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  2. Hi, I just submitted an offer on e-bay. Please call. john (907) 982-5900
  3. Yes, the mirrors are reversible. With that being said it really does no good because of the vent window divider gets in the way. AND, IF you move it reward so you can see to make it more viewable it doesn't match up with the left side & looks out of place. IF you do add it DON'T FORGET the reinforcing plate that gets attached to the outer inside of the skin.
  4. I like many European cars. My favorite however is the one in my garage. 1991 Jaguar XJS Convertible, Classic Collection. It has V 12 power and a terrific touring suspension like our beloved Reatta's.
  5. Steve, thank you, the AACA Hershey Chapter, and the AACA Library for all your hard work in making Hershey the great show and meet.that it is. This was my 48 year attending, and it was one of the best. John
  6. aka california pontiac restorations are not retards, thieves, or liars. your false statement needs to be removed.
  7. If you stroked anything else we don't want to know about it....
  8. JACK M

    Timing Engine

    can you pull the distributor and turn it 180?
  9. Seafoam65, Your right, I know that and have done that many times and will continue to use the additive on the cars that need it. I was just throwing an option and an opinion out there (and experience) with roller cams/lifters. I think there are some pretty good reason why the auto manufactures went with technology in 86-87. I think I made my point, nobody has to like it. Just an opinion.😊 Art
  10. Way cool. Perfect for those with limited garage space.
  11. Wow! What an experience! Three days after Hershey and my feet still hurt...... Over 45 miles of walking. A good hurt. We had a great time. Such an amazing experience! Thank you for all of the kind comments. We really enjoyed our time in Hershey. Now we just have to get over PHD (post Hershey depression)...... Thank you!
  12. and 1953 chieftain sedan deliveries are the rarest, only 468 were built.
  13. Id be happy with a softer one.
  14. Under the SOURCES tab of this web site, Earle Brown, Boos-Herrel and Jerry Richmond all sell them about $21 ea. vs $32 ea.! They may know specs and how to test. A common part to fail, most of us have 2 or 4 spares with us.
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  16. As of this morning this car is sold. It is going to a brand new to the hobby collector who is perhaps just as fastidious as I am with it. He wanted to know if he is too old to join the hobby at age 76. I strongly encouraged him not to look at the hobby that way and to enjoy his youth. Needless to say I am very happy with the new stewardship of this car.
  17. 1949 to 1953 sedan deliveries could have either engine and either transmission.
  18. All you have to do is go online and buy some bottles of ZDDP. One bottle in the oil at every oil change. Then you can use regular over the counter motor oil of your choice. Valvoline makes 10W-30 racing oil with zinc in it, but it is very expensive. Buying the ZDDP is the best way to go.
  19. Hi Lawrence, Have you seen the one advertised on ? I also have been looking for a business coupe for a couple years now but not specifically a 48 New Yorker. I was going to call the guy but didn't, I think he's asking way to much, at $26,500, but I have not seen very many 8 cyl cars come up for sale. If you have any leads on any coupes other than 48 New Yorkers let me know. I'm looking at Chryslers and Desotos from 41 to 48. Thanks, Ed
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