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  2. Hi, I am helping a neighbor thin out a collection of pre-war parts. We have about 70 headlamps, spotlights, running lights, tail lights and many more. Please look at the following link: If you are interested, please PM, or email me at Please reference the part number that you are interested in. Joe
  3. yes indeed it is. Jake, aka nick8086, goes about things in a somewhat unconventional fashion. But I'm sure if you send him a PM (private message) he will fill you in on the details of this truck, where he is, how much he is asking, etc.
  4. Watched a car exiting the parking area of a fast food place at lunch today; and the engine cut off and restarted twice, as the driver waited for a break in traffic to pull out onto the street.
  5. I inherited a 57 Apache with I believe a 6 cylinder three speed in 2014. In a little worse shape than the OP' s. Desert truck near Bakersfield,Ca.. Did not want to try to drag it back to Illinois so I sold it for $500 and considered myself ahead.
  6. Hi guys and thanks for your thoughts. The photo sure shows quite a collection of lights and I believe that John's assessment of demand is probably correct. Regardless, we have a nice collection that must be sold.
  7. CallDon Axlerod . He can help His # is 781 598 0523 He is the headlight man !!
  8. My Mum was proud of the fact that she could beat the bus into town, driving her one-horse gig. It was seven miles, and admittedly the bus had to stop occasionally. She never drove a car. Thirty miles was a big day's run for both harness and saddle horses, but longer trips were probably not uncommon.
  9. Thank you all for you replies and input. This is all a great learning experience.
  10. But I'm completely ignorant of these cars. Look forward to you experts teaching me about this model. Hopefully someone here might be interested. Only 18 hr.s left on the auction. With a v6 (which they claim has been rebuilt) I'm guessing it was fairly fast in the day.
  11. yes it is a PA car and a very nice coupe --- would look good setting next to my 2dr and convertible
  12. It's been a long time since I had mine out, but I think you can wiggle it free from the gauge once you remove the screws...mine's a little different since it's a '53, but I think the idea's the same. I don't remember taking out the whole cluster when I had my temp gauge rebuilt.
  13. Many private pilots I know (see Sun'n'Fun) have an iPad strapped to their leg. Both my SLK320 and Jeep Grand Cherokee have the same console shifter - slap left for down and right for up. Nice in mountains. CTS have to push sideways then forward for up and back for down, almost useless. Have never even driven a car with flappy paddles. ps ergonomics used to be a science. pps gives "all thumbs" a whole new meaning.
  14. I looked at the tech sheet again and they recommend 1.5 but say you can use 1.3. As such, you might want to get 1.5 for the primer gun. If you use their 2K primer they recommend a 1.8 tip for it.
  15. Annie, Many thanks to you and Joel, and his Dad. You're an inspiration to all in our hobby, but especially to young ladies, truck enthusiasts, and our judging system.👍
  16. This P1 Towncar was at Pebble and is uber cool. For sale in Hemmings for 585k. S268KR was delivered new 5-12-33 to its first owner US Army Brigadier General Ephraim Franklin Jeffe, at the Ambassador Hotel in NYC. It is in running order and has around 69,000 actual miles from new. It is certainly one of Joseph Inskip's foremost masterpiece coachwork designs for Brewster & Company. Original paint is flaking but the overall condition is "untouched and original" throughout. It has been housed and hidden away in a private museum for the last 15 years. An extraordinary opportunity to acquire the ultimate US delivery LHD Brewster bodied Towncar built.
  17. Astonishing how driver- unfriendly these modern touch screen computermobiles are. You wonder if the kids who conjured them up even have a driver's license. Airplanes ? I doubt REAL pilots have input in their design anymore over at The Pride of Chicago, The "Lazy B". I have been told down at the Apple store that many employees use iPad minis like this one I am constantly fighting with. Gotta wonder if the engineers who designed these clumsy things ever use them. If so, and I were their boss, I would fire the whole department. I know how to make them far easier and faster to use, but I am sick and tired of walking for nothing. They would have to reward me, but I am sure they would not. Paddle shift ? No, thank you. A proper shift gate for me, please. Oh ! And while you're at it, delete that computer which constantly monitors my driving technique, the better to second guess me, as does the arrogant device which has cost me so much time just to tap out this tirade. Bitch, bitch, bitch, - CC
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  19. Crosleys' I think are all floor shift top loaders too?
  20. LInk to thread I had meant to post here, but got in wrong area:
  21. I learned at an early age how to fall off a 17 hand horse (English saddles lack a hand grip). Stood me in good stead when started riding motorcycles. ps before quarter-mile drag races there were quarter-horses.
  22. So here is the opportunity to get a late car. Not the most attractive body, but if you look at the dropbox pictures it is in pretty good shape. A 1930 Cunningham V7 towncar barnyard find! This is a wonderful example of this rare car. The large, luxurious and expensive 8 cylinder series V7. This model was the last production car made by Cunningham. James Cunningham, Sons and Company manufactured high quality carriages before making the transition to horseless vehicles. The V7 series, one of its most successful, was so expensive at the time, only the very wealthy could afford to buy this car. Originally built for Mr. Abraham Baer, this 1930 Cunningham has sat untouched indoors in a southern California warehouse since 1985. Engine type: V8Displacement: 442 cu. in.Power Rating: 106 HorsepowerTransmission: 3 speed manualChassis: Mechanical brakes This car is in excellent condition and drives perfectly. The owner has kept this car untouched in his warehouse since May of 1985, only driving it one time for a parade. The owner is guaranteeing this car will start and run upon pickup. The car is located in the Southern California Mohave dry desert and has been kept indoors the entire time the current owner has had it in his possession. This Cunningham V-7 has 21,965 original miles. Feel free to call us with any questions at all, thanks!More pics can be seen here:
  23. I have had a few Crosley's, and they all had a Borg/Warner T-92 transmission. But I haven't seen all years, of Crosleys That transmission pictured, is not a T-92 intimeold
  24. Last new car I bought was a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee (tow and trip car). Was the last design from the Daimler/Chrysler years and was eligible for every rebate known to man (public still wanted minivans then). Same chassis as a GL350. 300hp/5,000 lb tow rating (nearly the only option was the towing package). 24mpg at 70ish on 87 PON. Does what I tell it to and dead reliable. Shows what is happening on the DIC. Chrysler warranty is good until 2099 or 999,999 miles so I let them change the oil. I like computer cars. Had scanners in ALDL days (1981- on). Have better scanners now (OBD-II). Been known to reprogram my cars, mostly to run cooler. Actually have several now, Tech2Win is most cost effective for GM but I like the Autel DiagLink for multiple brands. Can display almost anything. Also have an '11 Cad CTS Coupe (Catera Touring Sedan Coupe - about the only GM 2 door larger car left. OTOH if the wagon had 2 doors I would have bought that. ). Designed by Germans as a pseudo Track Day car. Staggered wheels and tires. I put the same size on all four and can rotate. Now has Android Auto on an 8" touch scream but I only need to know where one button is. The microphone. Is on the steering wheel. Can then tell it what I want it to do by voice. If don't want to be bothered can retract the screen and still get the GPS instructions over the squeakers. Don't care about radio, have over 500 albums on a micro SD card that fits in my phone. Available in all my cars along with handsfree telephony. Reads me text messages. Have a friend with a 2018 Jeep Compass. She hates it. Stops for squirrels. Has been know to suddenly stop for no apparent reason (think it was a Walmart bag once). Has two batteries. Must remove negative terminal first/connect last or it carries on cranky. Conclusion: there was a sweet spot ending around 2013 when you had the advantages of things like DOHC VVT but not the Big Brother effect. OTOH my '88 Reatta is a great road car and gets 27 mpg cruising all day. Doesn't have all the latest stuff and only 165 hp but just turn the AC on, hit the cruise and relax. BTW there is one thing about modern cars I really do not understand: With Variable Valve Timing and FI, the torque bands no longer peak, now they run near flat from 1800 to 6500 rpm. So why do cars need 8-10 speed transmissions ? 5 or 6 is plenty. YWTK.
  25. I'm waiting for new cars to have a voice that says, "After careful analysis, it has been determined that you are not an essential component of this vehicle"...then it ejects you through the roof. 😄
  26. Our DRIVERS: 2000 Excursion 7.3L Diesel 4WD 2002 Suburban 2500 8.1L 2006 Avalanche 2500 8.1L 4WD 1995 Fleetwood Brougham 1995 Grand Marquis No need for anything newer or more complex
  27. No big deal, Lee. I was just curious if you received and could use the handle. I'll PM you tomorrow.
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