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  2. Do you still have Franklin car parts plus phone # mind is 404 643 5476. Looking for starter hub caps tail light post carb rebuild kits for stromberg s2 and more Thanks
  3. Good idea, Bob. It never hurts to anticipate having to take stuff apart a second (or third) time!. Will be digging in on this project this afternoon. John
  4. That sounds good and the synthetic is advertised as having no odor. At $50 a gallon it isn't cheap but with a 20:1 ratio and a water system that doesn't leak (I hope) 20 gallons of water should last a long time.
  5. 1929 130 coupe parts wanted Trunk, hub caps seat, window cranks all in good condition
  6. Does anyone here know when "flush" grease fittings were invented? This is the type that used a pointed attachment or a needle on the end of the grease gun. I know the fittings with a little ball check valve were in use because there are several on the car in places where they must be original. I'd prefer to keep everything that shows on the car in my 1910-1915 time frame.
  7. rjp


    Would this club have any knowledge on the Dort car 1917?
  8. OK, so this morning I did has been suggested and set the idle mixture by screwing it all the way in then backing out 3/4 of a turn. Backed off the idle screw itself so only foot throttle was controlling things. 55 degree garage. Car has sat since last saturday. No choke. Pumped gas twice and it fired instantly. Timing was fine prior to only removing and replacing the carb. Nothing was fiddled with. But oh the blue cloud of a rich running motor. I kept RPM's up some until the blue cloud of running way rich got worse, say 35-40 seconds and shut it down. Puddle of gas. So something is overloading the needle valve me thinks. Going to let cool some and install the regulator I have first before removing carb and checking float and needle valve. Already checked float once but not the needle valve. Will set at 2.5 pnds and see what happens there first. This is a rebuilt carb by a quality rebuilder. All new parts. Was a great carb before rebuild. Replaced the wrong RJH with the correct DRT-08
  9. In order for the windows to go up, the pump has to be running and the reservoir full. Spring pressure lowers the windows. First, I would like to know the year and body style of the car. Next, do all of the windows fail or just one? Does the top work? What work has been done recently on the electrical system of the car?
  10. Not a lot of phones out there at that number was "5"...
  11. Correction:
  12. Congrats on a get space. Count me amongst the envious... I’m in the process of doing a similar project, but on a much smaller scale. Mine is a barn with a garage built off the side and a small cinder-block building. The best money I’ve spent so far is a thermostat for changing the temperature remotely. An hour before I plan to be there, I kick up the heat and arrive to a comfortable temperature. Of course you will need internet service to do this.
  13. Ok Sir, I guess I did that "Assuming" thing again! LOL The fixtures I bought were from home depot, I believe $36.95 each 8ft dual bulb & they fit the standard t-12 with the single pin. Unfortunately you are paying mostly for the ballast which you remove anyway. I never researched LED fixtures as I wanted the ones I added on to match the ones that were already in my building. God Bless Bill
  14. I was thinking it is time for a voltmeter connected to the starter battery stud and look for a big voltage drop. That looks like a mini starter which shouldn't have a giant draw. Maybe I am spoiled by having a first rate starter and alternator rebuilding service located locally, but when I have a doubt, it goes there for diagnosis. Not knocking the FLAPS but I have more faith in a specialist.
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  16. I am only familiar with Buick starting systems where the low tension magneto cannot generate 6 volts with hand cranking. A three position ignition switch (Batt, Off, Mag) isolates the magneto windings for starting with dry cell batteries connected in series for 6 volts. After starting, the ignition switch is moved to magneto to save the batteries during normal running. Both systems use the points and distributor in the magneto. And both use the coil to increase voltage.
  17. Thanks for the post. Car looks like a custom , but the seller hasn't done much beyond taking the bumpers off. It's unfortunate some sellers can figure out how to post an ad online, but can't be bothered to research sales prices, or comprehend that potential buyers might be doing the market homework they've avoided.
  18. Thanks. I like the way the compressor looks.
  19. Thanks Joe! I will plan on that as soon as I'm able man! 😁 Maybe by that time if the weather co-operates I can take you to lunch in the Special that day...
  20. I also have a picture of the rear axle if that helps narrow it down.
  21. That should be easy enough, though my latest discovery is that HO (High Output) fixtures were installed. The fluorescent bulbs are actually only 46 inches as they have the special HO connector on each end. I tried to find HO LED replacement tubes and the options appear to be very limited. The closest i found was at and it was only a 4-5k output.
  22. If this is about which tour you should take, then by all means follow Walt and Paul's advice and take the open air, double decker bus tour. The tour guides are very informative and know the history of the entire route. Plus being open to the view enables you to see everything above you. Not much view from the backseat of an antique car.
  23. There is an element of all judging that is subjective. Concours judging is more subjective than most and with a wide variation between different concours events. I find the events where I win an award very fair. The ones where I don't win the judging is just awful...........Bob
  24. Is $1000 for the lot reasonable? You can email me at.
  25. Now, here's one that's goofy. Unlike the one you posted, this one only flips the 110 and 120 on the right - the 10 on the left matches the radial orientation of the others. Meanwhile, this 1953 Olds speedo matches your original picture. 1937 Olds was the same.
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