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  2. Hi Buddy, yea, I know, when I came up to see Chris she said she did not have the correct ones in the containers...bummer! Actually had to purchase another '36 for the spare...just so I'd have 5 identical... So I am using some '36's until I can find the correct ones...any leads would be appreciated!
  3. You need to mount the wheel on a hub of your car and spin it and check for runout, or you can take it down to a tire store and they can chuck it up on their wheel balancer and check for runout.
  4. Hi All, Looking to buy a 100% working replacement OEM AM/FM cassette radio for my 1990 TC. Used or Re manufactured but in excellent working condition. Thank You, Chet
  5. It isn't with a antique car, but it is with a future collectible, my '16 AMG GTS Edition1. 1 of 350 made for the USA.
  6. Countrytraveler: Nice machine! I have a Sun 404, but mine is getting really tired. It still works in a pinch.
  7. Small series have 5 bolts on the top cover. 6 bolts on the top cover for the larger series. I do not know how to determine what years had what transmissions. However, the 54-55 years do interchange. I could look at the case numbers on my 55 manual to compare with yours. Yes, having one on hand is a good idea. The smaller series are a bit fragile. I have my original 54 manual that I switched out to refresh and replace a broken synchro. In the meantime, I was able to source a 55 manual from Lamar(Mr. Earl) and install in the Buick while working on the original trans. I ran that manual for a while and re-installed the original now repaired manual. I plan on refreshing the 55 manual and having it on standby.
  8. That's a great looking car. I have a Buick that's been in the family since new as well (1962). I noticed you put a (much) darker green on the rims. Is that the color you going to use on the body? Or are you adding a third color?
  9. Hello Bob, We will just keep looking until we find them!
  10. There is some confusion here. My quoted posting was in response, and directed to, a now deleted posting by old car fan, previously just above mine. In that posting he mentioned that he has a '24. I have also wondered about various sounds coming from my engines. As I say, there are similarities. The '24 has about 62k, and has never been apart other than to check the bearings : fine condition, within spec. The timing chain is at max tolerance (1" circumferential free play of the fan - there is no provision for adjustment on these cars). High oil consumption, BUT I have recently come to realize that 20W/50 is TOO LIGHT (!!!) for our cars, or at least MY '24. The oil runs so cool (particularly in the cool Pacific northwest where all my few thousands of miles have been driven), that I doubt the multi-viscosity oil even reaches equivalent to a single viscosity 30,. That is a very speculative assumption, however, but setting up a test with the two oils at operating temp would be needed to confirm. I intend to use V.I. improvers in the future, after doing some experiments. Because the odometer was reading around 12k and change when I bought the '27, I don't know the real mileage. The odometer was working, and is quite accurate. But I believe, from my experience, that the mileage in the 40s. I pulled the heads, very little bore wear at all. Bearings in excellent condition. Had to replace the automatic timing chain tensioner, so no slop there. This car has no oil consumption issues on the 20W/50 synthetic. It has been driven in Temps in the 30s, to over 100 in the Nevada Summer. Here is the odometer after I put around 500-600 miles on the '27. If you click I to high-resolution, you may be able to read 12,770 miles. I wish I knew the truth. Oh ! The clock is rather accurate after a professional clean and lube. This all is not of much help, but I hope all continues well for you, your family, and vehicles ! - Carl
  11. Hello all, I am currently looking for a Delco Remy 728-B starter for a 1928-29 Chrysler imperial model 80-L if anyone has one for rebuild or is rebuilt please contact me. I will provide a picture for Ref.
  12. not available in the USA. Uggh!
  13. Hi Chris He thinks they are mid fifties, I just remember how to differentiate the large series and small series. Do you know how to tell the years? I have a 55 Special sedan with the stick, and no spare transmission. So you think it may be a good idea to get a spare? Thanks Steve
  14. Cutting fluid would also prevents the overheating. I suppose the suds are not hardened but made with a strong steel.
  15. That's my hotrod... but it's not Buick so....
  16. Another vote for Ross. Yes they are more expensive than Egge, but quality is far better and the pistons are lighter and stronger. Last time I checked they were less expensive than Arias. Ross does a lot of custom work for race and aircraft, so that size shouldn't be a problem. Paul
  17. Could you please tell us how bad the "eBay Global" shipping deal is? I'm very happy selling overseas, but like doing the man to man postage, eBay doesn't need another cut on the sale. Bob
  18. Well, everyone needs a hearse in their barn. LOL
  19. Steve, What years did he have? I have a 54 Special with 3 speed manual. Always good to have one on hand. Worth? All depends on condition.
  20. Carl: Just for reference. My chassis # for my 1925-25 is 1,283015 Engine# 1,312,686 Hugh's car 1925-25 Chassis # 1,286,534 Engine # 1,350,856
  21. Hello I was at a car show yesterday and met a man that has 4 small series Buick manual transmissions. These seem to be mid fifties or earlier. Is there much interest in the small series ones? What might they be worth? Thanks Steve
  22. Hi Brian, Just saw your reply here. Sorry for the delay. The Maalory carb is currently available. Calls are best 608-332-7405 thanks
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