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  2. I'm no fan of Rolls Royce cars and this example is one of the reasons why.
  3. Drove Almendrón to a local car show held at Tamiami Executive Airport in South Miami- Dade County, FL. Summer Temperatures over 80 degrees.They also had a mini vintage airplane show. Only three Buicks at the venue, my Roadmaster and two Grand Nationals. I posted some show pics under Gallery
  4. the bolt close to the block. any secret for easy removal? dennis
  5. Lamar, Yes, it does effect what people post & where they post. And, no it isn't a simple issue. Now that you recognize that the prewar part of the forum serves more than just technical issues, please advise Peter to remove the technical title as I originally requested. Since it seems you initiated this, please ask Peter to take to change it back. Thank you.
  6. Thank you so much for your reply my mystery is solved! -Linda
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  8. The doors came off a '55 400 originally. Very straight and solid, only surface corrosion, no holes, bottoms are solid. Email me at for pictures. $600 for the pair. Also have quite a few grilles, both Clipper and senior series cars.
  9. The original iron pistons in my Mitchell are astronomically heavy...the heaviest piston I've ever seen for a passenger car and, I think, heavier than the iron pistons that came out of a friends Wisconsin engine which are 3/4" larger in diameter. My aluminum pistons are half the weight and I haven't finished machining them. When done, I expect they will be close to 1/3 of the weight of the originals. The same can be said for the connecting rods. I once did calculations to see how much reciprocating weight I was removing and came up with a figure in excess of 20 lbs. That is taking a lot of stress off the bearings which I expect will allow for a slightly raised compression ratio and still leave the bearings less stressed but I do wish I had enough knowledge of advanced math (my weakest subject) to do fine calculations on this. I've no idea what the high rpm of the Humber was but I strongly suspect that with careful balancing of the parts and dynamic balancing of the crank and flywheel (the machines for this weren't developed until the mid-1920s or early 30s) you can safely increase the rpms by 25%. When you do the new pistons, use hollow gudgeon pins...the wall thickness need not be any more than 3/16" if the diameter is up around 3/4". That will save weight without sacrificing strength. I'd also use circlips on the ends and let them float. At the time, they believed the pins had to be locked in place and I'll bet your pistons have little locks in the pin bosses to hold them rigid...probably one fell out which is why the bore is scored.
  10. Getting ready to install wiper arms but the shaft is rotating to full up position when it "Parks" Is linkage installed wrong?
  11. We were in the hills of the White Mountains in Nh. No adiquate tools, and was a one off Model J, so taking any unnecessary risk wasn't going to be an option.
  12. Alot can happen in one week. Last week this time I had a bunch of parts scattered around, today I have the beginnings of a vehicle. It is really coming together nicely. Today I mounted the steering column and hooked up the steering. Now I can steer it without having to turn the tires by hand! The steering wheel is temporary. Next will be to put the steering column brace on.
  13. But let me clarify, I am not calling anybody here a goat as I am sure it would have been said
  14. Try like Bob Drake Ford or some of the other Ford Places - I bought something that looked close via one of the Ford websites (but it has been years).
  15. You are one of the smartest people I know Ben. But maybe you didn’t read all of my previous post where the numbers said that it at least helped. A good herd dog helps in herding goats but there’s always some that just do not go where they were supposed to go. I am done with this. Mr. Hinson you can have your usual last word. I’m going down to the barn and work on my Buick and not taking my cell phone with me. Adios amigo’s.
  16. For what it's worth, on these old ones we usually rebuild rather than replace. Its easier than finding another, and usually the end result is better. If it is not the sort of thing you want to tackle yourself, look for an "Auto Electric" shop in your area. Many areas have one. For instance, around the Seattle area there is this: An auto electric shop can probably get the starter drive (and any other worn parts), but if not, Bob's remains a possibility.
  17. I guess I am sorta dumb. Did adding the word Technical PREVENT the members adding non tech post? Ben
  18. Diran Yazejian 4515 Kirkcaldy Road Bloomfield Hills , Mi. 48304 248-646-0158 Great gentleman , quality parts ...
  19. Well, just to put my two-cents in on the topic the Golden Age for me was about 1966 to 1980. I joined AACA and HCCA at age 15 in late 1966 and would attend the Lake Forest and Momence car shows every year, among many others. The show fields were full of brass-era cars, my favorite, as well as twenties and thirties cars including classic cars. It felt like it took all day just to walk through the show cars let alone looking for parts at the vendors and yes, most vendors were in the hobby, not professionals. Back then, to a young me, the car shows were like Christmas, my birthday and the Fourth of July all rolled into one. I do miss that time. The shows have really changed over the years and I rarely go now. But, my wife and I have gotten into touring with our brass-era cars (indeed, we are hosting a four day tour here in Wisconsin next week if the weather will permit) so I guess if I were to focus only on touring this would be our Golden Age. Still, I would like to acquire some more brass-era cars but now that I am retired, the prices they bring will not allow that to happen.
  20. Anything you would like me to run up there and pick up for you Bob?
  21. I am buying these 2 from this seller but he texted me he has 4 more with bad tires on them. I have purchased wheels from him before. The two I am buying above will give me 6, so I don't need another set. BUT - these really look nice on Reattas and are getting scarce. If you want his 2nd set of 4, let me know and I will buy them for you. $40 x 4 = $160. Not bad. Once these are gone, their gone. These will be driver quality and the last 2 I bought off of him cleaned up nice.
  22. Thanks Joe, I now understand. As to, "unless you want to give yourself a heart attack", been there, had one, don't really need another! Humber - It will be interesting to see the difference in weight between the original pistons and the aluminium pistons, when I finally decide on the pistons to use.
  23. I may be missing something but is seems like it have been safer to deflate the tire before securing the car to the tow truck.
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