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  2. My faves are the 50’s, but that’s a pretty nice one!
  3. So tell me what sets apart McLaughlin Buicks from US made Buicks?
  4. Does the DA6 have sleeved cylinders? The attached photo is of a DA6 that is in my scape heap bone pile. When I was removing pistons I found this thin rust scale and crack. It appears to be a sleeve. If there are sleeves can they be replaced?
  5. Interesting its stamped CALI I wonder if there were special steering boxes for California?. I'll check mine, and compare numbers, when I can. just going on memory it looks the same as yours... except yours are cleaner.😂
  6. Thank you, Alen. Great info and thank you. The truck is looking great. Talk to you later. Dave
  7. Book shows them as part number 39868 and for a Big Six. Same illustration for the Light Six part number 120398. They look the same but must have some differences...maybe rim width. I was just questioning as they look just like my Light Six rims but they are for a Big Six. Scott
  8. No I don't. I didn't do it myself. But the mechanic who did it told me what he'd found and showed it to me and told what he'd be doing to mount it. Looked good and worked well. If I remember correctly, this is what it looked like. A Google images search turned up this picture. The vendor was OPGI. So you know it can be found elsewhere for less money.
  9. Some medicine for your heart before you get a heart attack when you see someone spraying water 💦 all over a classic and not using a waterless product
  10. I have derusted then coated (painted) the insides with model airplane dope. Even sealed some rust pits in oil pan, not rusted through. In addition I have sealed holes in crank case oil filter screens. some repairs are from the 1970's.
  11. Do it... my parts were hanging around for months before I had to put it together. And, yes you must assemble it on the engine. I had the same problem - nothing is really square or uniform so the only way to make sure it fit was to assemble them on the blocks and solder them in place. I was not able to get around in the back well but I took it off and fixed those spots afterward. If you're careful, nothing will move.
  12. 15W-50 may have been a little heavy for winter. Who drives a classic Riviera on a cold winter morning. Probably some dirt stuck in that lifter. MMO is good for cleaning out junk in lifters, etc.
  13. Watching Accomplice a 1947 movie featuring a 1942 Packard 160 convertible most likely yellow. Lots of shots inside and out.
  14. A great opportunity to own a rare and desirable Model T speedster. Authentic, period speedsters are rarely offered for sale.
  15. I'm sorry to have missed updating my ad. No, it is not available; sold a while back. Thanks for asking.
  16. Around the corner from my house....I have always love this rocket seems to have an extra chrome piece on each quarter panel along with that silly bumper strip down each side.
  17. The plate is on the passenger side. There are multiple ways to determine if a car has posi trac. A friend of mine has a Gran Sport with a peg leg 3.07 rear gear. He didn't like the RPM's the engine turned while driving on the highway so he pulled his 3.42 posi. (Don't ask. He tossed it out. I know, I'm sick about it too. He doesn't even remember where it got tossed.) Base most of your facts on matching VIN and Engine Serial numbers and the LX Production code, and the BS transmission.
  18. What you have is a Borg and Berg 11Q These were used on a number of vehicles eg 1928 Stutz The bearing is a carbon one maybe a later had a roller Thrust Bearing eg 1929 Stutz There are clutch holders that with a bit of modification can be used The hinge pins if worn can be repaired(turned down) then pressing on the inner race of a needle bearing RegardsLen
  19. Carl, Thanks for the welcome. You are correct I am on the trail of one. A quick Google search has only revealed some period ads with the Cabriolet but no actual photographs or video of one. I am trying to find out production numbers and if there are any others out there so that I may communicate with the owner(s).
  20. Earl, That is one sweet car! I remember seeing on a Sentimental Tour in Ocala about 10 years ago. I feel that 1939 GM cars were the best designed cars ever made. Best of luck with the sale and more importantly best of luck with your health. I love that car
  21. You should see most activity as the first hint of Fall appears. They are usually fine in the outdoors but when the cold weather approaches they seek out a warm place to nest. You probably had a much bigger problem than was apparent and you reached the point where you eliminated enough to stifle breeding. I dont have any pets/kids around the shop and ALWAYS keep poison in strategic places and where I can check to see if there is any activity. The poison is an anticoagulant (think Coumadian) and the idea is when they start to bleed out they compensate by seeking water and will hopefully leave your shop. Occasionally, I will find a corpse and am careful to dispose of it so another animal doesnt feed on it. Prevention is the best approach, especially after you have eliminated breeding. If you wait until the evidence presents itself repeatedly, it is "later" than you think. Mice are busy, quick and proficient little breeders! Just a note...a pattern that I have noticed repeatedly, where a "problem" exists and has been ignored, is the capture of an adult mouse. A day or two later a second mouse, also an adult, and then the capture of several mice which are obviously juveniles. In these circumstances, I would have initially use a traditional mouse trap, then put down glue traps so arranged that the spot of the initial capture cant be accessed without crossing onto the glue traps. My theory is the first capture is probably a male foraging for food. The second adult is the female following the urine trail the male puts down...and then the juveniles, if they are mature enough to venture out of the nest, following after the mother. Just my uneducated but personally experienced 2 cents, Tom Mooney
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