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  2. That was 1935 (I think). The transmission in question was a Warner. I believe the pickup transmission was yet another type in 36, similar to 36 Master, but having some bosses cast in to support pedals or an e-brake lever or something.
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  4. Good eye. It always amazes me how striking Reattas look in red. Granted, I'm still going to get mine painted black, but I do like the look of the red ones.
  5. I also thought a strike in a transmission plant caused the installation of a different makers trans for a while. Maybe that was in a different year.
  6. After reading the circumstances behind the sale it seems a bit draconian in a country that is supposed to treat accused as innocent until facts prove guilt. How can these cars be returned if there is no prosecution or conviction? The jackboots are sounding outside our doors!
  8. Here's the story...
  9. It would be a little difficult to disconnect the driveshaft as the DB's are closed drivelines until 1928. Do remove the rear cover and inspect inside and also look for metal in the gear oil. Pinion bearings do go bad and can bind up like that. Not so easy to inspect without pulling the rearend and tearing down.
  10. Mine is original. There might be a ball some where but I do not know. It works fine.
  11. I think that when you get the carbs back from Tom you'd be able to say they'd been restored rather than just rebuilt. I've seen some of his work. It is good.
  12. No just aluminized. It won't be a daily driver and I read that the stainless systems can have a higher pitch than oem style systems. It did take me a while to make the decision though.
  13. No question. The '50 Newport was a prize -- a more attractive model, likely better condition and better priced. But this comfortable old sedan could be an affordable entry into the old car hobby. Don
  14. Yes, completely different. The Master had synchromesh on second and high. I think the master transmission is physically larger as well, but I can't swear to it.
  15. Weren't a couple different transmissions used in 1936? as well as for Master or standard?
  16. how much inspection was done after you first bought the car? It is always a good idea to drop the pan for a cleaning and mechanical survey.
  17. Did you ever end up changing the turn signals to LED? I want to do both the parking and turns, as well as the rears (not sure if I want to do the Dapper sequentials or just LED bulbs). And probably halos, still not sure. 😀
  18. That 1.224 pin confuses things... My 36 King Prod manual shows two pistons about your size, used in both the cars and trucks... One for 1918-20 F18, J18, K18, T4, T18, U4 and U18 cars, and same year F, J, F Speedwagom 3/4-2T truck Specs 41/8 diam, 23/8 Comp dist, 451/64 length (4.75=48/64 pin diam 1.224...... The other is for 1913-18 R, S, R5, S5 cars and came year F, J, F Speedwagom 3/4-2T trucks...those specs go 41/8, 23/8, 451/64, but pin diam id 1.234 If those two pistons are interchangeable, you might have the later pistons...or the manual might be off... Now, under Reo truck there's also the 31-32 6 cyl 4J, 4K, 4T, 4Ton trucks using a Buda K381 engine, whose piston specs are 41/8, 21/4 and 43/8=428/64... Unfortunately, the K381 doesn't seem to've been that popular...
  19. Congrats on the 41st year of marriage. I hit 30 years.. My wife like this.. I have taken my wife on vacation just to pick up car parts.. to MN or Colorado. I few more trips not car rated.. Any know what car is in the car trailer? I know but this was the first time my wife got to sit in one..
  20. Why is the US Government involved with the sale ? ? Live in a different country so I do not know the story behind the sale.
  21. Carl, I wish you the best on your dealing with RM. This is why the 1925-25S is so elusive. It does not even show in the sales catalog for 1925. The 1925 catalog link is attached. We know they were sold but how they were marketed is different than the normal run of cars. I have not seen pricing either to see what the premium was for a 25-25S. Hugh Buick/1925 Buick Brochure/image24.html
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