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    That movie was the greatest.YA! Best part was when goffess was complaining about the parking charge. They were only parked for a short time. Couple of minutes and he goes ballestic. And the tree chipper and the biggest when they hid the money and coildnt find it.
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    I have found some paper work from Roy Brister when Dodge City bought him out in the early 2000s? I will be posting info from time to time and as soon as we get our website up, we will have a section on Roy. From what I have heard and doing some work for Roy, he was a walking dictionary for the teens and 20s. RIP Roy You are missed!!
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    Please watch his Youtube videos and read his website. UNREAL!!!! http://www.oldengineshed.com/ Get over it that this is not factory. It is BETTER than factory. I would say this guy is a reincarnated Dodge brother. This is his hobby. He does not do this for a living. He only works on his own projects. I have been around cars and resto shops for 50 plus years and this guy is over the top. We sold this truck from one of our local customers that his health was going south. John that had owned this truck would dress up as Santa with a real white long beard would drive this truck in our local parades.
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    It's very easy for me to send Peter G a list of "coming events" that we print in the Bugle each month, so I'll try to remember to do that. Yesterday I sent him the list that will be in the February issue and I notice it is already posted on the BCA website calendar so I hope this helps everyone. —Cindy
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    My family has been farming for four generations and my parents are retiring so it's time for a farm sale. This has been around forever and was a horse drawn wagon at one time when my father was little. Hate to send it to the scrap yard but don't have a clue as to what it is. Thinking maybe a late 1920's something? No markings on it other than a letter D on the rear differential or maybe I just don't know where to look. It also has 4 mechanical brakes. Hoping one of you can help identify it.
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    This is Tuesday night, Jan 5th, 2016. I mentioned that I would organize and pull together some pictures of the heater that I restored some time back, the following covers the heater task. First up are a few pictures of what I started with: I had went thru the blower motor some time back and covered this in an earlier post. I've included a couple picture just for reference: The biggest part of the task was to get a heater valve to work in its original location. The original valve looks like this: The closest replacement valve looks like this: Not only was it short and the head would never fit within the heater box but the valve directional on/off function was reversed. So I came up with a plan to disassemble the new one and use the head from the original as the basic valve was the same. The internal valve body needed to have a bleeder slot cut into the opposite side and the body needed to rotate the other direction. This task is covered in the next set of photos: After putting it all back together I checked out the operation to verify that it was opened and closed when expected based on the valve lever location. I know who cares but I still took a few pictures to document it: Next was to clean up the heater box (glass bead) and then primed and painted it before reassembly. I did not take a picture of the clean and paint process so we'll jump to the assembly and the finished product.The new heater core: The new heater valve: And the finished product: That pretty much covers the heater restoration. I have the duct pieces put away and they are thin plastic and I did not want to chance breaking them. I'll post tomorrow night some pictures of the sliding side step that I also went thru. That's it for tonight. Scott...
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    Sad isn't it, I don't think the one I got for free had a scrap value over $100.00, if I could get postage money for the owners manual, you are welcome to it. Bob
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    The Three Stooges, from the episode "Idle Roomers"
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    A reminder two 6v battery's in series equals 12v , 6v in parallel equals 6v but higher amps Al
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    My experience with a 1919 H-45 with 2 wheel rear brakes was once properly set up and adjusted they are quite adequate for the speeds these cars normally were driven. (35-40 MPH). I had one fellow tell me he drove his 1922-45, 60 mph on the Baltimore Beltway with 2 wheel brakes (and live to tell about it)!! The conversion would involve a very difficult re-engineering of your 1918 frame. I have seen some very unassuming front disk brake set ups on some of the "Great Race" pre 1924 cars. If you are that concerned then that looks like a less intrusive solution. I have the 4 wheel set up on my 1925-25 as Leif has shown above. I believe I have them set up properly and they do stop better than the 1919 I had driven. The problem occurs when external contracting brakes get wet. Then the fun begins! Of course it would be a miracle if my car would be able to sustain 50 MPH to stop from. I do understand the desire for people to push their nearly 90-100 year old vehicle to modern driving situations. My advice is to slow down and enjoy the ride.
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    Think lawyers, salesmen, and politicos are the nattural butt of jokes. My favorite is "the only honest politician is one who stays bought".
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    my pass side went bad a couple weeks ago. I installed a kdirk rebuild and is working great. A piece of the bracket broke off on me where the plastic up stop screw goes in, ticked me off, cause I was almost done. I got to brainstorming and figured I'd try and come up with a fix, so I drilled and tapped a hole in the alum bracket right next to where it broke.. Installed a screw in my new hole, adjusted it and tightened it down with a stop nut, then put a rubber vacuum cap over the head of the screw to act as a "bumper". its been working perfect. I should've took a picture of it, lol! With the painted metal body piece put back on, you can't even see it
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    I'm sure I'm not the first to do this...but I used my original coil pack bracket. I never even removed the bracket from the engine. I lined up the new coil pack and module where it seemed to make the most sense, and drilled a hole in the alum bracket and used a lock washer and fiber locking nut on it and it has been fine for about 4000 miles now.
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    Ask the place you take the rims/tires to if they use a mag-machine. I used these on every type of wheel and it is not as stressing to the wheel as a older style mounting machine.
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    My 32 Dodge DL has a 943S generator, which I would think is very similar. I'm pretty sure the set-up is the same on both engines with the generator pulley being turned by the fan belt.
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    I personally haven't seen so many 1954 Buicks for sale within the last few years in this typical condition, either on this Forum or on the 1954 Buick Highway Forum. With that said and no takers on many of them, two ideas come to mind... (1) After salvaging all the goodies, donate the carcass and round up eighteen more of them and send them to Hull, GA. Paint each one of them a different color that was available when they were new and request that the Owner of Buick Gardens place them on his property in a similar fashion to what's shown in the attached link: http://seniorcitizen.travel/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/gqycqfowbylv6hfrq3bs.jpg Change the name of 'Buick Gardens' to 'The Buick Ranch.' or (2) Extend Route 66 from OKC to Hull, GA and use the carcass as mile markers every 100 miles...nine going East and nine coming West. The nineteenth one could be installed at the now renamed (renowned?) 'Buick Ranch' high on a 50'-high revolving platform. Sorry, I can't think of anything better to use what's left of them right now. Are these good ideas or what? Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
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    Hey Fireball, I am in Alabama. Thanks for sending pics.
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    Hi, i have a 1931 ford 5 window coupe body in great solid shape with a 32 frame for $4,000 obo and i am willing to do a partial trade. will get pic's loaded later...car is complete minus front glass doors are solid and handles work great...shuts and operates firmly ...nice stout start...i do have a nice visor and header panel and solid trunk lid to go with it as well as a 31 chrome grill surround in great shape...some headlight buckets and might have a full frame with suspension to add as well with the 32 frame...thanks for your time and consideration
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    FS-1960'era stock car. 1931 Ford A coupe body on 1955 Pontiac frame. Rebuilt 307 Chevy engine. In out box, and quick change rearend. Raced in 1960's at Port Royal PA by Bill Ulsh. Certified to 1964. Shown at two AACA Shows, and won a 2nd Junior in Hershey in 2005, and a 2nd Junior in Virginia Beach in 2006. Car is ready for show or vintage racing. Need space. $10,000 OBO. call Norm at 201-337-1996, or email at oakland1916@yahoo.com