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    Thanks for the update Peter. I think the page you had up while we were waiting around for the update was entertaining. My favorite thing so far is that on the Buick forums page, the "Buick General" is bigger than the "rules" page. I always used to inadvertently go there whilst surfing (as I do 98% of the time) on my phone. Anyway, thanks for your effort. Let the whining begin.
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    Just post a response that they sold.
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    Posting at 02:46 AM and ending in grrrrr is not good. Hopefully your T-Bird is running and reliable for this summer. It is really time to bring the car home, buy a little garage equipment and dig in. You will be extremely happy with the results. From the messages, you can write sentences, punctuate, capitalize; with those skills you can read and interpret the manuals pretty well. And you will be likely to follow the instructions to the letter. I don't remember the moment I became a mechanic, but I know I never stood next to a couple of rats that were turned into coachmen, it ain't magic. Line up a helper at $15 per hour, a good one. Then you will have to make the commitment to be there providing work. That gets the job done. Buy a quality 3 1/2 ton, two speed jack and two set of Hein Werner jack stands and any other tools to supplement your existing equipment. Don't delegate a big portion of the fun. I had a good friend who was my cardiologist. He loved old cars and kept trying to get into an adult Ed program for mechanics. The quota was never met. At the time I was teaching an HVAC apprenticeship program and he asked if I would teach a private class for him once a week (sit on a bucket, point and grunt while he worked). He loved it. Once he was working under his truck while I sat to the side. Sweat was pouring off him and he said "Geez, for years I have been telling patients that work was not a cardiac workout. By, did I get that wrong!" He wore gloves but always worried about cleaning his hands for surgery. Great hobby memories. And I know he was asleep at a quarter to three those mornings. Due to my advancing age I farmed out some work a couple of years age. Things weren't right until I disassembled everything and painstakingly reassembled it all. About the only thing I trust to go out now is a tire change or alternator rebuild. And I am very satisfied with the policy, thank you. Bernie BTW- does anyone have a good Coats tire machine within 100 miles of Rochester, NY. Bernie
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    Buyer beware and know what you're buying. I seriously doubt that many owners, junk yards, or vendors know the differences. You might want to study up to make sure that the Dynaflow dip stick and the Dynaflow fill tube are a matched pair. There were differences between the earlier and later Dynaflows. Also, earlier Buick V-8 322-c.i. engine oil dip sticks were shorter than the later ones.....the shorter ones not showing any oil even if you had half the recommended amount of oil in the pan. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
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    Georgia, Georgia... the whole night though.. Talking about Georgia on my mind....
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    PROBLEM FIXED, took apart the column connector, sprayed both half's with non flammable contact cleaner and plugged and unplugged about 4 times to wipecontacts. Everything now works matter how much wheel is tilted or moved. I even installed the bottom cover and sound absorbing foam.
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    Well the journey continues, today was a good day, I got the 1916 in my shop, I tried again to brake the stuck engine loose, when I rolled it off the trailer, but life is not that easy. Bill and I removed the head, and inspected the piston and cylinder walls , there was no damage visible, Apparently this engine had been worked on before because pistons were marked .030 oversize. Inspected all valves and none were stuck. Sprayed all four cylinder with Penetrating oil, install the jack on the hand crank , put quite a bit of pressure but was unsuccessful , That's when the main tool came out , "Big Hammer", with a block of wood, hit on all cylinder , apparently the #1 and 4 were stuck. Finally let go, then it was easy to turn , no scaring in cylinder that I can see, We cleaned the carbon out, and put Head back on, checked the Compression , the #1 is almost non existing 2,3,4 or around 50, Set the points ,open the fuel and cranked it up. Engine runs , but was a little rough, After shut down rechecked Compression still the same, That was it for today, lots of Fun, I will fix me a adapter for spark plug tester to check with a Differential compression tester to determine weather it is valve problem or ring problems, More will follow, Jesse
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    Would be perfect for me with 3 dogs and such. Strap a surf board on it and hit the beach!
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    Just noticed Tapatalk is confused. I might have to try uploading pics from my phone on the new forum software.
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    test edit) so to attach an image from your computer you have to go to More Reply Options at the bottom of the Reply box then you can Attach Files. Right. Peter is there an option of turning on the Image icon so you can use it to attach files?
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    Lots of new goodies. Peter always said he'd get the Like button back and so he did. Haven't figured out how to post pics from my computer files yet, all I get when I click the Image icon is a dropdown box asking for URL. Not quite sure what the My Media is all about either. and hummm, wonder what the warning points under the avatar is about... Hopefully Peter will increase the allowable size of the signature pictures a bit. and surely the Avatar will be allowed to be bigger, I think we have gone through that already.
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    NTX5467, Please change to a larger font. That is difficult to read.
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    So far, looks good. As usual, will take some time to surf around. Peter, and any others, thanks for the hard work John
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    From what I've seen in the 10 minutes or so, so far, is how much quicker the pages change. Looks like new options in the "Reply" tool bar, too! THANKS for making it happen! NTX5467
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    Have to agree. Nice clean looking forum. I thought the down time message was to the point and entertaining also. Good job.