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    After I sold this car the first time, the buyer disappeared after a month of communication. So I am listing again. Hopefully, it sticks this time. http://www.ebay.com/itm/252172292108?forcerRptr=true&item=252172292108&viewitem=
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    I took the car out last Sunday for some photos. The weather has been way better that normal around here. Yesterday I removed the entire fuel system from the front metal line all the way to and including the fuel tank. It now has a metal fuel line all the way to the new pump and a short rubber hose from the pump to the tank. The tank I installed is the original tank from 66R as I had found a better one for it. (Video to come later)
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    for instance this is how you show up with a newly acquired Roadmaster....
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    Sorry rear window that goes up and down into the trunk of my car
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    ....And Oswald does too! I want to thank everyone that made this possible. I never would of thought my car or Taylor and I would be that popular. Loving old cars always has it's advantages! It was a true honor and awesome once in a lifetime experience. Thank you so much! -Brandon & Taylor.
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    Congrats, I have yet to install mine. Where do you find the backing and screws to mount it?
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    Mr. Earl, post 1222, Bloomington, Il is my home. After High School I dated the granddaughter of the founder of State Farm. I had a new 57 Vette, and she had a new 57 T-bird. Mine was Black, her's Red. Several of my family have worked for State Farm, also the home I was raised in was a block from the original Steak N Shake, it was in Normal, Il, which is a twin city to Bloomington. I could look out my bedroom window and see Steak N Shake. I met my bride while cruising thru the Steak N Shake curb service lot. I was driving a 54 scalloped Century HT. That was in late 1958. My father sold new Buick's to both founders of these companies. I have one of those lic. tags myself, Dale in Indy P.S. I also have a collection of original Steak N Shake dishes/glasses, etc. I also have one of the first car door trays used in the curb service lot. My wife's Grandmother was the Steak N Shake girl Friday, she started the curb service in 1940. They were called CAR HOPS, because they would run out and HOP on the running board of cars coming in, thus hoping to get a tip after service..
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    The car was in the list of top two things I immediately noticed ...
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    I guess so, but it was not the first thing I noticed when I first saw the photo.
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    All I can say is that it's rare enough you should grab it. NOW before it's too late. You'll kick yourself if you don't. Being that it's a convertible makes it even more rare. You can check the authenticiy of it by looking at the engine and comparing the Engine Serial Number with the VIN. There's a link on www.teambuick.com that shows you where to find that number. Look in the reference tab, then browse around until you find "where to find the numbers." I tried to post the link but right now it's not responding. The other thing you need to ascertain is that it's truly a Super Wildcat. The same site well show where to find the Production Code. For 1965, the year code is L and the code for the Super Wildcat is X. You're looking for an LX motor. Both numbers are stamped, not cast. They're on the machined surface where the valley covers sits. The LX should be on your left behind the water crossover and the Engine Serial number should be on your right. Run, don't walk or someone is going to beat you to this. Ed
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    It is Thursday, October 29th. Back from a week near Seattle, a mini-vacation to see family and friends. On arrival back home I had received a couple of packages. The AACA Third Place Trophy arrived for the Jaguar, and a new shop vacuum from Eastwood. The vacuum is very good quality and lots of suction too. A great deal at $39 plus $8 for shipping, or you might snag a free shipping offer or coupon. No interest in Eastwood, but do seem to buy a lot of stuff from them. Maybe I should buy stock? Oh buy a set of extra dry bags, about $5 for 5 at the same time. http://www.eastwood.com/rockwood-shop-vacuum.html On a very funny note: We seem to get a lot of calls asking for us by first name. It is hard to tell who it is, but usually it is folks asking for something. When they call for me Alice says "Sorry, he is not with us anymore. Fell into the mud and the pigs ate him." I chuckle every time she answers the phone.
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    NO!!! First gen Rivieras are NOT all the same. The '63 is mounted up on the firewall with a U-shaped metal bracket that can be a real pain in the neck to get the fuse holder to slide out of. The metal bracket gets rusty and the plastic piece does not want to slide out. This is AFTER you have gotten the latches on the ends of the bracket to release from the fuse panel. Take my advice on this: disconnect the ground from the battery BEFORE trying to remove the fuse holder from the bracket. The back side of the fuse holder has a bunch of exposed terminals that are hot all the time (not on the key switch). If any one of them touches something metal under there (like the fuse holder bracket mentioned above) you will start arcing and it can get messy. HTH.
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    It is Wednesday, AM, on October 14th. Today I am going to tackle putting on the new front shocks for the Jaguar. Yesterday, I made Alice a happy girl. I moved both enclosed trailers from the front of the house to the back pasture behind the garage. Now the front yard does not look like a tractor/trailer rest stop on the interstate. Oh, some good news. The clock in the Jaguar started working again. Yahoo! Here is a video I found on YouTube about the early racing years of the Jaguar XK120. Even some color film back then and I spied a pastel green OTC model. No roll bars either, scary to seem then in the corners on those skinny tires. It is a good watch.
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    The AACA judges just posted the awards. Here is how we did. Class 25A First Junior 1957 Austin-Healey ..........................................James Lesher, Doylestown, PA Second Junior 1956 Mercedes-Benz ........................................................Bryan W. Shook, Enola, PA1957 Jaguar.................................................................................... Henry C. Ver Valen III, Sparks, MD Third Junior 1953 Jaguar...................................................................John Feser, Marshall, VA We are happy and honored with the award.
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    One car really caught my eye. It was brought by a local restoration shop, Blue Ridge Motor Werks. www.blueridgemotorwerks.com Looks to be done to a very good standard. A true British design at it finest.
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    One final note. Another guy was looking at the Jag and spent considerable time observing the people around the car. At a break in the action he came over and introduced himself as the co-chair of the Kiawah Island Motoring Retreat Concours in April. He said that he would like to see the Jaguar there and to call him if I wanted an invitation to attend. It is in South Carolina, a two day jaunt for us. Just might make that call. Here is their web site. http://kiawahislandmotoringretreat.com/
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    Thanks for the tour of the swap meet sales John. I always look forward to your posts and the detail and photos are great. For one who has never been to Hershey and probably never will, it is good to see what is happening in that part of the world.
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    OK, got my second wind. So here are the first grouping of pics of cars for sale. I attempted to get a price on the cars to give you an idea on what they are going for out here on the left coast.
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    Here is a picture of the 54 Cutlass.
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    Does anyone need the small chrome trim on the sides of the hood? They look like double louvers and there are 3 sets of them.