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    Neat story on a seldom seen car- especially in this part of the world! http://www.yourgv.com/lifestyles/county_life/article_2fcf3a34-40e8-11e5-976d-170c357be44e.html When I first met James a few years back I saw the four rings on the grille and thought Audi. That's when I was introduced to the AutoUnion DKW 900. Fascinating car and this one is restored to very high standards. Now who would have ever thought a car like this would surface out in the hinterlands of Southern Vajenya, where the most common collector cars are Fords and Chevrolets? And since the lesser-quality Fords & Chevys were getting all the spectator traffic at that show, I had time to really talk with James about his unique car.
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    Thanks to all who expressed an interest - She is going to a good home, I think! New Photos Added and Price Lowered (down from $6800). I think this is a great buy at this price and I am hopeful that someone on this forum will purcahse the car. If not, it will go on to Ebay or be put up for auction elseware. I offered up this car for sale a year ago without success. Now I am more serious and have posted it to Craigslist and may consider trying Ebay. But, I wanted to make sure that the true Reatta affectionados on this forum also have a "chance to take a look". This is an incredibly nice, reliable, well maintained, and updated “Driver Quality” vehicle. She has fewer than 87K miles and all mechanicals and systems work flawlessly except: 1) the cassette player, 2) left/right adjustment of driver side mirror (up and down works fine). The paint is shiny and bright and the body is without major dings, dents, or scrapes. However there are some minor parking lot dings on the front of the hood that have been repaired with touchup paint. (Mostly not noticible unless you are OCD like me, or are looking real hard). It also has a "Sequential Tail Light" system installed, reminicent of the mid-sixty Thunderbirds. It is unique and work great. I purchased this car less than three years ago The previous ownerdid major updating including: new muffler and tail-pipe, R134 upgrade, brake accumulator, struts at all four corners, Fluid services, transmission service, tune up, headlight arms, wheel speed sensors, and maybe other services that I cannot recall. After purchase, I drove over 1300 miles home without a hiccup. This beauty has performed flawlessly ever since. The only thing I’ve done to it is semiannual oil and filter changes and other regular maintenance and cleaning. A new “EZ-On” top was installed by “Convertibles Only” in Seattle. They did a superior job. Other forum members here can attest to their excellent work. I changed from the white original color top to tan; which I think looks nicer. But those who are a stickler for originality, may disapprove. If you are interested please private message me. I’m located north of Seattle near the Canadian Border (U.S.A. Side) . I hope you enjoy the pictures and will consider if this is the car you need for your future top-down touring and cruising. Don
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    Finally got around to having the door panels remade on the ol' Special! It had the original ones when I got the car, but with the carboard all falling apart and the color faded, I ordered new material and had a local friend down the road make up some new ones. These i cut out of wood paneling instead of cardboard. I tried to keep the orignal style but with a better touch and with a foam padding. I am very pleased with how they turned out! Some before and after pictures:
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    Well shoot - that was almost too easy. Had first engine start last night, after what was reported to me as around 30 years since last run. Actually started it 3x. A couple of days ago, when I put the rebuilt starter in, I was disappointed that the starter would make about half a turn of the crank and bog down. I could turn it by hand by the nut on the front pulley, so it wasn't jammed or anything. I pulled the plugs out. MUCH easier to turn. So it's getting bogged down on compression. I took that as a good sign - that it's got at least some compression. So I pulled it through by hand a few revolutions. Then sprayed some PB blaster into each cylinder. Let that sit about 6 hours, then turned it 180, and sprayed some more in. Let that sit overnight, and turned it some more by hand. Couldn't tell if it was getting easier or not. Over the next few days, I'd hit the starter for a couple of revolutions to see if that would loosen it up any more. Then last night, I put the plugs in & wires on. I put the terminals on the starter wires at the carb & made the carb electrical connections. I bumped the starter using the carb switch - yes, carb switch works. So I added fuel to the float bowl through a short length of fuel hose with a tiny funnel in it. Pumped the throttle a couple of times with the ignition switch off (so I could see the accel pump moving fuel in). Sprayed some starting fluid in there. Ignition on, hit the starter, and it started right up! Burned the fuel out of the manifold and stopped. So I did all that again. Quickly burned the fuel out of the manifold and stopped. 3rd time, I had a little squirt bottle of gas ready, so I nursed it along dripping fuel directly into the carb. I opened the throttle up some - accel pump worked, and the engine sped up and maintained until the fuel in the float bowl burned out. This was a better series of starts than I had with the 263 / 41D, so I think this one is going to run ok when I get fuel delivery straightened out. Oh, and it sounds awesome with the main exhaust tube unbolted from the manifold - even unbolted it blew a bunch of junk out of the tail pipe... I'll see if I can get some video, then I need to put the battery back in the other car for the weekly cruise night...
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    Thanks retirednow. I didn't realize that the smaller straight 8 used a 2 piece rather than a 3 piece manifold. I know the 3 piece is the one prone to cracks in the exhaust side but I'm not familiar with the likelihood of cracks in the 2 piece. The one I have doesn't seem to have any so perhaps it will be of some interest to someone if I post it for sale. Thanks again, Alan
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    The show will be open to the Public on Saturday and there will be an admission charge, donated to charity, for same. You MUST be a member of the Buick Club to participate for the week and display your car.
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    Was kicking around Hobby Lobby last night after dropping off some framing work and noticed the AMT 1964 Avanti kit has been reissued in its original box design. Think Polar Lights or Round 2 Models bought up the tooling for those great 60s model kits. Wish I had time, patience and eyesight to build models again! They don't cost as much nor take up as much space as real cars, and I can have all the cars I've always wanted! Like a 64 Avanti!
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    Thanks guys, I feel like I've come home. I spent some time out in the garage tonight, just shifting stuff around so that it makes a little more sense. Baby steps, but many wise folks have said on these pages that any progress on a daily basis will eventually result in a good outcome.
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    Well I once again made the trek to Gibson's and went harness hunting. I went through the Cadillacs, Pontiac's, Olsdmobile's, Buick's and Lincolns. Cars of our vintage are getting crushed and parts are getting hard to come by. I did not go through the foriegn cars. I found two leads and one is going to John [from a Cadillac] and the other is going to Kevin [from a Lincoln]. The plugs are interchangeable [from GM to Lincoln] but the "lock tabs are different. The Lincoln uses a lock tab similar to the ones used on our Reattas. The Cadillac plug uses a formed wire to lock the plug onto the switch [no tab]. Other then what is in the foriegn cars there were no other Teves units using that set up. As Gibson's intermixes all the foriegn cars it is pretty much a night mare to find a car unless you "know" what it's identifying features are. BTW workong on the Teves in a Lincoln is pretty much a nightmare. The pump motor is "tucked under" the ABS/Resivoir part of the Teves init and hard to get to. We have a much better system. The Cadillac is also straight forward, just like the Reatta. Guys you should get your harness's this week. Kevin yours is coming with that seat bottom via Speedee and will be there tomorrow. John yours should be there on Thursday. Please let me know if I got the "right" harness this time.
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    I think a lot of people would be interested in your decals. They look great. Post an advertisement in the Buy/Sell forum so everyone will know you have them for sale and see how it goes. Everyone needs the decals so demand isn't going to be a problem. It's just a matter of you being able to price them so the average Reatta owner can justify spending the money on his daily driver. If the price is right I think they will sell like hotcakes. Otherwise putting them on a rebuilt switch may be the best way to go. No matter if they sell or not I appreciate your efforts to make another aftermarket part available to Reatta owners.
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    Re John and Matt's comments. I totally agree. I also collect wooden. Duck decoys. As soon as there is a television show that a collector bought a decoy for $50 and sold it for $1000 everybody thinks their decoys in the garage are worth a thousand dollars. Many times they are hunting birds worth $25 but try to convince the seller about their real worth. After that they sit and rot because he has a fictitious number lodged in his brain. The same with cars ! Wayne
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    On possible modification of the 322: The offenhauser catalog shows a dual four-barrel intake manifold available. Might (or might not, don't know) be difficult to find. If you can find one, definately would be easier to set up a set of quads than change the drive-train. And while three two-barrels are eye-candy, dual four-barrels WORK as well as eye-candy. Throw on a repro Ford (mill off the FoMoCo) air cleaner with the aluminum top (polish), and the 322 would look pretty snazzy! Jon.
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    Awesome road report!!! Those are some Buickful pictures!!! Glad you got to see Yellowstone Park in the sunshine! It poured when we were driving through. Yellowstone lake is worth the trip by itself. Wishing you the best of luck on your journey, and looking forward to more pictures...
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    More good news today. Early last week I contacted the Kansas Department of Revenue in an effort to discover all who owned the car prior to my grandpa. I sent them a check for $25, and they performed a microfiche search. Turns out that the car was brought into Kansas, used, from Missouri in January of 1963. They sent me grainy copies of all title transfers starting on that date. One includes the name and address of the last Missouri owner. Tonight I contacted the Missouri Department of Revenue in hopes they can help me trace the owners back to new. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they have a similar program.
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    You are a patient man! 9 years between original request and first bump! Good luck in your quest......
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    Kudos for your continued work to get another one back on the road!
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    Back when the National Meet Committee was an idea, I assume the reason for the idea was because Chapters stopped bidding to do the work. Why the Chapters stopped bidding, I do not know. But, as I understand it, at that time certain Chapters were asked to do the Meets because of their experience and a lack of Chapter bids. With the absence of local Chapter involvement eventually the National Meet Committee idea was incorporated into our Club. And the National Meet Committee IS a success in that, after Concord NC, there would not have been ANY National Meet without the work of the committee, which includes the Books, who I observed doing a pretty good ( and mostly thankless) job! Personally, I am saddened that some folks take joy in presuming that because there is an opportunity for the "old" way, that the National Meet committee was a failure. Be that as it may, the fact is things have been moving forward and once again there is a call for the Chapters to get involved. There is some financial reward at the end of a successful meet. And there are now three models of successful meets that Chapters can look to, to formulate a bid. Instead of rejoicing in what may appear to be failure of a good idea, I would urge Chapters to look at the positives of this organization, and begin to discuss the possibilities. Here is one thing that may be of concern to any Chapter who is considering such possibilities. After this years meet a survey was sent to folks who registered for the event, to gauge satisfaction. While the survey is still being tabulated and analyzed I can report that 183 of the 324 targeted surveys were returned. Of the 183 respondents, 175 answered the question on how many National Meets they have attended. 60% ( 104 people) reported that they have attended 4 or more National Meets. And since I have never attended a National Meet where weather had some negative aspect ( including rain or severe heat in the last 5 consecutive Meets) this tells me that if you hold it, the members will come! Chapters, open your discussions. You can bring a successful National Meet to your town.
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    Well, first of all, The AACA forum is not yet using the very latest version of IP.Board, nor am I at my hobby forum. Version 4 of IP.Board was officially released a month or so ago, after a three+ year development and beta process. Many users of IP.Board are waiting before upgrading, for reasons I likely don't have to mention to an experienced guy like yourself. Whether version 4 has ditched the use of Flash for the advanced uploader, I do not know. I can say that the advanced uploader works very well. As to the vulnerabilities Flash might have, I've not seen any issues on my end, but then I use the Apple platform exclusively and have since 1991. None of my forum's users have reported any problems with Flash to me. I would like to point out the vBulletin, the forum software formerly used here, has experienced a recent issue with hackers being able to break into its PM system to spam the membership. I know of two forums who have been dealing with this and reports are there are many others. So far, IP.Board has not suffered similar issues to the best of my knowledge. IPS, who market the software, are extremely vigilant regarding vulnerabilities in their product, based on almost a decade of using it.
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    A great set up to exercise his collection without ever having to take them onto public streets
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    thank you but the picture was there a month. this piece broke last week wanting to plug something. I do not ais choice but to change this piece . thank you
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    Thanks, Mr. Earl. It is quite rare, in fact there is not another known to exist. The body number is 8, and the chassis number is a bit over halfway through the run for '41s in Canada, so if one extrapolates that, there were 15 or so made. We do not know if this is accurate, as GM of Canada discarded all of their old records many years ago. I was President of the McLaughlin Buick Club of Canada for 10 years, and none of the long time members had ever seen another either. All that said, it is virtually identical to the US model, 76S, though there are a couple of minor trim differences on Canadian cars, but in Canada they are known by the Fisher body number, 4727. Also, it is of course not overly valuable, as there aren't a bunch of folks out there trying to buy one. It is a nice car, and I love to drive it! It looks nice, but its' no 400 pointer. Keith
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    The last vehicle I sold, I did it myself. Hooked up my buddy's enclosed trailer, and a couple of good friends and saw the great northwest tourist sites. Great time! There are great services out there but nothing like 'do it yourself'. Good day.
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