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  2. Buy and try is a way to determine what works or does not work. The incandescent 1157’s I reinstalled work fine. Personally, I find it trying to fiddle with a maybe product. A more expensive LED does not sell me on reliability. Using the tried and true is sometimes is good as it is going to be.
  3. 1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass Hurst Olds On Ebay
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  5. Thanks George! So did the car finally get a good caretaker? I wish I could have kept it. It should have been driven and enjoyed, but maintained to preserve its low mileage originality. Especially, that interior! I think it was one of the finest original mohair interiors I have ever seen. The paint on the body had been redone at some point a long time ago. However, many people thought it was original. And of course the fenders aprons etcetera was redone more recently, but looked very nice. I heard years ago that it was almost completely restored. As long as it is being well taken care of. Maybe one day I will be able to get back on tours again. I sure hope so. I miss the cars and antique car people, following a line of incredible nickel era cars, horseless carriages, even model Ts. I hope to see you on another tour before too long.
  6. Urgently Wanted to Buy Grp 8.185 Part 1341161 LEFT SIDE SWEEP SPEAR MOULDING 1949 - 76c - 76R A friend has just purchased a beautiful 1949 Roadmaster Riviera 76R from the USA. It was shipped without incident from the USA but once an Aussie trucker got involved it has sustained some damage. Consequently he is in need of a left hand rear sweep spear moulding.
  7. That is my price. They are listed on eBay and have four watchers on both. This price is $100 less here. Check it out, thanks for looking.
  8. Hello Bernie It does certainly appear to be too long a wheelbase for the Morgan body. Given the central cross member shape I would be loath to shorten the chassis which I think would have been required to use the two seater body. A 2/4 seater would be ideal. Is that a free-wheel device at the rear of the gearbox? Good luck with the project. Matthew
  9. Dang that's a nice one - probably a little too nice for my needs! But goodness - what a head turner.
  10. This listing is what drew me to this model in the first place! I absolutely love this particular car, paint job and everything. I could pay the $1500 to have it shipped, but how the heck do I know if this is a good deal? I wonder if there's a mechanic in the area who I could trust and pay to go scope it all out for me....
  11. That Pontiac Silver looks right up my alley, but I have no idea if that's a good deal or will satisfy my driving conditions. What would be a good way to dig into that? Thanks for looking for options btw - super helpful.
  12. Some nice stuff you have there Terry B ! Anyone wondering how reliable or accurate a Motometer is sitting above the water, should try putting their hand into the blow of a whistling tea kettle! On the other hand, no, DON"T! Burns happen VERY fast! The point is that the air above the water,in an enclosed environment will be a very predictable temperature only a few degrees below that of the water itself. And the hotter the water gets, the more precise they become.
  13. Wayne, that car is now in very capable hands in Arroyo Grande. I drove it for a few minutes a year ago, after adjusting the carb. You can see it again at the *2021* PAS Meet in Buellton, CA in the latter part of June, 2021. Stay in touch, please!
  14. i have an extra nos dual point conversion kit, breaker plate with two new points, you would just move the condenser to the outside of the distributor housing. here's pictures of the conversion in my 55 pontiac 287 distributor - same size housing as yours.
  15. All, Great info, especially info on radiator and wheel size, etc. I will use this info to invalidate the sale if at all possible. I do not have car yet as delvery scheduled for bext week and I have sent you all documents and photos I have. If RM Auctions and Merrick's Certificate VIN is really an engine number does it give a date that might help make the case? Again, thanks to everyone! Please send any thing else that helps. No response from RM Sotheby's yet. Cheers, Carl
  16. The crankshaft exchange was done to cars that were already built and imported. The buyer was offered the choice : 18 or 15 HP. The conversion on stock cars did not take days... Erik
  17. When I had the '25 Pierce Arrow series 80, every night, before turning in, I went out and stroked one of the headlamps! I sure wish I could have kept that car.
  18. Yea, that's the fellow. There aren't many guys, even Pontiac guys that know the 287 was destined for the 53 Pontiac and Buick and Olds cried about it and got it axed. Those years Buick did it's best to break all of Sloans pricing structure rules so Buick could hang on to #3 in sales. BTW the 472 cam is a great street cam and is not far from the 066. Pontiac used that cam on the 59, 389 2bbl. @ 280Hp, the 300HP 4bbl. and the 315HP Tri-Power, so it's plenty capable. With .25 more in compression for 1960 it was 283hp 2bbl, 303hp 4bbl, and 318hp for Tri-Power. That shows you what compression can do! I ran the Pontiac factory E-2 ( same as a MAC # 7 for 1960 ) in my 389 Tri-Power 59 Catalina in FS/A and ran a consistent 13.91 @ 101-102 MPH.
  19. I'm trying to locate grill housing drivers side, (but not the louvers) for my Packard 1937 Twelve, can anyone help
  20. i don't know if the 886 cam is known as the hydro cam, this 389 is a high compression two barrel out of a 59 pontiac station wagon, i figured i'd change to the 886, which a long time pontiac V8 expert has said it's the best of all the cams i have, it wasn't just buick that cried to the GM board of directors, oldsmobile was there with buick too. are you referring to a guy with a 53 custom catalina that has plans to buy a 55 pontiac with a rebuilt 287 to transplant into his custom catalina ?
  21. Took these at Hershey Saturday afternoon
  22. Gee, Charles the old HYDRO cam??? a bit radical for the street. I'd leave the 472 cam in or maybe a 068 but even that's a bit much. Your gonna twist the old axle out of the car! BTW I hooked that other guy up with you. Seems that he had the same Idea as you about Pontiac being robbed of a V-8 announcement in 1953 by Buick crying to the 14th floor of G.M. Seems Pontiac was always held back because of politics from the top of G.M.
  23. Probably .25Uf but it should be listed on the spec page of the repair manual.
  24. The issue is leaving your farm at midnight to get to the flea market by opening time!😁
  25. I think that 1940 dash panel & garnish(window surrounds) moulding original wood graining was a 3M film process applied to the metal surfaces called Dinoc?(sp?). Repair with that material is discussed in a Buick factory instruction explanation.
  26. Not mine, but seems it would be of interest in this forum, not sure if it represents good value at listed 69,900
  27. I just stumbled across this from a year and a half ago. Are you still listening ? How are you and the Buick doing ? - Carl
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