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    I am honored to be the recipient of "The Terry B. Dunham Historical Award," for 2018, the Buick BUGLE's Literary Award, for my article, "The History of Buick on La Isla de Cuba." Presented just last Saturday at the BCA's National Meet in Denver, the award pays homage to legendary Buick historian and author Terry B. Dunham. I met Terry at Hershey about 20 years ago, our only face-to-face meeting, but we communicated about Buick history over the years before his untimely passing in 2012. What a thrill to receive recognition for an unchartered area of Buick history about which Terry would be enthsuiastic, encouraging and proud. From the Buick Club's 2012 Tribute... "Terry B. Dunham, 72, the founder and a past president of the Buick Heritage Alliance, died on Friday, November 2, 2012. Terry was considered one of the world’s leading experts on the heritage of the Buick automobile, creating an award-winning book, a national enthusiasts’ organization, an innovative website for vintage car owners and major magazine articles." http://www.buickclub.org/terry-dunham-tribute/ Thanks to the BCA, BUGLE Editor Pete Phillips and Cindy Livingston, Graphic Artist Extraordinaire! TG
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    Thanks to outgoing BCA BOD, John DeFiore for an outstanding job as BCA Secretary the past few years. For that matter thanks to Kris Syrdal for her run as BCA Secretary too over MANY years. I didn't get to serve with John like I did Kris so no comparing of the two by me, but BCA Secretary is THE hardest BOD position and all who serve in the role deserve a huge thank you from the membership.
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    I have always let people drive my cars, especially when they are members of the clubs I belong to. The Pierce club years ago had a handful of people who began to swap cars between stops on tour. This evolved into letting new members and attendees taking cars for drives. I often let members from other parts of the country drive my cars on tour while I ride in the back seat/rumble seat. About ten years ago, while at the Gilmore Museum for a national show, a twelve year old young man said I had the best car on the field........far from it, but I enjoyed his comment so much I let him sit in the car. He turned to his grandmother and said “some day I will own and drive a car like this one” a 1932 Pierce Sport Coupe. With the Gilmore track right next to me, I asked him if he had drive a lawn mower. He said yes. I asked his grandmother if it would be ok to let him drive the car around the track. She said sure.."..the young man couldn’t believe he was going to have a chance to drive the car. I gave him a three minute lesson on how to clutch, shift, and control the gas. I explained to him that I would take over if there were any problems, and do exactly as I say. He drove around the loop in first one time, and was shifting through the gears and I had to hold him back from speeding! He was a natural driver.......the entire thing was on a cell phone video and placed up on you tube. It was quite a lot of fun to share a car that way. Over the years hundreds of people have driven my cars........and it’s been nothing but positive experiences. A few years ago on Martha’s Vinyard in the same 32 Pierce a guy came up to me telling a story about his grandfathers 32 Pierce sedan. I ended up letting him drive the car twenty miles around the island. Became good friends with him over the years, and now I stay at his place when we visit! The more you share your car, the more you get out of it.
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    I took my 1937 Century out this morning to allow a fellow enthusiast to drive it. He contacted me after seeing a photo of the car in an issue of the NC Region News. He is 82 years old and is looking for an identical 1937 Model 61. He drove a 1937 Century Model 61 as his first car when he was in high school. He is looking for another one since he never got over his father selling the car in 1952. I told him that I am not interested in selling mine, but he was welcome to come visit me and drive it. We arranged a visit and after riding in it and driving it he told me that "You made an old man happy." I think his expression says it all.
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    Well, I was told there is a new Pre-War Division and I was told to list it in the August Bugle with the listing of other divisions, so someone please clear up the confusion. I'm just the scribe, and I don't want to be involved in the middle of an argument about which Pre-War Division is the correct one, I just want to know what to list in the magazine. Pete Phillips
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    This picture is posted in the guest lobby of the GM Fairfax assembly plant in Kansas City, KS. Some members othe ROA (including me) took a tour of the plant while attending the ROA event in Overland Park, KS this week.
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    Saw this 1923 Ford Model T coupe this morning. I guess the group is having a tour today....
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    First off I spelled it wrong, but just fixed it. Sorry Keiser! It’s now a verb which means “to spot and photograph an antique car. Typically while in an automobile or standing in your front yard”. ???
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    OK, back to work on the Buick and it's ambulatory once again. Doug S. supplied the correct shock links and I finally found some time to get in there and finish the job. I had to weld that mounting nut back into the suspension so I cleaned all the metal, which is critical for a good weld. A wire brush attachment on my die grinder cleaned it up nicely. I used the shock link itself to hold the nut in position so that there would be no alignment issues (the driver's side is off and it's probably going to chew up the rubber bushings in the link), then tacked it in place. I removed the shock link to keep the rubber from melting then finish welded the nut into position. the welds aren't pretty, but with a little grinding it works. A shot of black paint to protect it from rusting and I reinstalled the link. Done! The headers are back at Sanderson for a few weeks. They'll finish weld them and give them a satin black ceramic coating, then I should have them back. The next project here will be to sandblast and paint the modified intake manifold, find a second "front" carburetor, and get all the little parts in place, including the mounting studs, square washers, and spacers so it can all go together as soon as the header comes back. That part of the job isn't much fun, but it will be easier to have all the parts in place when it arrives--future Matt will appreciate my efforts on installation day. Stay tuned...
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    A post containing profanity has been removed. Any future posts that contain profanity, are not civil or are off subject will also be removed. Please folks let’s see this through as the ladies and gentlemen I know you all are
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    Some news here regarding the carburetor... Finally found someone locally to properly clean the inside of my replacement AAV-26 carburetor with hand throttle option. The unit is in the car and I can finally say that there is no more roughness or hesitation... My point is that many times we tend to think that a misfire/hesitation in the engine is always electrical, but in my case, I think the main culprit was the carburetor... While running with the 7-57 unit which I rebuilt (I imagine never got it completely clean inside or able to bench test it) I was never able to eliminate these issues... With the new AAV-26 carburetor, these problems are gone. My only regret is not being able to send it to www.carburetordoctor.com for a perfect show vehicle finish...
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    Actually considered it Joel! But the underside was just so blah gray plus getting the shadowed ares left by the previous perlins to all line up would not have been easy. ? ? Upon completion of the ceiling, Boy Wonder, with an already crick in the neck, asked what’s next. I described the scenario you spelled out and his eyes got bigger and bigger as I spoke. I told him I was only kidding and he remarked he thought maybe so but that with me you can never tell what I might try. He has gotten to know me well over the last 3 weeks working with me. He heads back to school at Atlanta Art Institute next week and I will miss him not to mention the awesome productivity of four hands instead of two. We have had a great time working together. I lost about 10 pounds from sweating in the attic installing insulation, climbing scaffolding and just being extremely mobile 8-10 hours a day in temps in the mid nineties. Each day required a change of sweat soaked clothes at noon.
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    This is very true. Ed forced me to drive is Pierce Arrow and made me promise to join the club. Now I'm a "Pierce Arrow" guy. Supporting the clubs is important, although I'm spread across so many that the best I can do is pay membership and push them on to my friends. The guys doing the real work of keeping them going deserve our gratitude.
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    Both great cars. Bought the first one to keep. Then the second one pops up for sale 3 days after the first one gets delivered. I have wanted the second one since 2010, and I wasn’t going to let it get away!
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    FYI, In case anyone thinks I am shirking my duty to prepare these minutes. As of this writing I now have more than 12 hours into transcribing the first hour of the membership meeting. I do not say this for pity. But just to let you know I am working on it every day and trying to get it done as quickly as I can.
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    Well yesterday , Wednesday, day three it was raining like crazy. Still Joyce and I set out on the tour route. After driving about a half dozen miles in a hard rain, slippery roads and damp brakes we threw in the preverbal towel. That decision occurred after sliding down a hill and through the stop sign TWICE at the bottom of the hill. We determined that it was just too dangerous to continue the tour. You can see the first picture when we were putting the truck back in the trailer. The second one is the Garmin where you can see the rain on the face of it. It was definitely a fun way to get wet. Went out to get the truck ready for todays, Thursdays tour route and it had developed a noise that I did not like so we rode with friends for the day. Obtained the venerable ........Drive it, Break it, Fix it, Repeat, repeat, repeat. Now to find out the noise when I get home so a possible $100.00 repair does not turn into $2,5000.00 repair or more as it has happened in the past.
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    Lamar, I really don't want to disagree with you, but I don't want to put this all out there under it's own heading either. Since it was brought up, incorrect assumptions made, and a response requested, I have offered to do so with the approval of Alan Oldfield, not of my actual words here, as he has not seen them, but in that I am aware of what occurred.. If you would like to move it, please feel free. I am no longer on the BOD and do not wish to enter into any further discussion publicly about this. As it will likely be a few more days before the official minutes are prepared (long meetings, all notes painstakingly transcribed from voice and video recordings), I will post a short explanation here. All BCA Members will receive in their July Bugle, the response to Terry Wiegand's email to the Chapter Directors. This response was signed by BOD members Alan, myself, John, Rick, Bob, and Ed. This is only the response to the accusations made in that email, some valid as you will see when you read the letter. There are many more details not presented in this response letter, but shown in the minutes of the BOD meetings and emails that are pertinent to the discussion. There are also other details that were not made public because they aren't germane to the operations of the club, but were of a more personal nature. These were the motivating factors to several of the BOD, as to how to proceed, not the actual act of reporting the club to the IRS. At the General Membership meeting Thursday night, a petition for Terry's resignation was presented by Jack Gerstkemper, signed by a majority of the board and several past presidents and board members. I'm sorry, l do not have the exact wording of that petition. Other members also signed, but were not publicly read. Discussion ensued, including 6-8 additional speakers who echoed the same sentiment. When asked for a show of hands, roughly 90+% of the 70-80 members in attendance agreed. When asked for comment, Terry did not offer to resign. After the majority of the Board meeting had been completed, Terry had still not offered to resign. Since I had fielded a number of comments/requests from BCA and BOD members, I presented a motion to begin the expulsion process under our By-Laws. I had reviewed the SOP and By-Laws that morning and didn't find a means to remove Terry from only the BOD. It was not my preference to present the motion or to expel Terry. It did not make me happy to have to do it. I believe those in attendance will confirm that my countenance conveyed that. I had hoped that Terry would resign. However, I felt that it was my responsibility as Vice-President to present the motion and leave it up to a vote after the emotion shown at the membership meeting. Since I am no longer on the BOD, I am not party to any follow up conversations that may have occurred since the BOD meeting. I will say that this motion and action is a last resort. It is my hope, and I believe it to be that of others, that another solution can be found to resolve the issues, but Terry staying on the BOD is not an option, in my opinion. I would hope that my 6 years on the BOD and 2 years as BCA President would have made it clear that my goal is always harmony and inclusion. I fought hard for many issues, but also felt the importance of maintaining positive relationships and reaching compromises. Sometimes this has been to the detriment of my issues. I understand that, but always tried to champion harmony and inclusion. Sometimes I falied, that I admit. However, it was always my goal and it still is. Harmony and inclusion. This is a hobby club and it's supposed to be enjoyable. A lack of professionalism, order, and dignity cannot be tolerated or allowed to persist. There are limits. I believe that is why there is an expulsion process. I would hope that we can come together, fix the problems, heal the wounds, and agree to continue to fight for that goal of harmony and inclusion in this, our Buick Club of America. I would ask, probably naively, that further comments wait until the minutes are prepared, approved, and posted. This may not present the entire story, but the majority of it should be there. I believe that John D also generally posts "minutes" from the general membership meeting, although this is not a requirement. John D is just that thorough. To clarify, I will highlight the wording of my motion that came directly from our By-Laws/SOP. The vote to my recollection was 5-2 in favor. "Following a petition for resignation presented to the BOD at the general membership meeting on 6/21/2018, several impassioned speeches by members present, and a showing of hands by the vast majority in attendance indicating agreement with said petition, there being no provision for removal of a sitting BOD member, I move that the BOD begin expulsion proceedings against Terry Wiegand, member #25247, for Terry's conduct that has disturbed the order, dignity, business or harmony of the BCA, or to have impaired it's good name, goodwill, or prosperity."
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    Saw this slightly modified 1930 Model A Ford on the way to the post office this morning....
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    Today was one of the two great days in boat ownership!
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    Did such bad job last time . this one yesterday shot over bait . May not be legal in forums . LOL , Also not sure what it is ,maybe Chevy .
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    Not necessary to have a category to spot Keiser. It’s so easy to do. Get in your old car and drive slowly down the street. Look carefully, he is there, somewhere , with his “candid camera”.
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    Very true. When I was looking to buy my first antique car, I spoke to a guy at a car show who had the same car I wanted. He was incredibly generous in inviting me to take his car out for a drive so I could get a feel for it. That experience was super helpful in me getting comfortable with that year and model car, as I had never driven anything remotely like it. We became friends and would hang out together at car shows for many years after that. (I bought my first antique, that same year/model car, a year later.) On the other hand, I would guess a lot of us have had the experience of looking seriously at and even buying cars for sale that we had no relevant experience driving before. In those cases, "going for a test drive" can mean not just evaluating the condition of that car but also trying to get a quick feel for the experience of driving that year/brand/model. It can be a lot to process.
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    Any car built during the war years would have to have been HAND BUILT---the production lines had been TOTALLY converted over to tanks, airplanes, and other military material. I lived through it and it seems few today understand what TOTAL war effort is. No gas, no meat, no tires, no ready made cigarettes, save every can, collect milkweed down for life jackets, steel pennies in 1943, and firms like Singer Sewing Machines and Ithaca Shot Guns switched over to 45 hand guns. We don't want to go through that ever again. The local veterinarian got a new 1944 Chevy pickup,actually a held over 42, since unpaved country roads used up trucks in a hurry and the animals the vets cared for were essential to the war effort. The whole town turned out just to stare at it.
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    While I am not a member of the Pre-War Division, I am quite aware of who has been running it for some time. I guess there are more controversies that cropped up at Denver than I was aware of. Can someone explain how Mark Shaw was removed based on someone who has not been a member of a Division in a long time coming up with a petition. Officers of the club have recently had contact with Mark Shaw, who was identified as the Director of the Pre-War Division, regarding parking issues and during all of the discussion on the forum those officers clearly acknowledged that Mark was acting in that capacity. None of those sometime testy discussions involved any discussion that Mark was not the Director of the Pre-War Division. I am as confused by this information as I was by the other recent news.
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    Here is the one I had. Shows the Eldo wheel opening better. Should have kept that one too. Just a ten or 11 year old Caddy, not worth much back then. $100, maybe $150 on a good day. Just noticed the Riviera hood. Must be from the same day.
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    Because I wanted the original radiator I chose to have mine re-cord. Any good Rad shop will be able to perform this task and it looks original.
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    Ford sedan, somewhere between 1941 and 1948. No doubt the real experts will pin it down soon. Later... a little checking suggests it is a 1946 or 1947 model.
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    It seems my simple tip-of-the-hat to Mr. Keiser was slightly misundertstood. Not a real request just a little fun. Sorry for any confusion. I agree that the General Discussion heading is perfect for this kind of thing and Keiser is quite simply the best! Cheers to all!
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    They did mine for my 1961 Mercury Meteor. I couldn't find a replacement so rebuilding it was my only option. Great communication and workmanship. They're in Oregon. Power Brake Booster Exchange Inc. 4335 SE 63rd Ave. - Portland, OR 97206 503.238.8882
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    I have been busy over the past two days on the louvered engine side panels. I found a narrow razor blade knife at my local Lowes Home Improvement store. I found that I could use it to scrape the multiple coats of paint and primer off of the louvered panels. Between scraping with the razor blade knife, sanding with sandpaper using the rectangular handle of a small engraver's chip brush, and using a small bronze wire brush, I got the panels back down to fairly clean metal. I then did another light buffing with a bench top rotary buffing wheel. I then re-applied masking tape to the chrome strips and the Century emblem. I then applied a coat of gray primer this afternoon. This evening, I was able to apply the first coat of the top coat gray paint that I also picked up at Lowes today. Tomorrow, we will see how it looks. I will take some photos of how they look with the gray paint tomorrow after I decide if they need additional coats.
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    Sorry, I couldn't resist stealing your line!
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    Yes... Here's more on the manifold project. In order to bore and thread the exhaust flanges after I'd drilled the holes in them, I made this fixture. It's a profligate use of a big piece of aluminum but I had it extra. I think I bought it to remake the sheaves on the front hub and then rescued the first set I'd made. This allowed me to mount and bore both flanges at the same time. then thread them... While I was working on this, my neighbors came over with the new castings for the intake flanges. With the flanges bored and threaded, I faced them off to the finished 3/8" thickness. Then mounted them together on the oblong turning fixture... All this worked well. Here they are after I removed them from the fixture... The last step was to drill the mounting holes out a little larger, both so they will go on an off more easily and, more importantly, to allow for expansion of the manifold. When it gets hot, the manifold will get slightly longer but the jugs, because they are attached to the crankcase, don't expand with it. Unless there is some "looseness" in the attachment it puts a great deal of stress on the blocks. I'll use spring washers under the bolts (I think Buick did that). Here they are attached to the jugs... I finished this up around 3 pm so I went to see if the welder was finished with the elbow. He was... I'd written my phone number down incorrectly. Since I never call it, I've forgotten what it was more than once. The elbow looks really good. I'd told him that I'd like to be able to file the weld flat and from what I see, that is entirely practical. I also got my piece of exhaust pipe with a 15-degree bend today so I was able to test the alignment with the rest of the engine. I am thinking that I should do the water connections next, just to make sure everything fits around the exhaust pipe. I can still move it an inch away from the engine by remaking the mounting bracket to the exhaust clamp but before I do that, I'll see if things fit as they are.
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    I agree with M.C. Hinson and Keiser that we don't need another sub forum for car-spotting photographs. I also agree that the moderators do an excellent job in keeping the Forum running. Maybe car-spotting threads on this Forum could have the optional term "Keisering" in it. For example, a thread could be entitled: "Saw This while Keisering in Paisley, Florida". Or maybe: "Keisered in Paisley, Florida ...", or, per ZipDang, "Keiser Spotting" (while Keiser-Spotting in Paisley, Florida ...") ... or sumthin'. I dunno, just a thought. Cheers, Grog
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    John, Did you read the first post in this discussion? In spite of the thread's title, the discussion was started about the insert with the Bugle which was totally about the issue that you apparently do not wish to see discussed publicly. The apparent desire by the board to keep any financial information about the club hidden from the members for the past 4 or so years is what the entire issue is about. What is needed is some real communication about the finances, not more secrecy. The members are anxiously awaiting the minutes of the most recent meeting and a broad financial accounting.
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    Keisered? I think you have just come up with a new pop culture word VL2. Like so many other words that find their way into our vocabulary, Keisered just sounds like it has a place in the new printing of Websters. We just need the definition. The ability to see through objects, and spot auto related items?? What are your thought VL2?
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    Thank you Brian, for having the fortitude to present the above explanation of the proceedings of the meetings. I will ask that his request for further comments prior to the posted minutes please be honored.
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    Actually they give it a nice industrial look me thinks. What you think? Got up a few sheets yesterday. I typically run the screws in lining up by eye on roof tops as folks in airplanes can’t discern their alignment but in this case well..... Pre marking each sheet for screw placement then hanging was a pita. because of all the staggards the marks were always a half inch or so off from one row to the other.Ran string from end to end and threaded the tin between the string and trusses lined the screws by the string , easy going and screws dead in line. Tha’s Wonder Boy taking his five minute afternoon break
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    Well, I drove my #2 1939 Buick out to get some real gas today. Again, it's 16 miles round trip to get real gas for my old cars from the only place in this vast wasteland where I live that sells ethanol-free gas, and that is all he sells. I asked the guy if he was getting any interest from the for sale sign out front and how long he thought he would still be there. He said, "probably until I die, because I'm not getting any interest." I hate to say this, for his benefit, but I was sue happy to hear that. It was, typically, hot as Hadees here, but the old Buick ran well, and really didn't go over center of the gauge until I had to wait 15 minutes for some old guy (looked older than me) to get gas for his lawnmower. It had gone almost back to center by the time I got home. I put a new radiator core in the car last fall or the one before and it has the accessory fan shroud on it. The blue car doesn't have one of those and I think it runs a little warmer, but then it still has the NOS radiator I installed during restoration in 1978. Both cars have the accessory baffle overtop of the radiator.
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    No "deep state", Ben. Those that attended the general membership and board meetings noted that all was explained; there was even a projected presentation that even I could see and understand. I am confident there was no malfeasance. We need to wait for the transcript of those meetings (I would like to see the videos made available), before hyperventilating and getting all quiver-lipped. Sheesh!
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    Why? Are you going to make a daily driver/commuter car out of it? Why do so many old cars/trucks have to be the 2002 Chevy S10 people really want? Most antique truck owners (as far as I've been able to tell) like to add an overdrive or 2 speed differential to the truck to make it more roadable over 50 mph. That's usually enough to make a truck like this safely run with traffic when it has to. Going full hot rod on this rare vehicle is effectively destroying it's historical value, and much of the financial value related to that. If you're gong to drop it on a custom frame with a generic V8 drivetrain, why keep the body stock? Keeping even a semblence of original appearance to a hot rod is just playing dress-up, it's not real (any more). Antique cars are fun precisely because they are not fully capable new cars. You can have a he!! of a lot of fun at 35 mph, or be bored stiff at 75 mph. It's all a matter of how you percieve the activity. People often ask me how fast my (Triumph) sports cars are, and the truth is that most V8 station wagons are faster. No station wagon is 1/2 the fun, however. When you have a slow vehicle (within reason) you have the challenge of driving it to it's fullest extent much of the time (again, within reason). If your car can do 120 mph and you can't, like practically anything off of today's showroom floor, where's the fun?:confused:
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    Fix it till it’s broke! No reason to make any changes from stock. That is a reliable driver that when properly sorted will drive for twenty thousand miles with very little attention. Keep it stock and enjoy it.
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    You might also try joining and posting on the 54 Highway for assistance. Here is a link; https://www.1954buick.com/ Carl
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    That is my fault, I questioned that since the the original post title was confusing. The seller has fixed that and added a pic of the data plate that confirms 66C. Apologies and good luck, it looks like a nice car and is a rare beast as they say. Cheers, Dave
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    Having just read the letter in the "Bugle" this is the first I have heard of this. If available could we read TW's letter or email so we can be informed as to his basis for this action? I fully agree on the financial statement issue, which I have noticed as well. In addition, I do not feel previous financials were properly formatted to reflect reserves.
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    Title sounds XXX rated. I'm kind of disappointed..............Bob
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    I did, finally. Just took the right amount of white grease, and a combination of swear words and other verbal abuse.
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    Great looking Reatta...But nobody will pay $25k for it.
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    This is great!! So proud of the members of this club, we have some amazing folks in this club...keep it up!