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    Finn says Hi! Terry. Raw day here 18 miles south of Flint. 38F and steady rain. Buick has yet to be out. Dusty. Gilmore Museum gathering in Kalamazoo is a week away. I better get on the stick. Here is my cap. Never seen one exactly like it. The fill cap is now aluminum. Someone must have lost the original along the way. A pic of my Terry W. Centennial signs that grace my garage also.
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    Good day all I'm up here in Canada reading the car show listings in a popular old car newspaper. Now I am not a show car guy(lawn chairs behind the car watching people look at my car) sometimes it is nice to have a destination when out for a drive i.e.local car show in a 30 mile area. However it really winds me up when I have to pay to display my car at a car show and the spectator gets in for free.We are talking low key shows no prize money or trophys ,just a get together.Am I just getting old and cranky?
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    The debris on the driveway screams "freshly detailed"! ?
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    I just wanted to share some pictures of my new 1966 Monaco wagon. It's a 9-passenger with the 383-4V, power windows, seat, and dual factory A/C. A good solid southwest car with 95% original paint, my plan is just to drive it!
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    Do not know if I can add to the conversation concerning measuring, here is a collection of caps which I have acquired and fit my '13 and '15, the same size and thread for all. The black cap is closest to original equipment and I use it the most often, especially if I am away from the car visiting museum for instance. The large Buick Motometer on the wings has an insert to correct the size, same for the Moore Semaphor on the lock-a-meter, which has been re nickeled. The dog bone has a 1915 Boyce meter made in Hamilton On. has a McLaughlin logo. Finally the flip top is the fanciest, original, lovely, finish. It had exterior threads which I cut off and internally turned to my size and 16 TPI. Hope this helps you see some of all the choices available Ronnie. Regards, Gary
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    Grimy, $100 for a car show in a town square seems like a lot, but I haven't experienced that. $10, maybe $20 or $25 seems common; I'm sure I've paid more at some point, probably for a concours or national event, but I don't remember being unhappy or complaining about it or deciding to boycott events in the future because of it. However, for a streetside cruise-in type event, I'm surprised. But if I really wanted to be there, I guess I'd pay and not complain. I have a choice, I'm an adult. This is an expensive hobby, regardless of the level at which you're participating. All things considered, if we can afford a garage full of toy cars, trucks and trailers to haul them around, the cost of meals and lodging to attend events, plus other incidentals, the few bucks it costs to be a member of a club or to participate in events really shouldn't be an issue worth complaining about. It's like the guys who buy $10,000 golf clubs but complain when the greens fees are $20. Keep it in perspective. For the cost of just ONE of the tires I put on my 1929 Cadillac, every car show entry fee that I will pay for the next three or four years would be covered. This is a hobby, hobbies cost money and what you're buying is fun in your chosen avocation. Hobbies are not a source of free lunches or gifts or public accolades. If we don't feel like the folks running the show are showering us with enough praise or freebies or food or being thankful enough, well, there are other places to go. Go park your car in a parking lot by yourself and talk to the people who drive by. Why are you even a member of clubs if the money matters more than the events and what you get out of participating? Quit, go home, and keep all your money--that $10 or $20 will buy a nice meal at McDonald's instead of an afternoon at a car show, so go live it up. I promise nobody will stop you. Our local club puts together a Father's Day show where the entry fee is $25. We get 450 cars every single year and it sells out by mid-May with 10 or 20 people after that asking to be let in even though it's full. The venue also charges spectators an entry fee. Nobody complains. Everyone has a nice time. Great cars show up. People regard the awards we hand out as prestigious. I'm sure the venue is making a lot of cash off the event ($12/person x 4-6000 people). Do I care? No. Why should I? I'm having a nice day with my friends in our old cars. I feel like I get my $25 worth. In fact, it often costs me a few hundred bucks, since I bring four cars, I pay for lunch for my family, dinner for my family afterwards, refreshments during the day, etc. Still worth it. This isn't about graft or corruption or show-runners taking advantage of the participants to get rich at their expense--the only people who think that are people who have never worked to put on a car show. Perhaps it would be better if everyone stopped putting on car shows altogether? Then you can do whatever you want without worrying about entry fees--keep all your money, keep your car in the garage, and then you'll finally be happy, right? Money, money, money. I'm sure THIS TIME it will buy the happiness you seek. Why does the value of everything always come down to money rather than how an activity benefits you in other ways, regardless of cost? You couldn't pay me enough money to replace what I get out of this hobby. I'm very sad that more people don't feel that way.
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    Finished with phase two having sealed all trunk surfaces. Painted all metal surfaces under the trunk lid and the wooden back of the rear seat. The next step will be to sand and seal the lid for the small compartment behind the seat (I left the original burlap liner). I figured that it had been part of the car for almost 80 years and it was intact. Also, I need to replace the wooden luggage tray and figure out how to make a wooden cover for the tool compartment at the front of the trunk, then carpet with appropriate material. On a separate note, I received a bumper this morning after searching for the past two years. This bumper was already plated and I didn't have to pay an arm and a leg. My mission is to complete this car while still keeping to a reasonable budget. It can be done.
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    I remember when our car clubs were invited to put on shows at the shopping centers around San Diego. We usually got some free lunch or something along those lines. Now, we have to pay to show our cars, so I don't. I show it every day when I drive it and I don't have to pay. Why do I have to pay to PARK it? I know....there are trophy fees and such (I don't do trophies), but things have definitely changed.
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    If you are doing this hobby for the financial benefits, perhaps I could recommend a better way to dispose of those pesky $50 and $100 dollar bills, perhaps something that involves a toilet or a small backyard fire.
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    Up until now I have been taking it for granted that the OP is right about the worn cam. Now I am having doubts. He says the compression is good, I am not sure that is possible with a bad cam. Also the Olds 350 is not known for bad cams but nylon cam gears are a known weak point. If I was there I would not be investing in a new cam until I made some simple no cost tests. Like taking off the valve covers and watching the valves go up and down.
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    Well I’ll go out on a limb here and I am not a lawyer. I see no contract although the agreement is probably binding. But, there is clear abandonment by the original owner in that they have not actively taken any steps to enforce their agreement. Other parties have invested in the preservation of this car. GM will no doubt respond negatively if they are asked; so don’t ask. If you can’t find a museum, find a suitable caretaker and “give” them the car on the promise that they will display it to the public maybe once a year.
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    it looks to me like you should spend 5 bucks for a "for sale" sign for the caddy.if a simple job like a cam replacement is beyond your level of expertise, then that 40 year old car will be nothing but a money pit for you. changing a cam is basiclly a driveway job
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    Fuel ⛽️ tank installed. Will install in line fuel filter tomorrow for start up
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    KC! Good to hear from you. Was looking at that drywall job of yours, thinking I should give that a try. On second thought.......I don’t have the guts. I can screw it up no doubt but then again I might just screw it up. Today an old door got a new bottom. Nice chunk of cypress was mortised and door was cut down to fit. Just can’t deal with a rotten bottom.
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    Dampers (shocks) have consumed a lot of time but they're sorted now and I'll reassemble after paint. I'm getting close to paint right now... need to blast front drums and a half-dozen other parts and then go back over everything one last time before wax and grease removal and, finally, paint (epoxy primer). My goal was to get a rolling chassis this weekend but I managed to mess that up by forgetting to order a few parts and some parts didn't get here on time. I've been fairly good with getting things to the shop when I need them and not waiting around too much but it has been a battle. I certainly underestimated the complexity of procuring parts. Fitting this around a full time job and family life has been tricky as well but I've enjoyed it so far.
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    As long as you havent numped at anything yet, you do know the "dynaflow" 401s also bolt to that trans. Wouldnt be stock, but more phun! WooHoo! Oh oh! Scuse me, would you prefer Spec 250 hp or higher comp. 300 hp. Hmm--- 25hp difference from 364" to 401"? Could switch to stick, then you could bolt in a later 401". The Devil makes me do these things!
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    You have a very beautiful car there Keith. I just love white Reatta's, they just look so good and with a red interior, best Reatta color combo ever? Perhaps. I agree that the uniqueness of these cars are catching up to the public and people are really beginning to appreciated Buick's 4 year experiment. I have been taking nine out to weekend show and shines and can't believe the love the Reatta gets. Porsche, Audi, Corvette, Muatang---keep'em, I will take my Reatta any day.
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    Here's a dog and a radiator. He won't tell us where he buried the bone.
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    out running around in the '39 yesterday and stopped by the Farmers Branch Rose Garden and Park. Took a few photos of the garden and the Buick while I was there.
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    I’m raising my hand. This was few weeks ago. Waiting for new battery
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    Today, was a low mileage day. We enjoyed a guided tour of the historic Dekalb County Courthouse. We got to go into some private areas behind the scenes to see the details of the construction of the stained glass dome and other interesting features from1911, including the elevator equipment that is still in use from that time period. We rounded up most of the group for a group photo outside of the courthouse. After a lunch downtown, folks were free to take their own choices of tours of local museums, such as the ACD Museum and the NATMUS museum. This evening we enjoyed our closing banquet at the host hotel. Tomorrow some will head home and others will be staying for the upcoming AACA Auburn Meet, Swap Meet, and RM Auction.
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    Or put on a new belt when the old one gets cracked, frayed or worn. I'm not a great believer in carrying spare parts. If the old one is dubious just put the new one on and be done with it. Also, you need to join the Auto Club and carry a cell phone. Advice I give to every old car owner.
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    One good thing with hijacking, more replies, means it goes to the top each time and keeps it fresh.
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    Kaiser / Frazer Porcelain Enamel Double Sided Service Sign. for sale.. It has the hoop. Price 3000.00 Pick up only.. Nick8086@hotmail.com
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    Here is a photo of nine guys on the Studebaker Indy team, apparently just after the 1933 Indy race ended. Each car had a driver and riding mechanic, so there should have been ten guys, but only nine are in this photo. Fortunately seven of the nine are wearing their Studebaker shirts with their initials, so they are easy to identify. I'd like to pin down who the other two are and name the missing guy. Here are my nominal identifications, left to right: AG = Anthony "Tony" Gulotta, driver #34 JL = Jimmie Lowden, mechanic #47 CB = Cliff Bergere, driver #6 ? = possibly Luther Johnson, driver #46 WT = William Tucker, mechanic #46 ? = possibly L. L. Corum, driver #47 VL = Vern Lake, mechanic #6 WM = Walter Mitchell, mechanic #9 ZM = Zeke Meyer, driver #9 missing = Carl Riscigno, mechanic #34 Those are the names of the ten guys who took part in the 1933 race. The questions are really which one is missing and which are the two guys without initials on their shirts. All the photos of the cars in 1933 show these guys with their cloth racing helmets, so it's tough to pin them down. What do you think?
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    No need for a conversion since any conversion will be inferior to the lever shocks. The shock links are available; rebuilding services are available; the shocks can be refilled (square plug on top --- hydraulic jack oil); if you find they functioning well, but only leaking, they can be sealed http://buickrestorer.com/lowtechrear.html
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    Are such wheels legal in the US ?? Unbelievable ! Here in Europe you will not get out of your street with such things ...Very dangerous ..Pedestrian killer wheels ...
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    You have had your problem diagnosed HANDS ON by old mechanics. Get a new camshaft installed by whatever means appeals to you. DO NOT REPLACE NYLON WITH NYLON. Get the very best, most expensive timing set you can find. NOTHING made in china will do. AND RIGOROUSLY MAINTAIN SPECIFIED TORQUE FOR ASSEMBLY. Now go DO it. But not until you join CLC. Tell 'em Cadillac Carl sent you ! - He Himself , CLC 10797 , Life
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    That's what JC Whitney is for........ I bought some cloth, knit, seat covers from them for my '27 Model T and I love them.
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    Here's a picture of mine on the first day I was able to drive it with the top down. There's a very similar picture of it, somewhere here, taken the day I brought it home for the first time on Jan 17 when there was lots of snow on the ground. So, right now I'd say its' MY favorite picture of MY Reatta! Nice to have warm sun and green grass, though that means I'll have to start cutting it! Keith
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    As a broad generalisation, the mechanics are all skinny men!
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    A few years ago I was pulled over by a young guy beeping the horn and flashing the headlights in his Honda Accord because him and his buddy wanted to look at my Ferrari. I think they were a little disappointed to find out it was a Buick.
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    My friend's 68 GS is getting ready to paint. He is looking for rear wheel lip moldings to complete the car. He needs both sides.
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    Ya gotta give the upholsterer credit. That's a ton of labor!
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    christech - Nope, my engine helper is St. Claire Engine in Armada, Michigan. He's done 4Kissel engines for me. RON
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    1997 Suped Up Riviera https://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/cto/d/97-suped-up-riviera/6578718167.html 26 in rims. Alligator skin interior
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    PS, I will be visiting family in Omaha after the show, if that helps get a part close to you... Also adding a right front fender in excellent shape... 150, please.
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    I have a high resolution scan (scanned good 10x12 photo), 22MB and too large for this forum. If you want a copy PM me and I will get you a link on my server.
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    Chassis and a few remaining parts back from the powder coater. Can start putting it back together now
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    That's cool that she'll do that. My wife would rather stay home with our 3 dogs and 3 cats than go anywhere in an old car with me. Nice Plymouth by the way....
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    I looked at this auction car last year. This car had the wrong engine and a tired restoration that was in need of a redo. A significantly different type of car than the roadster being offered here. History is everything on a car like this. Authentic V-16 roadsters with bonafide histories are benchmark automobiles and are rarely offered for sale.
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    Send them to me if you want me to post photos. John keiser31 @ charter . net (no spaces.
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    I'll disagree with Doug. The Buick Road wheels are beautiful, including, and especially because of, the blackwall tires.
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    Not racking up big miles lately but using any excuse to drive. First time this year with the top down since it was 80 degrees.
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    Peter Gariepy,look at Dave Aspidudes Buick 1923-39 model in unrestored condition,I think he love his Buick just becuse it isn`t restored!If you are buying that 1918 Buick just save it as it as,just fix the top with old looking material! Leif in Sweden.
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    Nice Corvette! It is nice you are good natured about the hijacking. Some guys freak out, but I don't think they understand that eyeballs are good, not matter how they show up.
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    For parts I basically used everything that would be installed in a non-ABS Riviera. I did run an extra line to the rear, and I also removed the original proportioner valve inside the rear drivers side wheelwell. The new master cylinder/vacuum booster I just got at a local auto parts store. I think it was about $150 with a lifetime warranty. It didn't come with proportioners or a level switch, but I got these at a local salvage yard. The same system was used on Rivieras, Eldorados, Toranados and I think one other car from the same years.<P>It was basically an easy conversion, the hardest part was fabricating and installing new brake lines. Every port on the master cylinder was a different thread. But it was well worth it.