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    I would like to publicly thank Lamar, Cindy and Pete for the cool short version of this thread in the Bugle this month. I was very happily surprised.
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    240 miles in the Queen, attending the Lower Hudson Valley, NY Chapter show/picnic. It was a beautiful day, if not a bit cool. Also it was the rain date, so besides Hershey, several other local events impacted general attendance. Still, a lot of beautiful Buicks, and a bunch of excellent folks and friends. The topper was John and Bea Scheib attended. Always great to see them.
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    So now the colours are changing I can contribute to this thread again! I've been driving the Electra this weekend, and since it was such a nice afternoon here in Toronto, I took it down to the base of the Scarborough Bluffs for a few pictures. It was very busy there, but I was able to get a couple of nice pictures with the Bluffs in the background. Those folks that have been following my thread about this car might be sharp-eyed enough to notice that the hood looks more yellow than the rest of the car. Your eyes do not deceive you. I have the touch up and most of the buffing done on the hood, and some of the front fenders, but the rest of the car is still to be done. The colour and gloss has come back quite well, but because the paint is extremely thin, I'm going very carefully so as to not polish down to the primer. These Bluffs are made of clay, not rock, and as such are subject to erosion. At one time houses were built quite close to the edge, but when enough of them went off and down the slope to the lake, the city stepped in and converted the area to parkland. Keith
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    Very nice pictures John! Got the 78 Wagon out today to get it cleaned up and take it for a run as it hasn't moved very much this summer. These pictures are taken in and around Stanley Park in the heart of downtown Vancouver. The first picture was taken at the historic Sylvia Hotel on English Bay and the second taken in the park towards the golf course and tennis courts.
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    Anyone get anything that has them "screaming with glee" happy ? Thank goodness for the 90/10 % rule as I picked up some killer nice middle skill level Kayak paddles for $30. Way back in the corner of the Orange Field sat the treasure awaiting me early Wednesday... had them in my truck over in the Green Field and had so many offers I had to hide them in the trailer. Bought a 2 man Kayak last month for me and Dad to take some time off, I've been working some heavy hours and look forward to the quiet time on the creeks. One 15x30 green tarp for FREE. 5 minutes before the Friday storm, some guys were dragging it to the trash barrel and when asked what's wrong they told me "It's just too big". How can a tarp be too big ???? At a dollar table bought 4 old jacks for a dollar each. Ever since I touched the oars I've been smile'n and thinking about the trip down the creek coming on Tuesday.... A VERY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY SHOPPER...!!!!!!!
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    5 Reatta conv' on the Hershey show field, mine would've made six. I would call that an excellent showing. Two red, a Maui, A black, and it's SS. The ones there were all nice driver quality, and a couple skittle above. There were also two coops in the car corral That was way above average for a particular make a car of that year except for maybe Corvette. For those naysayers that's no question the Reatta as a collectible, I think they're dead wrong
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    My guess is, it raised it. Probably to about 7.34:1. You should feel a little more pep and get a little more mileage.
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    Has found two holes (15 mm) on the right side of oil pan. Why is it necessar?
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    Want to see it in person? Make plans to attend the Elegance at Hershey on June 12, 2016. It just might be there!!! The car has another great owner and it is staying close by!
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    Joe, that is good information, that the second wet cell doesn't have to be fully charged. You're also correct, that older chargers will charge the Optima alone. A lot of technology is used just because it's there. I saw that a lot in industry, there are ways to gather information from, and put controls on, a lot of industrial equipment. In many cases those add on items just make life miserable, or provide information no one uses.
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    Post # 210, NEVER put white walls on that cool car, IMO. The black tires make the BUICK STAND SO PROUD! Dale in Indy
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    Reruns of the Andy Griffith Show are good entertainment, as well. And in today's ecologically strained world, it is better to watch an existing show instead of producing a carbon footprint from, the camera crew, their travel to the sites, fuel used, power for lighting, fuel during tale telling. Producing that show probably resulted in a carbon footprint equal to 70,000 VW diesels, stoiciometrically challenged ones. I'd rather watch Aunt Bee dent the quarter panel of her Ford convertible. At least the carbon pollution generated from Andy's show has probably been incinerated by nuclear surface testing in the late '60's, '70's, and '80's. The stuff from last week is lingering. Bernie
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    I had the 47 out for a spin in the country. I had just replaced the stabilizer grommets in the suspension, wow what a difference. Sure was a jog to the memories of the 50's and cruises in the country.
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    Annie SS, thank you for the THOROUGH photo coverage!
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    Reliability usually has more to do with the owner than the car itself. Any old car is going to need routine maintenance done to keep it running. Points adjust, valve adjust, brake adjust then of course fluid changes and chassis lubrication. Honestly I would say to go with the Civic for a few years until you are done with school. You need to concentrate on school and not repairs, upgrades and so on. Take this time to start saving up and researching what would be best for you. When you are done with school sell the Civic and buy the car of your dreams plus something like a 94 Civic to have as a backup. "Fast" can be misleading when talking about old cars. For instance a 65 Mustang with a 289 did 0-60 in about 9 seconds (probably less if you buy one with a high mileage engine). A 2005 Civic does 0-60 in about 8.5 seconds. Guys remember old cars being faster than they actually were. They were fast then but most minivans now will beat a 60s-70s stock muscle car (not the big block cars). To make them truly fast by modern standards they need some upgrading which means big bucks. Of course we all love the style, sound and culture of old cars but having one as a daily driver can be challenging. Say you wake up for school and the car won't start. You spend an hour troubleshooting it and find out the distributor cap is cracked. Chances are your local parts store won't have it so you will have to wait until the next day to fix it. Delivery to the store will be around noon the next day and by the time you actually get the car running again you have gone almost 2 days without a car.
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    You have to put it in parallel with a regular, charged, battery. The problem is that your charger is not sensing that there's any battery connected to put a charge to. Connect the Optima positive to charged battery positive, same with negative, then attach charger to either one. All chargers now, and for a while, have been built to respond to a feedback from a battery, even if low, and not charge unless that feedback is received. An Optima, for some reason, doesn't give the needed feedback....
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    Can someone tell me the average cost for a new wood kit to fit a 51 Ford & a 51 Mercury? Assuming we can use none of the original wood. I know kits come unfinished....and that's ok. We can do the finishing. Have a few decisions to make.
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    Dear Woodie Friends, I got my wood kit for my 1950 Ford woodie from Sasha a American Automotive Woodworks. I found it to me the best kit on the market for the money. It took about 4 months to get it and I was able to fit it in a weekend to my car. I heard both good and bad news about them so I went down to their shop in Orange Calif. Big shop with lots going on. They must have 20 or 30 woodies they are working on at any one time. The guy that owns the place is not to friendly but everyone else was. The gave me 10 clients to call and let me tell you I called everyone of them. To a man they were very happy with the work and the price. The follow-up, updates and call backs could be better I guess but they must be getting better because I did not have any problem of any kind. I looked around and did some research and it looks to me that the people making the most notice about them are people that have taken work from. I say call them and get some phone numbers of people that have worked with them. I would say call 3 or 4 people that do the work, check out the prices, drop by their shops if you can and give everyone a fair shot. James O'Connor
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    I had my '50 out for a run yesterday. A cruise of about 150 miles. Good weather. Car ran like a Buick. Ben
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    Too many cart this year. !!! Handicap ok. The rest should walk like most of us.
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    Pymouth Valiant or Dodge Dart with a slant six
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    I've had the Electra out Sat and today, Sun, for a short cruise just out of the city to see a bit of fall colour, about 50-60 miles all told. So far she is running well, we have a tour to do next weekend, and I'm planning to drive it on that one. Now I have to help my wife cook the turkey! Keith
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    Dave, I will tag onto your great post with some additional photos. Here is a link to our club page with a set of photos from the Saturday car show. Just great weather for the show and it seemed like people everywhere. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.974457612593159.1073741840.189910184381243&type=3 or http://www.aacabosh.org/shows/pictures-from-the-2015-aaca-hershey-eastern-fall-meet/nggallery/thumbnails
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    Vapor canister purge solenoid arrived today. I installed it and put everything back together. Engine started right up, ran smoothly, but when I checked diagnostics the EO26 code returned. I erased it. I disconnected the negative, then the negative and positive battery cables. Hooked the cables back up, erased the expected B code and started the engine, No more codes! This is only at idle sitting in my carport as it's pouring out today (can't complain, we need the water). Tomorrow I'll take it for a test drive. S.
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    Studebaker used Hercules 6 cylinder engines in their larger trucks in the late 30's as well as the US6 6x6 2 1/2 ton WW2 army truck (hercules JXD). Terry
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    OK, Point taken on the same name used by different manufactures. I do know the farm engines are far more common that the early truck and car engines. Dandy Dave!
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    I can handle the truth. I've said for years that I don't expect Reattas to appreciate much. Not even enough for me to get my purchase price back let alone the money I have pumped into it over the years. When my Reatta is sitting in the garage and I think about the time and money I have in it, I sometimes get depressed. When I'm behind the wheel traveling down the beautiful mountain roads of East Tennessee I feel like it was all worth while. I agree with Dave. I'm going to drive the wheels off mine and get as much fun out of it as I can. I'm not going to worry about the money. Maybe you can't make money off your Reatta but - you can make some memories like these that will last a lifetime if you get out and drive!
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    42-46 looks right to me. The 49 trim would have both top and bottom concave shape.
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    Now I'm more confused than usual... There's a Cont'l in the truck (4 or 6?) and you've found/picked up a Herc to replace it??...or you have two 23 Morelands??...or??? For body "tag" (3x4 or so plate attached somewhere) you sometimes have to look in odd places---obvious ones are doorframes, under doors above running boards, firewall in engine comp'tmt, etc, all visible places---now look up on insides of cab sides under dashboard level, on inside of firewall up under dash, under seat, inside of seat frame, inside glove comp't'mt if any, and such...but, as 1912S said, they tend to disappear... For serial number a favorite place seems to be on sides of frame around front axle area (possibly because modifications--fishplateing etc---much more likely in rear frame/rear axles areas) but, as mentioned above, could be anywhere, or maybe not there at all...
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    (Sigh)...your 1923 dating may be correct---looked at a 32 engine parts catalog and found "1922-26 Road Runner; BX-1 & 11/2 Ton.." and other models using the piston listed for the O/OX series of engines...these old catalogs disagree more than they agree...
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    I assume the 7R, then, was someone's guesstimate...early Morelands were heavy on Cont'ls... As NEWBY said, the farm engines were a different company, based in Evansville (and, to make life more difficult for followers of those engines, there were also Hercules Gas Engine Co/Gas Engine Works in SF, 1890s, purchased by Peerless Motor Co 1907, and Hercules 1Cyl horiz oil engines built by The Engine Co of Indiana, Terre Haute, and, I don't doubt, various other "Hercules")... By now I'm sure Padgetts noticed the "M" was 4x51/2 (with all due respect, it's nice to know I'm not the only one occasionally overlooking details)... Possible--repeat, possible--candidates are the O, OX or OBX, the O and OX 4x5 in period listings, the OBX as 4" bore (but I have no stroke), part of a series of "O" 4s that share some parts... Try herculesengine.com, (engine, singular) who bought a lot of Herc inventory and fab's some parts (NOT herculesengines.com (engines, plural) which is for the farm engines)... ALSO check in with Jerry Biro---herculesparts.com---I don't think he deals with anything this early, but might have suggestions (he's spoken of very highly in the tractor forums)... Period catalogs list the "O" (1925 Rings, Herc "O" for 1924 BX and RR), the OBX (1930 Pins, Herc OBX for 1924-26 B, K, 11/2 Ton), and "O-OX" ( 1930 McCord gasket, Herc "O-OX" for some BX,RC.RR 1-11/2 Ton models (Cont'ls in some) but no years stated--- DO NOT CONFUSE WITH HERC OOA, OOB,OOC ETC SERIES, LATER 4s With sympathy, Bud....
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    Tuesday arrived in afternoon, a lot more people here on Tuesday than I remember. Set up and sold on Wednesday morning, spaces didn't fill in like I thought they would, sold a few things, not crowded. Walked fields in afternoon. Set up Thursday am also and can't complain about what I sold. Walked files in afternoon and found a few goodies. Weather couldn't be better those two days. Friday am hiked from opposite end of Green Field to Red Field by old stadium, to man the Pierce Arrow Society tent. I swear it's two miles there and six miles back! It was a very good Hershey. Great weather. Overall seemed to be slightly fewer people, slightly fewer vendors, and a lot more "just parking" spaces. Thank you, Hershey Region, for a great event. There are no bad Hershey''s, just good ones and better ones. Please, Hershey Region, take the Orange Field and just sell parking spaces there.....offer some incentive, make it work, but when there's a row with two vendors and thirty locked cars, people just buying a parking spot, there's a disservice to both vendors and attendees......
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    Thanks mikewest! If you have any other information about it that you were willing to share, you can email me at sbradley@sympatico.ca.
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    I can't possibly comment on every post of this recent topic, but I will give my $.02. Not the BODs, but my own. As the new Driven Class Chairman, I have submitted to the Chief Judge an overview of the changes to the Driven Class that I would like to make. Allowing Driven Class cars to participate in either 400 pt OR Archival is on that list. It will allow those high quality cars that are driven to the meet to receive an extra "badge of courage" for driving the car. This will not affect the awards ceremony as the Driven Class awards are distributed on the showfield. We have also seen a LOT of confusion on the field, especially from first timers, regarding the judging process. Many "driven" cars have been moved to the 400 pt class if we felt they belonged there and we caught it prior to show day. We allowed both classes to be entered in Ames and it worked great. With integrated classes, there is no reason we can't do it every year. We have a new Chief Judge. He worked with us in Springfield to include the Driven and Display cars in with the 400 pt on show day. The Driven class judges don't mind walking the entire show field one bit in order to find our cars to certify. Prior to show day, cars can park anywhere they want. Show day belongs to the Chief Judge and the Meet Chief Judge. Boy, I really have to hold back from naming them Meet Head Judge. Our SOP declares that they are responsible for the show field layout. Please continue to share your feelings regarding how you would like the field laid out, but someone has to have the final say and they are it. They have a job to do and I have to respect that they will get it done the best way they know how. For every member who would love to have a fully integrated judging field, you have to realize that there is another member that wants everything separated into classes. As leadership of this Club, we have to make tough decisions and some of those decisions are going to make people unhappy. There is no way around that. That doesn't mean that your group is taken for granted or disrespected. That means that the other 7300 members have opinions too. We were elected to guide this Club and we do the best job we can in order to represent the membership. ALL the membership. I am an active member in the Driven Class. I have 5 badges of courage on my '59 Invicta for successfully carrying my entire family cross-country to enjoy the BCA National Meet. If I hadn't destroyed my radiator a week prior to Danvers, forcing us to take the air conditioned Roadmaster Wagon, if would be 6! I am proud of those badges and don't appreciate them being derided as "participation awards" or a pat on the back for driving the car. I enjoy driving my Buick and am proud to display those hard won awards. Yes, hard won....it was quite the experience to be exiting the freeway in Springfield and have my foot go to the floorboard as the brake fluid poured out of a ruptured line. No fun in a single M.C. car. Luckily, the parking brake got us to the hotel "safely". In the recent past I have owned a 1940 Buick Special (as well as a 1922 Ford Model T). I also own a Reatta that my son drives daily. My wife prefers the '59, while my favorite is the '65 Wildcat because that was my first car. If I could afford one, I would own a new Buick Verano, but alas, I drive another GM stalwart, a 1996 Saturn SL1, as my daily driver. I don't ever expect to own a car that could compete in the 400 pt class, but I love walking through those cars at the Meets as well. I enjoy Buicks of ALL ages. I would love to see dozens of early Pre-ww1 cars at the Meets. The '30s and '40s tend to be well represented, but not like they were years ago. I especially enjoy watching everyone hoot and holler as they get rides in those old wagons and trucks.I myself enjoyed a ride in Pat and Pat's Great Race car in Springfield. What a HOOT! Previously as a member of the BOD, and now as President, my goal has always been to represent the members of our Club. ALL the members. At times I have voted against my own personal preference because I felt that the membership wanted something different. I call it Servant Leadership. Yes, I at times I even enjoy those Modifieds. I think they will be an important part of our show if we make it to California in 2018. I support ANYTHING that gets those Buicks out on the streets and driven! I rarely see another Buick at a local show unless it belongs to one of our local members. That's why I rebooted the Cincinnati Chapter, so I could coax some of those Buicks out of the shadows and onto the streets. Terry, I don't know you that well, but I think I could call Mark a friend. I don't want either of you to leave the club and this is my personal plea for both of you to reconsider. Your voices are very important for the Pre-War Division and your input is valued. I consider you both integral parts of the Club and we would miss your knowledge and camaraderie. I know the "non-judged" aspect of Allentown is another sore spot for many (can you imagine how many hours the awards show would be for a 1000 car event? UGH!), but I urge you to register and come enjoy the scenery. The cars are going to be lined up by decade throughout the entire display field. Many, many, many long hours of planning are going to have to take place to make that happen. We are nearly 1/4th of the way to our maximum of 1000 cars already. Many more hotels rooms have been booked than registered so far, so that number is going to climb quickly. It will be a sight to behold and you won't want to miss it. Also, there will be a special treat for anyone that brings a car! I for one, CAN'T WAIT! As far as I'm concerned, I would like to see our mission statement changed to: The Buick Club of America is a non-profit membership corporation dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of those vehicles built by the Buick Motor Division of General Motors Corporation. Email is ALWAYS the best way to reach me. Feel free to reach out to myself and the other BOD and NMC members to make your voices heard. Their contact information is all included in the Bugle. Please don't mistake a lack of action or change to mean that your concerns are not important or respected. It's late and I'm done rambling......got to get up tomorrow and drive my Wildcat while the sun is still shining and the skies are dry!
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    Thanks. I am planning on having them silk screened. I have another, so cost will be split up a bit. Please make sure it's the same design as I have pictured above.
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    Trying to organize all of the chrome and inventory it. Bbqing at same time and drinking blackberry moonshine. Inventory tomorrow.....
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    Kinda. I think it is 50 x 25, but it is not insulated or heated. Wayne said that it will be a month to get the engine done and back into the car. So we are starting to look at cold weather. We do not like cold anymore.
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    We will put as much of this car to use as we can, but this 1938 Lincoln Willoughby Tourer deserved a better fate. I'm also attaching pics of a restored one so you all can see how far this one has deteriorated.
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    Looks like a previous owner dib not us antifreeze in Miami. Side flow radiator used plain water. The person I bought it from just drained the water and added enough to give the coolant to give it a green tint. New rad installed and removed side tank and it was half clogged with corrosion everything's good now. Thanks for everybodys help. Richard
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    My 1990 TC wiper motor on the passgenger side is not working. I don't think that the motor is rrunning but I think that both wipers are on a single motor. Can someone tell me if that is right? Also, I would like some advice/directions as to how find the problem and fix it. Thanks, Lowell
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    ====smart phones? Ben
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    If the car was registered in California for a long time, there is a good chance that the "pink slip" actually has the Engine Number listed and not what we now call the VIN number. I live in CA and as long as the engine number and pink slip numbers match you should be OK. I havnt had problems registering cars with matching paper / engine numbers.
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    I have seen very few 5th wheel enclosed trailers used to transport vehicles. Many full time campers are using, gooseneck, 5th wheels but they always ues a 2500/250 or larger. about 4 years ago I talked with a man selling a 3 years old F-150 due to purchasing a F-250. His camper's weight had caused axe bearing failure and the final straw was when the axle broke. Keep in mind, the total hitch weight is directly on the rear springs and axle. The 3/4 ton pickup has a heavier suspension and brakes than a 1/2 ton. If you don't use a 5th wheel unit, my personal preference is a class 3 hitch with a set of equalizer bars and an anti sway unit. I have pulled with an open trailer and car weighing a total of 5,000 pounds with my Chevy 1500 and 5.3 engine. I always hang way back in traffic for braking reasons. Additionally, I have towed with my brother's Dodge 2500 diesel. Coming across Ohio, on I-70, there is a 4 mile steep hill going east out of Wheeling WV. Traveling at 55, I don't think the diesel engine realized it was towing anything. My brother & I each drove our trucks, no trailer, the 450 miles to Hershey in October. While diesel cost more than gas, it also gets better mileage. Surprisingly, our total cost for each truck was almost the same. If we would have been towing trailers, he would have been getting about 21 MPG while I would have been getting only 13 and spending much more. I drive the truck less than 2,000 miles a year and elected to go with a gas engine due to it sitting most of the time. Diesel is much better for towing and I have never seen a 1/2 to with a diesel engine. By the way, the grades in the west will be longer and higher but not as steep as on the east coast. Neither one will be an easy trip coming down, you will definitely need an heavy duty transmission. You didn't say how long it will be till you retire. Have you considered getting a used closed trailer now with idea of saving for the 2500/250 truck and 5th wheel when you retire?
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    The Tinindian has offered some good advice here. I too use marine spar varnish with no stain or other color. The varnish is all you need & will darken the wood to look just right. I spent days sanding and picking old paint from the grain in my 29 Buick wheels with dental instruments before varnishing them. But after a local sandblaster demonstrated what he could do, I had the old boy blast my 15 Buick wheels. They came out perfect for varnishing. He used greensand and low pressure to remove the oxidation on the fellows and the wood spokes came out just fine. Blasting will reveal where the spokes are soft or rotted, so this is a good way to tell if you need to replace rather than just refinish. Don't forget to varnish the ends of the spokes to seal them where they come through the fellow.