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  2. I shall not argue with your mother.............👍 And, for the record the big pitch is...............”Would you like to spend the weekend in Paris?” For some reason, it works well.
  3. Both comments above are correct...........leather was for the help.............
  4. My mom always said I was the handsomest. I thought that would be enough.
  5. have to have charming good looks and a wonderful personality...................and, of course, you need to give them the “big pitch”. In the event you don’t know what the “big pitch” is...............well, if I told you Melanie would probably get upset.
  6. Yep. For many years, cloth was luxurious and leather was utilitarian. They used it in the chauffeur's compartment because there was a possibility that he might be dirty or greasy and didn't want to ruin that lovely expensive wool cloth.
  7. This is the explanation of how this happened.
  9. Dang, all I got when I did that was this stupid restraining order.
  10. It went around the block but even with a brake pedal it does nothing so everything is froze up.
  11. Hello Alan, Back in 1977 I was attending the Reno Swap Meet and staying at the Holiday Inn in Reno. Someone else was staying there that was driving a green Dodge coupe, it was a very nice car! You might drive by there but I doubt if they are still there. Somewhere I have a photo of it, it might be a bit cold to track down by now. You think?
  12. Support screws when removing , so you do not twist off mica insulation . I reassemble with contact electric grease .
  13. Obviously some people do not know the difference between "Cars Wanted" and "Parts Wanted".
  14. MY TURN: I've only had one interaction with Steve Babinsky, and that was when I was trying to get the 41 Buck 71 Roadmaster accepted. I found him very helpful. That said, I will admit I probably wouldn't spend $1000 to attend a Grand Classic, but I spend $1000 to go to Hershey and Philadelphia with AACA, so if I wasn't as old as I am I'd probably pull the car trailer to those far away places from Florida. Finally, I've been on three tours with the South Florida Region. Most of their members could, I'm sure, buy and sell me, but they happily stayed in chain motels and ate at farirly ordinary restaurants. So, if they do it here, I see no reason they wouldn't do it anywhere. Yes, I was worried I wouldn't fit in, so I restored a pretty good car so as not to be embarrassed, but in retrospect I think now that probably wasn't necessary. And, I don't think the fact that I'm a past National President of AACA gained me one inch in making these new friends. I think these people would have happily been our friend if I was just Joe Blow from Kokomo.
  15. To AHa You are looking at everything we found, unfortunately. Lost...
  16. We have two forum members who are active that have similar rigs. Incredible machines, but they do have drawbacks. I could make ten arguments in favor of it, and twenty against. It sure does make a statement that your serious about car collecting!
  17. First picture is my Pontiac with my first cousin once removed's brand new 1960 Falcon at Plumas, Manitoba. Second picture is my Pontiac starting it's "blue period". Winnipeg 1971. Third picture going camping, Trout Creek, BC 1982. Fourth picture my Pontiac and a good friend's 1929 Oldsmobile. 1983 Summerland BC. Fifth picture my Pontiac decorated for Carl's Flowers in parade in Penticton BC, 1984.
  18. Sure hope someone can help me out. Even if you don't have one, perhaps you might give me a hint of who I might contact. Would be greatly appreciated. Lee
  19. Well I got the sending unit out and took it apart. The wirewound wiper assembly was disconnected from the connection. I was desperate in trying to fix it. I thought worth a try so got my biggest soldering iron out and thought I could get enough heat through the assembly and to the back of the screw assy. Yes I did it without ruining anything else. So instead of riviting back together I thought I would solder since I had the big iron cranked up. BIG MISTAKE because when I got it all together it didn't work. It was no longer open but it didn't change resistance. Thus had to take apart again. Wasn't making good contact at the bottom of the wiper arm. Soldered that. Put back together. Still was not working properly. I thought what next!!! Took apart again and this time found that it wasn't making good contact from the contact point to the arm. I thought this is crazy but successfully solder that also. Put it back together hopefully for the last time. I checked it several times to make sure I got all the problems out of it before I installed it. So got that job done and was a headache but persistence pays off!! Now I need to find a used speedometer since the one in the '49 is pretty much toast.
  20. You just need the little vapor bulb that rides in the engine head, or the whole unit? If the whole unit, go for NOS on EBay. I'll look on my parts engines, I my have a bulb, otherwise.
  21. The springs being above the axle tube are another clue that this may be early small truck. Quite a few cars used this method as well in the very early days ,so not 100% indicative of truck. Greg
  22. Just be VERY careful of the fiber disc with the tabs on it and the other fiber disc inside.
  23. Gee........thanks for the vote of confidence David...............Coleridge is not one of my favorite poet's.
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