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    This situation has inspired me to rejoin the Club and show support in hoping it prevails over the museum. It will be interesting to see their Form 990 for 2017 and learn how this split has impacted their finances.
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    Ventured out to the car show today. The sun had trouble staying out today, but it pop out and lit the car up so nice. I told my 8 year old son to jump in the driver's seat for a couple of pictures. Truly a rare day when the sun has trouble shining hear in Mesa, AZ. We are over a 110 days with no rain, very unusual for this time of year, finally suppose to rain tomorrow!
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    http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?m=1102261497032&ca=fc3edade-bc90-4d38-891a-28007b82005e This is the club's reply...just sent out by your board of directors.
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    Dang, Bernie, keep on and I am going to start agreeing with you. Ben
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    Great post and well written! I'm 46 and a woman and have vented about this topic for some time! I was at the AACA National meet in Mobile this past weekend and while at the Rountable discussions, I commented on how I was treated at the Virginia Beach National meet 3 years ago and it wasn't well treatment I received! Another woman commented that my 1989 Suburban was "just another used car". My response... they are ALL used cars! Of Course, she didn't like that comment, but it made me so angry that I wrote a letter to the editor of the AACA Magazine, West Peterson, about the treatment of new members and what vehicles they enjoy. If this car hobby is to grow, everyone has to be welcomed, whether they own a vehicle or not, or if it's a Toyota or a truck! As for grumpy old people, I meet them all the time when I'm on a judging team usually.... usually they warm up to me and we are all good friends at the end of the day Give them a chance too ;-)
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    Yeah, I learned my lesson in college, I was dating two girls at the same time. They each found out about it, and there was hell to pay. I learned you can't have your Kate and Edith too..... I feel sorry for Steve and others involved in this issue at the upper levels, such idiocy sucks the fun out of old cars at times, and this is one of those times. My sympathy.
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    OK, if I am allowed a few personal thoughts. Please understand that I have not seen anyone at AACA relish this mess. We are sick of having to answer letters to OUR members over issues that they really do not want to be involved in. Members want to ENJOY the hobby and not deal with these messy deals. Sadly we felt forced to defend our reputation. John, the part in the letter you referred to is a legal issue and none of us will be "trying" these matters in public. Those words were written by our counsel and at the appropriate time they will be made known to all unless the gods shine upon us, we settle this whole issue simply and both the museum and the club can go forward doing what they need to do. I promised the board when they hired me that I would be active on our forums and I have done my best to answer you "guys" as much as possible. Out of necessity I may have to say little in the near future but I thank all of you on behalf of our board for your support.
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    A pretty nice rear end for a 43 year old.
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    Our response is planned to go out today. Please read it carefully. Doug you are truly a good guy. I know that to be a fact. If you enjoy being a volunteer at the museum then that is great. Continue to do so. Your club is not telling anyone not to support the museum if that is their choice, your club is not writing disparaging comments about others and your club is simply trying to fix a very real problem. If I come on this forum with a new name, Doug G. Frantz , and start posting and saying things and people think you and I are one in the same is that acceptable? Think about it. Should people not know, as a public trust, who an organization is really or not? Doug, back when the museum was allowed to share our mailing list they were asked to get our permission first. They never had blanket permission. Anyway, hopefully common sense will prevail and this all can get resolved so we all can get back to enjoying the hobby. That is what your board wishes!!
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    Depends how cute she is....
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    And yes, I used lower case for a reason. Obviously, the museum has the AACA mailing list information. In fact, from the museum website: Can I renew my AACA Club Membership here? For the security of our guest, all AACA Club renewals should be directed to the club. If I’m an AACA Club Member do I need my card? To expedite your entry, it would be helpful to have your card ready at the time of arrival. The museum can look you up, but there may be a delay depending on the number of patrons at the counter. So, they can "look you up". That's really nice, except that I don't want to be "looked up", nor contacted by, the museum. The letter received is, to me, an abuse of private information. The advantage of having free entry into the museum is far overshadowed by this invasion of privacy. Very nasty letter, basically saying how dare the AACA want them to, as a now separate entity, give up the AACA name. This, in spite of the fact that they are NOT NOW a part of the AACA. The AACA is the reason that the museum is in existence at all, and the fact remains that the assets of the museum came mainly from AACA members who thought they were forwarding the goals of the Club, not the separate goals of the museum as now defined by a museum board that is, obviously, not in sync with the AACA. I specifically don't appreciate the direct personal attack on Steve Moskowitz in the letter, as I truly believe he has the best interests of the CLUB at heart. Then, there's the sentence that states "..however wrongheaded and misguided the Club may be in their direction, we must defend ourselves [museum], and prevail". They then entreat the "membership" [of the Club]" to embrace their efforts to reach an accord. I personally don't like the fact that a lot of money will be spent with lawyers to fight this issue, but I do support it, as the museum has, to me, slapped every member of the Club in the face, challenging a duel.....
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    Kyle this car is a long way from West coast. Columbus Ohio is approx 2400 miles from Portland, & 2300 miles from Fresno. Kevin
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    At least they told you to come and get your stuff. Our Chapter had a dozen or so items on display in the Regions and Chapters Room. They never even bothered to tell us to come get it. I just simply showed up during the Fall Meet and discovered that it was gone. I have no idea what happened to the items that our Chapter had on display in the Regions and Chapters room. I can only assume that the museum threw them out.
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    Mostly around the Wichita Falls Texas area and generally on the weekends.
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    #66. Unfortunately I have to fly there this year because of time constraints after the meet. Really bums me out but, God willing, at least I'll be there.
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    Just wonder if it was left hand drive car. Leif in Sweden
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    Only the special was still 6v in 53 so that one is 12v and it does have brushes they might be stuck or they might be dirty...
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    I mean, they shared a mailing list for many years. You'd really have to blame the club for sharing the info against your permission, but back when the club did share such info, no one would have raised an eye to that, because we were all one. I've not seen such evidence that the BOD of the museum is looking for some cash grab. I've not seen a change in the museum before or after the falling out. As I said, I'm a bit taken aback by the airing of laundry via public letter, though I've always felt the decision seemed to be made in a defensive stance to ensure their perspective was heard. I'd just like folks to take time to get a bigger perspective. To be blunt, part of that too young to know how to spell real well without a computer also means I think I'll be outliving most current club members. So all this sorta drama will eventually pass to my generation, if I'm lucky enough to have EITHER the club OR museum still around when I'm your age. You donate to these organizations because you believe in their cause and want future generations to have them. I get the anger of feeling your hard earned time and money was placed somewhere and has been hijacked, but in the process, the mission statement of neither organization really changed, just the relationships between them. And that's the real shame of it all to me. I hope we still can legally have private antique car ownership, and the legal ability to tour with them on public roads. At the same time, each great car in a museum isn't in private ownership, and isn't seen on tours. So aside from a tax gain, isn't it a wee bit of huge ego that goes to such donations too? I mean, for a nice car, I'll set up a 501c3 and take care of your pre war classics and promise to drive them all over (and park in the antique only parking at the museum)! I guess I just want folks to knock the fighting off and come together as a hobby. This one seems like some major personal differences and the mission is hurt by it.
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    Yes I can relate 100%. By the time I was finished with post secondary education I was about $50,000.00 1989 dollars in the hole, my wife a further $35,000.00. That debt was also a big factor in our youth and our households ability to pay for things like old cars. Also, young people with debt today at least have low interest rates in their favor. Just imagine $50,000.00 debt with early 1990's rates { around 10%}. I am not trying to minimise the challenges the younger generation are facing. I am just trying to point out that challenges are not unique to present times. Greg
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    You didn't need that trailer for those 2x4's! Southern Belle would have taken those and more!
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    hi guys, my name is Pascal and i lve in France. my baby is a 55 Buick Special 4 doors hardtop. And with my wife and kids, we have three old caravans ( 2 french : Notin Chaumière 1956, and Notin Vedette 1964 / and the third one is a belgium one : Constructam Coral 1971 ) here are some pictures i hope you will like ... our 55 Buick Special with our french caravan Notin Chaumière 1956 our 55 Buick Special with our french caravan Notin Vedette 1964 our 55 Buick Special with our Belgium caravan Constructam Coral 1971
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    Blink. What I really liked was the fact that the second link had a baby Buick convertible photo. Perhaps in print it it could be simplified - the CCCA defines Classic autos and for the rest of us, we can have our classic autos. I don't know how to pronounce the difference between upper and lower case c though. Perhaps we need to enlist the aid of Victor Borge's phonetic punctuation.
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    And yet, in these times, there is pent up demand for the simplest form of a marquee. For our Marquee, look at the number of people who get excited over a Special with a base engine and 3 speed stick. Out of both of those articles I will subscribe to this statement: So, unless you have a specific need to define your precious vehicle as a classic, like insurance or DMV registration, you can consider your car a classic whenever you choose to. In other words, if it’s a classic to you, then it’s a “classic”. And for this thread I continue to say; anything that isn't "new" is technically "old" and therefore up to the poster if they want to write about it.