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  2. My taste in art is more in the line of artists like Norman Rockwell. If you want to see some "art" that makes no sense, take a trip to the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. You will be amazed at some of the stuff you will see. How about a completely black canvas and a completely white one with a small red dot. Some of the "paintings" by Pollock are nothing but blobs of paint. Anyone of us can do this sort of crap, but if we do it, they would laugh at us.
  3. Turbinator, You make a great point. That is exactly why I'm looking at 60R15s or 70R15s redline tires for my yellow 64. Art
  4. I tend to agree with Dave. I had all sorts of electrical gremlins on my daughter's 1990 Claret coupe and I just kept disconnecting things. The trunk, power door locks disabled. Dave suggested this inspection and correction but I just did not have time. Command of an electrical component is, as far as I know, a function of completing the ground through the device or vice versa. So it seems that some circuit breaker is not doing it's job, or is but is not being commanded to. My power trunk release would click on and on until I pulled the wire to it. It's a bad design in my opinion because even the keyed release was electronic! Meaning there was no mechanical way to open the trunk if electronics failed. Power door lock ? I could disable and she could in theory still mechanically lock the doors.
  5. OK, I couldn’t stand it any more. Here is #3. 217 touring miles on the W89D and ~500 miles of who knows what on the 3076. Tom Black, thank you!
  6. Carfax only reports what is reported to them. I had a oil change and the attendant miss read the odometer, instead of 25,400 miles he typed in 254,000. I took it back and had he re read it. I learned then they report the readings to the state and Carfax.
  7. Does anyone have a list of parts for the conversion of the brakes to the vacuum type?
  8. I bought a certified used Jeep SUV a few years ago and have been very pleased with it. One problem during that time that was fixed quickly. It was off lease and it was explained to me that the dealers only select the best of the batch to certify Seems to make sense to me and with the extended warranty seemed to be a good value for the slightly higher price.
  9. (Mine is actually on the outside as well for the same reason. One on the diff too. Need one for the trans next)
  10. Took the fraternal twins out yesterday for their first rides of the year. The first nice day since the Fall.
  11. Maybe some of you might know who I am talking about. About 20 years ago I sold a car, and when the shipper came to pick it up. He said that he was picking up another car, on the other side of the subdivision where I lived. I followed him over there to see the car he was picking up. Shipper said it was a steam car. The owner of the car had a shop behind his house, and had 7-8? Stanley steam cars. He took the time to show me the cars, and had one torn apart. So I got to see how they worked, very nice guy. He said that his collection was the largest on this side of the country. I have never seen him again, and have never seen the cars? This was in Boise Idaho.
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  13. Of course whatever happens with cars we will still have big rig drag racing won't we ?
  14. CarFax only knows what is reported to the system. Dealers, large body shops, insurance companies, they typically report. Local mom-and-pop shops, individually-owned small body shops, etc. often do not. CarFax is a reasonable window into the car's ownership history, as all the transfers of ownership are also reported. Mileage is not really a sure thing, since I've had multiple low-mileage cars where someone at some shop or DMV or emissions inspection recorded an incorrect reading or even assumed that, say, a 1986 car with 12,000 miles has to have 112,000 miles and entered it that way. Sometimes they fix it later, sometimes not, so look for abnormalities--say, going from 12,000 miles to 120,000 miles in two years. The logical explanation is usually the correct one, not that someone rolled back an odometer or committed fraud. Just someone entering the data incorrectly. I wouldn't worry about a late-model car that has been purchased at auction--all used cars purchased through a dealership probably have been through an auction. When people trade cars in, that dealer doesn't necessarily keep that car to sell himself, and often sends it to an auction. Banks and dealerships with cars coming in off lease send them to auction. There are three weekly used car auctions local to me that, as a dealer, I have access to and it's where all the local dealers acquire new used car inventory. Very common, nothing shady, and not an indicator that the car is a problem. Just the normal workings of the second-hand late-model car market.
  15. I could be wrong but I can assure you that I will be corrected if I am wrong. I am astounded how many knowledgeable people will help. That said, Carfax will not have information of damage and/or repair if the insurance co does not report it. I was rear ended by an underaged driver in an off road golf cart. They paid to fix the bumper & it never got on Carfax. I have used Carfax for the last 3 cars I purchased, none with undisclosed damage. If it is totaled by the insurance company, I skip the car. My father owned a reposition business for banks & those vehicles were usually not well taken care of. Most were sold at auction & carried a discounted value. I bought one from a bank that needed repaired. Price formula = wholesale price - 20% - retail repair value - condition value.
  16. Here you go. The vertical vanes are canted toward the middle of the roof line. Bill
  17. Marty, My mechanic only mentioned the switch - I'll ask him tomorrow if he needs the striker also. Thanks Tom
  18. Lincoln : The Jack' Pollock Limited Edition Series.
  19. Of course there's more Model A's, they were made in the millions. Franklin's total production in 22 years is estimated at only about 150,000. They were far more expensive and weren't sold for the masses like Model A's. You could buy four Model A's for what the least expensive model of Franklin cost. If you were to push sideways on Franklin fenders verses other makes of cars, you'd see that there is only slightly more lateral movement than cars with half elliptical springs. Franklin springs are made wide and strong enough so that lateral movement is not as much as you'd expect. The biggest thing you notice about a Franklin ride is how well that full elliptic spring suspension soaks up bumps and gives a smooth ride without having to be much heavier, like their competition. And being lighter they don't body roll as much in a tight turn as heavier cars. So, because they have less body roll when cornering, they actually feel like they have less lateral movement, not more. Franklins run about 1000 or more pounds lighter than other makes in their class, yet ride just as smooth. And that lighter weight without sacrificing ride quality saves money on gas, tires, driveline wear, and makes steering easier, all while having the benefits of a larger, luxury class car. Paul
  20. I have been called an artist, of a certain sort, many times.
  21. 1346201 is a 1953 boot. It is my understanding that a boot was not used when they went to the outer torque ball retainer with the bonded rubber in 1957.
  22. Here is more about the Goodrich tire. It looks like it hardly ever went around the block, with the center mold mark still prominent on the tread. The 2 tubes are now thrown in, everything for $60.
  23. I am trying to decide which unsettles me more; a car for sale on a car trailer or a Craigslist car sunk in the ground.
  24. thanks for your advice i will keep running points and keep the pertronix in the glovebox by the way i have had this buick since i was 13 years old (1971 ) it has never let me down
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