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  2. CHudWah, Thanks for the info. I am certainly not an expert, but the car I am looking at does not have quarter windows. I found an engraving of a 1917 Hudson Cabriolet that does have quarter windows. Any enlightenment would be appreciated. Thanks, Jim
  3. Lots of question marks (not running, sitting for 30 years), but undeniably a cool car and reasonable asking price. I doubt that's original paint, and that should give the buyer a little more leverage.
  4. Hello Pete. THX for the information. I will report back, when the Buick arrived and we made a complete check. At the moment he´s in Panama.... Georg
  5. They may have shot themselves in the foot though. It takes buyers and sellers to make a marketplace. If I know not much is posted on there I'll stop looking. Regardless of the quality of the car some people are cheap and won't pay the 5.00 or may be the type of guy that doesn't pay for anything on line out of fear of losing their identity or getting ripped off. You will lose that segment of people listing, often the type if guys we bought from.
  6. It will clear out all of the free ads. Then, there will be a lull and we will see if some of the cars come back, trickle in or are gone forever. The $5 gets you 30 days. I know it was abused by some. I saw a 57 Buick Super 2 door hardtop on my Iowa craigs lists for 3 + years, never a reduction in price and any communication with the seller resulted in a rude response. I was actually amazed he remembered to keep renewing it for 3 years. The dealers were the worst. Or some sellers that would put the same car same ad on a CL 10 times. But, as I mention, they will go in and see their ads ended, and then go to renew and see the $5 charge. In 4 weeks, we may see many cars filled in, but not all. Then, I think there might be some market correction in that asking prices will drop, not be so unreasonable. As others have said, there was plenty of fishing on CL because it was free. Why not ask $15,000 for a $2,000 car and see if you can nab someone?
  7. I need a little help with that and have been working on it now that winter is over.
  8. (4) Floor sockets for Ford Woodie station wagons 2nd or 3rd seats. More information, please telephone 317-846-4605. Thank you. John
  9. The fuel filter is under the car....drivers side........on coupes it is near the drivers feet, against the side of the sill. On convertibles it is back by the rear suspension, but in front of the rear wheel.
  10. I have a used 1949 roadmaster soft top in a very good condition, that i am ready to let go for a fair price. Leave me your email and cell number so i can contact you.
  11. Hello! i just became the owner of my first Edsel and I am having fuel problems. Does anyone know what stock 4bbl came on the 361? And advise helps. Thanks.
  12. leqca

    1955 Corvette

    I have a used 1955 Corvette in a very good condition, that i am ready to let go for a fair price. Leave me your email and cell number so i can contact you.
  13. I have a used 1964 Chevelle 4 Door in a very good condition, that i am ready to let go for a fair price. Leave me your email and cell number so i can contact you.
  14. Good news: while I still think I bent something a fraction where the horizontal adjustment rod meets the clam shell, I was able to take up the additional slack by adjusting the arm at the motor connection point. Thanks all. Much appreciated!
  15. I have a used 1979 lincoln town car in a very good condition, that i am ready to let go for a fair price. Leave me your email and cell number so i can contact you.
  16. I have the Model 20 Hupmobile 1909 or 1910 at a very good condition and i'm read to let go at a fair price. Please leave me your phone number or contact me on
  17. I have the metal grommets on a 1926 Oakland Tilt Ray Headlight. Which i am ready to let go at a fair price. Contact me on
  18. I have the starter motor drive gear in a very good condition and i'm ready to let go at a fair price. Leave me your email or phone number. Or send me
  19. Bottom line, it means it DOESN'T RUN NOW. You can be almost certain the engine at least will require an overhaul. I've seen allegedly freshly rebuilt engines that were described as "ran when parked" but needed a full reconditioning at minimum due to either poor workmanship or inadequate storage. Even low mileage originals might fall into that category if they were not properly prepped for storage. Unelss you can run and drive it to assess condition, assume the worst. Terry
  20. My 23 Moon has a continential engine and the same arraignment. The important thing to remember is the oil level float. I put a white mark on it so I can see it. Have a great day
  21. Check the coil. When I first got mine it would die when I stepped on it. Bad coil. Recently had the replacement go bad (18 years doesn't sound like a long time). Car warmed up but was running bad, spitting and cutting out. Bad coil.
  22. You are right Jim. There are a number of little things that detract from this offering. It wouldn't take a whole lot of effort to correct some of the issues which should result in higher bids. It is not a concours condition car but is overall very presentable. The undercarriage looks solid which is a big plus. If someone wanted to take this car to number one status, you could easily spend in excess of $20K to do it. It will be interesting to see the final bid.
  23. Sounds as if you're on the right track. Blown fuses are usually an indicator of a 12V wire going directly to ground and not through the accessory.
  24. What is correct for your car should be the deciding factor. If you've done your research you should be able to pinpoint it correctly. While it is true that many cars of the era used Lino floor covering, if you want to just do it once, do it right while you have the opportunity. If you want to just be "reasonably authentic" then I'm sure the Lino would be ok to use. There should be other cars around to compare with so first be sure you are right, then go ahead (I think somebody famous once said that). Terry
  25. I purchased brown linoleum from Tony for my 23 Dodge and I was very satisfied. I used rubber matting for my Star running boards and purchased it from MacMaster Carr. I purchased counter molding from Lowes for edgeing.
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