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    Been forever since I posted.......i have re-painted all of the spots I burnt through the clear and applied three more coats of clear. I have ordered the new weatherstrip for under the hood and should have it Tuesday. New hydraulic cylinders are being ordered Monday. I have obligated myself to finish as much as possible because the 47' is now registered to attend Allentown 2016. It might not be finished, but will be there under its own power.
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    34-mile shakedown cruise with this '69 Electra that I've been working on since February of this year. First time out on the highway since engine rebuild/replacement, new paint, new chrome, new vinyl top, new headliner, new brakes, etc. The tires have flat spots from sitting so long in one place; belongs to a BCA member in Oklahoma City, and I will be returning it to him next week, but until then, it is mine to enjoy! Car was bought new in Oklahoma City, and has been in the same family since new. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, Texas
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    New to the forum. Have a restored 26 DB touring. Desperately need a starter and generator for it. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Customer calls and wants to find or build a Humpback like the one pictured for Family functions. He is trying to determine if its a 33-34-35. I would say 33 or 34 with the style of wheels and caps. 34 was last year for wires? What would you say? What a cool story.Dave; My name is Charles.. and I was browsing through Google in search of a 1934 Dodge Humpback Panel Delivery, wire wheels and suicide doors possibly for sale, when I found your website. I was raised on Johnson Truck Farm and Nursery, Ironwood, MI. The photo is from 1936 a picture of my Grandmother and Grandfather, Sophie and George Johnson. My father and his 3 brothers worked on the Farm. I lived on the farm till I was 5+.My father just passed away a couple of weeks ago, and it has prompted me to find this vehicle, if I could, but chances are slim that I would ever find it. But if I could find another one to create it, would work as well. Any insight where I might look would be greatl
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    If this doesn't make you smile, Jack, you dead Dave
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    Better than yours. HAHA I thought that this post was about a driveability problem? Not how it handles in rain or snow. This will do 140 plus as shown in the video racing an airplane. When I picked this up with my 10 car hauler in Ft Wayne in 2006, the owner-builder brought the car to me in the rain and my instruction from the buyer was to have the owner floor it with hands of the wheel. When I told the owner what my instruction were, he said no problem. I was shocked that he said no problem. I thought that I would have to hang around for a clear day or come back on a better day. It hooks good enough to lift the front end and I'm thinking to my self,ya okay. We went to the back of the truck stop parking lot that was wide open and he stood on it with no hands and it went in a straight line. I was in disbelieve. It didn't lift the front end (probably to much weight-me) I have raced cars for most of my life and I was totally impressed. As for snow, I couldn't tell you because we do not try to take it out in bad weather. Plus it does not snow in our area. We just recently sold the car and I'm sure it will not be used in foul weather.
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    good evening, very nice purchase! thank you for all the photos and pictures for the radio). I wish you a pleasant driving
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    I am a newbie coming to shop and learn and find sources for parts/services. Just acquired a 1919/1920 Chandler six that needs rebuilding. I am new to these older cars. The oldest I have worked on to date is 1952 Chevy PU and 1960 Caddy and 1948 Harley. Needless to say can't find much info on the Chandlers, especially any details on the motor. Simple things like rebuilding/sealing the water pump is new to me. So I am looking forward to taking in as much as possible though it sounds like could never cover it all in 3-4 days. Eric
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    The 27K and above values are pretty much dominated by the short bed 1/2 ton versions. There is a more limited market for 3/4 ton 4WD versions, thus I just don't think that kind of value is there. Keep in mind that many of those trucks are "aftermarketed" ( I know, I made that up myself) to death, and things like grill shells, and even steering wheels, aren't even close to originals. I feel bad for folks that spend 20 grand on a vehicle, only to discover 80% of it was made in China.
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    well I'm not completely confused yet, lol! but feel like I'm narrowing in on getting all the correct info. to sum up so far, the best I can tell, without a manual, yet (but I will get one), is that my 88 reatta has a total of 4 engine/transmission rubber mounts. 2 engine: the upper torque strut mount pn 2662 the lower mount pn 2943 2 transmission: left side pn 2671 right side still unknown All three above are available at oreilly auto parts, although I didn't realise the trans mount was available there until after I ordered it from amazon. Ronnie, that 2691 pn looks a whole lot like the right side transmission mount in my car now. I'm going to get one from oreillys (so I can easily and quickly return it if its not the correct one), and then will report back
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    I thought so.... I knew I had to be misunderstanding your point. Correct the part was originally 1949 only when introduced but then is listed in the 1957 Chevrolet P&A Book for both years??? What is not listed is the accy. 1950 only eagle hood ornament, Maybe inventory was depleted for the 1950 style?, I don't know. I myself would consider it incorrect on a 50 for judging purposes, but it does fit and looks pretty cool, and even have one on my 50
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    That explains the weird looking "bottom" in the distributor. If the correct condenser is some really obsolete thing, like a square or rectangular soldered shut box, you'll have to retrofit something inside it to work unless a round one will fit. You could mount a condenser externally too for the time being just to get it running.......
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    The old points looked like all they needed was a little TLC.......LOTS of material left.......but you'd better figure out where the condenser is located because you won't get a decent spark, if any, without one.......
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    You know what, there are so many big cars coming out of hibernation lately, some of the guys here in Albany were thinking of starting a new Club, The Yacht club! Care for an application?!?! You can see the white rectangular vacuum block I mentioned in a previous post right under that vacuum tank you asked about. Yours looks to be in good shape. Also I notice the A/C compressor has the larger pulley. That may indicate a performance rear axle. The GS's had that larger pulley. Does the car have dual exhaust? And I saw the tell tale bundle of vacuum lines, do you have power door locks?
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    Words of wisdom from my grandmother - "buy in haste, repent at your leisure" I have found to hold true, sadly too often, from personal experience. Be sure you are really in love before you commit.
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    Another thing I should have mentioned is to keep it out of UV light. This will preserve the paint, fabrics, tyres, woodwork and so on. If he wants to display it indoors, use LED lights that put out no UV. Marexim is a company domiciled in our little town that makes museum quality LED lamps, but you must be able to buy them from other sources. And of course, keep it in the optimum humidity. Museum curators and conservators should be able to direct you to guidelines on this and of course you might ask the internet.
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    Ah Vegemite... use it sparingly...
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    You see Matt, West has a certain "gift" for these things... TG
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    Well guys, I went out and looked at it again, and drove it. THEN I BOUGHT IT!!!! It is now being safetied, to meet Ontario regs for licensed motor vehicles, so I'm not sure when I'm going to pick it up. Anyway, I wanted to pass on my good news, though I confess, it is a bit scary, in a weird way. I will post some more pictures and give you more info later. I'm still in the midst of a busy day, though its' kind of hard to concentrate right now. Keith
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    O.K. this wasn't last weekend but...on 8/23 me and the family participated in a re-enactment of the first Port Jefferson Hill Climb of 1910, followed by a car show of the 60 cars that participated. Good times!
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    I don't believe it is aftermarket, but I could be mistaken.
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    I think we need to rename this the Ford cabriolet entertainment thread for daily amusement.
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    I think there is some confusion the hood ornament with the red plastic insert and it was a Chevrolet Accessory sold by Chevrolet for 1949/50 part number 3687425 The standard hood ornament is listed in the Chevrolet Parts Book as "regular production" that is all chrome plated steel part number 3684376. I had seen them for sale as high as $250 (high end) to as low as $40 again like anything else condition depends on a lot
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    Rob, Excellent photos and great vids with perfect and fitting Johnny Cash song. You lived a dream of many especially taking roads lesser travelled. Thank you for sharing. Do you have an idea what your route will be next year?
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    I met with Kevin Kerbitz and members from the Flint Historical Society Saturday morning where they got the first look at the wagon. They were very excited with the inspection. The current consensus is that there is no reason to restore the wagon at this time. There is value in keeping it as is,...kind of. The only thing that was talked about was changing the floor boards and a couple of supports because the floor of the wagon had been spliced in / patched years ago and a couple of the lower supports for the floor boards were rotted away. There was no decision made at this time and since there is no hurry to do anything soon it was just put off for further discussion and to bring in some more expertise including the Sloan Museum. Remember, It is ORIGINAL only ONCE.
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    A McLaughlin-Buick is always of interest. That said, I already do have more projects than I can shake a stick at.
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    Art of waiting for the trash man ? Wayne
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    Well I guess that I need to add some pictures. Finally getting some time to sit for a few minutes. I would also like to share Brian's sentiments to say thanks to all that helped to accomplish this retrieval. The wagon is now safely stored in a "safe house" The last photo shows over 1 Century of Flint Built cargo hauling. The GMC is the truck that we used to get the wagon.
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    Another quick "at a glance" way to tell '49 Fords from '50s is that '49s still had the outside gas cap, while '50s had a door concealing the gas cap. Of course, you have to be glancing at the drivers side for this tip to work.
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    I drove the '71 Centurion on Saturday, enjoying the new, correct for '71 dual-stripe white wall bias ply tires! Here are a few shots from Saturday at the Griot's Garage flagship store in Tacoma, at my workplace, and back home in the driveway.