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  2. I definitely do drive it. It was just since I got the newest paint that I thought about going further before stone chips.
  3. A posting In the is re- war interest dying ? topic mentioned enjoying the hobby during its "golden Age". What time period was for you the Golden Age of the hobby ? For me it can be seen as the early 1980's. I had a job that paid OK for a young person. Auto Mechanic. My living expenses were low. Room and board with my parents. I had space, a very good size driveway and a double garage that my father had little use for. And old car prices were in comparison to my income in many cases quite reasonable. How reasonable ? I was just looking at the cars sold page of a higher end sports and racing car dealer. Almost every car { 75 + } would be a minimum of $75,000.00 in todays market and some double that. And nearly every one { 90% + }would have been within my reach as a young man with my income in the early 1980's. These days not a chance without a serious loan against the equity of my house. What happened ? Is today anyone's Golden Age ? Greg in Canada
  4. Going from Durham NC to Witchita KS soon (exact date tbd). Empty 17ft car hauler going west. Will have room for parts coming back East....
  5. Sucks that they won't even accept it being sealed. What's the reason? Do you know? I don't know of any other headlights that fit the TC. I have personally contemplated how to do projector conversions. I'm not convinced it would look good. BTW, after the second RH headlight got a hole popped in it by a rock from a dump truck, I stopped driving mine as much. Just too many of those dumb things around here and I don't want to keep replacing headlights and windshields.
  6. So joseph44 is a real person and a real profile...looks like I'm headed to KS to get parts!
  7. If your project is to have any credibility you need to research automotive history a bit beforehand.
  8. Paul's suggestion will work, but of course will not generate an email notification of activity in the bookmaked or favorite forum. Whether you are looking at a forum or a thread, in the upper RH corner of the page you will see this 'Follow' button. Click on it and you will be added to the list of people following the forum or thread/topic. This means any time there is new activity, you will receive an email notification of that fact, assuming you have not tweaked your Notiication Settings to prevent receiving such notifications. You might also want to check out the many options in the Notifications Settings panel, as there you are able automate many functions and can set your preferences for exactly how you wish to be notified when certain events occur. To access the Notification Settings, click on the bell icon in the upper RH corner of the page and the click on 'Notification Settings' in the window that pops up.
  9. Its an old Ford trick. 6-6 1/4 balancer was stock on 283, 327, and others. Check the old Ford sites and HAMB for how to's.
  10. Photos soon weather getting better. Mike
  11. There is an obituary in yesterday's Portland Oregonian for Ken Austin, a true giant in our hobby. Ken founded A-dec dental equipment company in Newberg, Oregon, and became wealthy enough to indulge his love for old Fords and Lincolns. He had some 200 in his well lighted and maintained garage, including the nicest 41 Continental Cabriolet in captivity. Having a foundry and machine shop available with A-dec, Ken made his own manifolds and heads for Lincoln V-12's. I was fortunate to obtain on of Ken's manifolds, even though I had to bug him for two years to get it. I believe H&H Flatheads now has the molds, but charges higher prices than Ken. Ken also supported many community projects, including the Forest Grove Concurs. Will miss him. Abe
  12. I can and have done that a few times, usually when alone but at least I get that satisfied feeling... 😉
  13. How cool is that plate!!!! The month and year I was born! 😉
  14. Having the car or project is everything to me, its been a great hobby, so many great cars and people over the years. The "Golden Years" of the hobby will always be a highlight I look back on. Bob
  15. 1923 Duesenberg Model A M&I Touring for sale. 100% authentic restoration. Third in class 2015 Pebble Beach Concours. Currently on eBay for $349,000, trades considered. Fascinating history. Vehicle located in Los Angeles. Additional info and images here.
  16. Nice 170V Roadster, when and where was this photo taken?
  17. I've messed with 20's and early 30's open car spot lights. Mounts for them can be somewhat generic and easy to fabricate from stock. If you can't find original mounts. Without seeing the spots you mentioned were in Craig's List (?). I am going to guess they are Unity spot lights. A very prolific and quality light company. Finding and matching the proper lights with their specific mounts can be a real headache! If you are a member of a Buick car club, national or local. Contact fellow Buick enthusists and see what they have to say.
  18. I attend mostly cruise nights now here on long island , or will start to again if the rain ever ceases. I do support the marque car club chapter annual show or try to if I can, but the trend over the past number of years is for local car clubs, be they regions of national clubs or not , as well as service groups that support worthy causes , chambers of commerce etc. all now want to charge $15 , usually $20 per car to attend the car show they host to add $ to their treasury. Perhaps some of that fee goes to pay for a small aluminum plaque printed to note the event ( remember when these used to be all brass?) but if it weren't for the people who own the cars attending they would not have a show. If one attends say at least 3 car meets/shows a month for several months you can spend several hundred dollars to get that printed alloy plaque. Add to that the cost of gasoline, is it all worth it to have to pay $ for people to see your car? I am not trying to be cheap, but for several years have not bothered to go to car shows, would rather just get in my car and drive it around, and have a good time. I have no interest in awards of any kind so always put a "do not judge" sign on my windshield. Is there anyone else reading this that is done paying people to look at their car? Or am I just getting to be a old fogey ? ( those of you that know me may think you were always an old fogey , so what else is new)
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  20. haha yup.. no carbon here! I was curious about the configuration to...makes no sense...i may have to pull it apart. so the piston alone is enough to pull fluid from resivoir without aid of vaccuum?... i tryed that configuration to but without check valve any fluid lifted from resivoir would just drain back..
  21. very nice! My car doesn't have these, but on my rear license plate holder/fuel door, there were two factory spacers installed where the hinge bolts to the rear bumper that I figured out were there to allow a frame to be installed on the license plate and still allow the door to open without hitting the rear bumper. I removed them to close up the resulting gap between the plate and the rear bumper for a better appearance.
  22. Here's a few pictures from the weekend. We visited this gent's place, who is something of a car guy, but also is quite a sculptor, in wood and metal. He had perhaps 25 scattered about his property, and most of them built within the last 2-3 years. I've posted a shot of a mermaid which was in front of his shop, with a few of the cars, with my Electra there as well. A sharp looking 48(?) Pontiac coupe parked a couple of cars behind mine, and a nice Crysler Newport in front. The samll car behind mine is a later model Jag. Keith
  23. I'm looking to photograph a handful of cars that are considered groundbreaking in the car culture of America. For example, the 1964 Pontiac GTO is considered the first muscle car. Or that the Willy's Jeep created an entirely new category of car in America. Or even how the VW Beetle disrupted big car culture and redefined affordable cars. And how the 1964 Ford Mustang was the first car to bring affordable style and performance to the people. If you have a car that you consider groundbreaking and would like to have a series of high-resolution, 360° rotational photos taken in a high-tech photo studio – please email me at While I can't promise your car will be selected to photograph, I'd be very excited to hear from you. This is for a photo project, documenting the various cars that have been shaped America. Other cars on my list are the 1984 Dodge Caravan (first minivan) and Honda Insight (First hybrid) but doubt those are on the collective radar of this group. LOL. Thank you for reading and have a great day, Paul
  24. GM cars of that era, I have only seen the large pump port connected to the reservoir, and the two smaller ports connected to a squirter nozzle (one per port). Sounds like someone did not have a vacuum hose diagram. On the plus side, you now have a Turbo Rocket Fluid injector system! 😀 (ala 1962 Oldsmobile Jetfire turbo V-8 methanol injection tank).
  25. My brake light switch is like this.....not sure if I have the same height in contacts though. So, how do you tell which is the power side vs. switch it heights of contacts? I should get my master cylinder w/ brake light switch today, then I can look to see exactly what I've got as a switch.
  26. Amazing looking car. Notice the orange sticker on the breather cap, which looks like it's been on there awhile and is original. There has been some debate as whether cars actually had these; looks like they weren't just invented. Still, I've seen a number of original 57-58 Buicks and hadn't seen one before. I wonder if this was a CA thing?
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