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    this sounds like a really nice meet, and from what i understand the showfield is indoors / airconditioned (how COOL is that). we are seriously considering attending this event.. thanks for any input::::
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    I was on my way home from Texas with my '36 Roadmaster convertible in 1982 when I met him at a rest stop in Oklahoma. He saw the car and immediately came over and introduced himself, he was a Buick owner and admirer. We spent a half hour visiting about Buick's and his travels to Rochester. He said as a kid he could only dream about owning a Roadmaster. I am sure that dream came true later in his life. Ever the gentleman the world will miss him and his music! Rest in peace B.B. King.
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    Okay, so the barn was in fact a pole barn, and I have known the car for several years, I did find it parked in a barn the day I picked it up. The car is a mostly original 1913 Ford Model T. It was found by my friends Mark and Phil Eyre in the Detroit area. It was an in-town car from new and came equipped with a nifty Presto-Lite gas lamp system. It has original style side lamp brackets, piano-hinge style windshield and a radiator with a data tag number that matches the numbers on the dashboard. While the engine has been replaced with a 1919 engine, I have an original 1913 engine to install. It will probably be restored some day but for now sure looks neat as is. If I can get the photo to upload I will allow you to feast your eyes.
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    Ditto, it's way better looking than the Puke. It's so ugly that it's actually cute.
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    It's far better looking than the Puke
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    Contact Bud Rex at 503-292-1334 for details. Very straight 1951 Buick Super body panels & dash etc. Bud confirmed it is a 51 body. He said "1950 and 52 parts would fit. That’s why I kept it all the years I had the ’50, in case mine got in a wreck and had trouble finding parts". Thanks, Bud
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    Ed, not sure if you are asking about viewing unread posts in a topic/thread or unread posts that have been made since you last visited the forum. To go to the newest/latest post in a topic/thread, click the date under the poster's name on the Topic View page: If you wish to see unread posts or posts made since you last visited the forum, you can configure "View New Content" to do that. View New Content is simply a user configurable search function. Click View New Content and on the LH side of the resulting screen you'll see this panel. Where you can customize how the View New Content search works for you. By content type will almost always be Forums. By time period can be whatever you want. Other will usually be left blank, but if you only wanted to see posts made in, say, the Packard forum, you would select Filter by fourm. Ed, if you wanted to see all unread posts in a forum or set of forums, here's how you can make that happen. Be aware that these settings sometimes get changed inadvertently. So if you click View New Content and get no results, check these settings as that is almost certainly the problem.
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    Helfen, You need to check the configuration of your Notification Options. In IP.Board you have almost total control over what nitification you want the system to email you. To edit your notification setting, click the downward arrow after your name in the upper RH corner of the page and select My Settings and then Notification Options from the LF navbar.
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    Mine don't look like that
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    and some real shitkicker sideburns. (testing the new censor feature)
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    This is on Craigslist in Kentucky (I think): http://louisville.craigslist.org/pts/4974890067.html
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    OCM Like the tools. Looked under my '32 seat not long ago with great hopes of finding some original tools. Wasn't happy when I found none. Went to MD to pick up my 32 trunk and it was gone. Have 3 nice old trunks but not the metal one like you have. Do you still have an extra one you would be willing to part with? Our car is green and black and we could really use the trunk on tours. What ever you have (info or a spare) is greatly appreciated. Shoe
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    For all domestic cars, in 1937 the wing emblem on the grill did not have USA on it. For 1938 USA was added to the emblem. See attached pictures.
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    Did you try disconnecting the battery for a few minutes ?
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    Is it just me or is anyone else not getting a "view unread" option. I'm following some of threads and have posted to one or two. When I got home this afternoon, I checked the threads and posts followed mine but I had to scroll down to read them; no "view unread" link to take me to the first unread post in the thread. Ed
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    What is a "warning point" and how do I get one?
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    The return of the LIKE button! Awesome! Also, if you really dig into your customization options on your profile there are a lot of new features. You can even put a wallpaper on there. I see a lot of folks lost their signature pictures. You have to upload a new picture attachment, then go into signature options, click where you want it to go, click My Media, click attachments on left side, then double click the picture you just uploaded in the list. I've just noticed also that no matter how big of a picture you upload for your signature pic, the system seems to resize it to be tiny. I tried uploading several different sizes of the "keep our streets beautiful" pic in my sig. but it always makes it come out small. Oh well, no big deal. Lovin' this new forum though. Oh, and I can ACTUALLY SEE these smileys and tell what they're supposed to be.
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    RP1967 - I'm curious how disconnecting the battery of a Model T, with a properly functioning factory ignition system, going to stop it from being started and driven away I'm with Matt and Oldengineer on this one, first they have to figure out how to start it and , in the case of a Model T, they have to figure out how to DRIVE it. Now that would make an interesting bait car video!! Brad
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    Likewise I am enjoying both of your projects. I don't always post, but I am watching. Great stuff!
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    Looks like a 1930 Buick engine. I don't know if it is a Standard or Master.
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    You will find that there are 2 different sets of front door hinges. One set is used on cars with side mounts, one on cars without side mounts and yes it makes a difference.