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  2. The BCA minutes for April and May are on the BCA web site. Sorry, I must have forgotten to post April's minutes earlier.
  3. I bought this by mistake for my 35.It was sealed in original container so I thought I'd take a chance.$30 or best offer.Thanks,Greg.
  4. Hello Paul,thanks for your comment. Yes it's sad about the Nationals being cancelled, but rest assured my wife & I will be going on a driving holiday somewhere (even if we can't cross the border) and it will be documented. I'd want several weeks to do Dubbo. When I'm retired I'd like to go around the coast as have never been there before (only Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns by plane). I will catch up one day with you guys over there for sure. Cheers Grant Zippel
  5. Hi, I have a n.o.s. vacuum switch in original delco - Remy container.I was told it would work on my 35s but it's completely different. I bought it with the container sealed up so I didn't know. Part # 1990127. $30 o.b.o.Thanks,Greg.
  6. 12.23 and 12.2. Looks like no charging is happening. Now I gotta get it figured out and fixed before it ships. 😣
  7. The engines are out there, and more plentiful than you'd think. Try posting on That is a very active Mopar flathead-six website and I'm sure you'll get some answers there.
  8. just need an inflatable gorilla on the roof and they would sell 500 cars a month!!
  9. I like it, and think its neat..........just the reality of the world today.
  10. There have been a lot of Eldorado ads lately which really brings me back to my childhood. My driveway looked like a Caddy used car lot, all Eldorados. My dad had a thing for them.
  11. Thank you for saying that John. I completey agreement with you. I see the offensive post has been removed. Cheers, Greg
  12. Welcome, Mr. Reo, but please note that that defamatory thought is not widely shared. This category on the forum is made vastly more interesting when members share their interesting finds. None of us is making money--or committing fraud--as a spammer would. We are all admiring car fans, and might even be adding to our collections thanks to the postings of our forum friends!
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  14. It should be pretty easy to find a good running engine to swap in. There are always several running / driving / very rusty Dodges from these years (46-48) for sale on FB Marketplace or Craigslist for 2K and under. I see there a 5 in my area, all run. I would find the best runner, offer 1/2 or less asking and I bet you could get one for under a grand. You would have a good supply of spare parts too. I had a ‘46 Dodge Club Coupe back in the late 70’s and loved it.
  15. Parish Pressed Steel was the manufacturer for Buick/GM. Top number is part number, lower numbers are date code = Jan 29th 1965 1st shift
  16. Possibly 1937 Dodge, but I am not sure.
  17. May & June were "Balls to the Wall" to get caught up! Transported some amazing vehicles & met some GREAT fellow hobbyists! Here are just some of their cars!! God Bless Bill
  18. I would love to see the car. Tours have all been cancelled except Rodney Fournoy’s Modoc Tour this September up in Alturas. Do you belong to the Nickel Touring Club? Vince Bakich
  19. Hi Chuck Thank you for your reply. I was wondering what the total cost would be delivered to postcode 2800 Australia? More than happy with the $65 plus postage.
  20. If anyone is looking for the Goodyears I am a dealer.
  21. Wonder how much shipping to Sydney, Australia would be....hmmm. She would look nice sitting next to my '36
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