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    Well after bad news, there is good news. I purchased this car from Frank Knapp on the forum, he had bought it from a dealer in Ohio. After purchasing the car and owning in for 6 months I noticed the block was using antifreeze and overheating if you drove it for more than around the block. Upon investigation someone, not Frank had made a poor patch of the cracked block and Bondo'ed the repair and painted the engine to hide it. It was beyond me to fix the block, and I have done several the right way. I took it to a guy who has done it for 45 years, yes you read that right 45 years, here is what I got. A beautiful block to go back into a good car. If you have a really bad block, and need it repaired from a special car, PM me and I will give you the name of the shop who will do it right.
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    Ended up also having a short in LH turn. Got the RH socket reconnected. Got bulbs for all the sockets. Got the new wires put in for LH turn, brake, and started on reverse. With a test lead, found that the license plate light works, and one of the reverse lights needed a bulb. Need to get reverse & license plate light reconnected to the harness, then make it all neat, then the trunk end is done. Then back to splicing all of these leads at the front edge of the back seat. Starter came back from rebuild, so it's just as well I was stopped on the engine to get the electrical into much better shape. Picture - marker lights, both sockets working...
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    I parted out at least 3-4 of them myself, and theres always ones getting wrecked or totalled by weather phenomenon
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    This is a great learning point which many folks including techs overlook. The entire system must be "dead ended" or hooked up to all components (or plugged off, I use golf tees) or a vacuum leak can can be created by the open vacuum hoses and lower the overall vacuum level in the system which drops to the point where nothing works properly. It`s very common for one component which does not seemingly have anything to do with the function being scrutinized to introduce a vacuum leak which causes problems elsewhere. Tom Mooney
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    What?? Assuming your battery tech's advice is correct, if that's the only problem, why not get some of that thick asphalt/whatever roof/chimney connection leak sealer (or asphalt driveway repair??), carefully pack arouind terminals where they come out of case, plunk on a thin felt "anti-corrosion" washer (to cover your amateurish work) and Voila!!---all sealed up???
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    Keister 31 What I did was took Drexel remove grove Chromed handles When I got back I drill for a 1/8 pin Pin extend 1/8 on both side Plenty room Jesse
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    Great if you want a car that looks like and functions like a taxi. My father was a loyal Chrysler owner (until he owned a 55 Buick). And the 'unique' features like the brakes are a "beach" to work on and are inferior to the Bendix system on Buicks and others.
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    I hope the original poster comes back. He began a discussion, and has received some replies that should be helpful, but we haven't heard from him in 2 weeks!
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    Before I'm beginning with the bumpers (front or rear I don't know yet), I wanted to add a little detail: the windshield washer jar bracket. Maybe I will still find something else to do before the bumpers!
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    The G.M. Aztec is still ugly. Just sayin', Grog
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    On a side note, it is refreshing that a governing body wants to make sure 100% originality. How utterly refreshing. Over on this side of the pool, the rush with the potato chip crowd ( ie. A potato chip appears substantial when viewed from straight on, but turn it side ways and there is little to no depth ) , so the potato chip folks apparently do anything but keep their cars original. Every car apparently needs, 19 inch wheels, disk brakes all around, furry dice and a chevy 350 somehow crated into the engine compartment just so they can install a crappy chevy van steering column. Oh yeah, my list goes on but I make my point.
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    Every filter I've seen has an oil level line embossed on the side.................Bob
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    I had this problem on mid-'60s Chryslers. The rh front wheel cover would rotate in the wheel, the only one that did that. Chrysler put travel-limiter tabs on the wheels and the wheel covers, which just limited the movement and not the fact they would rotate. I ended up taking the valve stem extensions off of the valve stems, then installing the wheel covers with the valve stem hole AWAY from the SHORT valve stems we used back then. It did this with the OEM Goodyear Super Power Cushion bias ply tires, then with BFG Silvertown Belteds, and ONLY on the lh front wheel location. Trying to use steel valve stems (bolt-in) could damage the wheel cover if they are desired to stop the rotation. The wheel cover might become dis-installed if it tries to turn and cant. NTX5467
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    I am going to pass. I think the float is suseptible to damage from the ethanol. I noted this gauge was off when I got the car and all the way home. However for the last year I put non ethanol fuel in it all the time and it seemed to be okay. On the third tank with ethanol going to Missouri it malfunctioned again and only got worse as the trip went on. So the replacement I got today is going in. I don't know how many haircuts I have left and I don't want to spend any more of them pulling this tank again.
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    I always like the Dukes and there antics. With that said..... I'm not from the south and have spend very little time there. I always thought of the rebel flag as a symbol of good old boys of the south. Men fought under that flag. I had NEVER even heard of it being something that represented racism until recently when some WACKO that felt he had to murder some poor souls and used it as his symbol of hate. (or at least that's how the news says it) This country has lost its perspective of "politically Correct". A guy cant even be a rebel ant more.
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    That is GORGEOUS! I know someone looking for that era Buick; I forwarded the link. Who knows.... Cort www.oldcarsstronghearts.com 1979 & 1989 Caprice Classics | pigValve, paceMaker, cowValve"I've got bruises on my memory" __ Dwight Yoakam __ 'Thousand Miles From Nowhere'
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    DBirch, while trying to find info online I stumbled across this Maxwell restoration that shows a lot of information you might be able to use. http://www.selectmotorcompany.com/projects_restorations_77.asp A frozen steering box is a highly unusual problem especially on a car that hasn't been left outside like yours. First, I'd jack up the front axle and disconnect the pitman arm on the steering arm. That would allow you to isolate the kingpins and tierod ends to make sure your problem is in the steering box. Check the mounting of the steering tube to the dash to make sure there is no anti-theft lock at that point. If all this checks out I suppose your problem is inside the box and it would need to come apart. I'm going to go through the restoration pictures and see if there is any of the box. Do you have an owners manual? They usually show internal views and tell how to adjust the steering box. Howard Dennis