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    460 miles to Port Allen LA...just west of Baton Rouge. Pooped! 400+ to home and another 70 miles to pick up the critters. Everything at this point is functioning well even the ac. As Mike says 'everything is dialed in'. Still maintaining 16 mpg with lots of hills and ac engaged. Willie
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    Found my issue this morning as We took off the Air cleaner and the car died. Loose wires on the coil was part of the culprits. I dont know who put those wires on, but he lives at my house. He needs to be fired. Anyway reattaching that wire fixed a majority of my issues. Still a minor issue was occurring, stopped at an auto parts store for Heat, but ended up using Seafoam and octane booster. Ran great the rest of the day. We stopped in Nashville to see friends and found 93 octane non ethyonal gas and filled it up with that. Could not tell the difference. 70 mph all the way to Memphis and a downtown hotel. 3300 miles so far, going to try for Austin tomorrow. Going to have to leave early though as the A/C is not keeping up with the sun in our faces all afternoon.
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    Cheers Mr Earl. last leg commences! Received good news today car has left Uk on its last leg to Cyprus ETA. 22nd or 23rd , really looking forward to giving her some TLC and my first drive!
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    Wanted to THANK YOU for the information. We were able to get the install completed flawlessly.
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    My example was not an illustration about this forum or any other. I was a commentary of club mentality as a whole. McHinson and I have had respectful and polite conversations about this because we are both mature adults who can allow the other to have an opinion that may or may not align with each other's and not take it personally. This is the crux of the overall problem, those that feel that they are somehow above the rest of us try as they may all they can to keep that illusion alive. Their efforts only serve to further cement the poor opinions that other have of them. My experience with the one club I gave my all (and more) to without expecting anything but an occasional "thanks" in return for those efforts was one that soured me on clubs just as I am on organized religion. Hypocritical narcissists in charge only there to serve themselves and not for the good of the club are why some (especially the Amphicar club with a few very notable exclusions) clubs just die. We fought to get the IAOC back in order and then to keep it casual, not focusing on correct or concourse level cars, but to focus on the regular folk who love the cars for what they are and what to do (beyond the swimming aspect). One guy felt that his want to make these cars for the elite was more important than what most of us wanted, to preserve, LOVE, enjoy and SHARE the experience that only an Amphicar can provide. A club for the regular guy who spent 5 -10 years restoring his car himself, not for the guy with deep pockets who merely wrote the check and yet feels it's OK to take credit for the restoration. This elitist attitude is a self destructive scourge that once again, took down what once was the best club ever, with tons of participation (63 Amphicars in attendance when I was president to <30 after). It took many to make it great and a few to make it fail. The AACA forums are open to all, the vast majority are regular folk and sadly we have been issued a small number of the narcissistic bullies that feel their wants supersede those of everyone. I can voice my opinion here and generally not be concerned. This time I know that the guilty person I speak of knows who he is and so do most others. I will not mention names because this is not about them, it's about who they represent and the results of their actions. They want it to be members only to further close the gates on the regular folk, to massage their egos and reinforcing their narcissistic ways. It really is pathetic. SO in short, keep the forums open to all, offer special services to members but do not exclude the non-members as ea one is a potential member if treated with an open hand extended in friendship rather than treat them as a annoyance or a bother.
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    In the gang it would be called representin'.
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    Been catching up on a few other projects around the shop but I'm back on the Packard now. We've been finishing up our new paint room, the owner of the '55 International was in town a few weeks ago so he brought it back to have seatbelts installed, plus we started back on the Model T firetruck project. I've cut out 90% of the bracing, its no longer needed now that it can hold itself together again. I did make bolt-in braces that mount in the door jambs since the body will have to come back off the frame later on. I also finished the lead work on the upper quarter panels. Got it in epoxy and today I'm skimming it with filler to smooth the file marks and get the shape 100%. I'll get the other side finished after lunch and shoot more epoxy to seal it up. This isn't going to be a "no bondo" restoration... but that's not a bad thing. Filler gets a bad reputation because it's been badly abused over the years, like some of the previous repairs on this car. Modern fillers are very stable, and I make sure that the metal is as straight as possible before I apply filler. It typically spreads on about 1/16" thick and 80-90% of it is sanded off. You can see how thin it is on this spot- the red epoxy is visible in spots. I feel more comfortable using a product that was meant to be used as a filler to get the body 100% straight than using repeated coats of high build primer to do the same thing. High build primers have solvents that have to evaporate out which can cause shrinkage if it's piled on too thick... body filler doesn't have that problem. I finished making the driver side trunk pan and made corners for both the left and right sides.
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    I've sort of been waiting for the dust to settle and to decompress a bit after the long weekend, and I wasn't sure where to post my gratitude and thanks, so it's here. Organizers and volunteers, you guys did a fantastic job. Thank you for all the overtime and hard work that nobody ever notices or appreciates, but I know you did it. You guys rock. Thanks to everyone who brought some high-grade cars, it was a genuine thrill to see some of the cars that were there, many of which we'll never see again. Also, I very much enjoyed meeting so many forum friends, some of whom I've known for 15 years or more but had never met face to face. Adam, Bill, Mike, Keith, Earl, Steve, Will, Doug, Derek, Larry, Nick, Tom and others, it was awesome to meet all of you face-to-face. Thanks for making the time to hang out with us! Jeff, you should be very proud of the event, it was fantastic!
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    I will ultimately need to get photos organized, but we did some divide and conquer today. While Teresa and I attended a webinar, Suzanne and the boys headed for the Volo Auto Museum. If it isn't a part of an organized tour next year it would be worth a side trip, so I'm told. According to Google Maps, it's about 1.5 hours from Brookfield avoiding toll roads. After the webinar, Teresa and I headed to visit BCA #346 in Whitewater, WI. 1929 parts were procured to be able to progress on my car. He has a model 55 in Ledo Green, which is the colour mine is supposed to be. We had a great conversation and learned a lot. We went for a ride. After turning around, he put me in the driver's seat and forced me to drive back to his place . It was later than intended when we left. After getting on the road the Reatta diagnostics mentioned low brake fluid. Stopping for fuel shortly thereafter leads me to believe a rear beake hose may need replacing. Now we are in Wisconsin Dells with apparently one mechanic and no GM dealer. This could get interesting.
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    Burned two new chips today, my first ones. One for 30# injectors already installed in engine, with some programming changes, and with that appearing to be successful, the second for the 24# Bosch Type III"s with similar changes: TCC lockup speed, corrected speedometer, raised idle speed, cooling fan cut-in temp, etc... Changed back to the Type III's to match. Time will tell with some driving to see how it all works out. Looks good so far.
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    I think i figured it out. took the sway bar to my favorite muffler/suspension shop in San Diego (Dualtone). The tech (Darrin) says i may have what you need. See photos. The bushings are two piece, the inner ring of the bushing fits perfectly into the hole on the sway bar, when both "grommets" are on, the length is 1", which is what the other end of the bar is with the old bushing still in place. the last photo only shows one grommet sitting on top of the bar end. best of all, did't cost me a penny.
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    The big body (super, roadmaster) cars are similar. You need to put the pillars on last. The center part of the bottom trim has a clip in the middle that is screwed to the cowl. It is held on the ends by the wiper escutcheons. Then the side pieces slide under the wiper escutcheons, over a clip on the cowl. The pillars go on and hold the ends of the top and bottom trim. Where there is another clip, unfortunately they are mostly rusted away on this car.Nothing attached to the gasket. Rear windshield is different and DOES go in the gasket. Hope this helps.
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    Thank you to the Buick Club of America for welcoming our group to the club! We were honored to have been recognized for bringing 55 new memberships to the BCA in the 2016 year! It was a big surprise to those of us who were there when the BPG was called up for the John and Barb Gerstkemper Award. This event was second to none, and it was a real privilege to be there to experience it. We hope that the BPG will continue to bring in many new members once some details are ironed out. Pictured below, representing the BPG is Sean Ryder, and BCA President Brian Clark.
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    Reatta, Reatta, who drives a Reatta ? When you see one of those go by, you know its someone with some mechanical skill. Most likely not a "millenial"generation person, rather, a skilled mechanic who also knows a bit about computers. Knowledge has its rewards, in a world where a pretty vehicle costs at least 20,000 "dollars", yet a Reatta can be had sometimes for $2500, needing but a little know how and a few hundred $$ of parts. The reward is worth it, a timeless classic with a short turn radius and hwy fuel economy easily over 25. To all the Reatta owners, I salute you, my old-school brothers, definitely True Americans.
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    Well, yes and no. I have an overdrive in my 1929 Cadillac and while it's technically capable of going faster, it's still happiest at 50-55. It's still ancient, the brakes are still ancient, the tires are still skinny, the suspension is still based on a conestoga wagon's, and, well, more speed isn't necessarily a good thing. I'm a big proponent of overdrives, but they aren't a cure-all and aren't just for making more speed. I wanted to simply cut down on the wear and tear on the engine as those big rods flail around in there, not necessarily go faster. With the overdrive, my Cadillac probably has the horsepower to go 80 or 85 MPH, but there's no way I'm trying it. Even 60 MPH is harrowing. Plenty of guys running around at 65 MPH in their Model As, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea. It's not that easy. Wish it were, but it's not. The cars simply weren't designed to run in today's traffic, so you have to take that into consideration. It's more than just pushing the box through the air, it's keeping it safe and getting it stopped that are the real issues. When I want to go fast in an old car, I take one of my '41s. They're fast. When I want to drive an old car that feels old, I take the Cadillac. It's slow. I like the looks of both, but the '29 will never be able to keep up with the '41s, overdrive or no overdrive. Sorry.
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    I cleaned her up inside really well and got her dry and under cover. I found no rust-through of the floors, not even the trunk area. Beyond this cleanup, Miss Wanda has sat patiently waiting her turn. I've been tempted to start on the dismantling and starting the chroming process but I have resisted as my other cars that are in progress need to be finished. You may have seen my 1931 Buick thread where I'm getting close to having the wood work done for that car. Although I enjoy working on multiple car projects at one time, shop space is limited and I've learned that you need plenty of space to spread these parts out. To that end, I have started the construction of a new shop for my cars. It will be separate from my wood shop. I have a compacted gravel/clay pad awaiting concrete for the 96 x 69 shop. Doing some of the work myself has taken much time recently. Isn't there always something else competing for our time? Once I start on the wood work for Wanda, my plan is to make at least three sets of the wood parts as my 36 and 37 Series 90's will have many common parts - especially for the doors. My 36 series 40 needs wood but I don't think there's much in common with the larger cars. I do have another 36 Roadmaster that is in really tough shape. I'm debating whether or not to make the wood for her but if I don't, she's surely doomed. It's somewhat easier to make multiple duplicate pieces. My retirement plan is now set for July next year. Then, I hope that I have the time to make good progress. Thanks for asking, Joel
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    It's the same as wearing a club jacket to an old car function or having a club badge or sticker on your vintage car. Just shows your membership in a group. Greg in Canada
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    I'm wondering what the purpose of showing that somebody is an AACA or not is?
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    Keep in mind the high number of shows but the limited number of interesting cars. The shows themselves need good cars and if you have something unique or interesting they will love you. It doesn't have to be a million dollar car. Also, every show is set up for a different reason. Most have a charity they are donating too but there are different reasons for the shows. Some are vanity projects, some are there to generate traffic at a resort area. I brought this to St John's a few years ago and they were thrilled. You can see it is certainly not a 100 point car, or even a 70 point car.
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    Hmmmmm. No turn Signals, Real Headlights,.. 101 years old, and can get me to the Martin Guitar Factory and back from downtown Allentown PA Buick Nationals. Must be a Genuine Antique Car. Dandy Dave!
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    Snow load in Newport News?? Pretty small chance, I would think. Ben
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    Something to look at if you haven't looked yet, is the condition of the cable wrap. These cars are old enough that the cloth tape wrap can be turning to dust or just plain falling apart. The wires don't have to rub through the insulation to have movement be a problem, they just need to be flopping free next to a wire carrying power. The technical term is hysteresis affect, the simple explanation is your wire bundle becomes a mini alternator and if that micro voltage surge of electricity is tickling a sensor wire carrying a microvolt signal, it can tell the engine controller all sorts of strange things.
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    Thank you, Guest ... that is worth pursuing because everything else seems to be OK. I picked a couple Turn Signal Flashers earlier ... will go out into the oven [garage] later tonight when it cools down to miserable. Thank you, again! John
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    I drive my '89 coupe daily, but I'm far from being a mechanic. Know just enough about fixing cars to be dangerous. However, I also know a couple great mechanics who I trust and don't gouge me when I need some work performed. They take good care of me and my pride and joy.
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    This was among the finest automotive events that I've ever attended. During the course of the meet, I kept saying to myself that I could not imagine having missed this. The location and organization were first-class in every respect. Is there any means by which we can send personal thank you notes to Mr. Bulgari? I'd love to thank him for his great generosity to our club.
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    I have to respectfully disagree with your characterization of the "deep pocket guys". I have found that often those guys are as deeply involved in their cars and as knowledgeable about them as the guy who has scarred knuckles and grease under his finger nails. Just because someone may not have the talent or the time to do his own restoration work doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't love his cars and the hobby as much as anyone. When did it become a crime to want a car restored to as close to perfection as possible? There is room in this hobby for all, from those who enjoy DPC to those who live for the competition of national meets or Concourse events.
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    Friends, The major struggle here and now is whether I should take out the torque converter and have it cut and re calibrated for 4,000 rpm stall to engage the turbos sooner. This represents a significant investment in time and unraveling the complexity of wiring too. You can hear the wastegates open about 2.5-3 sec after launch as boost pressure is reached. The goal is to have the boost assist right at launch. This would practically assure us the big Buick Electra record in the 1/4 mile. Here is the alternative plan, cheaper and faster. I put in a balance tube and blocked the exhaust to one turbo to see if I could spool one turbo at launch. It sounds like i have more action from the turbo, I can hear it whistle, but there is zero boost registered at the current 3,000 rpm stall. We are close enough to the record set by Scotty Guadagno that the single turbo charger may be enough. One of our big turbos should be good for 800 hp, sufficient for a record setting run.
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    Nick, You have some very nice, rare cars. I think you will enjoy the hobby much more if you get them out an meet like minded people. Twenty-two years of hiding them is too long. Get them out and meet some people and share your cars. You won't regret it.
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    Based on the above I don't think you're naive....... You're asking the right questions.......
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    Looks like a hot trip and the Electra took a bullet in the headlight at least once. But I love this picture!
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    D-Dave, I don't understand your post. It looks like you're right on time and right were you oughta be! What a beautiful car! Cheers, Grog
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    Sounds like you are mixed up about setting the timing. Your Maxwell (like all cars) should have the timing retarded to start and advanced to run. Retarding the spark of a running engine will encourage overheating.
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    If you find matching paint for the hood, buy enough for the rest of the car. If paint is cracking ANYWHERE, all of the paint will fail soon.
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    "Concours d'Elegance" is pretty much self explanatory........anything in a Concours event has to be good.......REAL good........most likely unaffordably good for average people of average means....... Stick with which is the most FUN for YOU.......
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    Hi Guys was down earlier, happier today as made progress, shippers seem to be accepting liability and had great after sales service from Gateway , chap who sold me car obtained details of original roof suppliers company in New England and they also provide great service and will supply any replacement part to Buick original spec. Therefore feeling positive that I'll have her sorted in due course. have a great week end with your buicks. cheers pilgrim
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    I think this one is on my wish list : 2018 -2019.. I like the charities, scholarships or help a family in need car shows.. It makes the cost of up keep not so bad.. http://www.rivercitycruisers.com/About_Us.html
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    Don't forget me. I also howl into the wind................Bob
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    I did as well , too bad it got deleted along with his follow up post.
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    I am a member of the national AACA. I vend at Hershey and visit this very valuable site daily. I feel supporting the AACA is the right thing to do.
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    Limiting access to these forum based on AACA club membership would cause a fairly fast death to the site. Most of the best threads have nothing to do with the club. There are many interlopers that stop in for a single thread - usually to sell something or ask a question. Many of these are very valuable and interesting.
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    Rare only means that few still exist. That does not equate to valuable or production numbers. I would agree that "rare" is way over-used. Color combinations, IMO, do not make a car rare. One of our rarest cars, the 1933 Continental Flyer, is the only know LHD driver in the western hemisphere that's roadworthy. There is a singular RHD in New Zealand.
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    op, is your parking brake cable hooked up? it's a driveshaft parking brake. maybe the parking brake cable broke and someone just attached it to the transmission so it would not hang down.