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  2. They are even rebadging my car. " Bosch 15442 Oxygen Sensor, Original Equipment (BMW, Rolls-Royce)"
  3. Sounds like you’re dealing with a really good shop Jerry. Funny how people will tell you something is all rebuilt when it’s not even close. My original motor for my 31’ was supposedly gone “completely “ through and I was told how lucky I was to get a car with all the expensive motor work done. Turned out the head was completely fresh and the block bored with fresh pistons so it does have 75# compression but the idiot never touched the rod bearings or mains, all of which are bad. Have that engine sitting on a dolly and someday will fix the issues it has. It ran perfectly but had a knock. But hey, I was so lucky to have gotten a motor “completely “ gone through!
  4. That looks like the Hotel Del Coronado just across the bay from San Diego. My wife has no interest in cars either but she didn't complain when I spent $51k on a restored '70 Chevelle SS 396 a couple of years ago so I can't complain. We're in our 60s but have only been married for 21 years because we didn't meet until we were in our mid 40s. We met online through a website for The Andy Griffith Show in April 1998 right after I bought my first computer. I lived in San Diego and she lived in Louisville so I quit my law enforcement job and moved here in November 1998 and we were married 2 weeks later. It was the first marriage for each of us....
  5. In doing some wiring repairs and general work a question has come up regarding the battery box in my ‘25 DB Roadster. It is located under the floorboard directly under the driver’s side, like in the touring cars i’ve owned previously. However it is not the solid box with a lid that I always had. In checking the master parts book I find that the roadster battery box is listed apart from the touring but no pictures are shown. Can anyone supply a photo of an original roadster box or at least describe what is different. I’m not certain if what is now in my car is correct.
  6. The '94 Roadmaster has wheelcovers, pretty easy to get. Experience had already taught me not to spend the time looking for a set of straight ones. That Pontiac wheel being painted reminded me of one of my old rides, about 1984 or '85 I think. Not a Riviera, but a great little car. 305 four barrel, four speed. 14" Pontiac ralleys front, 15's rear. I was adamant about chrome trim rims rather than stainless. I think the contours of those Pontiac wheel centers made them less prone to bending.
  7. TTR you do realize that most brick and mortar businesses that are still in business are adapting to internet models? if not, for the most part, they are folding. One cannot compete with the costs involved of a solely brick and mortar business.
  8. Yup, right from our first "date", which was spending the day pulling apart the motor on her 31 Limo, before we went out to dinner. At some time or other, she's helped with every phase of restoration work. She's also organized and run several weekend, and week-long car tours. And, she has the patience of a Saint. After 19 years together, she hasn't thrown any tools at me yet. Paul
  9. We're also at 52 years of marriage, this years Glidden Tour was our 11th. My wife is not comfortable in our garage, never has been, but is tolerant of my hobby. She has enjoyed touring until this year when 95-98 degrees was to much like Florida. Congratulations on your 15 year plaque, to bad we didn't get to talk soon.
  10. I so admire your patience, ambition , skill and care you have with this enormous project. You are an inspiration to all who are reading this. Walt
  11. Hi Jim the importing is not that big a deal and there are a few guys locally that can assist me with that BUT I am nervous to import as I wont get to personally see the vehicle or drive it before... the other issue is although we are allowed to legally import pre 66 left hookers the actual introduction on our local DMV is a little difficult and will be time consuming and costly... But maybe I will keep looking for something in the US as well locally there are very few of them... for the import costs tax duties and registering on our DMV I would have to get the vehicle at about $12000.00 for it to be on a similar cost to these that I have found
  12. Nothing there is Stutz! That is the Clark Car. I remember it from the owners garage from over 40 years ago, his last name was Clark and he built it from various parts. I had always wandered what happened to that car. As I remember it had a Mack truck radiator shell, Cadillac engine, Model A fender and who knows what else. I believe it was registered and titled as the Clark Car. I will forward this thread to my friend that lived there and dated his grand daughter. C CLARK R Alex D.
  13. The poll appears to be missing one of the important sources that has been around for much longer than eBay and/or interweb, i.e. trusted, long-standing independent “brick & mortar” and/or “mail-/phone-order” vintage parts businesses focused on quality items, although in past couple of decades many have gone out of business or had to change their “modus operandi” due to continually increasing demand of cheap and cheaply made parts/supplies by ever increasing groups of wannabe enthusiasts/hobbyist who seem to prefer not spending any serious money on their supposed(?!?) “pride & joy”, yet expect to “make a profit” when selling that cheaply built/maintained crap after its newness wears off, peers quit complimenting them about it and local shows stop giving trophies or other useless nic-nacs just for showing up with it. For past four decades I have been buying vast majority of needed parts, supplies, equipment/tools or services mainly from aforementioned type suppliers and will continue to support them until they stop providing quality parts and services. Even with my (very) limited means, I’ve always despised and stayed clear of just about anything “cheap”, especially all Chi**se junk, be they equipment/tools, parts or supplies, that has littered this hobby in past 2-3 decades and somehow became acceptable(?) standard.
  14. What model series is the chassis? AA, BB, M, MA, MB, LA, LAA? How much is still original Stutz powertrain?
  15. Only difference is that the cars I like/want/drive now are different from those I had then. At the same time I have come full circle. The only difference was that in the late '50s there was no American car with a DOHC-6, 4+OD tranny, and four wheel disk brakes. Now it is common. Must admit I do not understand 8, 9, and 10 gear transmissions with the very broad torque bands you get with VVT. Could someone explain ?
  16. While I am relatively new to Classic Car ownership, I have been a Forensic Accountant since 1991. As a result of over 25 years of experience, I wanted to share my opinion about purchasing car parts on this forum as well as other websites. Buyer Beware. There are many scam artists in many forms that will manipulate you to send them money. Don't fall victim to fraud. Here are my suggested to keep from getting ripped off: 1. The absolute best way to buy your part is to either go and pick it up yourself or have a friend pick it up in person. Recently, I agreed to spend $400 in airfare and flew across the country to buy $900 work of parts. I did it solely because I did not want to take any risk in the purchase. 2. I have also had people contact me from this site and asked me to go and inspect parts and cars. Another way to protect your assets and use this site to your advantage. Most people on this site and on it for the passion of automobile history and are here to help each other out. Take advantage of it. 3. Have the person post the item for a "Buy it now" price on Ebay. Even if you need to pay a small premium, it is worth the extra fee. Once posted, it is relatively easy for the seller to send you the link and you make the purchase immediately. By doing so, you are protected by Ebay's buyers protection program. 4. Make sure you get the buyers Name, Address, and phone number. Check on other social media sites to make sure they have an account like facebook, or linkedin. If you want to verify the person lives at a certain address, Private Message me and I can do a background check to verify the address and person. Also, look at (but do not completely trust) the reputation on this site. Warning - Do not rely solely on a phone call, email contact, this site contact and / or pictures. Pictures are easy to cut and paste. Throw away phones at Walmart are cheap and not easy to track. Do not count on authorities to help. Most of the transactions are across state lines. That means your State / Local government won't touch it and the feds do not have the resources to track down your $350.00 car part.
  17. 51 years and going strong. My wife is an organizer. When the restoration of our 32 Dodge Brothers gets out of control - parts and tools scattered everywhere - she arrives in the nick of time and helps clean up the mess. She and our youngest granddaughter (13) worked the starter petal when we started the rebuilt motor for the first time last year. She’s not particularly interested in the actual restoration process, but loves to travel searching for parts or looking at cars. We rode motorcycles for 20 years and she rode her Harley 6800 miles on one trip we took to the wrst coast. She’s always been a trouper. I couldn’t ask for a better partner.
  18. Thanks, The came from Long Island I wonder if the M744 is a marine pump?
  19. We just celebrated our 40th anniversary and returned last night from a 2 + week vacation. Great time but no car museums this time. My wife doesn't go into the shop very often, but if I ever need a hand she's 'right there'. On more than one occasion she's had to help bleed brakes, install a car part, or assist with a woodworking project. She doesn't like riding in the old cars or going to the car shows, but she supports my hobby 100%. We've traveled to many states to get car parts and we always add something on her list when on the trip. Latest car trip was to the Gilmore Car Museum in Michigan. A few years ago it was to the Louwman Museum in The Hague. The adventure continues......... My wife said the same thing Ron: "Don't leave me with all this stuff".
  20. We are somehow married to the same woman. Never goes into the shop, but I have leveraged her as the pedal operator when bleeding brakes. And have 3 hobby cars. So no complaints here. Mark
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  22. I've got noises coming from it and a vibration right in the middle of the car that I cannot pin down, 34 years in the auto repair an painting industry an I have never had this problem , an the thought of having a more modern rear suspension is very appealing.
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