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  2. "Mfd. by Geo W Borg Corp Chicago USA" Any thoughts?
  3. Why would they be? In any case, if the car goes around any turns, the outside tire travels further than the inside tire so the valve stems would get out of sync. This is why cars have differentials.
  4. Sometimes thoughts come to me at night and here's a strange or silly one . If a car starts out for a drive and it's valve stems are at exactly in the six o clock position when you return and park it at the exact same spot would the valve stems still be at 6 o clock? Weird I know.
  5. that plastic part was serviced with the seatbelt assy F694HT5 is the outer ginger seatbelt have 4 of them NOS would discount the belt too..................
  6. Very quick calculations done today with assistance from a guy that does already import vehicles to South Africa, If I buy a vehicle in the US at a price of $10000.00 all costs included to get to South Africa including duties etc the final price of the vehicle landed here will be about R360000.00 which would be about $24000.00 the exchange rate is a killer and to further injury it seems that the South African law states that a vehicle built before 1965 is exempt from right hand drive so a 65 would have to be converted to Right Hand Drive Back to the markets on line
  7. This is a great site keep it going. I buy from swap meets, antique shops, garage sales and the old fashioned way (newspaper).
  8. This is great! Thank you for giving me some options/ideas-appreciate the help
  9. thanks all , all avenues I have suspected an considered my service manual is helpful . more suspect is the single u joint or the bearings on either side of it but being that its enclosed in the torque ball makes it a difficult diagnosis even harder still to describe here, but I will try maybe someone will be able to form some opinion based on this. it is definitely a rotating assembly it is a low note an mild vibration that increases with rpm when driving barely audible at low speed an noticeable at 40mph an above. i've considered removing the rear diff cover to have a look but its definitely in the center of the car you can feel it in the toe boards an hear it same local . I have thought the torque tube may be transmitting this forward in the car but cant be sure. i've ruled out front wheel bearings as they are correctly tightened an well lubed an do not feel " lumpy "or loose. any thoughts?
  10. Looking for info if they made a manual for the Auto Cruise Control like they did for the other models. As pictured below.. Thanks...
  11. Nice. Get the wheels pinstriped and you're ready to go!
  12. Awesome! Do you have a list of the correct bulbs and where you got them from? Also, which halo headlights you went with? LED or halogen? A previous owner of my car changed the headlights around so that they inners are the low beams and outers are the highs. So when I do the headlights, I’ll probably start fresh with a new wiring harness as well.
  13. Am I incorrect or weren't more "junk yards" around until a President's wife ("Lady Bird " Johnson) decided to clean up the USA landscape and a lot of older yards just disappeared in the name of beautifying the country side? The best junk yard I ever went to was Bill's Junk Yard in Valley Falls, Rhode Island. Drove up there with 2 friends in my 41 Packard station wagon in 4+ hours of rain in about 1974 ( we had trouble getting out of the wagon as the wood doors swelled up tight, so we climbed out over the seats to the tail gate window to exit) That place was hub cap to hub cap pre war cars, with a whole row of Packards. Lots of parts they took off in a huge building attached to the office. Those were the days ( of great junk yards and using pre war cars for general transportation on "excursions" to explore) Makes me think that a 1974 car which was new when we were doing this, is now older then the car we drove then to do the trip . Wow I am getting old, have been doing this a long time. ( I know there are some friends of mine reading this that are thinking - you were always ' old ' Walt , it is just that your physical state has caught up to your mental state.) Hummmmmmmmm
  14. Ed, Daves89 is spot what he's recommending. If you end up needing a replacement instrument panel cluster (IPC), try Marck Barker, Jim Finn, (contact info is in the Reatta Resources & Quick Reference Guide within this forum). Removal and installation is ezze-peeze.
  15. Penn Dutch is a good recommendation. I met Parker of Parker's Packard at Hershey, seems very knowledgeable. I'd also recommend Bill Anderson at Early American Auto Repair in Berryville, Virginia. He's the best I've had personal experience with at sorting out cars, from Stanley's to Duesenbergs.....
  16. The "sweet spot" for touring with the '13 is usually about 37 MPH +- 2 mph depending on the grade of the road. The "sweet spot" for touring with the '15 truck is usually about 30 MPH +- 2 mph depending on the grade of the road. Every car has it's own happy speed. You just need to drive it where it sounds and runs easily. Nothing so far I have will run at 40 MPH without complaining, plus trying to run faster than it's sweet spot just causes things to break.
  17. There are shims in steering box to remove to compensate for Sector /Worm wear. Remove top plate, drop Pittman arm off, withdraw sector shaft out top of steering box , catch oil, remove smallest shims first, reassemble. [ patience and perseverance]
  18. Agreed. The webbing doesn't have the same contours as the originals but these look to be a lot easier to keep clean.
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  20. There’s a gentleman an hour and half away from me here in PA that I would recommend for sorting mechanicals out on any car. I know he has done work on Rolls Royce, Auburns, LaSalles, Dodge and he even helped me get my transmission in my 47’ back together correctly when the snap ring (un-snapped) on the second gear set. He is very knowledgeable and very reasonable. Pm me for his info. Matt
  21. Parker's Packards. Parker is a good guy and one of the 3 people I know in the hobby not quite 40.
  22. have a lead for a parts guy in Mid west good source for motor parts bought out stock from JANS PISTONS E mail me
  23. You might contact Lambert Enterprises in Fort Wayne, IN. They made panels for a friend's 1965 Riviera. Check them out at
  24. DAVES89


    I went to and they say the 1987 LeSabre is the same. Should work.
  25. Ed looks like your Instrument panel is going bad. One thing to try is to remove the panel clean the contacts and replace. If that doesn't do it buying another is in your future. [Or use your GPS for speed calculations]. I have one extra with a rebuild sticker, but am reluctant to sell it. If it was an '88/89 I would have one to sell.
  26. Have you looked at Mustang Project's sequential tail light kits? A four bulb kit with flasher unit might work for you. Give them a call. Mustang Project 300 Brushy Creek Rd. Suite 304 Cedar Park, Texas 78613 Phone: 512-828-6417 Email: 800-631-0507(US Only) 512-828-6417 Worldwide
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