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  2. What is a title? Is it who it’s owned by? Or like a deed to it?
  3. By the look of things, Buick probably won't be around much longer anyways. Only 9000 units sold? That's actually really sad. I wish this crossover fad would die off, because its seeing a huge decline in sedan sales across the board, but... its what is selling right now.
  4. You refer to the "larger" series, but I'm assuming you understand that you are actually referring to the cars with the larger engine -- the Century, Roadmaster, and Limited. The Super is the larger-sized body with the smaller engine. As a happy Super owner, I would suggest that you might want to consider broadening your search. You might find that you would be just as happy with a Super. The interior trim of the Super is identical to the Roadmaster. The Limited (of course) is in a class by itself because of its larger wheelbase, and if you're set on a Limited, then you will be "limiting" yourself (pun intended) to a very small sample. The Century is what everyone wants because it was the first factory hot rod to come out of Detroit, but keep in mind that it actually has the smaller body and is not as spacious on the inside as a Super. PS: I agree with Mike that the Super currently offered by Specialty Sales in Pleasanton is grossly overpriced. If you're looking for a nice Super, you should be able to pick one up for a much more reasonable price.
  5. Larry, If Roy passes then I'll take them. Thanks, Raul
  6. On my original 322, the balancer had a hairline crack going down the inside. Make sure you inspect it if you plan to reuse. If you get a new one, you'll have to have it balanced with the crank and flywheel.
  7. Beemon

    56 Super

    I would really like to figure that mystery out one day with the old Rochester carbs. Everyone on the internet seems to rebuild them "wrong". It was really night and day when I put the WCFB on. 55 carbs are more plentiful than the 56 carb, maybe keep an ear out for one? I guarantee it will make your driving experience more pleasurable without that bog.
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  9. Thanks for the info Bloo.. It`d be nice to find some new ones..
  10. Another nod to Ross. They made the pistons for m6 32’ Olds. Extremely good job. You can see them in the restoration thread of my 32’ Olds roadster. A company specializing in pistons for high compression, high revving, engines and been in business a long time probably has a good product. Their old engine line of pistons are made the same way.
  11. My (former) 1914 B-37 Touring had an amazingly smooth ride - not quite as smooth as our 123" wheelbase 1914 Hudson, but definately NOT bone-jarring. I agree with the above recommendations. Lube everything and assure that all joints flex - (including yours). You'll really enjoy it at 45+ mph - a thrill-a-minute performance!
  12. You could potentially find an old "Hydramatic" Dynaflow and swap tailshafts.
  13. That’s the only place I’m “blind”. At least that’s what I tell the wife, “I didn’t notice anything!”
  14. ckowner

    1930 cf fuse size

    The only way to find the problem is with a DC voltmeter. Go by one of the wiring diagrams posted above and work your way through the circuits. If you don't understand electricity, have someone who does help you. The old Dodge / Chrysler wiring diagrams are fairly simple and straight forward. There is not much that can go wrong with a clum switch, short of falling apart or filling with steering box grease.
  15. My wife is ten years younger than me and will help me when I need another set of hands (she only does light stuff though) or will sit in a big comfortable office chair I have in the garage and keep me company often reading a book or using her I pad. Often though she’s in the house as she loves to cook homemade meals, clean the house, and even hang out our clothes. She doesn’t spend much money on frivolous things and doesn’t complain when I buy tools or stuff for whatever vehicle I’m working on. She’s not big on sitting at car shows but this year very much enjoyed Hershey and the attention our 32’ Olds convertible got. It won its first junior and whenthey announced my name, she said to me it’s all been worth it. When we were walking the car corral earlier in the week she said “no more cars for a while” and I told her there was only one more car I wanted, a 61’ vette because I was born in 61’. She asked what one looked like and we found a 62’ that was blue with white coves. She stepped back from it, looked at me and said “I like it!”
  16. Can you give me a price on title and gauges and if you have transmission please
  17. I wonder if he uses the same ploy at strip clubs? 😉
  18. Y-JobFan


    It is the correct pattern and offset, they had them on an 87 LeSabre T-Type
  19. Jahns made a very low cost cast piston and quality forged pistons that were on the heavy side but what they made for years were forged piston blanks. With a piston blank, a lathe and a mill you can make one to any spec. Unless you can cam grind the piston it will be round which is a bit noisier but no problem. Gets better when warmed up. Back in the 60's we were doing offset crank pin grinding, experimenting with rod length, ring position, and dome design among other tricks to beat the competition so went through a lot of pistons (and other parts). Won some/lost some but gained even from the flops.
  20. Yes, I know that feeling of not being able to find a part in ones shed that you KNOW you No rush, happy to wait for for when you find the other bits. Feel free to PM me, I can pay via paypal or direct bank deposit. I have tried Auto Surplus via their website but did not get a response, Im going to be in Melbourne in a few weeks, so I will ask again in person.
  21. It's a mistake in the book. I am looking at the 1941 master parts catalog right now. 1939_Buick, is your parts book also a 1941? Anyhow the Group 4.400 in the exploded view is incorrect (but correct for Pontiac). I finally found it by looking up the synchronizer sleeve, and looking at things that were close to it in the Buick book. It is Group 4.413, SPRING, synchronizing detention. It doesn't appear in the exploded views (except incorrectly as Group 4.400 on page 90-A). 1300501 - 3 per car - 1934-35 40,50 1936-37-38 40 (For conventional transmission.) 1292280 - 3 per car - 1936 60,80,90 1298890 - 3 per car - 1937-38 60,80,90 It looks like you need 1300501
  22. Not sure if I mention this before in another post, but when I did my first restoration, black '69 Impala - a 14 year restoration, I rented a open trailer and took it to it's first major car show up in Vermont. Long story short, the following day I check all the tie-downs to make sure everything was secured for our trip home and that's when I noticed it - someone went down the driver's side and over the trunk lid with their hands, leaving a scratch in the clear coat, probably from their wedding band. Another lesson learn.... Steve
  23. There is a packard restoration shop in Holden MA. Met the guy at Hershey when he stopped to look at my 32’ Olds as he has a customer from Norton MA with a 32’ Olds Patrician sedan and noticed I have MA license plates. Need to look at my business cards that I was given by people at the show, pretty sure I have his. Not to recommend him over any others already mentioned but brought him up as he’s in New England.
  24. My wife made her voice a little loud when a slightly handicapped woman (at least she appeared that way as she seemed to not be able to stand very steady) took her long telephoto camera lens and stuck it under the front edge of my folded up hood at Hershey this year.. She was holding in her left hand what appeared to be a cane or some type of walking assist and her camera in her right the whole time appearing to shake trying to keep her balance while the end of the lens was precariously close to the edge of the hood and my radiator shell. My wife let her know she didn’t like her that close to the car. The woman gave her a surprised the a somewhat disgusted look. She probably didn’t think she was that close but she came within 1/2” of hitting my car with the lens.
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