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    The PWD is not a traditional Division. Never has been and was organized not to be. Treasurer? We don’t collect dues. We have no funds nor do we require any. Free. Secretary? We don’t publish a news letter, we communicate as a whole via the PWD site and have fully communicated that when members did not support a newsletter with material with the final email news letter. We have Regional Directors and have had some excellent Divisional Dinners at National Meets when there was someone able and willing. Same is true of some excellent After Tours. We go ala carte and have never had someone stiff anyone. The only people complaining about the PWD are certain BCA BOD’rs who are not even Division members. And on a personal comment, the BOD has its own mess to clean up and is not a model I think any Division should currently follow right now. Complaint Department? That’s the kicker. Where are the suggestions from actual PWD Members that they wish change? I've formally filed my grievance with the BCA BOD that they did not follow the BCA Bylaws with the last vote on the PWD. And as someone said above. Let’s have an open and fair discussion on the topic with PWD Member input. Like professional adults running a first class national club.
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    I don't know all the players, but I can stand for Principle, whichever side it's on. The BCA undoubtedly has by-laws, and the by-laws likely incorporate a specific edition of Robert's Rules of Order. If the board did something that conflicts with the by-laws or the proper and fair procedures in Robert's Rules of Order, no one need ask them to reverse an action. Such an action is automatically null and void. There are specific rules for "trying" an officer before removing him, if such a sad occurrence really is necessary. An excellent and practical book is Robert's Rules of Order Simplified and Applied, by Robert McConnell. In dealing with your fellow human beings, both principle and kindness are necessary. Those two aren't mutually exclusive. It may seem hard to stand for right while at the same time treating the other person kindly, but it's possible--and needed. It's also a great practice in building character and healing the club.
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    I don't disagree with your point. It might be totally appropriate for the BCA Board to want to make some changes in a Division that does not really function like a traditional Division. My problem is that nothing much changed about that Division. It has always been a little bit different. If the BCA Board legitimately wanted to make a change, they should have sent a notice to the guy that they all knew was operating as the Director and give him a chance to prepare to defend the issue rather than allowing someone from outside of the Division to pull the Surprise Attack that happened and then immediately take the vote that they did.
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    The "I'm on a ship" line is a big red flag. Who starts a deal or lists a car on an auction site, then disappears and becomes inaccessible right when he's needed most? He might know your car, he might not. He might be a sport bidder or someone who runs the overpayment scam on people whose auctions he wins on eBay. No way to know. But the fact that he was in communication until it became clear that you were going to be there personally, then mysteriously vanished onto a ship where he was out of communication (I'm pretty sure cruise ships have wi-fi now, and if not a cruise ship, what, a fishing trawler?), that all makes it seem like BS. Walk away, forget it, this wasn't a real deal, it was a fishing expedition. If you keep it up, he's going to use your eagerness and anxiety against you and you'll get burned.
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    I would look closely at the ebay feedback. Is it based on buying a few small items recently? Is it based on actually selling anything ever? The "on a ship" comment makes me immediately suspect fraud.
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    The 1937-1938 Club prospered independently for around 20 years before the issue that caused its demise. During that time both organizations survived. However I believe we are stronger with Unity Thru Diversity. Carl
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    SECTION 5— Amendments of Charter. The Board of Directors may at any time or times in its sole discretion amend, modify, or supplement the Constitution, Bylaws, and /or rule and Regulations collectively known as Division Charters, provided notice to that effect shall have been included in the notice of the meeting of the Board at which such action is to be taken, and provided further that any such amendments, modifications or supplements initiated by the Board of Directors apply in like manner to all Division Charters. Alan O: Is there a second? Rick S: I’ll second that. (Assigned motion # 2017-2018-45) Alan O: We have a motion by Brian, seconded Rick, that we accept the petition by Jack to reorganize the Pre War Division As a Regional Director of the PWD at the time Motion #2017-2018-45 was made and voted on, I am unaware of any such notice given to PWD Members per Section 5 of the BCA Bylaws concerning Divisions that a Reorganization of the PWD was to be discussed or voted on. I ask anyone who can produce that notification to please post it here. As such, Motion # 2017-2018-5 and the subsequent vote are Out of Order and Null and Void due to the BOD's failure to follow BCA Bylaw #5 and provide Notice.
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    Just having fun CC, I need things to keep me laughing out here, It has not been a fun five years, you will get to see it on the news. I can X'plain if you like? Give me a call, I will private message you my number, and tell you all about it. Poking fun at the overall value of the car. Breaking it down to a valve stem. The car is a work of art, and my guess is, it will set a record. Anyone would love to own it. It has moved beyond being a car. We have to be able to point out and laugh about things in our hobby/industry/trade. It is not a perfect place. It has many problems. Some problems can be fixed, some can not. Cars like this Duesenberg are the best of the best in the automotive world. I would fell lucky just to take a few pictures of it..................-X'W'. Keep smiling CC, there are still people trying to make this hobby/industry a better place, my shoulders are only so wide.
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    I've had a Pertronics #1181 for GM 57- 74, 8 cyl. in my tool box for just over 12 years, since June 2006 and it has never failed ! . . . judging from all the positive responses here, maybe I should attempt to install it in my car ? ?
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    I was wondering how many 16V's are still operational. Let's use the "Like" button on this page to do a poll. If you have a 16V, and it is still operational, please click the "Like" button below. It should be interesting to see the result! Thanks in advance!
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    This has been considered by others ie chapters and divisions, but the cost is somewhat prohibitive in most cases for smaller groups, insurance mostly the concern.just my .02 as history repeats itself, like it or not, unfortunately many don't learn from it.
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    While, I would agree that it was inappropriate for the BCA Board to do what they did about the Pre War Division, I don't think that their action was to "amend, modify, or supplement the Constitution, Bylaws, and /or rule and Regulations collectively known as Division Charters" Their actions do not meet that particular text in my opinion. I don't think that there is any specific prohibition from the board doing what they did except that they should be acting in the best interest of the club, its divisions, and the members. I don't think their actions changed the charter provisions, but that does not make it right or fair. If they knew that the petition was going to be presented, and they... did since the majority of the then sitting board signed it, it was inappropriate for them to take the action without giving the involved parties advance notice and a fair chance to be heard on the issue prior to the vote. Essentially the Divisions and Chapters are under the control of the BCA Board. I know that I am not the only member of the board of the 36-38 Club that is seriously considering asking our members if they want to vote to turn in our BCA Division Charter and simply become a stand alone club again.
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    I was wondering where you went also. I follow your every post.
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    I don’t think this one has been posted. Route 66:
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    As another Area/Regional Coordinator, I can state that I had no prior knowledge of this action and agree with Brian Heil, that decision is voided. John Scheib
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    Today I fitted the center tube and counter bored the end pieces for the core plugs. Here's the rear section in the lathe. It just fit. Of course. I should have done this before it was welded but that's what happens when you change the design in mid-project. I also assembled it on the engine to make sure everything fit. The next step is fluting the center section but I've some things to finish up with the dividing head before I can do that. And from the rear showing the fitting to bleed off exhaust pressure.
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    It looks like there is a modern coil hidden inside the original coil body... nice fake if so. Originally the wire to the distributor cap would have been connected to that terminal on the top. The "rubber boot" coils came sometime later
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    Sadly, the good ol' USA, via the Federal Bank Secrecy Act and the so-called crime of "structuring", routinely seizes the assets of innocent citizens. That's a classic illustration of "structuring" and I'm surprised that the Feds didn't step in. If the Feds had seized your mother's bank account, there would al least have been a chance of recovering its contents, but once it's overseas ... What happened to your mother is a shame, and the bank was at the very least complicit in enabling the scheme. I'm assuming that it was the bank that advised your mother to keep her transactions under the magic $10,000 threshold. By the way, I'm not a lawyer, and I didn't sleep in a Holiday Inn Express last night, so my above comments should be taken accordingly. Cheers, Grog
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    I finally extracted that pesky water temperature sensor from my 1941 Buick. It took days. I squirted it many times with PB Blaster and wiggled the center pin that protrudes from the piece. It would not budge. I was using long nose pliers. Next I bought needle nose locking pliers (like vise grip). These allowed me to yank the center pin in all directions. I had to be careful with all this because I did not want to ruin the threads of the cavity. Then I drilled two small holes in it and blasted more. No movement. Then I stuck a nail (about 6 d) in one of the holes and moved it from side to side. No movement of the sensor, so I thought. I also heated the base of the sensor with a 30 watt soldering iron (the biggest one that could fit in the 1/2" diameter space). I followed this by packing it with ice and tugging some more. No dice. What I neglected to notice was that for some reason it was now easier to see that center pin. More PB Blaster was applied (drenched). Finally today went to tug on that pin again and noticed that it was actually sticking out of the well. Movement? I tugged again with the pliers and it began to move. Then out it popped with about 2 cups of antifreeze. I would celebrate with several beers except that I would get sick ... on some nasty antibiotics now. I am so relieved! PS: while trying to explain the problem to some friends I made a drawing to illustrate the bind I was in. That is attached below too.
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    I couldn't disagree more strongly. When the day comes that we can't trust each other civilization comes to an end. The more honest and trustworthy people are, the better society works. When that breaks down civilization breaks down with it. Unfortunately the more trustworthy, and therefore the more trusting society is the easier it is for thieves and liars to take advantage. That is why it is so important to stamp out the crooks as soon as they pop up. Make sure the crooks know that crime does not pay and they will turn honest out of greed and selfishness. Let them get away with their scams and there is no end to it.
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    Nah! Go whole hog. CONCRETE, BABY. Probably already past the cost effectiveness. Ben
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    You don't understand that those are Ebay's customers, not yours. The Ebay buyer's experience must be perfect. Seller? Why would they be a concern?
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    Good time to stop buying the aftermarket stuff and buy NOS. Though as mentioned " I think" the markup is going to be nominal, unless the suppliers decide to gouge a bit more and blame it on the tarriff. Kind of like gas at the pump goes up the day it something affects supply three weeks down the road, but doesn't go down until the cheaper gas has actually been pumped into the stations tanks. I wonder with cars they say the price is going to skyrocket on them because steel is going up. How much raw steel is in a car as far as cost? And how much will that go up? I'm sure with the ripple affect, If it costs Ford or any other manufacture an extra 200 for materials the price of the car will go up 3 to 4 grand. Good way to increase profit without looking greedy.
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    Angus, White face, or Holstein? Angus will run out of the way. White face will face off for a challenge. A Holstein will just dumbly stand there and wait to be milked.
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    Text him or leave him a voice mail (since he won't answer phone) and simply tell him that within 24 hours, we either scehdule a time to have his car inspected so we can clsoe the deal or let's forget the deal. If you don't hear back from him, then you have your answer. I don't waste my time with folks like him - either he is going to complete the deal or he isn't. My thinking is he has no intentions of completing the deal so i would walk away. Bob
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    Been on there for about 3 months now. I looked at it a month or 2 ago. Looks nice drom 15ft but when you get closer there are rust bubbles EVERYWHERE. Still a decent car And a pretty solid underneath. Seemed to run good but couldn't really drive it as it was tucked away.
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    A few years ago at a local car show, I had my two-ton Diesel on display, with lots of spectators around. A younger family with dad carrying a two or three year old, and mom were looking at the vehicles and the young child really wanted to sit in my truck, so I opened the door to let him sit behind the wheel. The father was visibly upset that I allowed it, and the mom was somewhat embarrassed perhaps thinking the child pulled at my heartstrings by begging to sit in it. (he didn't). So the father briefly lowered him down onto the seat, while the mom repeatedly told him not to touch anything. The dad sternly told me that he lectured his kids beforehand about touching vintage cars at shows, and what I did was counteractive to his instructions, and sent a wrong message to the child. I did commend him for teaching his children that, while at the same time, I clearly stated these young ones his age will be the future of this hobby, and I don't mind being accommodating to younger ones like theirs when they ask nicely and under parental supervision. Craig
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    I have sent you what you requested in 'messages' If you need further help, let me know.
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    As far as I know, yes. Braze repairs were fairly common on brass era manifolds. I did look into that and have some temperature figures somewhere. Generally, one of the characteristics of brass era cars is that they are much colder running than modern cars. This was probably true right through the late 20s. I'll look into it again though now that you mention it. They could be welded in though I have to get that done as my welding skill isn't up to the task. But, if you ran it under heavy load with the spark retarded you probably could melt brass. I'd bet the manifold would get red hot but I've never seen one anywhere near that hot under normal operating conditions. Also, the whole idea of the fluted manifold is to dissipate heat as quickly as possible. This is the opposite of modern engine thinking but under hood temperature isn't a problem with most, if not all brass era engines and cooling the exhaust gas aids in quieting the exhaust. jp
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    Here are some....https://www.ebay.com/itm/1965-Dodge-Truck-Hood-OEM-Emblem-Logo-Badge-6989/253322548908?hash=item3afb3356ac%3Ag%3ACfwAAOSwb3laOs9v&_sacat=0&_nkw=1965+DODGE+truck+letters&_from=R40&rt=nc&LH_TitleDesc=0
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    Follow up; as you can see from the pix, the upgraded system has a black "boot"with green wires that clip onto the switch. As most of you know, when the switch is open(?) the clutch is dis-engaged.If the system shuts down no freon can be pumped in until you jump the two connectors, which then closes the switch and engages the clutch and opens things up. If you have one of these upgrades and are having trouble with your system, pop the black boot off, check the connections and make sure they're good and tight. Apologies for the primitive descriptions herein. And God bless the wrench spinners of the world.
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    Then, I went to recover my brake and fuel lines. the three pipes were tested, both of the gasoline are in good condition but the brake is very bad condition. So, the mechanic made me this custom brake line as original
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    I took out the Quadruple-Black (including black-wall tires) 68 GS today. Tuned Luxury Muscle.
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    Strip membership due to continued conduct unbecoming.
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    The hold downs are a bog standard import item - If you find them on ebay there are about 50 vendors, all using the same picture. I held off buying them for a long time but they have really come in handy and now, if I didn't have them, I'd have to figure out how to make them. I think I bought mine from Victor Machine because they listed the right size T-nut with 1/2" bolts. I wouldn't mind having a 2nd set... but I think that can wait. It's a one-man shop and there are only so many things I can do at once. For whatever reason, my two-piece vise had never worked when I tried using it. That has more to do with what I'm using for than it does with the vise but it is strange. Every time I get it out I end up putting it back and doing something else. In the case above, the ends of the tube, although as square as I could make them in the lathe, probably aren't perfectly square so when IU clamped it up it was not bearing on enough surface and the tube started to roll. Fortunately, I was able to stop the machine and avoided breaking something. The next piece should be really interesting. I'm not sure I can do it — but I think it's worth a try. jp
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    Well OKC is gonna be fun, but 2021 will be closer to you and your gonna wanna come... 41 Buicks will be featured...we are gonna shoot to have one of every model attend. But 2019 first... Pete has an excellent event planned. I am very excited about this one. Everyone should really consider it as it is gonna be one you won't want to miss. If I can make sure it is reliable enough might bring the 38-87...
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    I must heartily disagree, Xander. Many countries seize assets of crooks under certain conditions, and none of them "allow" fraud. Fraud goes on around the world, regrettably, but I think you'll find it more prevalent in some of the less advanced nations. I'm glad to see a band of wrongdoers caught, especially as it relates to our car topic.
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    You may be thinking of me. I wanted the SD body that Mr MacDonald has to mount on my frame. Hopefully, we can still figure something out in the future. ☺️
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    A co-worker of mine , a physicist, had a pre-med roommate in college many years ago. He said his roommate told him that as they were nearing graduation to become MD's, one of their professors told them to buy a Buick when they opened their practice. A Cadillac would infer that their fees for medical service were too high and anything under a Buick might raise suspicion that the young physician was not successful. The hierarchy of the GM line was largely due to Alfred P. Sloane Jr., chairman and CEO of GM for many years. He stated that GM had a car for every purse and purpose. The other US Manufacturers essentially copied GM in their product lines. Joe, BCA 33493
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    1942 Buick special every piece cut 2" chop 2" section 4" channel fadeaways added. 430 w/200r4 first pictures are 25 years old . it took a little while . bos
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    Here are some more pictures of my E45 in its new habitat, as requested by Terry...
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    That is awesome but it is a race car, not a speeedster.
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    Here is last weekend in northern Michigan with the family. Set up camp and used the '15 to drive to and from town and visit friends in the area. Put over 120 miles on the truck over the weekend. Last picture is of my grandson and I having a good time.
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    A forum member contacted me and sent me this article.....this is in fact the same car!! and it has the Cadalac engine in it:-) Question... should I keep the Cadlac engine Sally put in, or put the V-12 back in it... which would make the car more valuable? [/url
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    There is a NOS set currently listed on Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/SET-OF-2-METAL-NOS-1963-1965-BUICK-RIVIERA-DOOR-EDGE-GUARDS-/171446887721?pt=Vintage_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item27eb07e529&vxp=mtr Not Cheap!!
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    Got a call back from the radiator shop. Almost 90% plugged with mud and junk! Not sure where it all came from, I thought I flushed the block before adding cooling hoses... Hope my woman don't mind me borrowing the pantyhose. I'm going to hook the garden hose up to the heater core and back flush it, and see if it's got any junk in it.