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    hello, here is my new buick 69. for what does not remember I'm French and I'm 21 years old. I will try to put the photos of the beginning and now I will comment after
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    Thank you to the Buick Club of America for welcoming our group to the club! We were honored to have been recognized for bringing 55 new memberships to the BCA in the 2016 year! It was a big surprise to those of us who were there when the BPG was called up for the John and Barb Gerstkemper Award. This event was second to none, and it was a real privilege to be there to experience it. We hope that the BPG will continue to bring in many new members once some details are ironed out. Pictured below, representing the BPG is Sean Ryder, and BCA President Brian Clark.
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    You just never know where the next new Buick will show up.
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    EVERYBODY ELSE IS! Y'all might as well join 'em.
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    Happily, a relatively uneventful day leaving Wisconsin Dells after breakfast and getting to Fargo, ND in decent time. There was some very heavy rain in Wisconsin. Now just a short shot home tomorrow.
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    I have a lot more pix of cool Buicks but not a real lot of Rivs/ I misses a few boat tails except for the one that said "Silver Arrow"/ have a lot of great Grand Sports as well as older and antique rides but I'm not sure pix of them are ok to post here.
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    Got home yesterday. 430 miles from Allen Springs LA. Car is running and cooling well and ready to go again after inspection and oil change. 3800 miles total at 16 mpg; 1.5 qt oil used. Moving avg speed 62 mph; highest speed 92 mph. Made it through Houston and never dropped below 55 mph (a new record). Noticed all over the country a lot of trucks with plain white vans and cabs with only a few numbers: Oooooo..x-files? Had to get south of Birmingham AL before I could again start using turn signals to change lanes...if you tried that north of there traffic would immediately close the gap. Roads were in better repair this year (but then again I did not drive through Oklahoma or Arkansas) and never did get caught in any prolonged traffic jams. The Diamond back radials on Toyo casings are the best tires I have had on any vehicle: smooth quiet and responsive! One thing for sure that will get changed since the car is not judged anymore are the headlights. Driving back from the banquet in the rain with dim lights and my old dim eyes is not a good combination. A little car behind me had its lights projecting under my car and that was a noticeable improvement for awhile. Those with 6v sealed beams and earlier probably had a worse time of it. Great meet and people, but you never get to see everyone you want to see. Note to National Meet committee: stop having meets in July! It is alway at least 2 days of hot driving to get out of Texas no matter how cool the meet location. Early June? Willie .
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    hello, here is the news of today's proceedings. it's not much but have lasted me all day (8h / 12h // 14h / 20:30)
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    I just spent nearly an hour talking to the new owner of the 1923-55. (He does upholstery professionally).I am very pleased that he is planning on doing things correctly. He also indicated that there were many items the seller did not tell me about that came with the car. All the (missing in the photos) parts specific to the Sport Touring that I had questioned him about. There was the complete original top rolled up. All the original side curtains were stretched out and mounted on a piece of ply wood. Some of the original upholstery was underneath two other seat covers. The correct carpet was there also. My son stopped to look over the car and were not shown some of these things. I held to my original offer since it was going to cost over $2,000 to get it and the 1921?1922? parts chassis back to PA. The new owner said that the entire parts chassis had been totally knocked down. Springs down to individual leaves, the wheels to the spokes etc. I did finally ask what he had to give for all. He paid $1,250 less than I offered. Yes, that bothered me but I could understand as he was local and had CASH. At least I know I made a fair offer.
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    Having just been down the engine shutter/stumble/misfire under moderate load game, I will chime in. While a "Current" E041 certainly indicates an issue somewhere either in the cam sensor, the interrupter, the wiring, or the ICM (Ignition control module), I can attest to the fact that ANYTHING that can negatively impact the ICM can trigger a false E041. About 2 years ago I did the Padgett repair method for my disintegrating cam sensor interrupter (better know as the magnet). The E041 started out as intermittent and over time completely failed, but NEVER caused ANY discernible performance issues, at least nothing detectable (remember that the ECM has a fail safe fallback in the case of a missing cam sensor signal). I replace both the interrupter and the sensor which fixed the E041, but then starting about 6 months ago, I started finding periodic history of an E041, but NEVER a current failure indication. My first thought was that maybe I either had a wiring issue OR possibly the magnet fix was failing. Then I started having issues with the infamous engine dying, won't start, allow to cool, engine starts once again. Given that the ICM is invariably the root cause of this problem, I replaced the 3 year old ICM which seemed to fix the engine die off issue, but I now was detecting engine misfire under moderate load, low rpm conditions, which pointed back to the secondary side of the ignition system. I was also still getting those periodic E041 history codes. As I already had a new ICM, I replace the coil pack, then the plug wires, but still the misfire was occurring. I then replaced the 3 year old Pulstar plugs and bingo, the misfire vanished. One of the plugs showed signs of breakdown at the exterior junction of the plug-to-porcelain interface. With the misfire finally fixed, I cleared all the codes and with a couple of months of use now, not a single E041 code has popped up in history. So the point is, that long before the failing spark plug caused ANY discernible engine condition, it was enough to trigger the ICM to drop the cam sensor signal output to the ECM periodically setting the E041 history. While I don't have any proof, I do wonder if the plug that was failing was causing the coil pack to internally arc between the secondary and primary coils (a known design weakness in the original OEM designs) which led to the failure of the ICM which is of course feeding the coil pack primary windings. As the ICM acts as a signal buffer between the cam sensor and the ECM, again, anything that impacts the ICM CAN cause an E041 to pop up. I can add that while the E041 is a nuisance, the loss of the cam sensor signal never caused my 3800 to ever present even a slightly rough idle. I did on occasion experience it not starting quite as quickly as expected which may well have been due to the sequential fuel system being out of sync with the engine timing, but again, the cam sensor circuit seems to have little impact on the overall performance and I doubt is involved in your misfire problem.
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    Nothing gets past you guys...you are correct about the alternating East/West AGNMs. The East/West, however, it is a guideline or policy we strive for but not a by-law. In the end we have to take events where there is a group willing to host us. The opportunity to use the Bulgari complex was unique. We regret we will not be out West that year but the AGNM should be very special at Bulgari's great location.
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    Posting a few most closely related to the car I'm working on, but there's about 900 more where that came from... And used a better camera this year. The maroon interior belongs to the wagon.
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    Among the cars I currently own is a 1968 Firebird 400 4 speed, a full decade before the Cutlass listed above and infinitely more collectable. No one considers it an "antique" or has ever called it one. I don't either. "Classic" at best.
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    I am very impressed with this meet. A whole lot has been put into this, not saying others have not been equally planned. This is my first meet with the BCA and am very glad it was so close to home. Here is the little lady "La Trujis" on the showfield today.
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    Is this you? We are in the parking lot tending to the cooler
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    Our '39 would boil over after a run and reaching home. We are on a hill so climbing it contributed. Radiator sprang a leak. Had it recored (cost a fortune for the old style option). Rare for temperature needle to get to ½ way. Never boils over now. Many parts to cooling efficiency, but a radiator without junk is a key part of the story. Terry
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    I use my 53 Special in parades and with power steering and Dynaflow there is a little more heat load on the system. I installed a 6 blade fan from a Cadillac with AC from the 50's. Many Buick, Olds, Cadillac fans have the same bolt pattern. This is especially helpful in parades that move slowly on hot days. Joe
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    Unless it is an electrical fan and it is wired backwards.
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    Hi, Turning the factory mechanical fan around does not change the direction of air flow, but it greatly decreases the amount of air flow. There was an article in the August, 2014, Hardtop News Magazine section concerning an owner who sold his 59 Ford because he could not keep it from overheating. The cause: the fan was reversed leading to decreased air flow. --Tom
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    One additional comment on fan/cooling issues I've worked on that were interesting. One was a brand new rebuild that would not cool. Owner tried everything. We found a plastic shipping cap stuffed in the water pump inlet from the rebuilder. Second one stumped another owner for weeks as he tried everything and spent lots of money doing so. His car would idle great and run ok around town but as soon as he took it on the highway it would overheat. Turns out he had the fan running backwards and it was 'pushing' air. Did ok at idle but at highway speeds the ram air flow matched the fan push flow and he had little or no air flow. Seen this on both mechanical fans installed backwards and electric fans wired backwards.
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    tha's a crazy ad. Allan, I have several 54 Roadmasters and a 55 Super, so should have one for you. Why don't you see if there is other stuff you need and drop me an email so we can save some shipping. 1954buick@gmail.com