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  2. You can also try Bolt Depot
  3. Are copies of the build cards available? Maybe that would show it.
  4. I got the ones I needed from Jamestown Distributors. Stainless instead of nickel plated but that is not too apparent once installed.
  5. has a tremendous selection.
  6. MoToR's says to be sure to use the guide pins to guide the transmission back in safely. Item 10 in the removal procedure is to remove the two upper transmission mounting bolts and insert guide pins in their place. This enables you to get things straight properly. Thus, get yourself two long bolts with a little thread and the rest unthreaded and cut off the heads. Then use them as guide studs.
  7. About 40 years ago I placed my first restored 1934 Ford Tudor in a Mall Show. Inside the shopping mall with roped stantions mounted to the bumper ends to keep onlookers at least 3 feet from the car. When I returned to the car there was a family sitting in the car bouncing up and down in all seats. The father said "he had a Model T Roadster just like it".
  8. McMaster-Car maybe.... Or Restoration Specialties....
  9. 36 coupe, 37 sedan, 38 convertible. Different dashes, doors, front fenders, grills, hoods and trunk lids. Need a parts car for the parts car.
  10. I spent the entire day on the test stand...first deciding how to configure it. I have a good idea of how it will be set up on the engine - which is the important part but I hadn't anticipated how difficult it would be to find a way to get everything on the test rig. The first step was to turn two aluminum pins to hold the oil manifold. I was going to use two pieces of 3/4" pipe but couldn't think of a way to make them really secure. With that done, putting the rest together just took time since I had to try the parts and then disassemble it for the next step. I still have to plumb everything...which will probably take even longer. One of my friends just did a new kitchen. The varnished plywood are his old kitchen cabinets. Since the house was built around 1960, it is really good stuff...predating particle board and MDF.
  11. Here is a bit of commentary on the cadets in Australia.
  12. I would love help. Currently, I have e-mailed them to a gentleman who may be interested in them, so they may or may not be for sale. However, I would love to continue to share my treasures and my story.......I have a sense about me when I am digging, that I am living in the era........having so much fun!
  13. I am so excited about my treasures, I would love to post pictures, but I do not know how to do so. I do currently have someone who is interested in viewing them by e-mail, possibly he would be willing to share them.
  14. Nice car, especially for unrestored. My wife would be doing the same as yours, ha!
  15. Looking for a supplier of oval head slot headed sheet metal screws. All I have seen are Phillips.. where to go? thanks!
  16. Long, but interesting thread, I wish Earl good luck. I've enjoyed seeing that car on AACA Tours over the years. The nice big Buick makes a great tour car and will carry lots of appreciative friends. I too enjoy skirts bur realize it's not everybody's cup of tea. They are part of the streamlined look started by the Airflows of Chrysler Corp in 1934. On several National Tours, Earl & Doug Seybold both drove yellow Buick Convertible sedans. Earl I hope you let Doug know yours is available as well as the Buick Clubs. At some point your desire to sell will be matched with another guy's desire to own and he'll think he paid to much and you'll think you gave it away, but both will be happy the deal is done.
  17. Hello Robert Do you still have the inspection light for sale? Is this model the proper part for a 1926 Studebaker Big Six, dashboard inspection light? Is there a dashboard housing for this light? Thanks Julio
  18. But a hobby shouldn’t be about making money, should be about enjoying what you have (on the topic of spending more to restore than its worth, so I’m saying it’s good to spend more than worth to save a vehicle. Will hopefully get the chance to do that with a 4cyl Willy’s Knight). If no one bothered to restore cars because they “aren’t worth the cost”, then there’d be waaaaay less old vehicles surviving, and no matter how common they may be, that’s still a loss IMO, when they could have been saved but everyone went “not worth it.”.
  19. Paul, My 1930 the rod goes under the diff and upwards to the attachments, could the 32-34s be different? Gordon
  20. Here are the subjects. Not Much good if you hit any of it with a sandblaster.
  21. can you post some pictures please
  22. Eh, most of the issues will rub out.
  23. Today
  24. Thankyou for your offer but we seem to be doing ok so far ...
  25. Do the brakes lock up, or is it just the master cylinder? Does it do it when driving or when bleeding? How many pumps to lock up? Did you bench bleed the master cylinder? More information please. I’m using DOT 5 also and have spent several weeks getting my brakes sorted out.
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