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  2. I don't believe there is a Auburn part on the whole car.
  3. You should be able to sell the white seat covers and recoup some of your restoration costs! They look like really good covers.
  4. Thanks Pat. I have already started acquiring some of the items necessary for the transition. I have the covers for the front buckets and new upper seat foam for the front buckets as well. Bill
  5. Hello, Can someone please give me more info about the combination: 4DW08E ? Thank you in advance.
  6. The levers in the middle and on the right have been sold. Thanks for looking, Loren
  7. Thanks Neil for that video. I saw it already somewhere and it belongs well to this thread!
  8. This has been sold. Thank you riv2x4, Loren
  9. Thanks! I am located in Cincinnati Ohio.
  10. Hello everyone,, I have a question about the alternator on my 71 Jaguar E Type series 3 alternator. I have attached a couple of photos for clarification. I am not certain if ground wire "A" goes to terminal "B" or "C". It may currently be in the wrong location. As shown it is on the "B" terminal. Is this correct or should it be on "C" terminal? Thank you
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  12. In a Turbo 400 or ST 400, reverse is immediately after park, then neutral and drive.
  13. he did not contact me … i'm in Belgium.
  14. car above also for sale complete ! in Belgium
  15. if you need parts, i know complete steering unit, enginebloks ….
  16. Got most everything apart last night . Going to clean everything this weekend and inspect all the parts. I did notice there is some oxidation on the bronze and steel plates. Any suggestions on how to clean that off? The manuals from way back then say to use emery cloth. What should I be looking for as to what the thickness of the bronze plates should be and also the steel plates ? Scott
  17. should be on the left front side of chassis where spring attached could you send me some pics of your car?
  18. check with Ron Gocek in Nazareth, Pa.
  19. Melrin

    Samson Lion horn

    Can you show the photo?
  20. It looks interesting, I like antique things.
  21. I'm looking for good, interesting and reliable forged wheels for my Mercedes. Interested in your opinions and feedback what to choose? For example, from the last one I like Motion Wheels, I read reviews about it, many people praise it. It looks interesting, for example What do you think? Or you can advise something more interesting?
  22. Beemon

    Carter AFB

    Is that a nut in place of the butterfly screw?
  23. The issue is that that piece is spot welded to the fender itself, if I am remembering it right. I guess I could drill holes where the spot welds go and weld it back. This is the grill. It's all rough, but solid. I don't think I've got much chance on this stuff really. I can't seem to either get a call back from junkyards or their grills have been man handled (seriously I don't get this, you'd think junkyards would want to make money on this stuff instead of destroying it by dumping cars on top of cars, but I digress). There's a really nice yard in Idaho but I didn't even bother pursuing them since their prices seemed absurd to me, considering everything will need to be replated at some point.
  24. Wow.......a Pebble Beach car for 30k............who knew!
  25. 1927 Packard On Ebay
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