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  2. 1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V Convertible On Ebay
  3. Of course also greatly mis-understood was Citroens use of the two inverted chevrons as his signature trade mark. There is no great mystery or connection to Corporals in the French army but an extremely simple explanation. Along with the people behind ENV (en v) Andre Citroen started out as a gear cutter and an early exponent of cutting Double-helical gears. These can be seen in such places as the rear axle assembly of his early cars. The 5CV in particular features this form of gears used for the crown wheel and pinion. These are also sometimes referred to as "Herringbone" gears. Bj.
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  5. I just posted on Doug’s “windshield install” thread saying how I wanna follow suit & buy a windshield. I hesitate cuz of the track record. I’ll have to read thru this thread again. What is the solution????? Is Summit expecting u to ship the broken glass back to them?
  6. I wish! My family has made me way to broke to get anything decent. I am afraid my lowly model T projects will need to suffice for now. So very many years ago, my dad bought a 1928 Buick Master four-door sedan project. Unfortunately, he was never good at following through with things, so it never was restored. Shortly after he passed, we gave it to a collector that specialized in vintage General Motors, so who knows? It was not nearly so nice, but the remains of the interior had that pattern mohair. Later, I had several friends with '20s Buick closed cars that had nice original interiors. A couple of them with that material. However, yours looks to have one of the finest original interiors I have seen. And I have seen some nice ones.
  7. If your car was a US made one, it would have the same carburetor, but with an automatic choke. There are bound to be differences, I guess. That Stromberg carburetor is a nice carb, although some have complained that there were some weakness issues with the casting. I guess that if yours came from the factory with a manual choke, then the Plymouth manifold should work.
  8. Really? So what’s the big window crank handle that’s mounted just inside on the inside windshield header directly behind the wiper? i thought that’s the on and off for wiper? If it’s not too then what is it for? I know my windshield looks like it’s fixed in place to me so I figured that crank handle was frozen in place and it is what actually controlled the wiper???? Again this is on a 1927 Model 27 Standard....
  9. Many years ago, I had a series 80 Pierce Arrow four-door sedan. I loved that car. Toured it for several years. Truly a pleasure to drive. However, when my wife and I bought our "first house"", we had to sell the car. If that hadn't taken the car from me, any of several things that came along in the years that followed would have. Personally, I like sedans, and coupes. I have had several of both bodies from the nickel era over the years, and would really like to have another. In the meantime, an open model T will have to do. I have always enjoyed seeing the enclosed cars at shows, and on tours!
  10. Hi, i need front turn signals, rear trunk lid reflector, windshield sides chrome trims. Let me know if you have them.
  11. Ron, This maybe a silly question, but how are the aluminium stirps fitted to the floor panels, I cannot see any screw holes?. Excellent restoration and I have enjoyed reading your posts and seeing the Kissel come together. Mike
  12. I am looking for trunk center lid reflector, front turn signals, windshield sides chrome trims. Let me know if you have them. Soft top maybe if in good condition.
  13. Looking for speedo inner drive cable for a 1923 Dodge. Is there a repo available? Don't want to get a speeding ticket lol.
  14. Did some steering box adjustments according to the book of information and that made a good difference. Will also replace kingpins etc and do a toe adjustment. Thanks for the advice.
  15. Post is from a loooong time ago(2005).
  16. Wow.... I am a total noob but I would dearly love to give this gal a home in South Carolina! She is begging to be helped along.
  17. Changing the subject only slightly, what seems like a very long time ago I rescued a (Fiat) OSCA roadster from a boat builders yard here in Australia on Port Phillip Bay. It was a magic little (1500cc) car but as with nearly all my projects it was run in some local Historic Racing events before being sold. It appeared once or twice driven by the son of the purchaser, never to be seen again. The photograph with it parked next to a Mini gives you some idea of its size. Where is it now? It had a fabulous 1500cc 4 cylinder 2-OHC engine that just loved to "Rev". It just goes to show, I have had some interesting "Post WW2" Cars too. This one as with so many of my project cars has dissapeared from sight. No Doubt shut up in someones "Private Collection". Bernie j .
  18. I asked my good friend Phil Skinner (journalist, auction reporter and number expert) and he replied: Jim, I’ve seen this also. Found this on an K V12 In Texas back in 2014. Phil SO???? Maybe it is some kind of FoMoCo Lincoln thing????
  19. At least it is not crawling with poison ivy like my place is. I have been infected by it, and I don't even remember touching it. BTW that is a vintage vehicle at the left edge of the photo.
  20. Perhaps not a photograph but a heavily re-touched one. Here two of the Firefly Speedster taken in Louisville The first one has to be one of my favourites taken on the actual Kentucky Wagon Co factory floor where the car was first built. The second one at the AACA Anniversary Show also at Louisville. This brings me to the point of all this. Does anyone have any up to date info on where the car is now and if it has been driven (ever)? Bernie j.
  21. I have mostly craftsman, but now they are being made in China. Kobalt and Husky I consider to be like Harbor Freight, made in China. I have broke some of their socket extensions because such poor quality steel. They are probably better now though. As far as combination wrenches, I often find the longer ones are much better, especially for hard to reach and tight, rusted fasteners. See how much longer this Bonney wrench is than your regular Craftsman. It is like Snap-on, quality steel, seems to fit tight, little flex. I got one like this at Harbor freight, for only about $10 and find it very useful. 1/4 inch drive, swivel head, good for lots of small fasteners. It is a knock-off of a Snap on ratchet. The Snap-on version is $130.00 !!
  22. Then it could be considered mail fraud and that is a federal offense. There is such a thing as the US Postal Police and that is their job. I would suggest contacting the local postal police in your area and they will get the ball rolling. Twenty years ago I had a similar situation about 3 weeks after I contacted the US Postal Police the part arrived after about 6 months of excuses. Worth a try. Good Luck
  23. Yes, they reportedly introduced the additional brake drums on the rear wheels and additional pedal in 1902. I have a collection of pictures, about 300 in total of early Locomobiles and can only identify about two cars with these drums on the rear wheels. One is a 1901 Style 2 runabout. Many pictures are of later cars 1901 and up, runabouts, Surreys, Dos-a_dos, long wheelbase runabouts and they are not present. I'm guessing they were only on some cars. Maybe a special order option? Of the two cars I can find with these drums, they differ, so I'm not certain of their authenticity. According to the 1902 year, the 1901 car may have rear wheels from a later vehicle. But not necessarily, I don't think anything was etched in stone, I think Locomobile used whatever they had or available to get vehicles completed. The rear differential is good example of that. The open differential like mine was supposedly dropped in 1901 and an enclosed spur gear was introduced in 1901, but there are many examples of later cars with the open differential. In 1902-3 they introduced a new differential similar the early one with bevel gears enclosed in a cast case with two brake bands on the differential, also an uncommon feature found on surviving examples. The ratcheting devices for a "park brake", I think were an after market item. -Ron
  24. A good friend has an older, otherwise excellent restoration of a post-1932 Pierce V-12. When Pierce adopted hydraulic lifters in 1933, the Company began using full-flow filters, WHICH HAD 1/2-INCH SUPPLY AND RETURN LINES. This car was restored with 1/4-inch lines suitable for bypass filters but not capable of the volume needed for a full-flow filter, resulting (when the previous owner acquired it) in 10 psi oil pressure. The previous owner bypassed with a modern 1/2-inch hose, giving 50 psi--saving the engine. Fortuitously, before that the car was strictly a show car rolling on and off trailers, so apparently no damage was done. The point of this story is to recommend thorough consideration of the size of lines in and out of a full-flow filter if you are planning to use one where a bypass filter was factory equipment.
  25. I guess I need to get my artist brush out now.....
  26. TJ Richards was an South Australian builder of bodies. And eventually bought by Chrysler.
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