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  2. For reference this is what I recieved back from defcustoms. hay mate , i will check my drawings in the morning , i charge $2300 au for tourer irons + 10% gst ,we will have to get a quote for shipping if you get me to make the irons , i will send you a measurement sheet to fill out so the irons are exact fit ,let me no what you think ,cheers deafy I sent him my reference photo. I realize the cost is probably in line for what would need to be done. But, it is way beyond what I could afford to put into this car. Now I will probably just refit my set or just keep the top down. With $2,300AU +10% gst and then shipping I may be over $3,000. Then to get powder coated, bows ( "OAK BOWS" here in Chambersburg quotes close to $2,900 for the set in their 2007 price list) and then a top. It may be closer to $13,000 when done.
  3. Back to the original question....what is a Braun? It would be the owner of a castle where Vlad the Impaler lived. I am related to the Braun family and I learned of this recently. Braun castle is a beautiful place. It is also the name on my Grandfather's lumber business in Detroit. He sold lumber to the car manufacturers in Michigan. You can see the BRAUN name across the street from these Chryslers....I am a Braun....
  4. MUST SELL! DONT MISS THIS DEAL!! Now on eBay starting bid $9000 under listing number 123945047254 Restored 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Sports Coupe - Original matching numbers chassis and engine - Recently rebuilt (50 miles) 330 cubic inch 4 barrel V8 with 320 horsepower - Quadrajet carb - Period correct factory automatic jetaway 330/ST300 2-speed switch pitch transmission - Power steering - Upgraded power front disc brakes - Working factory a/c - Metalic blue with new matching basketweave headliner, new cloth seats and new vinyl blue interior - New interior with bucket seats and center console floor shifter - New dual exhaust with flow thru mufflers to give it a nice throaty sound - New battery still under warranty - New windshield - New aluminium radiator - Rust free over and under (additional photos available on request) - Body exceptionally straight - Perfect daily driver in terms of reliability and finish Location: Las Vegas, Nevada VIN: 338077Z102510
  5. Not a real sexy looking Brunn though from such as windshield and front doors. Sort of typical 20's boxcar school of design (which have their certain charm, but tend to not be cost and labor/time prohibitive to restore unless the core product is pretty exceptional to begin with).
  6. Jim is dead on the money, both cars are really rough and the 65/64 chop would be expensive to make right beyond the rest of the rough, however 65 is the one to have. I would buy a 65 here in the states and have it imported you can have one of us go and look at it for you and even wheel and deal a bit. Try to buy one from the southern states or california and you could not go wrong
  7. I always looked at the flip front as a body fit ploy. Only one hood seam could be seen at a time. You can't detect a misalignment. Mine is a two door and they were fairly low production, commonly seen in the Electra 380 and T-Type models. My car left the factory as a coupe with a cloth interior and delivered in convertible form from the dealer. Research seems to tell that a Chicago dealer pulled it from their stock and had the conversion done for a show or promotion. A customer order would usually be bumped to leather and more options. I bought the car in Racine, Wisconsin in 2011 with a bad engine. It appears to have spent it's life in Round Lake, Il. If anyone remembers the car PM me. I figured a Buick convertible that got 25 MPG would be just the thing for the future, I completed rebuilding everything mechanical and sorting it out in 2013. I have been putting the top down in April and leaving it ready for sunny days until November (that means if it wasn't raining I could go top down today. It is a nice driver, but I wouldn't have done the work if it was a coupe or sedan. Oh! I even found a set of four NOS wheels. I guess there was a little writing on the
  8. is for a 1931 Dodge Brothers.
  9. I could use that. What do you want for it?
  10. Steve, Let us know if you can obtain pictures and any info on these manuals. Thanks!
  11. You mentioned that you have addressed and sorted out the front axle. I am curious how your completed your front axle. Did you simply update the existing axle or locate and purchase a different and more suitable axle? Does you axle have the truss rod support under it? Al
  12. Yes. No mistaking the Hotel del Coronado. Yes, my honey helps me in the shop if I need help. She also was my wheel cover washer for when I was selling wheel covers on Ebay....
  13. I have a small table with a hole in it that I use to work on wheels. When I removed my Buick hubs, I removed the hub nuts and placed the hub inside the hole so I had access inside the drum with only the spokes supported. I then used a punch to tap out the hub bolts. If your hub bolts are rusted to the hub, you may need to work side to side or in a circular pattern to get the whole hub to move with all the bolts attached to the hub. I don't think you can use enough heat to loosen the hub/bolt attachment without burning the wood spokes. So, try it without heat and use the shock of a big hammer & punch to get the job done. Good luck...
  14. I’ll look for his info. He’s located in Taunton MA.
  15. Joe, I might be able to help you. I am finding it difficult to read about the system on the copy you have posted. I have tried increasing the size, but that didn't help. Can you post a better copy? Mike PS: My guess is that the vibrating coil is acting similar to a 'trembler coil' like I have on the Crestmobile and that model T Fords have.
  16. They might. The mag I'm thinking of using is a ZR4 and it was used mostly on marine engines and heavy duty stationary engines. apparently it was severely over built so non-automotive folks may well have a better idea how it worked. I did find a Popular Science article on making one - or what may be one - It's just a trembler coil with the secondary circuit short circuited. But, I'd like to get it right and I don't want to go down the road reliant on 100 year old electrical components so some modern, easily replaced part is very much needed. jp
  17. DING DING DING... We have a winner. It is indeed the one and only CLARK CAR
  18. I just pick up this coil and have no idea just what it fits it is a Delco Remey with three posts at the top key switch at the bottom. Thanks for your help!!! 1-262-392-2989 or Marv.
  19. Wow. Lots to lust over in that sale if you got the $$. Wonder what the story is behind all the white pickups? Business vehicles, as opposed to collectibles?
  20. Had to look up "toonie". Did you expect a Texan to understand that? LOL
  21. Joe, would the hit and miss guys have a clue to your questions? I have the name of a guy who’s very good with the old marine engines dating way back.
  22. All I was saying is unless the tube is checked you have no idea if it is intact or not. Howard Dennis
  23. Didn't Johnny Cash write a song about a car like that?
  24. They are even rebadging my car. " Bosch 15442 Oxygen Sensor, Original Equipment (BMW, Rolls-Royce)"
  25. Sounds like you’re dealing with a really good shop Jerry. Funny how people will tell you something is all rebuilt when it’s not even close. My original motor for my 31’ was supposedly gone “completely “ through and I was told how lucky I was to get a car with all the expensive motor work done. Turned out the head was completely fresh and the block bored with fresh pistons so it does have 75# compression but the idiot never touched the rod bearings or mains, all of which are bad. Have that engine sitting on a dolly and someday will fix the issues it has. It ran perfectly but had a knock. But hey, I was so lucky to have gotten a motor “completely “ gone through!
  26. That looks like the Hotel Del Coronado just across the bay from San Diego. My wife has no interest in cars either but she didn't complain when I spent $51k on a restored '70 Chevelle SS 396 a couple of years ago so I can't complain. We're in our 60s but have only been married for 21 years because we didn't meet until we were in our mid 40s. We met online through a website for The Andy Griffith Show in April 1998 right after I bought my first computer. I lived in San Diego and she lived in Louisville so I quit my law enforcement job and moved here in November 1998 and we were married 2 weeks later. It was the first marriage for each of us....
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