site is the PWD communication method) asks via a motion that he replace the current PWD Director and 10 minutes later his motion passes and the 'information' this new person presents for part of his 'case' is proven false. And I agree this is no fun as someone said above, but when something this egregious is permitted to happen by the BOD, I rise and comment. No BCA member should be treated like this by any member let alone the BOD. I organized the 2017 PWD Dinner in Brookfield. I organized the 2017 PWD After Tour also. Ask those who attended either what they think about this issue. They represent the PWD. My pervious comment got erased when this topic got re-started so I am sharing this again. And another fact where the newly elected person goes on the record and states that he can't work with those PWD member on the BOD. Does that not make you wonder what's going on here?
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    I've had a Pertronics #1181 for GM 57- 74, 8 cyl. in my tool box for just over 12 years, since June 2006 and it has never failed ! . . . judging from all the positive responses here, maybe I should attempt to install it in my car ? ?
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    There was a vote to re-organize the Pre War Division, not form a new one. Re read the minutes. The Division was composed of a list of 400 members ,which is never culled. It had no By laws, no formal or informal way to elect a leader, it had no structure. When the leader left for two years no one took over. It had no newsletter and it only communicated with the folks who participated in this forum. I think the prior BOD did the right thing.
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    This has been considered by others ie chapters and divisions, but the cost is somewhat prohibitive in most cases for smaller groups, insurance mostly the concern.just my .02 as history repeats itself, like it or not, unfortunately many don't learn from it.
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    As another Area/Regional Coordinator, I can state that I had no prior knowledge of this action and agree with Brian Heil, that decision is voided. John Scheib
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    Sadly, the good ol' USA, via the Federal Bank Secrecy Act and the so-called crime of "structuring", routinely seizes the assets of innocent citizens. That's a classic illustration of "structuring" and I'm surprised that the Feds didn't step in. If the Feds had seized your mother's bank account, there would al least have been a chance of recovering its contents, but once it's overseas ... What happened to your mother is a shame, and the bank was at the very least complicit in enabling the scheme. I'm assuming that it was the bank that advised your mother to keep her transactions under the magic $10,000 threshold. By the way, I'm not a lawyer, and I didn't sleep in a Holiday Inn Express last night, so my above comments should be taken accordingly. Cheers, Grog
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    I couldn't disagree more strongly. When the day comes that we can't trust each other civilization comes to an end. The more honest and trustworthy people are, the better society works. When that breaks down civilization breaks down with it. Unfortunately the more trustworthy, and therefore the more trusting society is the easier it is for thieves and liars to take advantage. That is why it is so important to stamp out the crooks as soon as they pop up. Make sure the crooks know that crime does not pay and they will turn honest out of greed and selfishness. Let them get away with their scams and there is no end to it.
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    Wait until it's wet and rainy then you will know the answer to that question. I know every time I ask , should I do this? I end up doing it. The fact you are considering it, means you are most likely going to do it, you just want someone else to confirm what you know is probably the right answer anyways. It will keep the inside of the Argosy Cleaner if the wife wants to go in and out to do some cleaning or getting ready for a trip. Won't be any muddy dog prints on the floor either. I think I have asked those same questions about my garage build and every time ended up doing it. Looking back, I never had a "wish I hadn't done that" when it came to doing something maybe a tad over the top or not quite necessary. Looking good.
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    Yes, I caught myself and corrected it as you replied Joe. Dandy Dave!
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    Text him or leave him a voice mail (since he won't answer phone) and simply tell him that within 24 hours, we either scehdule a time to have his car inspected so we can clsoe the deal or let's forget the deal. If you don't hear back from him, then you have your answer. I don't waste my time with folks like him - either he is going to complete the deal or he isn't. My thinking is he has no intentions of completing the deal so i would walk away. Bob
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    The motor would SEIZE SOLID before brass would melt on a manifold.
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    Article from Hemmings on the auction.
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    This valve stem comes in at $4,389.66
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    Then, I went to recover my brake and fuel lines. the three pipes were tested, both of the gasoline are in good condition but the brake is very bad condition. So, the mechanic made me this custom brake line as original
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