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    Great article in the May Bugle by Jack Gerstkemper. I thought I'd add some of my photo's that I took there. (The black & grey '41 Sedanette is mine, still have it, and the factory buildings in the background of some of the photo's is the original AC Spark Plug factory, which was demolished a few years later). Dave
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    I have decided, in my 2nd [or 3rd] childhood, to "HOP UP" a 263 for my '50. The plan is custom pistons for a bore as large as practical. Cam grind for better performance. A little head work. To start of, I acquired a 1951 263 from Evan Ritter over in East Texas. It has been sitting in his shop for several years. He said 17. It is from a Dynaflow car, but he had a standard crank. I will need a Bell Housing and flywheel. Looks like that will come from Pete Phillips. Need a few lifters, fortunately, Bill Stoneberg came to the rescue. Pictures of the Engine as found. A little grotty!. Just a LITTLE rust. I have seen worse oil pans. I will attempt, over the next few days, to bring this up to date Enjoy Ben Just a LITTLE rust
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    I am driving the Buick "Bug" in these pictures. Also the black 32 Model 97 was mine, Joe Taubitz
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    Here's a few more photo's of some of the Buicks that were at the show. Wonder where they are now. If I remember, A Buick photographer took individual photo's of each car. They developed the 35mm slides in time to use at the awards banquet to show the cars that received awards. The banquet was held at the IMA auditorium which was later converted to a theme park called Auto World. Later the auditorium was demolished to make room for expansion of the U of M Flint campus. I believe that a full set of the individual photo's of all of the cars at this meet exists in the Sloan Museum. Dave
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    I liked the picture of the "Old Guy" in the Bug......... and they are both still around.
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    I was the head of the Chuys team doing that in Austin when they started. The cars were trash that I found to do it to, and most were heavily fiberglassed. Not saying it was right, but not restorable cars. I also made sure the hubcaps they put up in the hubcap room were unusable.
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    Precious little vegetation on the trees so far in this part of the world, but we've had a nice day touring through the Niagara area and the scenic town of Niagara on the Lake. Went through a bunch of bugs last night on the way here, as you can see by the picture of the front on the car. Proves my car is driven! We stopped to take a few pictures of the whirlpool, which is downstream a few miles from the Falls themselves. As the name implies the current and he bend of the river forces the flow to swirl around the basin. The cable car gives a great view, if you're not afraid of the heights, that is! Keith
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    My name is Jan and some of you might now me from the 1954 Buick forum. I've got a 1954 Buick Special Riviera, which was my kick-start for the Buick hobby. I didn't had much time to drive her in the past years, because of another project. After I bought my 54 Buick, I met MrEarl and we started the 54 Buick Highway at www.1954buick.com. Besides that I collected everything that was for sale about 54 Buicks. That was the beginning of the reference part of the forum. Some sellers had packages of old Buick stuff, plus I started to take a look at other model years, too. Today, about ten years and over 3,000 collected, scanned and digitalized items later, I am very happy to announce the launch of my time-robbing project HOMETOWN BUICK. My dream to provide all major info to all 1950s Buick owners & fans finally came true. You will find for all model years: All models Production statistics Interior trims Exterior colors Body Tag & VIN plate decode Info Lists of optional equipment Online literature Videos Wallpapers & much more Here is the full story: http://www.hometownbuick.com/hometown-buick/ You can also explore the my collection which I call the "Hometown Buick Collection". I will add items continuously. You can visit my new website at www.hometownbuick.com. I hope you enjoy it! If you have anything to add or improve, please let me know! Honest feedback is very much appreciated!
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    Thanks for the kind words - I very much appreciate them! Its great to see you having fun with the website!
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    Well, this will be GOOD one to follow. Are you going to DUAL CARB it? At such a young age, YOU will do just fine. I will be a nice guy, and not kid you so hard, Dale in Indy
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    The owner of the website had posted an introduction to his new site earlier down in the Garages and Memorabilia forum. I will move it up to General for better exposure and pin it for a time.
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    I need a little help with date/age of this automobile. Its all mostly there plus many extras.. like motor parts and headlights. Located in Mississippi. Looks like some type of deliver truck or something along that lines. I can take other pics as requested. Plus I need to dig boxes of others parts out of shed to photograph. Any info would be helpful. The poor thing is just rotting away sitting in the southern humidity. It was under some protective cover but that has gave way and fallen over. Luckily it didnt fall on this piece of history.
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    So I go to this Mexican restaurant to meet some friends and....
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    Beautiful spring day and had a Kodak moment with my son's 1953 Special and my 1956 Century wagon. Quite a change in style in just 3 years.
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    OK, so the movie didn't come out until 66, but it pretty much describes this car. This is the second of the cars I purchased as group from my Father-in-law's estate. The 54 Roadmaster has been mentioned elsewhere. I've always loved 1st gen Rivieras, but lots of things show that this might not be 'the one'. The car does have AC, but not much else in the way of upgrades. The good - Its shiny and red! (the original color was a maroon). The seats look like they might be originals in good condition. The motor is the original 401. Obviously it has been worked on because the top end is now painted Buick Green. The short time I had it running it seems to run ok. The Bad - Lots of loose wires hanging down under the dash. Interior bits disassembled for unknown reasons. The Ugly - An appraisal done in 2000 states that the car is 'too rusty to restore'. This is because the floor pan and cross braces are rusted out and have been replaced with random bits of sheet metal and fiberglass. The rear body mounts are gone too. Looks like the outer sills have been replaced, but not the inners as you can see straight through them to the inside of the outers. Interestingly, the trunk floor only has two medium size holes in it and the rear quarters seem to be ok. Surprising, given the obvious leak around the rear window. The car wouldn't run beyond the gas I put in the carb bowls, so I pulled the fuel line and wasn't getting anything out of the pump. I purchased a new pump (then found one in all the misc. parts), however, with the car up on the lift I could see the feed line from the tank had decayed and collapsed, so the pump wasn't getting any fuel either. I've pulled the tank, drained the bad gas and had it cleaned out. It was very rusty, as was the pickup and sending unit. If it ever warms up and stops snowing here, I'll get this back together and will be able to see how it runs. The long list of needs the car has could spell its doom. The car sits crooked because the left side springs have collapsed. There is corrosion around the water pump and the heater core and the radiator seems to be seeping. All of the rubber is dried up and rotted. It will be easy to get seriously upside down on this car in a hurry. So my plan is to take it slow, get it running and driving and try to make decisions about work on the car as money, time and other priorities allow. Scott
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    The belt bypasses the compressor completely.
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    Robert Trail posted a link to this site on Buick Fireball Eights FB page. I have just briefly perused it, and must say it is a virtual treasure-trove of '50s Buick info. http://www.hometownbuick.com/
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    Thanks Lamar! :-) And thank you for supporting me over the years! You're right, the launch of the website is just the beginning. I have thousands of items I'm going to share. Currently I'm working on the records containing radio commercials. The one for 1957 is just awesome!
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    I upgraded the MC in my '37 Special to a two reservoir unit from an early '70s Buick. I had to move the MC onto the other side of the frame X and modify the pedal some. I also had to make a new push rod and a plate to mount the MC. It helped that the body wasn't on the frame.
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    I would test the extra parts you bought [not the Teves brake system] to be sure they work. Nothing like having a problem, thinking you have replacement parts to install, but not having them be in working order. All it does is make the repair trail harder to follow. However good score.
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    It seems prewar Buicks were much better represented in that first meet.
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    By the way, Joe Taubitz (the OLD GUY) was the first Director of the Buicktown Chapter in 1972.
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    Dave, Thanks for sharing. Love the space between cars. The good old days. John
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    The 62 SD that I showed in Virginia Beach last year is an excellently done fully restored vehicle that has no sanctioned race history although it certainly had some street race history down in Florida I am sure. The car is legally tagged and insured in the state of Maryland. I drove it onto the show field admittedly with fouled plugs and the carbs not adjusted properly for the event. Maryland has some strict rules governing tagging or the ability to tag certain types of vehicles. The very simple conclusion, it is a limited production vehicle Pontiac sold and I believe they didn't have a warranty. The owner of the car also had a Grand Prix SD which was also tagged and driven almost daily back in the day. These cars were a limited production vehicle and I believe a large number of them were not professionally raced unlike the 50 or so famous 63 Chevy Z-11 vehicles that all had a racing history but were limited production but still had the ability to tag them. These cars should be in the appropriate class 36 structure. I would enjoy having my 62 409 along side a 63 Z-11 at a national show. Robert Street
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    Try a NAPA filter #112. Here is what I found in mine about 5 years ago. It looked so pretty, I could not bear to throw it away. It now hangs proudly in the shop.
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    It was nice seeing you again today. Great photos! I did not take my camera today so I just took a few quick phone photos to get an overview. I should have remembered my camera today but having to leave at 6:30 am to get there in time for the board meeting I was not thinking about a camera. I have an identical typo on mine so I suspect all of the HPOF plaques are like that.
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    My '57 Model 73 Roadmaster Riviera Sedan, a driver, at the Caroilnas Aviation Museum with a Piedmont Airlines DC-3.
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    G body forums will be very helpful for your car. Found this list of color codes and manufacturers' paint codes with a search for Olds interior color codes: 1983 -1984: ***Dark Maple 77 (81-84) Ditzler #: S.G.: 72415 L.G.: 72435 Dupont #: S.G.: D8391 or Dupont #: S.G.: C8115 L.G.: C8129 W12A7298 S.G. W5A7298 flat Medium MapleDitzler #: S.G.: 72568 Very Dark Maple W12A8284 S.G. W5A8284 flat Here's a link to the thread on the "gbodyolds" forum: http://www.gbodyolds.com/forum/showthread.php?240-78-88-Cutlass-Interior-Color-RPO-Code-Index I find this forum to be helpful: https://gbodyforum.com/ Yes, the molded headliner substrate for 81 and 84 is the same part (for the same body style). I used the 3M high strength trim adhesive for small repairs on my headliner. Most Auto Supply stores carry it. 3M™ Spray Trim Adhesive, 3M ID 60980044394, UPC 00051131080744
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    I'd like to congratulate Jan on the Grand Opening of HOMETOWN BUICK and say well done sir. I have known of the project for several years but must admit am truly amazed at the finished product. But knowing Jan as I do I am sure there will be even more to come in the way of updates and new features. I feel we are privileged to have been selected by Jan as a venue for opening and hosting his new site. The features and amount of material he has allowed FREE access to is quite spectacular. The books and literature he offers for sale are all top quality print and material. It is a joy to see this young mans dream become a reality.
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    Yea the guy that runs that site, posted a link in a thread about paint color. It IS a very cool site though!
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    Paulie, have a look at the one on the left: the blades are not quite the way I expected! Glad you like each new post!
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    Thanks keiser31! If your body would be reduced at this scale, you would find many, many errors and strange things. Fortunately, without a magnifying glass, the result is decently looking! Now that the windows are moving with an electric motor, I should begin with the inside trim. This requires that the model has to be disassembled for practical reasons. To retard this event, I'm doing parts which will be used much later. For example, the A/C outlet grilles. They are located into the ceiling; I'm adding a picture from a real one. Those grilles are really small with the necessary details. These are not the best parts I did, but where they will be installed, the unequal distance between blades will hardly be noticed. And who will look at the ceiling? On the picture, a tool (to hold the blades during silver soldering) is on the left upper corner. A spare surround is on the right. Next step? the ash trays for the rear passengers.
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    "in a flat bed Ford slowing down to take a look at me"...
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    I really appreciate all the wisdom bestowed. This is an awesome classic car forum ?
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    Do Baby Pictures count, Mr. Earl? These are my babies. I aspire one day to being the father again of a real live Opel. 1960 Rekord Car A Van 1962 Rekord Car A Van, similar to my first car (at age 15), a '65 Car A Van. A '60 Kapitan and '58 Rekord, for the record... TG
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    I like 'em in all scales, but the focus has been on 1/43rd scale since the early '80's. Some people have thousands, I just have hundreds going back to my first Matchbox cars in 1964 which I still have; the '58 Cadillac Fleetwood and Bedford dump truck. One of the first Models of Yesteryear I got was the R-R Sliver Ghost (nudge, nudge Keiser31), now proudly displayed with many others. I regret the ones I wrecked, shot with BB guns or obliterated with firecrackers. Sure wish I hadn't wrecked all the original Hot Wheels! With the dizzying array of what's available now for the serious collector, there's no way to keep up, so I've slacked off. I keep 'em in Timex watch display fixtures (the kind you used to find in drug stores), on the wall in an old wooden fluorescent light cover, an old modified English china cabinet... Some are expensive white metal, some are cheap diecast, some are toys and some are still in their boxes, awaiting their turn for display. I keep telling myself some have got to go, but where to start? I did sell one, a Buick, to a friend here on the Forum, but it was a duplicate... Used the money to buy the latest, "The "Duchess," the '41 Fleetwood created for the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, GM's last bespoke automobile built for a private individual. I still shoot 'em, the 1/43rds, but with a camera, and it's more fun than a barrel of monkeys! Look for "The Duchess" soon... TG
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    I know the feeling very well, I myself almost feel bored at times I have been collecting and restoring Chevrolet's for almost 40 years. I spcifically was involved with same 4 years of production. I felt there was not much to learn or see, an even contemplated getting out of the hobby. While I still stayed with Chevrolet's I bought one 30 years older then the ones I collected and it freshened things up. I was fortunate that I had both the space and money to keep my other cars, The change was good for me. I ended up selling that car realizing it was not my cup of tea, and I appreciated the ones that caught my interest in the first place. If it is a car that really makes your mouth water then go for it, if you never do it you might always regret it. You can find another Mustang. Good luck with your decision
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    Posted from the AACA SPEEDSTER Hopefully you can support this excellent cause (Wish I could make it there - with my "LITTLE RED CORVETTE" Kick-off Car Show Season with us on Saturday! We are very excited that it is finally here- Cars 4 Critters Exotic and Sports Car Show is tomorrow! The show will be held on on the beautiful grounds of the AACA Museum. Calling all "Little Red Corvettes" with the passing of Prince yesterday, we thought it would be a nice tribute to see how many "Little Red Corvettes" we could encourage to come to the show - we would love to have a special area or photo opportunity. A fun tribute helping a great cause. Who do you know with a red Corvette? Help us spread the word! We love this tribute image from Chevrolet.
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    Brand loyalty is something the marketing people want to instill in the targets of their output. They work very hard at it, to establish a "relationship" with you, the buyer. I try to avoid such nonsense and be an independent "thinker". The only "relationship" is that they want your money, frequently. Why stick to one brand? You are missing out on lots of other excellent vehicles that may well be "better" than your chosen brand in some way(s). Extend your comfort zone. Find something you like and want to drive. Those are the only selection criteria for me. Then you fit into the market for that vehicle.
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    Advertise it on CRAIGSLIST - Sell it cheap - then use your new-found fortune as a downpayment on a Buick needing restoration ?
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    At a car show last weekend, a vendor had sequencing tail lamps. They are a Mustang parts vendor but they claim their system does not care what the car is. These are custom made LED bulb assemblies that replace 1157 bulbs. They build in a delay into each bulb no special wiring, just new bulbs installed in the correct order and a new flasher. Their web site = www.mustangproject.com They do not list the Reatta but the owner did not see a problem.......the only one I see is the price....he said $165. their site says $185 for a 3 bulb system ....also said they had a lifetime guarantee
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    I bought a accumulator on eBay that is made for the Jaguar. The add said NEW BRAKE ACCUMULATOR REATTA TROFEO Jaguar JLM1907 Delco 25528382 Saab 4002267. It looked like an exact fit, installed easily. I did remove a bracket blocking removal, but I remember doing that when I used the original part years ago. I checked and the is still on eBay. It works fine and came with the "e" ring.
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    The factory never intended for these cars to stay on the road as long as they have. Many areas of the car were assembled with no treatment of the metal in the seams. In areas like the weatherstrip channels shown below all of the weatherstrips were removed, blasted clean, treated for rust prevention, and new ones welded in place. After doing this the weather strip channels are then blasted again and sealed in epoxy.
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    Done, with a black Z34 wheel. And working fine. Here's an idea though. Instead of tucking the resistor behind the lock plate, go under the dash. Pull the male end of that connector from a donor car and splice in your resistor there. That way, no cutting on the car and it is plug and play.