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    Just before I loaded her up! More to come in the follow on thread
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    Just a guess until I check my books, but looks like it came from a 1953 Oldsmobile or Cadillac. I see the rear output shaft does not look like there was ever a torque ball as Buick used with the torque tube closed driveshaft system. Also the bell housing looks like it has "ears" that I have seen on Olds/Cadillac Dynaflows. Dynaflows were used in Oldsmobiles and Cadillacs only in 1953 because the Hydramatic plant burned to the ground and so GM fitted Dynaflows to these cars that would normally have had Hydramatics Joe, BCA 33493
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    I had been putting off this job for some time but I recently got it done. My tail light was dirty inside because of a small leak and didn't look too good. Instead of taking it apart and taking a chance of breaking it, I decide to try VHT Nite Shades to tint it to hide the imperfections. I think it turned out really well although I did get it a little darker than I intended. Still I'm very happy with the results. If you want more information about how I did it you can find it here. Below is a before and after photos of how it looks. Before: After:
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    This thread is for BCA BOD Candidates to voice their ideas and thoughts along with their goals for building the club into an even better club than it already is. Candidates please feel free to include your already published bios but what is hoped for here is a better insight as to what you hope to accomplish during your term if elected. A friendly exchange of views is also encouraged. Please note this thread is for candidates only and general members posts will be respectfully removed.
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    We were touring Texas looking at the pretty flowers that were out this time of year. The leader of the pack turned onto a country road that was nice to begin with but eventually became a gravel washboard. The Reatta dropped out pretty soon after that but the rest kept on going. When we got to our destination, the owner of the blue coupe commented that he didn't have any issues with the road as that what the car was made for.
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    Mr. Earl will be drooling in his cereal this morning.
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    Thanks for all of the help guys, I brought the "boat" home today. The transmission will occasionally stay in reverse but it seems best to hold it there so it doesn't slip into Low. Looks like I will be starting a me and my Buick post!
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    This weekend was the Texas tour in Brenham TX....it is never a big show but we always have fun. Several new vehicles this year. The 1918 center door that was on the cover of the January Bugle was there and everyone was quite interested in seeing such an unusual car. 1963 Lesabre 3 speed dual quad 401 2 dr post that was immaculate. 1963 Special convertible Willie was there with the 55 Century air conditioned 4 dr hard top 3 Reattas....one driven in from Albuquerque
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    Dave did a great job with the judging and kept the awards presentation moving right along. (I almost couldn't keep up...) We are making note of folks' comments. Most of them have been very positive. Using the Speedway's Fan Fair area out front is definitely the best place for a meet. Yes, real live bathrooms right in the middle of the show field! The ladies on my team were thrilled. And yes, sometimes we carry over to April with our March winds in NC... Thanks for sharing your pictures. I think Tom G. may post more pictures later.
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    Yes, 1949, Dad was a dealer, I heard him talk about one coming for the showroom. It was GRAY with BLACK top, the first one he received did NOT have the sweep spear. I was in love! I was never pleased they extended the name, to much of a good thing ISN'T always best, IMO. Kind of like our local TV News, they beat us to death with more and more info on the weather that serves no useful purpose. Who in the world is going to care if one town nearby is 45, the next one 44, and then they name 8-10 other towns that are all within a couple degrees. During the 30 minute news, WEATHER is talked about 6-8 times, News has been cut way back, sports now has 2-3 minutes. Then at 27 minutes after the hour they go to ADS for 3 minutes. Sorry to RANT, but my point is, " A GOOD SALESMAN KNOWS WHEN TO STOP SELLING". Car manufactures have a history of carrying a good thing to far, IMO. This is my PREACHING/SERMON for the day, hehe. Dale in Indy
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    I believe it was first used in 1949, on the Roadmaster, but quickly spread to the other models as well. The Riviera designation was given to post-less hardtops, with no pillar behind the front door and no frame around the door window. The idea is that with the windows down it is like a convertible with the top up, with an unobstructed panoramic view out the side. So much like a convertible, in fact, that our '56 Riv is a model 46R, and a convertible would have been a 46C. 1955 saw the introduction of the 4-door Rivieras on the small bodied Special and Century, '56 for the Super & Roadmaster. 1957 saw the introduction of the Riviera wagons. Specials were available with posts and as hardtop Rivieras, where Centurys were all Rivieras, known as Caballeros. Then, of course, Riviera became its own model in 1963 - but the Electra 225 Riviera was also still available that year.
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    Got the chance to get the Queen out today. Not a leaf out on the trees here yet, but it could happen soon. We've had such a mild winter I feel bad saying it knowing what some of ya'all went through. Now the last two weeks have been more winter like than the last four months. Anyway, a massive rain storm came through Friday so with temps in the high 30-low 40's I pulled her out for a spin. Just love to drive that car! When I came home I found my spare clock that I got at that junkyard that was closed two years ago. It was dead when hooked to my spare battery. I pulled off the two light sockets and was able to drop some speedometer cable lubricant onto the mechanism through those holes. Then I was able to spin the clock with the adjustment knob. I was pleasantly surprised to see it work when I attached it to the battery a 2nd time. Now I just gotta get it in the car.
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    Day 2. Distributor. Disassembled the distributor since the driven gear on the bottom of the ~150,000 mile distributor was badly worn, outer edge of gear teeth almost come to a point they are so thin. Everything has to come apart to do this plus it needed to be cleaned. Donor distributor driven gear looked like new, more reason to believe it is a low mile unit, so that unit had to be torn down too (and the matching drive gear is on the rebuilt S/G is another good reason). Lots of nasty grease to clean. All three little centrifical weight springs found loose in the bottom of the original distributor housing. The three in the donor were off too. Hmmmm. Six lobe cam that lifts the points on my original unit looked worn, donor again looked like new. The centrifical weight assembly from the original was best since it had no rust and was really free to move, just covered in black grease. Hope those little springs stay put this time. Everything cleaned and greased and assembled now with the best parts of each. Points stone ground bright and flat/square. Gap 0.020 in.. Man is that easy to do with the distributor on a bench not bent over in the dark with those dinky points wrenches to adjust the gap. Water pump cover re-torqued and lower radiator hose back on. No water pump work this time. Need to paint the distributor housing and distributor right angle gear drive housing the distributor mounts in (which in turn mounts to the S/G) next to match the S/G paint and too cold to do that. 28F and two inches of snow today 18 miles south of Flint. 5 hrs well spent most with my wonderful wife as the kitchen island became my re-assembly clean room and she made homemade soup pretending to be fascinated with the workings of a distributor and my tutorials.
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    After reading Kevin's description of what would be required, I think it would be easier to make the driver's seat swivel 180 degrees so you could look out the back window when you want to see what's behind you. .
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    For sale on eBay is my rare 1954 Buick Century Estate wagon. Please take a look at it. Thank you. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Buick-Century-Estate-Wagon-/291732199001?forcerrptr=true&hash=item43ec981659:g:vIgAAOSwAvJXBxhV&item=291732199001
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    Very cool. When I was a kid there were lots of nailheads in hot rods but not so much anymore
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    I also enjoyed the new location as class 36B was near the crossover under the sign. Lots of traffic that we have never had at the old location near water tower. Many folks that came across the highway went to our location as they did not know we were not the for sale cars inside! I heard a comment that the for sale cars are very nice down here in Charlotte while he was actually at our AACA location! And our very own restroom facilities. Maybe next year more food vendors yes I am congested due to the pollen and my car is a dusty mess like everyone else is in those winds. Here are a few photos of cars near me and of course I had to put mine in the photos!!
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    If you'd like factory rubber mats, Legendary Auto interiors makes repro Buick factory mats in 17 colors. I have a set of their dark green mats in my car.
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    I'm almost sorry I asked!
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    It is not Buick or Cadillac, so it must be Oldsmobile. There was probably an adapter between the bellhousing and the engine.
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    Here's a picture that is from an old eBay listing for a Cadillac Dynaflow. Looks like what you have. http://www.ebay.com/itm/53-CADILLAC-DYNAFLOW-AUTOMATIC-AUTO-TRANS-TRANNY-TRANSMISSION-/131428134495?nma=true&si=jGJkWxpDNZFigAZHiiu9BumNu48%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
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    my Dads 2nd owner 1937 Dodge Woody still in the Garage
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    I can not say as to correct "hue" for the nailhead. The spray can color for the '50s straight eight, from cars, is spot on. When doing my 1950 , I found a couple spots of original paint. I then sprayed a "splotch" of new paint next to it. Perfect match. My artist wife found no difference in the two. Ben
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    How do you know what to mix it to? Can you depend on old original parts to still be the original correct color? Why would Bill Hirsch make paint that is not correct? Bob Engle
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    AND... Congratulations to Dave A for the recognition his Crosleys recieved
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    I enjoyed the dinner. It was nice visiting with folks that I knew, meeting a few new people, and finally meeting a few forum members who I had never met in person before.
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    That is a classy looking Buick! I love it! Buicks are negative ground electrical systems and 12 volts from 53 thereafter. So its the right battery. How long did you run the engine for the temp gauge to move? As a manual gauge it should begin to show movement within 3- 5 minutes. But sometimes those systems can be brittle and the tube can crack which ruins it. The good news is it can be fixed. There are vendors who specialize in this. The other good news is sometimes you can still find these new old stock. You should try to buy a shop manual. There is so much great information in there. The gas gauge has been the subject of discussion here. It seems to be a common issue amongst the 54-56 Buicks. Most folks start by dropping the tank and replacing the sender. These can be purchased new. The other issue is continuity within the gauge itself. The sender unit in the gas tank is an easier place to start. and do not overlook the condition of the wiring. If the insulation is cracked it may be grounding out and causing a false reading on the gauge. Also, the factory set up is for a metal gas line all the way to the sender. Although the tank is grounded to the floor of the trunk, it may be helpful to run a extra ground wire between a bolt holding the sender unit to the tank and a convenient self tapping screw to floor pan. Good luck with this beauty. Always glad to try and answer any questions.
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    Congratulations to the Hornets Nest Region on another fine Spring Meet. Had a great time . Thanks .
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    I presume it's a typo - that Special Deluxe convertible is a 1962. I love the colour on it. We we are still awaiting the return of show weather, so these reports from more southern climes are welcome. Thanks Barney.
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    Your vehicle, like all vehicles, belongs in one particular class. Your vehicle does not fit the definition of Class 19B. If it were a car rather than a Pickup truck, it would belong in Class 20B. In the case of a 1933 Pickup truck, it belongs in Class 22B.
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    Brian, how many years ago has that been that you got that unit from me? I'm thinking somewhere close to 20. At any rate it was money well spent on your part. Sounds like you will be good for another 20 at least. I'm really glad things worked out well for you with that. Terry Wiegand Doo Dah America
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    Great photos Annie! Hate we missed you yesterday, it was a crazy day for us, had to bring the boys with us when our sitter got sick. Hope everyone is over the wind burn by now.
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    Facebook has at least 2 major pages that are more-or-less dedicated to showcasing images of vintage dealerships & related memorabilia. I don't know, however, if either would have the type of information you seek. Cort > www.oldcarsstronghearts.com pigValve.paceMaker.cowValve | 79 CC to 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis?! "There comes a time when we heed a certain call" __ USA __ 'We Are The World'
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    The circuit breaker is the full protection for the turn signals. Look at the shop manual wiring diagram for your answers. The owners manual can be wrong. I have restored 5 of these 1946-48 cars over the last few years. I have Never seen one with the inline 9 amp fuse for the T/signals. The horn relay grounding wire starts at the horn ring button down through the center of the steering tube out through the botton of the steerig gear onto the horn relay bullit connector terminal..
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    SMS will make replacements for you. Just prepare to wait one year and to turn your wallet upside down and shake till nothing more falls out. But their work is near flawless............Bob
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    Got totally anal yesterday. Don't know what to call these, but when the trunk lid is raised the drip channel ( where my trunk lid seal runs) was full of mung. Got out a toothbrush, sprayed degreaser along the channel and scrubbed away. No rust at all, but now I feel the need to clear coat the freshened channel. All of this because, I am in the process of polishing rear bumper and spotting in some top coat on flakey areas of the panels. I recently discovered how to use top coat blender and the results are nice. That is definitely obsessive behavior. BTW, the bumper polishing is turning out well. 1. Took the anodizing off with a DA and #600 paper. 2. Hand sanded with 800/1000/1200/1500 3. Used an angle head die grinder with a small diameter buff wheel attached and white rouge. 4. Hand polished with Wenol polish 5. It will be clear coated today. 6.Probably need to gloss paint the bumper black trim. Didn't even remove the bumper
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    Lol! Probably getting too old for it myself, that winching leaves you with arms and a back like jello! I'm competing with the Georgia Buick farm. After tomorrow, I'll have 4 here at the house!
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    Looks fine to me, John! May have to discuss matching material to paint, though!!