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  2. Need a 02 Explorer hauled from McCormick SC to Carlisle PA. Thanks, scott 864-391-2687
  3. IMHO, selling a car with a bunch of niggling problems (especially when described as "easy fixes") is the sign of a seller who is either lazy or mechanically inept. Either way, it raises a red flag about issues that you don't know about. And when you see something (as pointed out earlier) like using the floor pan as lift points, you probably have to add stupidity to the mix. IMHO, there's enough wrong with this car that it might a gilded turd. Proceed with caution.
  4. I use that one a lot. Used to run. Pretty sure most all cars used to run.
  5. I need an 02 Explorer transported open trailer from McCormick SC to Carlisle PA. thanks, Scott 864-391-2687
  6. Posting has expired only because CL is now charging $5 for ads and cancelled all free ads a couple of days ago. I assume all of the available photos were added. Question: How did the Super differ from the Special in this body style if at all? Both I believe had the same wheelbase, same engine. I guess it was trim. clothe selection inside. Am I missing something?
  7. Peter S - You are probably correct but here is my issue - I hate Facebook and social media in general. I have tried to join Facebook and fail. I understand from my wife I am on, but when I go to "sign in" I can't. CL has no entrance requirement. A fairly large sampling of CL ads were put there by Millennials for their aging parents or grandparents that have little use for social media. A Reatta forum member posted a rare Reatta for sale from Lansing Michigan "Facebook marketplace." I went in and tried to find it and failed miserably. CL however, is easy to access, search and find - or it was in it's glory years. I have no issue with the $5 charge, but if Facebook Marketplace is the next free marketplace, I think it's traffic will not reach CL traffic.
  8. Back at the turn of the century I started making websites with HTML or XML and used Cute FTP to build and update. At one time, until I got caught I was creating a Apache directory to host my own pictures for Ebay sales. I was getting half a million hits with basically a hobby account. This year I am setting up some user accounts for MySQL databases. I have to revamp everything. I am shifting to Cpanel and using PHP to interface browsers. This is going to treble my basic costs. And I may get an increase if I decide to shift my hosting to Microsoft Azure. All that stuff costs more. Do you ever look at the piles of stuff you have accumulated (you know, the piles that fall over when you try to get something) and think "I'd sell it all for $1 per item and be happy" Those small amounts do build up. To Craigslist, I haven't had much experience with bottom feeders. They already have what I am selling. I just ask more because of the better pictures, cleaning the stuff off, not leaving air cleaners on the seat or trash on the floor. Oh yeah, the big one, I haven't sold a car that was sunk into the ground, but if I did I would move it before taking pictures. PS: That finger point for emphasis is not just a Bernie Sanders thing, all Bernies do it.
  9. You may have a thermostat that is stuck open. You may also have a stuck heat control valve, I believe it is on the right exhaust manifold.
  10. Better yet.......”Ran when new!”
  11. Sandwich it between 2 lightly padded, (inside), sheets of 3/8" plywood and send it Greyhound. Print shipping label from website, and it is very inexpensive. Give Willy a call and reimburse him for his time. Right ? - Carl
  12. I remember Huey Lewis and the News, but can’t say I recall the singalong. I need to find that CD...there were times I listened to it often enough that I could sing along with all the songs...not sure the progeny appreciated that.
  13. If you don't think it is the filter, and it is not back by the gas tank.......the only thing remaining is the fuel lines. There are 3 lines........... (1) goes from the tank (under pressure when the car is running) to the engine. (2) a return line back to the tank......this returns unused fuel to the tank via a pressure valve....this is also under pressure. (3) a vapor line.....from the tank to the vapor canister......if this is bad you would only get a smell of gas.
  14. I bought a 37 Chevy PU that ran when it was parked in a field. It was parked by a rock pile, no oil in the pan and a rock on the gas petal.
  15. If I was closer I would be out there to lend a hand. But the last time I was in Oregon was back in 2006.
  16. The cars are just moving to different sections. Under "barter" the shadier car lots are advertising For Sale or Partial Trade. The little guys selling 10 year old cars on the side are listing all over C.L,. under antiques, car parts, rant and raves etc.
  17. JACK M

    1948 Jeepster

    Well jan, maybe a birthday coming up?
  18. That should be hanging on a shop wall. Any idea of shipping cost to Oregon?
  19. There are 190 thermostats available. I am thinking that your 180 might not be working. Couldn't say about the heat riser, I have two driving 392s and no heat risers. But I see from your query on Hot Heads that the riser may be a possibility. Both of my Hemis are a bit cold but not 15 minutes cold. But I usually give them a good warm up time while the electric choke is still set. The choke electric releases way before the engine is comfortably drivable.
  20. I have several 65 cores in Cincinnati if you have any way of picking up. $150 each. 65 Super Turbine 400 with converter.
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  22. This morning I undid the clamps, removed the ratchet strap and undid the screws. The woodwork glue worked on the fillet for the top first bow - hooray! Looking at the rule, which is touching in the middle of the bow, there is about a 3/16" to 1/4" gap at the end where my right hand is - just what I was after. With the rule level with each end of the bow, the bow is about a 1/4" higher in the middle - great. I finished replacing all the temporary steel Philips screws with brass slot head ones and started repairing the middle bow by ratchet strapping the width at the end of the metal bar to equal the width at the pivot point of the side bars at the pivot point. Rather than use the plane I used a sander to smooth off the radius at the ends to attempt to blend the new bit into the old. As you can see in the photo, I left the end slightly proud as I was concerned about disturbing the glue. Just to be sure that the new fillet will stay where it is meant to be I screwed the fillet to the bow after sanding. Then sanded the next bow ready to glue the next fillet in place. This time I did not use quite as much glue and no drips to mop up! I'm starting to get the hang of this woodwork lark! Now I have to wait another 24 hours before I can get on with the front and final bow. I am thinking that as the front bow goes in front of the windshield I will try and get the front edge flat to match the windshield.
  23. Hi Folks! I have a fuel leak on my 90 coupe. At the present time the coupe is not at my house where I can jack it up easily to see the location or where/what the leak is. It is not a small leak - is streaming out nicely as if under pressure from an area around the middle of the car and possible just in front of the rear wheels (a stream spraying towards the front of the car). I just read Barney's reply to the fuel filter location which apparently the filter is not my problem or situation since it is a coupe. Any ideas or thoughts as to what I have leaking before I take a jack to the location and attempt to get gas soaked myself please :)...... Thanks, Nic
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