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    Received the latest Bugle today. Told the full story of the 50th Anniversary Meet. Wow! I can now say I was at the first Meet in Flint and the 50th also. Great job Pete!! Earl Beauchamp BCA #55
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    Someone sent this to me showing soldiers during the Liberation of France then and now . Click on the picture of 1944 and it goes to 2014 . What they can do these days .
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    Here is a picture of your car circa November 1962. I think it was in Florida or down south at that time because I have pictures of it at an early AACA show in Florida.
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    Fortunately I am not concerned in show judging, my main interest is in mechanical intregritary. Using the correct thread to match its partner should take priority. OK once it is done up no one will know. That is not the point; the strength of the job should be first and foremost. What good is a nice shiny chrome plated nut if it's internal thread is stripped due to using the wrong bolt? It is a bit like trying to use a Lawn mower piston in a big block chev. Sure it will go into the hole but is it the correct fit? Bernie j.
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    I have replace the plastic rollers in the parking lot of several National meets....it certainly helps to have done at least one before...in the parking lot, I put the motor on the ground and step on it with my foot and start pulling. Ronnie's method above helps when reinstalling....you can get the end of the shaft started into the bronze bearing before you push in the gear....also if you locate the gear so it is touching the worm "between" to rollers you get more give/flex in the gear.. Walt that started this discussion lives in Florida and probably had no problem removing the 3 hex head screws....if you live in the rust belt, there is a good chance you will twist off at least one of the screw heads. The screws are "thread forming" screws, meaning they form their own threads when installed, the screws are case hardened so they will cut the threads and cutting their own threads, there is no clearance between the screw and the threads in the hole. A little salt water getting into that thread freezes them solid and when you try to remove them they break. Now you have broken, hardened screws to remove...on top of that they are small 8-32 so not a lot of room for error. normal drill bits will not drill them out, I use carbide bits...start small and work my way up to the minor pitch diameter of the threads and hope the threads break loose.....in 99% of them they do not. So then a slightly larger drill will catch the remaining threads and pull them out. Extreme care must be taken when using the carbide bits because they will snap and now you have a very hard drill broken in the hole. I have tried penetrating oils, heat, and prayer....none seem to work if the screw is frozen. The picture below is one that broke and the owner tried to repair but he got the hole drilled off center but made it work...then when it needed repair again that owner broke off the screw and sent it to me and I got to take out both broken screws.
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    Probably easiest with a stock 3800 would be a Getrag 282 used in the 86-88 Fiero 2.8, & 88-93 Lumina, and Grand Prix with 3.1 so quite common and could take the torque. GM later used a 284 Getrag that could take 300 lb-ft but are quite rare. Later Pontiac G6 used a six-speed F40. These are all for FWD installations. Were others (BW T-85) for RWD cars (Firebird 3800 and five speed).
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    Feel good moment? I get 'em every time I enter a local nursing home to visit and volunteer. All the smiles at my arrival immediately evaporate any of my petty worries.
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    Congrats for surviving, Mike. I have passed 3 1/2 years since a quad. Do what they say. Ben
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    Just came across one from 2013...oh, so long ago!
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    I took my 1937 Century out today and took a few photos. This is one of the photos.
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    The only thing better then the Bugle issue is / was being at the event ! The Bugle made me feel as if I was there again. GREAT BUGLE !! One of the best I've seen since I joined the BCA in the early 70's (I think Sept 73 ). Hats off to everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bill
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    Barry, I envy you!! a '66 225 convert was my dream car, in younger years. I had a 4 door hardtop. Probably my favorite car . In 1970 to 1974. In the town in which I lived, a guy had an all black one. Beautiful car . I did everything but beg to buy it. No dice. One night he drank a little much and wrecked it. I nearly cried when I saw it. 40 odd years later, I still remember. Ben
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    I took a few pics at the Fall Regional with my wagon, Willie's Century and Jerry C's (Alamo chapter pres.) 3 spd. Special. I especially like the night shot in the parking lot.
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    It's late in the season, but got the car out to a show/cruise-in tonight. My second time going, but the first time for my Grandfather. We've come a long way!
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